Stop the lama love-in -

Stop the lama love-in

He’s adorable, yes, but just what is the Dalai Lama accomplishing?


Everyone loves the Dalai Lama. Just how much was on display two weeks ago when the Tibetan religious leader paid a visit to the town of Tawang in northeastern India. Ethnic Tibetans travelled to the frontier outpost from all over the sub-continent in order to venerate the 74-year-old monk at a huge outdoor rally. “He is our god, he is the living Buddha. A glimpse of the Dalai Lama is like getting spiritual power inside you,” said one participant in explaining the extraordinary adulation the Dalai Lama inspires. Here in Canada, our view is not so different. When the Dalai Lama travelled to Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal last month, tens of thousands crowded into stadiums to hear his message of universal compassion. The rapturous reception was in keeping with our decision in 2006 to grant him citizenship, the highest honour Canada bestows on foreign leaders. The Dalai Lama’s other admirers include the U.S. government, which awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal, and the Nobel Peace Prize committee. The general feeling of Lama-mania was summed up by TV star Sandra Oh, who co-hosted one of his Canadian appearances. “He’s a rock star! Rock star! Seriously, a rock star!”

Yet if the Dalai Lama is a rock star, does he live up to the hype? His spiritual teachings contain elements of illogic and intolerance that would not be accepted from any other religious figure. That these go unnoticed is largely due to the way Tibetan Buddhism functions as a spiritual Rorschach blot onto which Westerners project their hopes and desires. The primary problem, however, is political. In addition to being a spiritual figure, the Dalai Lama is the leader of the Free Tibet movement. And when it comes to advancing that goal, he has been a resounding failure. Uncritical adulation legitimizes the Dalai Lama’s failed leadership and undermines one of the great political causes of our time.

It’s not hard to understand the Dalai Lama’s appeal. At first glance he holds out the promise of religious belief purged of any trace of fundamentalism. When it comes to modern science, for example, he has said that when it conflicts with Buddhist teachings, Buddhism should be revised. Other theological statements he has made, such as his declaration that “any deed done with good motivation is a religious act,” bespeak a similarly open-minded temperament.

But this progressive outlook can sometimes turn out to be illusory. Consider the teaching for which he may be best known, his doctrine of universal compassion. As he has written, “non-violence applies not just to human beings, but to all sentient beings—any living thing that has a mind.” That belief is why, when the Dalai Lama was invited to a fundraising luncheon for a monastery in Wisconsin in 2007, the organizers expected him to ask for a vegetarian meal. Instead they watched him happily ingest pheasant and veal. “He pretty much lapped up every single plate that he had put in front of him,” one tablemate later said. “He loves food; he likes good food.” The Dalai Lama, it turns out, is vegetarian at his official residence in India but not while travelling. But a doctrine of compassion that switches on and off depending on geography is not much of a doctrine at all.

The Dalai Lama’s position on same-sex relationships is equally puzzling. “I look at the issue at two levels,” he told the Vancouver Sun in 2004. Homosexuality is perfectly acceptable for non-believers. And for people who look to the Dalai Lama for guidance? “For a Buddhist, the same-sex union is engaging in sexual misconduct.” The double-sided approach is rooted in a traditional method of explaining discrepancies between schools of Buddhism, whereby the Buddha is said to have taught different things to different people. But as with the doctrine of compassion, the Dalai Lama’s considered view ends up being a sloppy relativist mess. Or at least it does in the West, where he is obliged to state his view regarding non-Buddhists. When addressing Buddhists directly the Dalai Lama’s position is less complicated—and more crudely prejudicial.

This side of the Dalai Lama’s spiritual teachings is never subject to criticism. Why? One possibility is that the Dalai Lama solves a specifically Western problem. In the 19th century the shared religious values that once permeated our civilization began a “long withdrawing roar,” as Matthew Arnold put it. Any religion one adopts now is merely one possibility among many, a reality that drains each of its explanatory value and force. An infatuation with the Dalai Lama is the Goldilocks solution for a culture that finds traditional religion too hot and atheism too cold. His exoticism marks him as authentic, and subjecting his teachings to critical scrutiny is beside the point, as there is never any chance we are going to engage his teachings seriously enough to be challenged by them. We instead want to bask in his distant spiritual glow.

The Dalai Lama’s appeal is arguably closely entwined with the peculiar fascination the West has long exhibited for all things Tibetan. When Europeans discovered Tibet, it was a remote kingdom that had never been colonized and still seemed to exist in the ancient past. It quickly became a land of fantasy. Shangri-La, the mystical Tibetan paradise, was first depicted in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. In the late 1930s the Nazis sent an expedition to Tibet, hoping to find an ancient race of Aryans. After the devastation of the Second World War, European intellectuals imagined Tibet as “an unarmed society.” As Buddhist scholar Donald Lopez notes, these myths have a common source. In each case, “the West perceives some lack within itself and fantasizes that the answer, through a process of projection, is to be found somewhere in the East.”

This process continued after China invaded Tibet in 1959, and many Tibetans were driven into exile. When the Beatles recorded Tomorrow Never Knows, John Lennon wanted his voice to sound like “the Dalai Lama on the mountain top.” Remember the cuddly and eco-friendly Ewoks in Return of the Jedi? The language they spoke was modified Tibetan. Today Tibet is embraced by celebrities ranging from the Beastie Boys to action hero Steven Seagal. “The Dalai Lama gave me a spiritual blessing that would not have been given to anyone who was not special,” Seagal announced in 1996. “I don’t think he has given such a blessing to another white person.”
Just how special Seagal is became clear in 1997 when Tibetan religious authority Penor Rinpoche declared him to be the reincarnation of a 17th-century lama. However ridiculous it may seem to imagine the star of Exit Wounds and Pistol Whipped as a holy being, Seagal’s anointment symbolizes the transformation Tibetan Buddhism has undergone as it has come in contact with new patrons and admirers in the West. Rather than something “out there,” Tibetan culture is influenced by how Westerners engage with it.

Unfortunately, on a political level, that influence has been highly negative. Seeing how requires understanding the different and at times conflicting roles the Dalai Lama now plays in addition to being the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism. Nowhere is this more true than in regard to his position as leader of the Tibetan government in exile, and the Free Tibet movement more broadly.

