Russia’s American coup

The U.S. is finally waking up to the fact that it has been turned into a subordinate ally to Russia, thanks to Putin and Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (R) take part in celebrations for Navy Day in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region, Russia, July 26, 2015. (Mikhail Klimentyev/Ria Novosti/Reuters)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (R) take part in celebrations for Navy Day in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region, Russia, July 26, 2015. (Mikhail Klimentyev/Ria Novosti/Reuters)

Some of the most important moments in history happen fast, like a flash of lightning. A tank crosses a border or a prince is assassinated and everyone knows the world has changed, even before the sound of thunder rolls over them.

Other epochal shifts are more subtle and incremental. In 18th-century England, very few people would have known what a Spinning Jenny was, and fewer still would recognize what the automation of weaving meant for the world.

For the last two years we have been living through one of those less obvious historic transformations. It didn’t happen all at once, it’s still not over, and even now we can’t say how deep or far it will go. But it happened, moment by moment, until we woke up in a cold day in December and realized that Moscow had effectively installed the next president of the United States.

That sounds hyperbolic, doesn’t it? Even writing it I have to pause and stare at that sentence. But these are the facts: The CIA and over a dozen other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded Russia hacked into both the Republican and Democratic party computers. Senior Russian officials have admitted that they leaked the Democratic data to WikiLeaks. Those emails were then strategically published over the course of the presidential campaign. Why? A member of the House Intelligence Committee states there is “overwhelming evidence” Russia’s goal was to elect Donald Trump.

‘TRUMPUTIN’: The disturbing parallels between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

The result of Putin’s intervention in the American election cannot be downplayed. If Hillary Clinton had garnered just 107,000 more votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, this would have given her the Electoral College and the White House. According to pollster Nate Silver, the Russian intervention contributed to eroding up to three per cent of the swing-state vote from Clinton. That small margin was all it took to decide the election.

By any definition of the word, this may be Russia’s greatest coup since Sputnik. It was a spectacular success—it toppled one political candidate in order to place Moscow’s man in the White House—and no matter what happens next, it has dealt a damaging blow to America and its political institutions.

And there can be no doubt that Trump is Moscow’s man. Throughout the campaign, his pro-Russian policies were his only inflexibly consistent proposals. After winning the Republican nomination, his team asked for only one change to the entire party platform—removing support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, contradicting almost the whole Republican foreign policy establishment.

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On the campaign trail Trump inexplicably defended Putin at every turn, even when it would seem to undermine his own political chances. Once elected, Trump quickly brought back Paul Manafort, his former campaign chair who had been forced to resign after public concerns about his close ties to Russian oligarchs. His pick for National Security Adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, is a former contributor to the Russian state propaganda network RT, openly admires Putin, and joined him at a gala dinner last year. Flynn is being paired with a deputy who once said “Vladimir Putin is the one who really deserves that Nobel Peace Prize.” And, topping all of this, Trump’s likely Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, has been described as the closest American to Putin. As the CEO of Exxon Mobil he tirelessly campaigned to remove Russian sanctions, and last year he was awarded one of that country’s highest civilian honours for his efforts in promoting Russian interests.

How did we get here? Habituation. Every paragraph in this column would have been laughably unbelievable 18 months ago. Putin interfering in the U.S. election? President Trump? A pro-Russian administration? But when this slowly unfolded, day by day, and inch by inch, we gradually became de-sensitized to the change that Trump has brought to America: campaigning on lies, turning America’s foreign policy on its head, and making the United States a subordinate ally to Russia.

MORE: Donald Trump becomes America’s commander in confusion

I have a sense that Americans are only now beginning to realize what has happened. Even leading Republicans are demanding to know what is going on. But unless something even more extraordinary occurs in the next few weeks, Russia’s American coup has already succeeded. No matter what happens next, the United States, its institutions, its place in the world, all have been left dangerously weakened, fractured, diminished.

European leaders are openly questioning America’s role in NATO. Beijing is flying nuclear bombers over the South China Sea. Russian and Syrian troops are retaking Aleppo from the rebels. That’s the sound of thunder in the distance; the world has changed.


Russia’s American coup

  1. While the reader might take umbrage with some of the more evocative words in this article, (e. g. “coup” and “tirelessly”), a discerning person could not casually dismiss the validity of all of the points listed by the author in support of his conclusion. Many, if not all, of these supporting points have been verified multiple ways by multiple sources. This is anything but “fake” news. It is the dangerous reality that we now all face. That some people refuse to recognize it as such is evidence that those people are not discerning.

