Sao Paulo desperate for water as drought hits millions in Brazil

More than 10 million people across Sao Paulo state have been forced to cut water use over the past six months.


ITU, Brazil – It’s been nearly a month since Diomar Pereira has had running water at his home in Itu, a commuter city outside Sao Paulo that is at the epicenter of the worst drought to hit southeastern Brazil in more than eight decades.

Like others in this city whose indigenous name means “big waterfall,” Pereira must scramble to find water for drinking, bathing and cooking. On a recent day when temperatures hit 32 Celsius, he drove to a community kiosk where people with empty soda bottles and jugs lined up to use a water spigot. Pereira filled several 13-gallon containers, which he loaded into his Volkswagen bug.

“I have a job, and five children to raise and am always in a rush to find water so we can bathe,” said Pereira, a truck driver who makes the trip to get water every couple of days. “It’s very little water for a lot of people.”

Brazil is approaching the December start of its summer rainy season with its water cupboard nearly bare. More than 10 million people across Sao Paulo state, Brazil’s most populous and the nation’s economic engine, have been forced to cut water use over the past six months. A reservoir used by Itu has fallen to 2 per cent capacity and, because its system relies on rain and groundwater rather than rivers, the city is suffering more than others.

In Itu, desperation is taking hold. Police escort water trucks to keep them from being hijacked by armed men. Residents demanding restoration of tap water have staged violent protests.

Restaurants and bars are using disposable cups to avoid washing dishes, and agribusinesses are transporting soybeans and other crops by road rather than by boat in areas where rivers have dried up.

“We are entering unknown territory,” said Renato Tagnin, an expert in water resources at the environmental group Coletivo Curupira. “If this continues, we will run out of water. We have no more mechanisms and no water stored in the closet.”

The Sao Paulo metropolitan area ended its last rainy season in February with just a third of the usual rain total –only 23 centimetres over three months. Showers in October totalled just 25 millimeters, one-fifth of normal.

Only consistent, steady summer rains will bring immediate relief, experts say.

But they also place blame on the government, which they say needs to upgrade a state water distribution network that loses more than 30 per cent of its resources to leaks. Advocates also call for treatment plants to produce more potable water, along with better environmental protections for headwaters and rivers flowing into reservoirs.

Tagnin and others say the government ignored calls to begin rationing water months ago because it didn’t want to take such a step before the October elections and risk losing votes. The government, however, maintains there will be no need for rationing. It says its measures to conserve water are working, such as offering discounted water bills for those who limit usage and reducing water pressure during off-peak hours.

But activists and consumer groups complain the government has done too little too late and failed to keep consumers informed.

The state’s largest utility, which supplies water to more than 16 million people in Sao Paulo’s metropolitan area, for months avoided acknowledging the looming shortage. Only recently did the Sabesp utility release maps showing which neighbourhoods were at risk of water cuts, and was careful to avoid using the hot button term “rationing.”

In Itu, where the taps have been dry for weeks, residents dream of rationing _ at least that would mean some water for their homes.

“I forgot what water looks like coming out of the faucet,” said Rosa Lara Leite, a woman carrying a few gallons of water in each hand at one of the city’s crowded drinking fountains.

Authorities forced the city of 160,000 to cut its daily water consumption from 62 million litres to 8 million litres. Dozens of water trucks are deployed to bring in water from far off towns. Huge 5,000-gallon tanks have been set up around the city.

“We understand that people’s basic need is water. They need it,” said Marco Antonio Augusto, spokesman for a government task force created to manage Itu’s water supply. “We are bringing water from every possible place.”

Baker Franciele Bonfim is storing whatever water she can get her hands on in every possible place. She and a neighbour recently paid $200 to buy water from a private water truck, storing it in two big tanks and about 20 plastic buckets that once held margarine for her cakes.

“It’s an added expense but at least I am good for 15 days,” Bonfim said, as she used a thick hose to pour water into each bucket. “It has taken me a long time to use all this margarine. But water runs out fast.”


Sao Paulo desperate for water as drought hits millions in Brazil

  1. I have never see more stupid people in my life than the leaders of countries. Start building desalination plants all over the place. It will create a ton of jobs, and water. BUILD BABY BUILD.

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    The following are three plans that will allow for Global Reconstruction and the New World Order.
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  5. Plan III.
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  6. My plans are the only ones that end the Great and Little Satan in the eyes of most Muslims because the former United States grows and changes (reverts back to pre-progressive era constitution and structure, with changes of course). Israel would become secular and join the EU which transforms into one of the Ten Democratic Republic Nations of the Federation in the New Order. This will prevent a 1000 years war. Now, I have been patient but that patience is now gone. Those that oppose me will pay the price. I truly fear for my enemies.