Since China invaded Tibet it has engaged in a campaign of ruthless repression. It is official government policy to “end the nomadic way of life” of traditional Tibetans and to forcibly resettle them. Tibetans who protest are subject to show trials and torture. Opposing China’s actions has rightly been characterized as a moral struggle on the scale of the movement against apartheid or for Indian independence. Unfortunately, the Dalai Lama is the equal of neither Nelson Mandela nor Gandhi. He is as miscast as the head of Tibet liberation as the pope would have been leading the struggle against Hitler. Under his leadership political goals have inevitably taken a back seat to spiritual ones.

A comparison to South Africa is instructive. One of the most inspiring moments in the struggle against apartheid came during the famous Rivonia trial when Nelson Mandela, faced with a possible death sentence, spoke from the prisoner’s dock. Freedom, he said, was “an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” Mandela’s speech galvanized the anti-apartheid movement. The Dalai Lama’s pronouncements, by contrast, could not be less defiant. “I practise certain mental exercises which promote love toward all sentient beings, including especially my so-called enemies.” Mandela endorsed an international boycott of South African athletes. When China hosted the 2008 Olympics, the Dalai Lama sent Beijing his regards. “I send my prayers and good wishes for the success of the event.” If the Dalai Lama had led the struggle in South Africa, apartheid would still be in effect. Unsurprisingly, 50 years after the occupation, Tibet is still not free.

At times it seems that is what Western Tibetophiles would unknowingly prefer. In the words of actor Richard Gere, a long-time advocate of Tibetan independence, “Many of us constantly remind our Tibetan friends, ‘You must maintain that sense of uniqueness and that genuine cultural commitment to non-violence. If you pick up arms and become like the Palestinians, you’ll lose your special status.’”

Leave aside the fact that the moral case for armed resistance in Tibet is as strong as it was in France under German occupation. There are many steps an independence movement can take that fall short of violence, measures such as strikes or boycotts. The Dalai Lama has thrown himself into none of these, which are all at odds with loving one’s enemy. This approach is reinforced by his Western admirers, who are drawn to the myth of Tibet as an unarmed society (even though Tibet has fought armies from Mongolia, Nepal and Britain). The overall effect of his staunchest Western fans therefore has been to reward and perpetuate an approach to Tibetan independence that has no hope of ever succeeding.

To be fair, his Holiness has begun to admit as much. “I have to accept failure; things are not improving in Tibet,” he said last November, acknowledging the “death sentence” Tibetans continue to face under Chinese rule. His supporters stress the awareness he brings to the Tibetan cause and the anger Chinese officials express whenever the Dalai Lama receives an audience with a Western leader. But after a certain point, awareness has to give way to action.

Slowly, another political faction is taking form. As one young Tibetan who has spent his entire life in exile in India said in March, “We do not get anything from China. So some young people want to go to a little bit of violence—not to kill anyone but to do something so that China knows they will actively [resist].” Such a view is in keeping with the position of the Tibetan Youth Congress, which stands for “the total independence of Tibet even at the cost of one’s life.” If progress is to ever be made on Tibet, these approaches need to be taken seriously. But that can only happen if the Dalai Lama steps aside as a political leader, and lets a new generation take over.

First, however, public perception of the Dalai Lama needs to change. As it stands, when people turn their attention to him, they do so in the spirit of answering John Lennon’s call to “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.” The outcome of this lazy attitude is to reinforce the Dalai Lama’s leadership and his counterproductive efforts to free his people. The basic problem was summed up by the Dalai Lama himself when he stated, “I find no contradiction at all between politics and religion.” So long as the Dalai Lama is regarded as a figure of both spiritual and political liberation, his efforts to make the first goal happen will ensure the second never does.


Stop the lama love-in

  1. What can I say for Mr. Andy Lamey except I feel very sorry for him. I am speechless!!

    • Andy Lamey, next time do the same story with QUEEN ELIZABETH…

      Unbelievable, who hired this LAME-Y Clown?

  2. At the very least, his mere existence in public is a finger in the eye to Chinese tyranny in Tibet.

  3. WOW! – something actually new .. who would have thought! I love it as this article is like completely and utterly politically incorrect = slagging the Pope of compassion .. whew this guy is going to be flamed mercilessly! (get the joke?)

  4. very good and intelligent.article….thank you…… ,and an eye opener about the situation the Tibetan freedom movement is facing now…..please keep writinabout this topic as we all need to keep it alive…

  5. very good article – it highlights the contradictions between HH being a spiritual and a political leader – the two just don't fit together. But I feel sorry for him because of that – he didn't ask for the job, after all. How can a believer in peace, compassion and non-violence provide any solutions, or achieve independencej/autonomy for his country, in a brutally capitalist world? The fact that HH has achieved so much and such a high profile is quite a miracle in itself – given that the world's primary preoccupation these days is money…. I live in Dharamsala, and I'm no longer shocked by the behaviour of western (especially American) so-called Buddhists who seem to fall very short of compassion when it comes to talking to shockingly-badly-paid waiters and hotel staff – demanding this and that, complaining about everything, and only thinking about me-me-me…

  6. Blah Blah, Blah… Is this tabliod journalism, Andy Lamey? Talking about what he eats. If you knew that Dalai Lama eats one meal a day (only lunch) to follow the Buddhist precepts along with 100 others you wouldn’t complain about his apetite and Tibetan buddhists never claim they are vegetararian and living in the high pateau in harsh climate, they could not survive without protein intake or eating meat. So they had developed this bad habit but it’s changing as now the majority of the Tibetan monasteries in Tibet and India served only vegetarian food.

    You should do some serious research of what Dalai Lama has accomplished. There are 55 so-called minorities in China, do you know any others besides the Tibetans and that’s how powerful China’s propaganda machinery and repression is? Tibet issue and Tibetans get high profile due to his leadership against the mighty and powerful Chinese communist regime. He is extraordinary because he operates outside the paradigm that many know of and how this world works i.e. power, greed, violence etc. Think outside the box and you will see his accomplishments.