    Those people who believe that Trump’s election was a defeat over mutual enemies shows only that those people don’t know who their enemies really are. That they believe the previous government was weak and this one is strong is to mistake weakness for strength, and vice versa. That Donald Trump and his team profess to know how to make America great again is contradicted by their repeated denials of verified facts in favour of unfounded beliefs. Wishful thinking might win elections, but it’s not a basis for good government. It is an open door for degrees of failure that are beyond imagination.

    • The US invented regime change for their benefit and have practised it many times.

      Every nation also practises cyber warfare.

      Just because you do not like the outcome of the US election results does not mean it wasn’t democratic or better than the current administration.

      • So because America has practiced regime change that makes it OK for Russia to practice it on America? Because every nation practices cyber warfare that makes it OK for the American President-elect to deny that it is being practiced against America?

        There’s a valid reason why I don’t like the result of the election. The reason is that it has produced a President-elect who has shown, and continues to show, that he is dangerous to America and its allies. That is much more important than just cheering for one’s favourite team.

        • There is no proof that Russia hacked the DNC and RNC, as the FBI has stated. In fact when foreign governments engage in cyber warfare, they do not leave “fingerprints” behind. The CIA is “best guessing” it is Russia.

          Regime change and cyber warfare are a fact of life, not liking it is irrelevant. Trump is disputing the CIA findings since there isn’t any conclusive evidence.

          The reason may be valid to you, but the electorate has spoken, and the dems lost.

          Trump’s approval rating has gone from 30% to 50% since the election, you’ll have your turn in 4 years if you are even American.

          • Quoting from the article above: “But these are the facts: The CIA and over a dozen other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded Russia hacked into both the Republican and Democratic party computers. Senior Russian officials have admitted that they leaked the Democratic data to WikiLeaks.”

          • Hi there John, let me guess: your “50%” figure is from Kellyanne Conway? Or Breitbart News? The polls are conflicting, but it’s clear that Trump’s approval rating is one of the lowest for an incoming president, who normally basks in an initial honeymoon period.

          • The FBI is a law enforcement agency. “Proof” to them means “beyond a shadow of a doubt”. The CIA can afford to be more shaded, but when they say “High Certainty” that is the same level of certainty they justify putting agent’s LIVES in danger. Do not dismiss the judgement of the CIA so cavalierly. Most who do so live to regret it.

          • This is a coup, but it is a coup by the Democrats to try to steal the election by stripping off Electoral College voters. The CIA had better provide a lot more proof than it has because this looks like highly underhanded politics.
            The CIA report used Weasel Words and spoke to motive without providing proof which is a clear sign that this is very likely not accurate. Intelligence agencies start by determining if something occurred, then they determine how it occurred and who was behind it. They report on what evidence has lead them to the conclusion of who and how. No valid report starts out with why because why takes a lot of analysis and is much more likely to be wrong because why is highly subjective. Any report that is heavy on why without good proof on how the conclusion was reached on who was responsible and how they did it is questionable at best.

          • I wanted to share an article about some of the facts about what we (the public) know and don’t yet know about the hacking — because there has been a lot of confusion. I’ve seen people in comments say we don’t know whether Russia has been behind the hacking of (say) the DNC. But ALL intelligence agencies agree on this.

            Check out this NBC News story:

            Quote: “The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations,” the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in an extraordinary gloves-off statement.

            *What they disagree about is whether the campaign was explicitly intended to elect Trump.

            *Meanwhile, Trump’s team is sowing doubt and confusion over whether Russia was involved at all. Do you think they’re right to do so? To contradict all 17 intelligence agencies?

          • @Ian Sure they did

          • @Elzmac The fact that USIC had this information months ago is telling, this is a politicised effort to delegitimize the Trump victory.

            Anyone who thinks any major government does not engage in this activity is naive. 8 years later Obama wants an investigation, priceless.

          • @Bruce Morgan, I bet a lot of innocent people in Iraq regret the CIA’s consensus on WMD.

          • “Trump’s approval rating has gone from 30% to 50% since the election”

            Um, no. Not even close.


            “There is no proof that Russia hacked the DNC and RNC, as the FBI has stated.”

            Yes, in fact there is.

            John, just because truth doesn’t matter anymore in Russian and US discourse doesn’t mean Canada doesn’t call out idiocy like yours. Take this rubbish back to your troll farm in St. Petersburg.