  7. Brazil holds the planet’s largest underground sweet water reservoir, and guess what; it is right under Sao Paulo. I am sure Brazilians in Sao Paulo will want to know whats up with the lies. Let me give you a clue, money, power, and corruption. Pass this information on, the people have a right to know.

  8. How to handle drought conditions

    A. General plan

    1. Desalinization farms (plants) and freshwater lakes

    Build (or make lakes deeper) large (fire fighting water tanker fixed wing aircraft takeoff
    and landing length) freshwater lake (later it will have beaches).

    Build desalination plants (removing salt from seawater) to create fresh (potable) (drinkable) water.

    Farms (plants) will consist of 6 or more tank levels per “production line”






    Tank level 1 is farthest from saltwater / bad water (animal and human water source) source.

    This allows incoming water to be pre-heated and water to tank 2 to be cooled.

    This is to be a single (1) tank.

    Salt brine falls down to funnel at bottom of tank and is removed.

    Salt is:

    1. Given to cities / counties for winter use (build 3 times current space).

    2. To lubricate earthquake fault lines so there will be more but lower Richter level earthquakes.

    3. Use to create a “SALT CURTAIN” to prevent fresh and salt water from mixing.

    SEE the movie “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW” (it seems that if you lower the salt to
    much you might shut down the ocean currents that are important to moving heated water
    from the equator to the north Atlantic thereby keeping Canada / Finland / Great Britain /
    U.S. warmer than they otherwise would be.)

    BUILD wide diameter (2 or more inches) pressurized under water irrigation pipes with
    valves in 4 or more directions so that salt flows ALONG (a horizontal boundary layer)
    AROUND (the pipe)/ goes DOWN / UP

    (depending on current flow and / or salt brine desity) from positions that can be opened and closed.

    The tanks will be spaced wide apart so some heating / cooling can happen.


    The heating / cooling piping system is in 2 parts

    Part 1 is a standard (incoming) pipe, part 2 is a coiled inner (cooling) pipe.

    Part 1 is really 3 segments (4 if you count the telescoping part) segments A, B, C

    Coil ends poke through part 1.

    Both pipes are to have valves in case repairs / replacement are needed.

    Part 1 is to have telescopic fittings between segments to allow segments to be repaired / replaced.

    Segments are to have ends that are to be called “telescoping end” and “receiver end”.

    Segment (A) is the “telescoping end” is to have a INSIDE flange that a compressible bushing on the telescope part presses against, this prevents water leakage.

    We will manufacture (CUT) different lengths of bushings to find the proper fit.

    The telescope part will have screw positions (EYES) to mount bridge, telephone pole, radio tower guy wire mounting blocks to be matched with similar blocks on segment (C) to pull the telescope into a snug fitting bushing on the receiver side.

    Segment (B) is a standard pipe with bushed flanges to match segments (A) and (C)

    The near to the flange side of segment (C) is to have a 5 to 30 degree molded in slope it the direction of segment (B)

    so any debris in incoming water can not hide / build up. The side nearest to segment (A) that the telescope comes into is to have a right angle.

    The end of the telescope that goes into segment (C) is to have a compressible bushing screwed to the INSIDE of the telescoping part.

    The side of segment (C) nearest to the flange is to have a 5 to 30 slope to prevent debris from hiding.

    The side of the MOLDED in slope nearest to the telescope is to be threaded in such a way to screw to the INSIDE of a bushing.

    The FLANGED inside end of the telescope will also have a thread that can attach to the INSIDE (outside ?) of a bushing.

    We will use a bushing as a stretchable pipe connecting the FIXED slope to the MOVABLE telescope.

    The bushing has to be thick enough to (1.) be nearly solid against the pipe for years of service without allowing punctures that let debris to build up and (2.) thin enough to be screwed into place.

    Segment (C) will be 2 half pipes cut lengthwise to allow the inside flange of the telescope to be inserted between the tight fitting molded in slope / tread and the outside flange the compressed bushing presses against.


    Question: do we need a segment (d) so segment (c) can have a molded in slope / tread
    Instead of a 2 half pipe tight fitting ones?

    If we go this way then make sure the weight is balanced in the pipe length between slope and thread.

    We need to screw a long spacer __ around __ a tube running from segment (c) to the

    Do we need a SLOTTED (not round) window inspection position on segment (d)?


    It will have 2 or more lengthwise windowed inspection slots to allow proper fitting of the bushings.

    Tank level 1 (which is tall) is one (1) tank that boils seawater.

    Steam rises and goes into part 2 (which condenses the steam back to water with less salt).

    Part 2 (inner coil) feeds to (1 or more) level 2 tank(s).

    Tank level 2 cools water __ allowing some salt and other items to fall out of solution.