  7. Mahayana buddhism is supposed to be about practice – not just theory

  8. Though I agree in your conclusion statement in having His Holiness the Dalai Lama be the spiritual leader of Tibet while another leads the political side

  9. andyLamey desperately needed an attention, folks give him an iota of attention, otherwise, he might commit sucide on this Thanking-Giving night…that will be a tragedy! LOL…Andy has few shackled ideas with it, he is forcefully asking people "NOT BE ATTENTIVE TO HHDLWHEN HE IS IN TOWN"….I won't be so desperate as he is, even if I want that…I would rather leave the "decision" of "forsaking", "abandoning" to the folks while I narrate the logic….this is another sort of "communist" or "leftist" or "attention deficiency" folks' symptoms. Have a good Turkey! Don't commit sucide@lol!

  10. No. I think the major reasons Dalai Lama hasn't got what he wanted are:

    1. Dalai Lama used to be a slave-master/owner. He doesn't have any moral authority in ordinary Tibetans left behind in China when he exiled. His followers went into exile with him are all prior nobles and slave-masters, together with some slaves they owned to serve them in India.
    2. Dalai Lama fought for CIA and caused a lot of 'trouble' to the Tibet during the 60s and 70s. He is no 'peace-lover' by heart. He is forced to give up after US and China re-established diplomatic relationship.
    3. China has done a lot of constructive work in Tibet in the past 30 years. Dalai Lama did nothing. Not many Tibetans in Tibet wants him back.
    4. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were with their people on the ground, suffering for their people. Where is Dalai Lama? He is living a luxury life wearing Cuchi Brand Italy Leather Shoes.

    These are some of the fundamental reasons why Dalai Lama and his supporters are not going anywhere.

    • Eat your dog & be happy

      • You must be a refugee to be so hungry as to eat your dog and find happiness all alone.
        I know it is tough to have life long illusion shattered by the irrefutable logic that peppers your lama like a beef steak.
        See the world without the Kamakazi eyes that one should die for their Emperor.
        You are free now and can think for yourself and understand the Teaching of Lord Buddha without the political jab.

        Eat your dog and be happy. What kind of thing is that to say to a fellow Canadian saying his mind?
        Surely even you can see how trite and inconsequential are your words to waste in this prescious human life?
        Maybe it is carry over from a previous life and you were a dog licking your balls to infer such an image for humans is too gross.
        Behave yourself!

    • thank you, finally someone mentions the feudal society Tibetans lived under during the theocratic regime of the Tibetan Lamas under the Dalai Lama. the article is also missing out on this question, what has the Dalai Lama achieved with the tens of millions of dollars he has collected through his free Tibet movement? Since when was any genuine spiritual teacher a political leader? and he was head of an absolute regime, no democracy in pre chinese tibet. i'm not saying china is any better, but the chinese leaders are not portraying themselves as saints. Buddha left the kingdom he was born into to seek enlightenment, dalai lama has had his kingdom forcibly removed and has spent the last half of a century trying to get it back, and selling alot of books of his watered down spirituality along the way

  11. Though I agree in your conclusion statement in having His Holiness the Dalai Lama be the spiritual leader of Tibet while another leads the political side, I strongly appose the way you have introduced His Holiness the Dalai Lama in your article which does not even measure up to his success in leading the Tibetan Movement. You must read this article titled "The burden of being the Dalai Lama" –

    Another thing, His Holiness is not only the political leader of Tibet but also the spiritual. He is also the incarnation of the "Buddha Chenresig" – the Buddha of Compassions- hence his advocacy for peace, non-violence and compassions above all.

    The division of State and Religion is a western concept ad you cannot expect all other nations to take on the same theory because of the vast difference in the cultural and religious practices each nation belongs to.

    However, The Tibetan Government in Exile is on its way to adopting and understanding the concept of democracy and advocating open democracy in the exiled government.

    Melson Mandala's fight for South Africa with the African National Congress as a political leader and His Holiness's fight for Tibet through religious and political leader is vastly different due to the position of religion and time.

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is also the first Dalai Lama and the first leader of Tibet who has been exiled to assimilate to different beliefs and practices of the modern world.

    The relationship of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and to the Tibetan people should not be questioned by anyone, its an internal family matter if that makes any sense to you.

    • To Tenzin:

      How do you defend the Dalai Lama as any kind of leader? He was never elected to office by anyone. He was appointed by brutal slave owners to his post and the Dalai Lama was also a slave holder. Under the Dalai Lama, slaves were beaten, had their legs, arms cut off and eyes gouged out if they were disobedient to the Lamas. The Dalai Lama was recently convicted by an Indian Court for religious persecution. Worse yet, the Dalai Lama has strong ties to convicted mass murderers and Nazi war criminals. He has even placed some of these notorious criminals in his own government and has promoted sales of their books and other paraphenalia. He also has close ties to convicted terrorists and brutal dictators. The Dalai Lama is no more spiritual than a mosquito. If you don't believe it, then for proof go to my website at or google Hitler, Dalai Lama.

    • Then follow your lama home and join the rest of the 3 million Tibetans living in China. Why hang your Lama's dirty laundry out here in a foreign land?
      Why you would choose to live here rather than Tibet is a mystery to us.
      Wake up to the 21st Century and Go Home and Make Your Freedom Just Like Everybody else.
      Maybe you do not know how to make Freedom as your grandparent were 95% likely to be serfs and never understood Democracy or Free Thought to Think For Yourselves?
      Well then we will show you and take this back to your Brothers and Sisters in Tibet.
      The Ones the Dalai Lam ran away from and abandoned decades ago.
      Maybe he should give up being King and just be a God and Go Home?


    • takes a con to know one

  13. I will pray for the writer of this article to reduce his ignorance.

    • i will do the same for you

  14. While there will undoubtedly be many people who will slander you for writing such articles about the Dalai Lama, there will be many of us Chinese who will thank you for bring to light the evil nazi genocide imperialist monk's true nature. I am extremely against any kind of religion and wish all the people could become like Chinese people and become civilize. Thank you for the article and I hope it "enlighten" everyone. Get it?


  15. Amen – the only thing I disagree with in the article is its implicit legitimization of Tibetan independence. Tibet was a theocracy, led by a Dalai Lama (who is effectively selected by an elite group of monks – officially he is picked because he successfully identified a group of items). Are Tibetans free in China? No. Were they free before the Chinese came? Also no – they were led by a religious theocracy and always have been. In the Dalai Lama's Indian feifdom he has certainly had no trouble oppressing those that disagree with him (eg. Shugden followers), denying them access to government services, etc.