        • @Binning typo Trump is at 46% approval rating

    • A writer can make as many ‘points’ as he or she wants, but points do not entail a conclusion. Unless, of course, the writer takes to the trouble to provide solid references to back up the points. Listing points without evidence is a discernible attempt to trick the reader into thinking these are acknowledged facts.

      • In this case the writer is reciting points that have been made and proven elsewhere, and that are commonly known by literate people. Those points do not require re-validation.

        • If I’m not going to take Macleans’ word for it, I certainly am not going to take your word.

          • Then, Mr. 2ndiceberg, please read a selection of authoritative publications. They concur. That’s where Macleans and the commentator got their information.

          • I say that four quarters make one dollar. You might not take my word for it, but many people do, and many times it has been shown to be a reliable calculation. Must I prove to you, again and again, that my arithmetic adds up every time I say it does?

            I don’t understand why you insist on being so obtuse, except maybe to be so obtuse.

        • Perhaps you could enlighten all of us with a list of what you and Binning see as authoritative publications.

          There is not necessarily fire where there smoke; sometimes there is just fog.

          Let us also ignore the rocket’s red flare.

          • Authoritative publications…lol…I believe by that he’s referring to the myriad left-wing propaganda rags spewing the Obama/Clinton doctrine! Obviously these left wing looney publications will never come to the realization their deeply flawed condidate lost the recent election all of her own accord!

  2. Priceless!

    All these years of Cold War and Soviet spies and Russkies…..and even Komrade and Commies….and then they elect Trump who promptly hands things over to ‘Pooty-Poot’

    Brains over brawn….every time.

    Nice going guys.

  3. It is still laughably unbelievable. Hysterically unbelievable. I will accept this on one condition, namely, that the writer and like-minded thinkers acknowledge that Vladimir Putin really is the most brilliant strategist and tactician in the history of the world and that his miraculous powers should lead any of his would-be opponents to throw in the towel now. Come on, he is very good, but is he that good?

  4. Once again, this time out of sheer desperation, The Democratic Party (and a few RINOs) is relying on the naivety and stupidity of the American public to accept the ridiculous proposition that Donald Trump’s landslide victory over Hillary Clinton was the result of Russia’s President Putin hacking into private American computers.
    What a crock! This is the stuff of science fiction.
    But naturally, Scott Gilmore and Macleans magazine fall into line and swallow the bait hook, line, and sinker.
    I ask anyone who has not completely taken leave of their senses to explain how the Russians accomplished this miraculous feat.
    Even assuming that this fiction is legitimate,most intelligent people would logically conclude that Clinton would be Russia’s choice for President seeing how easily she was out-manipulated and check-mated at every turn when she was Secretary of State. And let’s not forget how she supplied Russia with uranium in exchange for personal gain.
    This whole cock-and-bull story makes absolutely no sense at all. Yet the “progressives” are going insane over Putin and Trump’s supposed nefarious collusion.

    • Er, “landslide”. Hillary Clinton is ahead by 2.7 million votes in the popular vote. And Trump’s EC total is in the lowest quarter of Electoral College victories. He won by carrying three states by razor-thin margins. Nevertheless, a win is a win. That should be enough. You do your argument, and credibility, no good by over-egging the pudding.

      • Solidisme:
        The election result is not determined by the popular vote. It’s the Electoral College votes that count according to the U.S. Constitution. The difference in Electoral College votes between Trump and Clinton constitutes a landslide victory.
        According to you, the winner of a football game should be the team that gains the most yards, not the team that scores the most points.
        Ridiculous! This is nothing but sour grapes. Please play the game according to the rules.