    Tank level 2 is connected to (2 or 3) level 3 tanks by separate pipes (we do not want to cool the incoming Water) using a manifold = my definition is “one way in multiple ways out or multiple ways in one way out”.

    Tank level 3 boils water at lower temperature to remove more salt, they are shorter than tank 1.

    There will be a manifold connection from tank level 3 cooling coils to tank level 4.

    Tank level 4 cools.

    Tank level 5 is for storage only (multiple tanks might be needed).

    Tank level 6 should be (one, 1) tank and is used for storage and exit point.

    Exit is to fill lake and to standard water treatment plant.

    Transportation pipelines

    STEEL, ROAD, RAIL pipelines should start on __ SEPARATE __ 500 + foot high cliff S / mountain S as protection against TSUNAMIS (THE HIGHER THE BETTER).

    DRILL down to seawater level using a pipe double the current (November 5, 2014) diameter.

    Have more than one transportation mode to

    A. Bring system up to sustainable flow a quickly as possible
    B. Cause terrorists / saboteurs / vandals to come up with different ways to disrupt the routes.
    Each is to come from 2 or more directions in case one gets damaged by hurricane,
    tornado, earthquake or sabotage.

    3. The transportation modes are __ hopefully __ in order of construction times

    From fastest to slowest.

    A. Road = rolling tanker pipeline 1. Dirt, 2. Gravel, 3. Tar, 4. (20 + year material before it needs

    B. Rail = rail pipeline

    C. Pipeline = pipeline it can still break down (broken pipes) and is easier to sabotage than

    D. River = river pipeline once built __ probably __ has the fewest maintenance (and sabotage ?) issues.

    DREDGE the Colorado river to REVERSE the flow: bring salt water UP river to desalination plants.

    4. Routing of transportation modes to lessen likelihood of __ one __ act of
    Sabotage to damage 2 or more modes.

    Route __ each __ mode from point (a) (saltwater (if possible pick a different source (lake, river name))
    To point (b) (desalination farm) as far apart from each other as possible.

    Tell anyone who complains that the modes are different lengths that it is a security measure.

    5. Tank level 1 and 3 heating methods

    Try to have as many heating options as possible (use a common (easy to find, use NOT
    one element for all tanks)fluid / steam / electric heating element)

    At the tank and if possible make it rotatable / replaceable so you can change heating
    Methods with a many fuels as possible to make it work.

    The heating sources should be on site.

    Example: electric nuclear (off site), coal, propane, natural gas

    4 plants each with a direct line to the farm (take security precautions by
    Having the lines come from different directions) also have the
    Plant on the local grid (nearest large city) using more
    Lines (connect to different points in the city).


    A. ESTABLISH a corporation to buy / manage real estate. ALL sales by corporations / investment groups, INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE WHO OWN / BUY MORE THAN 5 PROPERTIES that buy property after ___ (DATE) __ SHOULD __ be ruled invalid because inflating the price endangers the ability to buy the property FOR A PUBLIC SAFETY / HEALTH REASON.

    Do not worry about low ball offers for current property owners because the corporation will buy the property the person WISHES TO MOVE __ TO __ (FULL PRICE NO MORTGAGE) AND __ PAY AN EQUAL AMOUNT TO FURNISH IT.

    If they wish to spend less on furnishing it __ AND KEEP THE PROFIT __ that will be up to them.

    The ONLY requirement is that they hold the property for 5 or 10 years.

    B. DEFINE the corridor down to the street / property level.

    C. ISSUE “Certificate of need for Real Estate” (RECON’s) to property owners.

    property can only transferred

    (FIRST CHOICE) to get / buy (sellers choice) the property,

    2. by will __ to a non corporate “person” __ and be subject to purchase at 1.5 times (X) price of replacement (additional) property (before the person becomes attached to it) __ if acquired within __ months of the reading of the will.

    3. Sale to a NON CORPORATE “PERSON” __ SUBJECT TO 5 TO __ YEAR LEASE by the corporation to decide if they wish to buy (have the money on hand) the property.

    D. Property __ OWNED __ by the corporation __ MUST __ be rented out / operated at a profit until 5 to 10 miles of corridor can be cleared __ THEN THE PROPERTIES MUST BE TORN DOWN.

    E. Rents from housing and profits from business MUST be used to buy more property.


    1. CREATE a new road so you do not disrupt current traffic.

    2. SIZE (WIDTH) for 4 or more times production capcity of production plants the road is intended to serve.

    this allows for traffic accidents and still supplies enough water for the plants.

    I am imaging a road with __ AT LEAST __ 7 construction lanes to create rest stops __ PLUS __ at least 3 travel lanes IN ONE DIRECTION.