    Seeking the favour of the Dalai Lama runs contrary to western values, and contrary to Canada's national interest.

    • would you like me to show you my other cheek.

  16. The Dalai Lama is a fake! Just because he wears a robe doesn't make him an angel. Wake up people….

    • Hi Jim,

      It is not you to declare that the Dalai Lama is fake, nor the world people need a rooster like you to wake up on Dalai Lama. Do you think all the people around the world, from Nelson Mandela to countless number of commoners, are fools and only you know the truth about the Dalai Lama? If you are not a Chinese from main land China who has access only to CPC propaganda about the Dalai Lama, then you must be a frog in a small well ! Though your comments are a bit of irritation for me to read, yet i request you to try to have a complete knowledge about the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Your use of filthy language against a person whom you do not have thorough knowledge is another indication that you did not get a proper up bringing. Poor thing ! Anyway wish you good luck in life.

      • Dalai Lama is a trouble-making, not only a lier.

      • Hi Tenzin,
        You got lots of wrong information, but you still think you are correct. In China, people can get any information just like we live in American, when I lived there for quite a while. 99% Chinese hate Dalai Lama including me, a foreign traveler, after I know the truth. What is truth? Dalai Lama has been tried decades to come back Tibet for control Tibet again. However, people in Tibet are now happy, do not need him come back. If he come back, he will separate peace region and cause huge mass and flight.

  17. A lot of posts are very obviously PRC propaganda. Trying to label the Dalai Lama as a slave owner or a fake lama, come on, get real. No one reading this site believes for a second that you are some unbiased person. You are on the PRC payroll and we know it.
    You either love him or you should be indifferent but anyone who is trying to turn him into some evil man, your wasting your time and everyone else's for that matter. Go spread your hate somewhere else. I'm Canadian and a follower or the Buddha, ive been to Tibet and seen with my own eyes what the PRC is doing to people there. This self righteous attitude by a government that murders its own people without trials is just sick. Not just Tibetans, but other minorities as well. Even Han Chinese who try to get answers from the PRC when there families are killed in earthquakes end up sent to jail. One day the Han people will rise up and then the PRC will have a real revoluntion of their hands. Shame on the PRC.

    • I'm afraid it's not that. They're not on the PRC payroll- they're just your average brainwashed Chinese.

      The Han Chinese may rise up one day, but they'll still go on thinking Tibet belongs to China.

      A sad reality.

      • As sad as thinking that Quebec belongs to Canada.

  18. I simply do not believe that you really think so. Please stop trolling.

    • 1.3 billion Chinese (including Tibetans) simply don't believe what you really think and what the Canadian media/government are trolling about Tibet. Shut up!

      Tibet is in Tibetan (the slaves left behind by Dalai Lama) hands. Tibetans-in-exile want it back? Go dream about it. They fought with CIA's support in the 60's and 70's and failed miserably. Does Canada want to replace CIA's role?

  19. The "illogic and intolerance" of which Mr. Lamey accuses the Dalai Lama are in fact all Mr. Lamey's. If he had done even a token amount of research he would know that, in order to break the chain of attachment, monks are supposed to eat what is put in front of him. With dozens of books and videos of HHDL's lectures available, a little research would be easy. When the DL says same-sex marriage is accepted in your country, but not in Buddhism, how does Lamey interpret this as intolerant? Intolerant is the Taliban attitude: our way or death. Fortunately Lamey does not write every article in Maclean's, he will get his reader stats and then have to look for a new whipping boy to keep his name in print. The real question is, which editors approved this unsubstantiated garbage? Can we rely on reasoned writing in future? I think not. I can find Steyn elsewhere. I have read my last Maclean's.

  20. Fallacies regarding our reporting and perception of all things Tibetan is typified with the often obligatorily terse summary that China supposedly invaded and enslaved Tibet in 1959.

    This ignores the previous centuries of intertwined history between Tibet and the rest of China, whether times of union or times of separation.

    Similarly, Chinese strategies to hold their country together are interpreted as ruthless repression against Tibetans, ignoring that many such policies are more or less applied to the rest of China, rather than an injustice Tibetans uniquely suffers.

    But like the author argues, we are charmed by his holiness and perhaps willingly believe these media propagandas and skewed reportings, especially seeing China as a competitor.

  21. Your article on the Dalai Lama was terrible. I'm shocked that magazine with your reputation would endorse such an ignorant point of view. Perhaps a more thorough understanding on Tibetan (Mahayana) Buddhism, the Dalai Lama's history and the Tibetan culture – whether under Chinese control, in India or in the Western World – would have allowed your writer to have a more educated opinion. As much as Buddhism encourages acceptance and being open minded, there is a line, and I along with my business coffee table are done with your magazine. Another “doctrine of compassion that switches on and off” to those that have no understanding regarding Buddhism. Do some research so you know what you are writing about. Opinions are fine to have – but have them on the all the facts. That article was truly ridiculous.

  22. Perhaps Macleans is now receiving funding from the Chinese government….

  23. First off, I abhor the PRC and what they have done to Tibet.

    Secondly, good article. You may also want to investigate the Karampa Controversy:

      Complete Updated Statement on:

  24. As a Canadian, I am a truly ashamed one of our leading magazines would try to discredit the worlds' leading advocate of "love, compassion and non-violence" . As a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Dalai Lama has single-handedly encouraged millions of people throughout the world to live more peaceful, loving and compassionate lives. Andy Lamey's comments are similiar to those all over the Internet from Chinese Communist Party members trying to discredit the Dalai Lama. It is very sad Maclean's magazine is associating themselves with this smear campaign. Instead of "changing the public perception of the Dalai Lama", Andy Lamey's article has changed my percepetion of Maclean's magazine. I will no longer look at Maclean's as a trusted news source of unbiased information.

    • Jim;
      you can not accept the truth. As more reality, Dalai Lama is a trouble-making, not only a lier.

  25. Dalai Lama is simplely just a lier. If you search what is thoghts about Dalai Lama inside of China, you will get the idea. Please remember there is 1.3 billion people include more 2 million totally disagree what Dalai Lama plans to do on Tibet. Dalai Lama has been using his Nobel Peace Award as tool to cheat kind people to believe him. Dalai Lama can not represent 2 million Tibetant in Tibet because of his unethnic behavious in past and current.