        • Plus, Trump won 2700 out of 3144 counties in the US. Only coastal California and a handful of big cities went for Hillary. As well, Clinton won California by over 4 million votes but only won the overall by 2.5 million. That makes either California a statistical outlier, and solidifies the validity of the electoral college win.
          It’s also worth noting that Obama, and the Democrats, ridiculed a fellow by the name of Mitt Romney when he claimed that Russia was a geo-political foe of the USA. Was Obama wrong then, or is he wrong now? Only one answer is correct.
          Then there is the hot mike incident where Obama was caught suggesting to the Russian foreign secretary that Putin cut him some slack until after the start of Obama’s second term, giving him more room to maneuver in a fashion suitable to Putin. Again, we have a case of a Democrat putting out a public position, while holding an entirely different one privately.
          Then we have the case of the Obama admin donating $350,000 to a Palestinian group aimed at disrupting Israeli elections in a direction that would be favorable to the Russians.
          Then there’s the wild card scenario. Given that Hillary Clinton is- by many solid accounts- possibly coming unhinged and already somewhat unstable, who’s to say that Russia’s possible interference was not actually in our best interests?
          The bottom line is simple. We know, as of this AM, that there was likely large-scale voting fraud in several areas that were won by Clinton, such as Detroit. However, the Democrats have managed to con most of the media into believing that the Russians managed to create an illegitimate election result.
          You have to remember, Hillary Clinton’s email’s while she was SoS were being read in real time by foreign state actors. Every one. Then she completely wiped that email server in contravention of numerous federal statutes. Yet the Russians, who undoubtedly have every one of those emails, never released a single one via Wikileaks. if the Russians really wanted Hillary to lose, they had the means to take her out of the running a long time ago. If you believe the Russians tilted the US election, you probably believe Trudeau is intelligent and ambitious.

  5. “Every paragraph in this column would have been laughably unbelievable 18 months ago.” and MacLean’s maintains the laughable spin by publishing it.

  6. Like hacking was just invented for this election? Like the US and all countries are not engaged in the practice?Like those emails have no basis in fact? The people elected Donald Trump because they are tired of being fed bull by the established order, especially at election time. NATO troops massed in the Baltics with nuclear weapons being mobilised. A devastating humanitarian and refugee crisis because some self serving neocons decided we need regime change in Syria, Libya and Iraq. That America will have trouble meeting their financial obligations to their people in the future because Wall Street has taken the country to the brink of financial ruin. Because Hillary is such a fair and respectable woman who always plays above board? And especially because the press is a reasoned, autonomous, impartial and truth seeking institution? Trump is certainly no prize but mostly what you see is what you get.

    Maybe it is time for us all to show some mutual respect for those we disagree with. Russia is entitled to their culture. Do you really think if Putin decided he was going to roll over some country and re establish some form of empire that the west would sit back and watch it happen. And do you really think that Putin is that stupid? I suspect there is a groundswell of support for Trumps foreign policy objectives from Europe, and for that matter dozens of other countries who have to bear the consequences of American belligerence. European leaders may be questioning the US leadership role but I suspect there are tens of millions of people in Europe who are quietly supporting the new detente that Trump is proposing and I also suspect that there are dozens and dozens of European policy makers who also support what he proposes. Give Canadians a little bit of credit MacLean’s.

  7. Apparently, Putin must have enlisted the FBI as Kremlin agents too, as the FBI intervened via the inappropriate and unnecessary lurid announcement about a new Clinton email “investigation” that interfered with Clinton’s campaign and helped give Trump an edge. Putin, Trump, & the FBI: strange bedfellows? You know the American Empire is over when a Russian dictator can choose who he wants as U.S. President. It won’t work in China, but it worked in America. Congrats Vlad, you have your orange U.S. presidential lap poodle on your lap for the next four or eight years.

  8. Well now Canada has Russkies to the north of us and Russkies to the south of us……….and a lot of Trumpsters on here just had a rude awakening. LOL

  9. I found a Russian hacker in my coffee this morning.

    His hair was perfect.

  10. Oh wow! I’m actually embarrassed that Macleans is a Canadian publication. After 3 State recounts Trump actually gained votes, no evidence of Russian hacking. Wikileaks came right out and said no Russian involvement, but, that doesnt matter. I learned from Wikileaks that Hillary and the DNC screwed Bernie. It was true. Does Russia run the FBI? It would seem to me Comey’s actions did the most damage. Like I said earlier, I’m ashamed that Macleans is a Canadian publication.

    • Macleans has hit an all time low with article. I will never buy or read another Macleans magazine as long as I live. Macleans is a looser.

      • Nobody likes a “looser”

    “It all depends on whose ox is being gored” is an old saying of uncertain origin – it … means that a given event will be seen differently depending on the degree to which the viewer’s self-interest is involved.”

    Interference supposedly consists of making genuine Democrat Party emails available to the general public via Wikileaks. Back when Wikileaks was helping the agenda that they supported; then Wikileaks was being “courageous” for standing up for the public’s “right to know”.

  12. thanks for the intelligent analytical article that is based upon facts and not faKKKts from the KKKonservative promotional machine.Americans have no idea how idiotic they now appear globally being led by treasonous trump trash.

  13. So be it.

    The real cause of Russia’s success is Obama’s weakness in facing up to the threat, supplemented by Clinton’s stupidity in pushing the reset button.