    LANE from inside to outside


    1. High occupancy vehicles DURING CONSTRUCTION LANES 1, 2, 3 WOULD ONLY BE USED FOR



    4. Construction Convoy travel lane NOT IN VEHICLE ORDER

    A. Cargo van(S) with 10 to 20 lb buckets of dirt, pebbles to start construction

    B. Equipment bus, truck to cut down trees, blast rock,

    C. Bus of workmen

    D, Mini dump trucks (pickup trucks with dump bodies)

    E. Truck with mini backhoes, bulldozers,

    F. Side Dumpers

    G. Mobile restrooms NOT PORTA POTTIES

    H. Standard dump trucks

    I. Mobile Kitchens


    5. Construction Vehicle CALL OUT LANE

    Vehicles are called out from the convoy




    Lane 6 Gasoline

    Lane 7 Propane

    Lane 8 Natural gas

    Lane 9 Diesel

    10. Rest stop construction foreman’s double-ended vehicle lane and work crew relaxation lane

    When saltwater tanker drivers indicate that THIS is where a rest stop is needed (stopping
    1 to 2 hours sooner than regulations call for) the REST STOP CONSTRUCTION
    FOREMAN uses this lane to find the best rest stop entrance and exit positions.

    We will use helicopter and / or drones to keep tanker drivers (actually the co-driver) of
    major reststop obstacles ahead so they can stop sooner than they really need to.



    Relaxation = tents and tables are set up so drivers and anyone not busy can relax.

    B. Forest fire prevention

    1. Use fixed wing aircraft water tankers to scoop up (fastest fill rate / soonest to get
    back on scene) water And soak the ground as if you are fighting a fire BEFORE
    a fire happens.

    2. Use aerial tankers to fill smaller lakes (both fixed wing and helicopter drones).

    3. Use manned and unmanned (remote control / drone) helicopters to fill-up from the
    smaller lakes and __ rain down __ (pipe with holes like a drip irrigation one __ but with a
    faster flow __) water over the Forest.

    Note: we need a “drier than nearby areas ground (temperature / humidity) detector” to
    tell us where to spray __ or __ when to use a helicopter / fixed wing water dump.

    4. Build 2 pipelines both are __ freshwater __ only

    (a). Only to lakes __ fewer turns means less wear on pipes (it breaks less often).

    (b). Camouflaged water hydrants in the forests for fighting fires. End point are lakes.
    Water making a turn Y’s or T’s at the hydrant and wears the corners faster.

    If possible use graphene / carbon nanotube pipes for less wear (longer life).

    Capture carbon from many building chimneys, separate carbon from oxygen
    and use carbon to make Graphene sheets and carbon nanotube girders..

    Try to build a mine like system to:

    (1.) make repairs easier (no digging up the ground).

    (2.) keep the forest looking like one.

    Have extra pipe lengths along the route.

    Try to use a muscle powered conveyor system to bring in pipe from accessible
    Points so you (a.) do not make noise in the forest, (b.) you can make repairs by
    flashlight if the Power goes out due to terrorist attack, nuclear / solar
    ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) event.

    Make the tunnels wide enough so that you can really mine since you are likely to
    come across minerals.

    Pipelines go from desalination plants to lakes using use septic / electrical vault
    style tanks to Distribute water. The tanks have one __ or __ more inlets
    (when coming from different plants as Backup) and multiple outlets.

    C. Agriculture

    D. Water for industry

    E. Domestic water

    F. What to do with the salt

    1. Increase storage for winter salt use for each city by 3 or more times.

    2. Create countywide salt silos (one or more locations per county with 4 + storage units each).

    3. Ship salt to other snowy countries to use on their roads.

    4. Place salt in earthquake fault to produce more but less destructive earthquakes.

    5. Use as part of a landfill system.

    (a). For depths deeper than __ (insert number 41 or greater __ to make the top 40 digable) feet.

    Use salt only. Above this level use vermicompost (earthworm eat sewage / food waste and create earth).

    NOTE: WE eat food and get rid of waste THEY eat waste / leftover food and create earth.

    G. Plans for named droughts

    1. Countries

    United States

    (a). Regions ?

    (b). Within states

    (1). California

    DIG death valley lower if possible.

    FILL death valley with FRESH water ONLY.

    SCOOP up water with fire fighting water tankers.

    DUMP on land __ before __ fires can start.

    DUMP in lakes to prefill them for fighting fires.

    into water system.

    STATION undrivable but PUMP capable equipment near lakes.
    You may need to build roads or helipads to bring in fuel or
    parts / engines / trucks.

    Make sure to exercise the equipment.

    (2). Nevada

    lakes MEAD AND TAHOE

    (3). Arizona

    Dam both ends and fill the GRAND CANYON.

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