  26. tibet issue is like the first nation of America. If all of europen can leave america and give america back to the first nation, no matter how many people they left now, and then europen can make same request to China to leave tibet.

  27. Is it not compassionate for a guest to happily eat the foods offered by his host?

  28. The article was very generous to the Dalai Lame or Dalai Liar. This con artist is involved with Nazis, murderers, terrorists up to his lying mouth. Just check out this site to witness the proof that the Dalai Lama is more a criminal than holy man.
    or google Dalai Lama, Hitler, Nazi

  29. The writer plays a silly game …a few facts mixed with his personal opinion based on stupid conclusions.
    This article is nothing but a tabloid attempt of respectability.

  30. Andy Lamey misses the point in criticizing HH for the Tibet issue not being resolved. He should put the blame where it belongs, squarely on the PRC, and the rest of the world for indulging these despots. What does it say about the leadership of the PRC when they are unable to deal with a personage like HH. I guess HH's only mistake, if it can be characterized as such, is that He accepted Deng's words as being truthful; when Deng stated that everything but independence was negotiable.
    The minions of the PRC can only resort to fabricating lies about Him. The events in Tibet last year prove without a doubt that HH enjoys a massive following that can only be suppressed by the ongoing imposition of virtual martial law. After all, the leaders of the PRC are direct heirs of mass murderers who are responsible for the deaths of over a million Tibetans and 30 – 40 times more Chinese. Mao is the only one out of the 3 Great tyrants of the 20th century, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, who has not been repudiated by his people. What does that say about modern PRC?

  31. Hi Jim and David,____It is not you to declare that the Dalai Lama is fake, nor the world people need a rooster like you to wake up on Dalai Lama. Do you think all the people around the world, from Nelson Mandela to countless number of commoners, are fools and only you know the truth about the Dalai Lama? If you are not Chinese from main land China who have access only to CPC propaganda about the Dalai Lama, then you must be frogs in a small well ! Though your comments are a bit of irritation for me to read, yet i request you to try to have a complete knowledge about the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Your use of filthy language against a person whom you do not have thorough knowledge is another indication that you did not get a proper up bringing. Poor thing ! Anyway wish you good luck in life.__

  32. Buddy… i want you to know that 60's n 70's were the period of "CULTURAL REVOLUTION" that was led by your leader MAO, and inbetween that period there wasn't any kinda war over there, rather major devastation of culturally important monuments, monasteries, etc and brutal treatments of Tibetans were officially being carried out in Tibet. AND IT STILL GOES……
    Constructive works? Do you call making roads and railways to transfer the Chinese in Tibet and to transport the mineral resources of Tibet a constructive work? Or you call building series of houses for Chinese migrants in Tibet a constructive work? or you call constructing dams and hydro power projects to assist the needs of factories set up in Tibet by PRC a constructive work? or you call a farmlands of Tibetan being confiscated by the PRC for its own purpose a constructive work? or you call the forcibly changing the life styles of Tibetan a constructive work? I didn't understood exactly which constructive work you're talking about, after all there were hundreds of constructive work that has been carried by PRC for its own people n its own government, excluding the land's owner.
    Please, you have had controlled enough of Tibetans rights and i request you not to occupy Tibetans' wishes and desire by saying that not many Tibetans want the Dalai Lama back in Tibet. Let Tibetans have this much freedom to feel freely what's there actual desire and wishes.
    thank you

  33. From the many topics the author has raised, i agree on only two issues that has any credibility. First of which is the recognition of Steven Seagal as reincarnation of a previous lama, which i have to admit was surprising to the Tibetan community as well. Secondly, his holiness' failure to shift to a different strategy in regards to the Tibetan freedom movement.

  34. However, to understand the Dalai Lama, you have to take into account that he was raised in an atmosphere that encourages peace and compassion. Unlike other leaders he was trained from a very young age to have compassion not only for his people but all sentient beings. He is among one of the few world icons that truly practices what he preaches, almost to the point where he has alienated some of his own people for his stance on Peace and non violence in the Tibetan freedom movement. To belittle his work by taking his words out of context and showing false contradictions is not only shameful but outrageous to me as a Tibetan.
    I agree Tibet was a backward society when it was invaded by China, but at least the people were allowed basic human rights, like speech, religion, movement and most importantly the right to live. If you look back in history you will find that almost all nations within Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America were living in a similar and much more destructive feudal system which favored the elite upper class, the idea of a free society came much later.

    • You say,
      "I agree Tibet was a backward society when it was invaded by China, but at least the people were allowed basic human rights, like speech, religion, movement and most importantly the right to live. If you look back in history you will find that almost all nations within Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America were living in a similar and much more destructive feudal system which favored the elite upper class, the idea of a free society came much later."
      All of these backwards places you mention did not have a Dalia Lama to make them aware of the Emmancipation Proclamation to inspire them to release the serfs and slaves. Did they?

  35. I do not know why people regard an evil, Dalai Lama, as a genius. Dalai Lama is a bad person.

  36. Andy Lamey, next time do the same story with QUEEN ELIZABETH…

    Unbelievable, who hired this LAME-Y Clown?

  37. This article is shocking because no one else has ever said it, not because it's unfair. These human failing don't render the DL particularly awful but do bring attention to desperate Westerners who dupe themselves with their own projections. The DL might be a fully enlightened being (whatever that looks like) but who knows? I once believed what I wanted to believe because everyone else believed it, and joined the Tibetans. I learned their language and lived with them for eight years. Eventually I saw that things were not as I expected, and at first I was angry at the Tibetans. In time, however, I realised they were just doing what we all do: being human. Buddhism has something to offer Westerners at this time of religious cynicism and spiritual hollowness and I would say to Andy Lamey that "subjecting his teachings to critical scrutiny" is very much the point. That's exactly the approach the Buddha took in the Kalama Sutta, and the one that most Westerners latch on to as a justification for believing the Buddha's word when they disbelieve everything else. For an at-length, first-hand account of my story visit

    • Hi Stephen,

      I read your book and I really liked it. I just wanted to say that.

  38. Either you are a lier, or you have the poorest knowledge about Tibet. Please respect the majority of people in that region and try to do good thing for people to have peace life.