    We’ll see if Trump can do any better. He cannot do much worse than Obama and Clinton have.

    • your a dangerous idiot James. please put the computer down.

  14. Some US intelligence false flags.

    Gulf of Tonkin
    Stolen Kuwaiti incubators
    Iraqi WMD
    Lying about milk processing factories in Africa (as a distraction for a stained blue dress).
    Lying about the cause of Benghazi
    Saudi’s fly the 9/11 planes, the US invades Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Question: The CIA doesn’t have the direct evidence. They cannot operate domestically. The FBI (and NSA) has the DNC and Podesta servers. So how can the CIA know anything if they don’t have access to the servers? The FBI is challenging the CIA claims.

    Also, nothing in the DNC or Podesta releases from Wikileaks has been demonstrated to be untrue. How can Wikileaks providing accurate information to US voters be construed as manipulating or stealing an election? Wikileaks did the exact opposite. It prevented the election from being stolen, by revealing how the DNC rigged the Democratic primary for Hillary.

    This is nothing but a new Red Scare, and a new McCarthyism.

    This is an American Deep State coup, not a Putin coup.

    The Trudeau government is selling us out to the global 1%’ers and the American Deep State hegemony. There plan is to asset strip Canada and force ordinary Canadians to pay users fees and tolls, rentier streams to the global 1%’ers. That is the purpose of the privatization bank.

  15. No surprise that moribund Macleans is giving credibility to the number ONE fake story of 2016.

  16. Ah, this is all so interesting. But it strikes me as a demonstration of communication in the 21st century; “make claims instead of presenting facts.”
    What do we need to consider about “presenting facts”?
    Take for example your statement, “The CIA and over a dozen other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded Russia hacked into both the Republican and Democratic party computers.”
    Sounds great. But:
    1. Who are the other, unnamed intelligence agencies?
    2. The unnamed agencies “concluded” the Russians had done the attacking. On what basis did they reach their conclusion?
    3 Who are the supposed attackers? They must have names, IP addresses, countries in which they are located. Where is that information?
    Well, so far it is a nice conspiracy theory. Of course, if the theory is right, the rest of the ideas in the aricle follow logically. I find no major in that logic. But the cornerstone is missing; the core details are absent. Without that cornerstone, how will the story stand? Why should it be considered credible?

    • That information has been provided to Congress, and to the President-elect, and apparently (in summary form) to the press. Congress has largely embraced it. The press has noted and published it. Surely you don’t expect that the press would be given names, IP addresses, etc?

      The President-elect simply can’t be bothered with it. That’s where the shame, and potential conflict, lies.

  17. Alliteration of the Day: Tillerson and Trump are Putin Puppets…

  18. There is also an old statement that “WYSIWYG” and what we have is a rich, spoiled person of questionable intelligence who seems to have been elected by people of questionable intelligence. Enough to make any international violinist weep as he plays a swan song to sensibility and statesmanship. While I am glad not to be in the US it makes one tremble to be so close.

    • This latest CIA and ”over a dozen other intelligence agencies” unproven allegation of Russian hacking and US electoral interference is to distract from the world shattering CONTENT of those email leaks and just more “fake news” from Main Stream Media who have completely lost their legitimacy. Expect a major “terror” attack AKA false flag event taking place between today and Dec 19th to ensure the electoral college vote doesn’t take place as expected. MacLeans is toeing the corporate, globalist’ agenda and their narrative is swiftly getting kicked to the curb, but the real fact here is that the CIA is desperate to hide their involvement in a middle east black op code named Timber Sycamore, and will stop at nothing to keep a lid on it. Like the rappers say” Shit’s about to get real MoFo’s”..

  19. Most of this article is nonsense. How can you blame Trump for stuff when he hasn’t even been put into office yet. Obama was so weak internationally that he allowed other countries to take advantage. To say Russia put Trump into office is a really big stretch. It was the ordinary folks, who did not live on the two coasts who put Trump into office. They were tired of the swamp that was Washington, D.C. and of the lies they were told such as “You can keep your doctor,” etc.

  20. Partisan politics aside (PLEASE!!!), is it not enough when more than a dozen separate agencies, the mandates of which include foreign affairs, both overt & covert, suggest likely Russian involvement in a Presidential election, for both parties to agree on a congressional hearing to investigate the voracity of such claims? Bill Clinton got a blowjob, and look at the lengths congress went to look into those gory details? Shouldn’t the mere mention any foreign entity infiltrating the domestic affairs of an international super power be enough to perk up a few ears? Ignorance may elect governments, but apathy helps them rule

  21. Good propaganda piece, well done! You must have US money contacts helping you with this!

    For any who are interested in looking further than this, just search ‘why does US want war with Russia’. The oil and arms people have been angling for a reason for quite a while!! And some titles/sites you can look for to read some actual informative work are: “The United States Wants to Put Russia in a Corner” (Counterpunch); “Stop This Stupid Saber-Rattling Against Russia” (UK Spectator); and how about this, from JUNE (yes, they keep on trying to do the ‘bad Russia’ thing so our arms and oil people can get their ‘fix’) – “Germany Just Called Out NATO and the US for “Warmongering” and “Saber-rattling” with Russia” (thefreethoughtproject dot com). You will find PLENTY more, but not on our mainstream propaganda, of course. The fake news calling the fake news fake. smh

  22. Its worse. You see Trump see’s how Putin has made over $40 billion as a leader to these oligarch’s and it will be the same for not only Trump and his family. But also the Koch’s, and the Tillson’s. All will be building wealth that will last a century. And there will be corruption everywhere. This is really f’n bad.

  23. Wikileaks has said that they didn’t get the emails from the Russians. So far, everything wikileaks has revealed about this election has been true and all of the contrary claims by democrats and others has been false. There is no doubt that the Russians love to embarrass Obama and Putin has made it a point to do that at every opportunity ever since he was suckered into signing on to the UN resolution to attack Libya. This is all about Putin and Obama, not Trump or even Hillary. Putin has made Obama his bitch in the middle east and eastern Europe.

    • Very reasonable observation. Thank you.

      • And all indications on the DNC email hacks point to it being an inside job.

  24. I do not see any reason that the most powerful country in the world, (USA) and the largest country by geography in the world, (Russian Federation) should not be friends for the sake of peace and prosperity for this relatively small planet.
    We all know that both are capable of destroying each other and the earth. Unfortunate miscalculations, incidents and hot heads on both side could trigger that scenario. For the sake of next generations we should prevent that from happening right now before is too late.

  25. No, this article can’t represent the best of Canadian thought! I have to believe that very few of our neighbors to the north subscribe to this sort of wild conspiracy foolishness! Then again…

    • We don’t have neighbours to the north.

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  28. I just want to say: What goes around, comes around! Perhaps a “regime change” in Washington was long overdue!

    • Perhaps it was. But Trump??? That’s not merely a regime change; that’s an attempted suicide.

  29. Most people have conveniently forgotten what Pres. Obama said to Dimitri Medvedev within range of an open microphone prior to his re-election in 2012. “Please tell Vladimir [Putin] that after the {upcoming] election I’ll have more flexibility.” Also recall how Obama scoffed at Mitt Romney during a pre-election debate when Romney said that Russia presented the greatest danger to America.
    Now. all of a sudden, the DemocRATS are going hysterical because Putin and Russia are the primary cause of Hillary Clinton’s unexpected devastating loss to Godzilla Trump in the recent election.
    Where were Barack Hussein Obama and the entire US intelligence community on Russian cyber-security warfare prior to the election? Or did they just find out about it lately by reading of it in the newspapers just like everyone else? Hmmmm?

  30. I expect to see this sort of drivel in the New York Times but not in Maclean’s.

  31. “No matter what happens next, the United States, its institutions, its place in the world, all have been left dangerously weakened, fractured, diminished.” – ‘dangerously’? We’re moving to a multipolar world. This is a good thing. Or did you miss Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen…

  32. Actually, Manafort was forced to “resign” after roughing up Michelle Fields.

  33. WOW – That Putin guy put all of those emails onto Huma Weiner’s laptop – he’s gooood!

  34. I bet Putin is hiding all of those weapons of mass destruction that the CIA was adamant about – that Putin – always messing with america – I’d bet dollars to timbits that he was surgically altered to be Monica Lewinski back when perv Bill was raping interns.

  35. Let’s take everything written here at face value… okay. So, who do you want running the most powerful country in the world, the person that benefited from espionage or the person that lost because of it? Really.

    The world is generally not a nice place and the US election is a mud-slinging, dirty-trick, malevolent affair run by a country that wrote the book on using these practices to manipulate other nation’s elections too. I mean, they actually DO have 16 different intelligence agencies. That’s insane. Bottom line, the election was Hillary Clinton’s to lose and she did through gross incompetence. I mean, if you lost the election because somebody hacked your party email server, do you really deserve to be President?