    • what majority?, the han chinese migrant and soldiers majorityinside tibet??

    • Well I keep trying to go to Tibet, but they keep closing it to foreigners for some reason! And if you do get to go it's on a guided tour that only include tourist regions. Almost as if someone didn't want us looking around for ourselves.

  39. Why is it that "David," "Dean Johnson" and "guest" all have a distinct Chinese flavour to their writing style? (I'm talking purely linguistically…)

  40. Hey dalai haters, we all know your Han working for the PRC. The people being lied to are the chinese. Free China!

    • i thought the article was to soft. and i'm not chinese

  41. the lamp of the darrma now lies in the west

  42. There is no 'Tibet' issue to me. It is over.

    For those Tibetans-in-exile, please find your life in another country.

    Dalai Lama will die. No one wants to argue with a bunch of liers.

    No one will talk about Tibet in another hundred years.

  43. People do not like to be made fools, as this Lama has.
    Myths become facts unless we read between the lines and see what is the reality of this supposed holy man. One who enslaved millions of Tibetan Peasants as Serfs for hundreds of years until the Chinese Liberated them as did President Lincoln in th American Civil War.

    • Wow! I had no idea the Dalai Lama was that old. He looks great for someone hundreds of years old….lol Does the Dalai Lama still have slaves in India?? No. Also, for some reason I haven't heard any Tibetans rejoicing about how the Chinese Army "liberated" them. The Tibetans certainly weren't celebrating when they were protesting in "Chinese Tibet" before the Olympics. I have met met many Tibetans and I've never heard any of them say they are grateful the PLA /CCP invaded our land, killed our citizens, monks & spiritual leaders, and destroyed most of our monastaries, schools and historic records. Please, don't be a fool.

      • That because you do have not been to Tibet in China and only speak with the drone aristocrats and their former whatever that made it over here.
        Try strectching your percetion a little farther than your front door. Sherlock!

  44. __Although the Dalai Lama talks constantly about love and compassion, his own actions have brought and continue to bring misery and unhappiness. Since 1996, this false Dalai Lama has unceasingly inflicted heavy and unjust punishment on Dorje Shugden practitioners – all of whom are completely innocent of any crime or misdemeanour. Using his people like an army, the Dalai Lama has destroyed many Shugden temples and shrines, caused millions of people to experience inhumane situations and unbearable feelings of pain, and expelled all Shugden practitioners from the Tibetan community. He has caused innocent people to become severed from their families, friends, monasteries and communities. Thousands of Shugden practitioners have been forced into refugee status for the second time in their life, as they try to escape the inhumane treatment by seeking exile in other countries.

  45. "state of Mississippi did not do it until 1995. ?"
    Get your own history straight before you go banging our history,Pilgrim

  46. "Words of truth and kindness can change the world."
    Lord Buddha


    One web site tells the truth about the Lama in question and the Western Shugden Society is doing exactly this.
    The Lama took only $180,000 per year from the CIA to send thousands of Tibetans to their death fighting and killing 40,000 Chinese Soldiers and who knows how many Tibetans. All for a pittance of what he rakes in today in the Billions of Dollars and for what purpose, He sold out Tibetand and their hope over 20_+ years ago.

  48. Anyone but a fool can come to a conclusion that Gandhi,Dr.King or Mandela's struggle would be the same as the Dalai Lama's.Each case is different and any reasonable person would agree that the situation that the Dalai Lama faces is by far the most difficult.
    What many and this also includes the writer should know… is that the ONLY reason the Tibetan people have not resorted to violence is their respect and devotion towards the Dalai Lama.
    The writer I hope has the sense to understand that an unreasonable article towards the Dalai Lama who we Tibetans regard as the Buddha of Compassion can only result in some angry comments ….I hope the writer does not try it with the Prophet of Islam.

    • Consider that now exiled Tibetan Refugees are in the Democratic West. We threw out the God King a long time ago and won our Freedoms here with Our Blood and Sacrifices Our Ancestors made to establish that All Men Enjoy Equal Rights.
      A claim your Dalia Lama cannot make.
      You make a mockery of our Bill Of Rights and Consitution by re electing the same man as your God King over and over again. Your God King took the money to further waste the lives of Tibetans, the same ones he enslaved for centuries, took turn dying in China, all for a $180,000.00 a year from the CIA. No one knows how many Tibetan Insurgents died while they ambushed and killed over 40,000 Chinese lives. More than a supposed Buddha of Compassion would ever allow.

      • You and the writer share a common trait….which is a little problem with the facts and a healthy serving of being biased against Tibetans including the Dalai Lama.
        Just for your information we Tibetans do pray for the Chinese who have lost their lives as they were just pawns of Mao-Tse-Tung who was responsible for the death of over 50 million Chinese lives and 1.2 million Tibetan lives.

        I hope your postings are only a reflection of pure ignorence .

  49. You say only the Dalia Lama keeps you and the other 145,000 refugees in check from forming Tibetan Terrorist Brigades to assault the Han, and commit violent acts. That tells me that Tibetans still suffer from the Master syndrone and cannot deciper the Teachings of Lord Buddha for themselves.
    You say that otherwise, the refugees would commit terrorism , if it were not for his keeping you from yourselves to cross the border to China_Tibet and committing violence in your own name.
    Believe me he is not keeping you from anything except his bank accounts. Which by right,, you and every other descendant of Tibetan Serfs has a right to compensation from the Lama Institue of Serfdom for keeping millions of your ancestors as chattle or worse for hundreds of years.
    He owes you and you do not know it.
    Give it a think and ask, why does he collect billions of dollars and for what, He sold out Tibet as a country decades ago.
    Now get used to it and see what it is that you support other than a God King,Which has no business here.

  50. "but Dalai lama remains what he is!"
    Now this is the question is it not? What is the Dalia Lama?

    I will refer you to the Western Shugden site to answer in part this question about what remains of the Dalia Lama is a myth created by the CIA.
    It is the Servantm who takes the money, as he did when he sent insurgent to certain suicide in China to appease the Cold War and the CIA .

  51. The ignorance of this journalist is apparent. Nothing else needs to be said other than I will no longer support this magazine, and will strongly encourage everyone I know to do the same. In fact I am going to start by telling all 720 people who follow me on twitter. I think they have hit the bottom.