    Buck up… going into a knife fight and then complaining the somebody pushed you is flat out stupid. I’ll admit to hating Trump. I think it is, in his words, ‘Sad’ that Americans actually fell for his absurd lies. But, seeing as how their election degenerated into a choice between the professional clown and the incompetent bureaucrat… they probably made the right choice.

    As for aligning with Russia… worse things could happen.

  36. “And so, come Election Day, it is probable that Trump won’t even offer a concession speech. He will claim the White House was stolen from him, and that Clinton is not a valid president. This will be Trump’s new birther movement, and it will be far more poisonous than the first. The resulting chaos and hostility will be devastating.” (Scott Gilmore, October 20, 2016)

  37. Who cares who hacked the Democratic Party emails? They lost because they were exposed for the evil lying hounds they really are. The job should have been done by the lapdog media along time ago.
    The left is just pissed off that they have lost control of the flow of information and are realizing that the good old days are gone forever.

  38. All US intelligence Agencies have stated that there is no proof of Russia having any involvement in the US election. WikiLeaks has stated it did get any info from Russia. How can Macleans print blatant lies like this. Macleans claims to be our national magazine, I would say it’s our national imbarrassment . If you want the truth go to Infowars , u wont find it at Macleans.

  39. In one fell swoop, Gilmore displays with stunning clarity the sad state of journalism in the 21st century.
    Let’s look at the big picture. Start in mid-late 2014, when the Russian government actually did hack into and compromise the computer systems at the State Department and the White House. This is public knowledge that the Obama administration has publicly commented on. The response by the Obama admin to what is essentially an act of war against the United States intelligence apparatus was decidedly muted, despite the fact that for two months (that we know of) Putin’s government was reading all of the US government’s high level Intel traffic in real time. Keep that in mind going forward.
    We also know that, as a direct result of her own actions that were intended to keep her activities as Secretary of State of the United States secret from the United States government overseers, Hillary Clinton’s own email server was compromised by several unknown state actors. It is also likely that the compromised Clinton email server was the conduit for the later hacking of the White House and State Department. These are facts that are not in dispute by anyone, anywhere.
    Now, let’s get this issue of the supposed “hacking” of the DNC out of the way. The DNC wasn’t hacked. A few key players at the DNC were “phished”, which is decidedly different. That phishing led to it becoming public knowledge that both the Clintons and the upper echelon of the Democratic Party were demonstrably corrupt and wholly lacking in ethics. This again important to remember moving forward.
    When Julian Assange was leaking info that was unfavourable to America’s political right, he was a darling of the left. Therefore, we cannot be ashamed of taking at face value his assertion that the Wikileaks source was not the Russians. Occam’s Razor obligates us to at least consider the likelihood that it was someone within the Democratic Party. It is the simplest and most likely explanation. Again, carry this forward.
    Now, the Democrats and their sycophants in the media (which also seems to include the Canadian media) wish to have us believe that the Russians acted to further the interests of the Trump campaign. So, let’s examine that.
    First, we can essentially surmise that the Russians are in possession of information that would be extremely damaging to Hillary Clinton. Would the Russian’s be more inclined to use this information as leverage against a sitting President Hillary Clinton, or simply sit on it and risk a Trump victory, mooting the value of it. If anything, the existing public info would lead a thinking person to expect that the Russians would work to assist Clinton in order to best further their own interests.
    Further, there is no evidence that any actual outside force had any impact on the election outcome. While it is very possible, likely even, that the Wikileaks revelations may have had an impact on the election, it cannot be argued that the publicizing of unsavoury details of the inner workings of the Democratic Party and the Clinton camp was an actual disservice to the American people. The Democrats themselves have not disputed any of the ugly facts revealed by Wikileaks. It was not the Russians who rigged the primaries, nor was it the Russians who fed debate questions to Donna Brazile ahead of time.
    That the information that was released about the Democrats and Hillary was damaging to the Democratic campaign is directly the fault of the Democrats.
    There is also no evidence of vote tampering that favoured the Republican candidate. No entity has asserted that voting machines (Interestingly, the electronic voting machines in several states utilize software developed by George Soros controlled companies. It is remotely feasible that the Dem’s are upset that the Russians hacked and installed electronic roadblocks to hacking from the Soros end. This goes a long ways towards explaining their current anger. No one hates being cheated like a cheater. But, I digress.) were compromised. No one.
    We do, however, know that there was widespread voter fraud in Wayne County, Michigan. Wayne County was won by Hillary, and at least one ballot box was over counted to Hillary by 600%. There has been absolutely zero effort by any of the mainstream Democrat media in the US to examine this or any other potential cases of Democratic Party ballot fraud.
    In light of all of the above, how does a supposedly serious news magazine bring Gilmore’s drivel to press? How do you go to press with the easily discounted notion that the Russians committed some form of coup against the American people when, if they really wanted to hammer Hillary out of the race, they would have defeated her more soundly and visibly? Her State Dept emails are the smoking gun, and that gun stayed holstered, and Hillary was more valuable to to Putin in the White House than out.
    Icing on the cake. It is increasingly evident that Hillary is a few heartbeats away from being fully unhinged. If you still want to believe that the Russians acted directly to help Trump, it can be argued with some veracity that they did America and the world a favor by keeping a paranoid, vindictive, and potentially unstable Hillary Clinton out of the White House.
    You guys need to do better. How long before we’re discussing how you guys missed all of Trudeau’s well-telegraphed signals regarding his inherent love for despots and tyrants?

    • Agreed. It was Clinton’s election to lose and she did through gross incompetence. If that loss was aggravated by state-sanctioned meddling from Russia then she deserved to lose that much more. She is demonstrably incompetent to lead an organisation that must operate in the face of much greater threats than this.

      However, I do have one quibble… that Russia would choose to keep Clinton in place as President because they have usable intelligence against her. The may very well have more intelligence to use against Trump, There is no telling their rationale for this and as such it adds nothing to your argument. About the only thing you can really say is that intelligence against Trump has, so far, been a rather useless weapon. It’s like propaganda painting ISIS as evil… no point even trying when the target goes so far over the top that “your stuff” seems trite.

      • That’s a valid point, Dave. What the Russians might have to use against Trump is an “unknown unknown” as Donald Rumsfeld would have phrased it. In that vein, given that if there was anything of substance to use against Trump that was worse than any of Hillary’s deep flaws, it would have been given 17 pages of coverage every day by the NYT.
        It does get tiresome hearing the so-called tolerant left calling for the murder of electors, and the repeal of one of the original articles of the Constitution in the face of an electoral defeat. I also find it odd that a president that found time to criticize the police and the courts for their supposed mistreatment of blacks has not found the time to tell Democrats to quit threatening electoral college electors with violence. Obama’s silence on that issue speaks volumes about him and the left in general.

        • Addendum- That the threats of violence by the left over the electoral college vote in the US has received no coverage in a magazine that has devoted acres of print to so-called “bullying” by Canadian conservatives also speaks volumes about the state of media today.

  40. The butterfly wing flapping has generated a typhoon. If there is one thing Trump does, by hypnosis or magic, perhaps by a sort of snake-charming, it is to make us blind to the obvious. It seems that this one art is sufficient to conquer the world.

  41. I wonder what Kellie Leitch’s position is on Ukraine?

  42. Wow! What has happened to MacLeans? Once a pretty good magazine. This article is rubbish. Inflammatory, slanderous full of BS. Do you really think that Donald Trump is a Russian agent? Or that he would be dumb enough to let himself be put in a vulnerable situation? Or that Russia really affected the outcome of the US election? Not only is the US not weakened, or fractured, but Trump will do just what he promised. And poor Canada, led by JT, will have to pay up its arrears to NATO. Aren’t you all proud that we will be outed for the whole world to know that we don’t keep our financial commitments? So who are we to ridicule anyone else?

  43. At first I thought this was satire…Then I realized the delusional writer is simply a Globalist puppet spewing false propoganda…This is all a ploy…They tried to steal the election, then a recount, electoral college manipulation, then FAKE NEWS, then FBI and now Russia…Hillary has a hollow resume and shady past not fit as POTUS….But liberal hacks need a scapegoat….
    Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)? Know the signs, spot the symptoms, and save a life. TURD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of TURD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, rioting, and uncontrollable crying. People with TURD are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again. TURD Is caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

    For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a kidnap victim. Research is ongoing, but TURD appears to correlate closely with the following environmental and behavioral factors: Membership in the Democratic Party, Identifying as a Feminist Currently enrolled in college, and/or Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree Living in a densely populated metropolitan area, massive student debt, spotty or non-existent work history. Patients with TURD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups.

    Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement. If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TURD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again.