  52. After reading this article my respect and believe grew further on Dalai Lama, and in contrast, instead of being angry on Andy Lamey, my sympathy goes to Andy yourself, because of your ignorance and lack of knowledge on Tibet issue. Hey Andy, my piece of advice to you is live an honored and sincere life instead of living a life full of lies and distrust, you will get nowhere on PRC's salary. By mere writing this kind of article, you will simply earn the wrath of peace loving people. Seriously, even if you write bad things on His Holiness the Dalai Lama, i am not angry with you because this is what Dalai lama taught us. Your writings can never belittle Dalai Lama, like what Chinese government does every time but Dalai lama remains what he is! Sorry Andy. With Love.

  53. the writer is biased and definitly misinformed therefore a propaganda piece to displace truth however one sees truth….there is a simple psychological theory called 'mirroring'……one sees what one desires to see and is usually the viewers or commentors analogy of his or her self…
    …a practiced person is capable of compassion kindness and respect and is also a darn good way to become a good right thinking person…with no pretentions or contrived being…..figure that out! peace

  54. Oh Dear, Fearless Leader please do not stomp your feet and leave the room. This is called discourse in Freedom of Speech and Protection of Freedom Of Religion that this Dalia Lama was recently found Guilty of Religious Persecution by the High Court of New Delhi India's Supreme Justices. We await the Court formal decision to place this 14th Dalia Lama on Probation until he learns that he is no longer a God King and must obey the Laws of Nations, the same as every other man.
    The Law Protects individuals their Rights as outlined in all civilized Nation's Constitution of this World.
    No one is above the law and he broke the law, plain and simple and is as answerable for his crimes the same as all other men.
    The shock of this news will subside with time and people who were fooled will as all, have to get over their dissappointment about the misdeeds of this Dalia Lama.
    Just like everybody else.

    It is too bad and to sad, but there you have it.

  55. Andy Lamey's Dalai Lama slam-down piece in the Nov 25th issue of MacLean's exemplifies the general demise of magazine journalism in North America. Writers express ill-informed, one sided and inexpensive opinions because managing editors don't have the budget or the time to search out and assign topics to journalists.

  56. There are two (or more) sides to every story, and most of the West does not want to hear any side of any story that paints HHDL in a less-than-flattering light. Thank you, Mr. Lamey, for having the courage to write such a ruthlessly objective piece. Many others will see it as subjective, I'm sure, but I can only hope that history will tell what kind of government (political AND religious) really existed under the 14th Dalai Lama's rule.

  57. You may also want to investigate the Dorje Shugden controversy: (or check the Wikipedia article on the subject).

  58. Western Shugden Society confirms files from CIA_DALIA LAMA

    Here's a comment from someone named David about the article:

    I think the major reasons Dalai Lama hasn't got what he wanted are:

    1. Dalai Lama used to be a slave-master/owner. He doesn't have any moral authority in ordinary Tibetans left behind in China when he exiled. His followers went into exile with him are all prior nobles and slave-masters, together with some slaves they owned to serve them in India.
    2. Dalai Lama fought for CIA and caused a lot of ‘trouble' to the Tibet during the 60s and 70s. He is no ‘peace-lover' by heart. He is forced to give up after US and China re-established diplomatic relationship.
    3. China has done a lot of constructive work in Tibet in the past 30 years. Dalai Lama did nothing. Not many Tibetans in Tibet wants him back.
    4. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were with their people on the ground, suffering for their people. Where is Dalai Lama? He is living a luxury life wearing Cuchi Brand Italy Leather Shoes.

    These are some of the fundamental reasons why Dalai Lama and his supporters are not going anywhere.

    • Thanks George for reposting my comments.

      It looks removed my comment yesterday because they probably didn't like what I said. They were performing censorship! There were a bunch of angry replys to my comments as well.

      Oh, Canada supposed to be a 'free' country. Why a major Canadian magezine performing censorship while it is routinely attacking the Chinese government's censorship.

      That tells me that they are afraid of my comments. My comments pin-pointed the fundamental causes of this 'Tibet' issue.

      Dalai Lama and his followers as well as the Tibetans-in-exile are just a bunch of liers. It is a waste of time to argue with them.

      • Western Shugden Society posted your comment David on their web site. Be strong and stand the ground, We are not the ones one the run.
        It is this Bunch of Bandits still trying to give the Immigrants protection from the established order or actually thinking for oneself that frightens these refugees and thier Medieval primitive ways, not to mention their lack or command of the English language always betrays their second grade education, If they were lucky enough to get that much education or even common sense to see for themselves. I cannot believe there has never been a lawsuit filed to be compensated for centuries of domination and slavery. Well the descendants of serfs still think like serfs and take up the back side instead of cashing in on the Dalia Lama's billions he collects every year,.Just like in the days of old, when all the gold was his from the start.

  59. Top Ways to Spot a CCP blogger:

    (1) Misspells "Dalai Lama."
    (2) Obviously doesn't speak English well
    (3) Uses the word "slave-master" to refer to the 1-year rule of a 15-year-old who abolished the old slave laws before the Chinese invaded
    (4) Insists that contrary to the story of every exiled Tibetan who has ever fled Tibet for their lives, Tibetans don't like the Dalai Lama or want him back.
    (5) Insists that you come and visit Tibet, ignoring the fact that foreigners are not allowed in most sections of Tibet and if so, only on a government-sponsored tour, and definitely not if they are journalists.
    (6) Is insulted that you are even remotely interested in this subject.

    • Dj Oops you spotted me! Whgat can I say with your superior power of perception? Nothing I give up.
      Listen Fool! The Dalia Lama is going down and all the diatribes of lunacy you might invent to protect him will do you no good.
      He has as they say, 'Screwed The Pooch".
      No pretenses that a 15 year old supposed God King and Buddha of Compassion did not know the diffence between freedom and slavery, inside of a Lama run institution that enslaved Millions of Tibetans as mere 'Speaking Tools" or serf slaves living to the ripe old age of 34, not under the PRC,people live to 67.
      Take your bag of rags that cannot tell anything but lies home to his cell, and let him spin malas, instead of lies.

    • You are just a bunch of liers.

      1. The serfdom system was in Tibet for hundreds of years. Dalai Lama was just the chief representative of that system. He wouldn't abandon the system by himself.
      2. The major reason why Dalai Lama and the Tibetan nobles and slave-owners went into exile was that the Chinese wanted to re-distribute their lands to the landless farmers and slaves. For 1949 to 1959, Chinese was patient enough to wait the nobles to agree to re-distribution of the land.
      3. Any foreigner is free to visit Tibet if they don't carry out any illegal activities. These Tibetans-in-exile are not welcomed to Tibet just like any terroists are not welcomed to US. Tibet doesn't want you back to cause trouble. Don't dream of your 'greater tibet'.

  60. My name Dj, is 'THOMAS DAVID CANADA and I am an American who will help bring this bag of lying rags down to size.
    He will be unmade the same way he was created,
    By us.
    Insinuate I am Chinese will only get you Busted as a supporter of a renegade exiled group of Nazi Supporters known as the TGIE. A fradulent group of aristocrats still trying to hang on to a world they lost over 50 years ago.
    Oh Yes! The Dalia Lama is being found out and will soon face the music of the New Delhi High Courts for Religious Persecution against his own people.

  61. Andy, thank you for being brave enough to write this article. Someone said recently that saying negative things about the Dalai Lama is viewed as the equivalent of shooting Bambi! Don't worry about the negative comments, people like to shoot the messenger rather than focus on a message they don't like. However, what you said is undoubtedly true.

    New book on the Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden issue:

    • I am also a follower of the deity and that includes my family for over a hundred years.I have never believed that His Holiness is always right and in the case of the deity I do respectfully disagree with Kundun.
      But this does not mean that we should ignore all the good work of His Holiness,the scores of Tibetans whose lives have changed for the better. I have for the last 30 years seen with my own eyes His Holiness with his hands folded in humility asking Western Countries to accept Tibetan refugees,to help the orphans and the Tibetan old.
      I do not expect everyone to agree with His Holiness but if you are a true buddhist …please do not attack Kundun.

  62. It looks removed my original comment yesterday because they probably didn't like what I said. They were performing censorship! There were a bunch of angry replys to my comments as well including this one.

    Canada supposed to be a 'free' country. Why a major Canadian magezine performing censorship while it is routinely attacking the Chinese government's censorship.

    That tells me that they are afraid of my comments. My comments pin-pointed the fundamental causes of this 'Tibet' issue.

    Dalai Lama and his followers as well as the Tibetans-in-exile are just a bunch of liers. It is a waste of time to argue with them. This reply is a lie as well.

  63. Western Shugden SocietyNovember 27, 2009
    The Dalai Lama's Involvement with the CIA and the Tibetan Guerillas:

    In 1974, the Dalai Lama claimed: ‘The accusation of CIA aid has no truth behind it.' But gradually as more and more US State Department documents have been declassified he has been forced to admit the truth.

    In 1999, discussing the early CIA operations involving his people, he said: ‘They gave the impression that once I arrived in India, great support would come from the United States.' The CIA provided $1.7 million dollars annually to train and support guerrillas, including setting up training camps in the US (Camp Hale, Colorado) and elsewhere, flying the guerrillas there and parachutting them back into Tibet, and providing weapons, equipment and intelligence. The Dalai Lama himself received $180,000 annually to maintain himself in India, a grant for which he did not have to account.
    ‘Violence and telling lies these I believe basically against human nature.'
    The Dalai Lama inspecting troops at Chakrata. He authorized the Tibetan units of the Indian Special Frontier Force to fight the war in East Pakistan in 1971.

  64. Dalia is a hypocrite and he knows it.. No reason to be trite, say it like it is.
    He is the liar and deceiver speaking lies from every orifice of his body.
    He know it and so do you, He is full of poo poo!
    Is this what you meant by human?
    He has a daughter, this makes him human too!
    Or is it the billions he rakes in for his offshore accounts in Taiwan?

  65. One great victim of the Dalai Lama story doesn't get noticed: poor luckless India, which has borne the brunt of Chinese hatred by rushing to give the Lama and his refugee followers asylum in the late 1950s.

    China's rage led to its beating up India badly in a war in 1962. And India's 2500 mile border with China remains tense to this day. China supports Pakistan, which is exporting Islamic terror to India.

    If India had any sense, it would immediately ask the Dalai Lama to move to Canada. Canada would have to take him as he has been awarded hinorary Canadian citizernship. If Canadians really love Tibet so much they will be happy to accept also the 100,000 Tibetans living in India.

    Let us see then, if the Western love of Tibet is more than sentimentality at the expense of India.

    • The more distance these descendants of Serfs and Slaves can make the better off they will be and begin to heal from the nightmare they still deny, in sufferage and servitude to a High Lama that never cared about the masses, only his rights to be a God King survived in his mind. His attempts to get the Crecent Moon Militarist to support his platform with the renegade Kadeer is what he secretly hopes will work out. Let the Muslims take the heat. Afterall, he is a Buddhist and would never condone violence, unless he has something to gain. Then he is as his predecessors, and the Fifth DL, who came to power just like every other little Tyrant, at the expense of others lives. He invoked the Mongolian Cavalry to slaughter his opposition by the tens of thousands and then declared himself Master Over All Tibet , built the Potala and ruled ever since, Until the PRC liberated the 95% of those who were just slaves and serfs subject to onsite mutilations for their infractions against the Lama Lineage of Horrors.

    • Daulat Ram
      If you did some research you would understand that Nehru out of fear towards China was one of the architect for Tibet's loss to China.
      It was also Nehru through his misguided trust towards China and the silly chant of "Chini Hindi Bhai Bhai" that kept India sleeping while China attacked India.
      Tibetans in India have been model refugees and the Dalai Lama a great ambassador for India wherever he goes around the world.
      What I cannot understand from you Daulat Ram is why are you in Canada when you have your own country in India?
      Should the Canadian Government kick out all the Indians too due to the terrorist bombing of Canadian Airlines and Air India? The terrorist then …were they not all of Indian descent?

  66. As Lord Buddha suggested, Do not believe me, find out for yourselves the truth of the situation.
    Words of truth and klndness can change the world.
    Tough Love Included.
    US State Department archive are connected below to see for yourself why any Freedom Loving Person takes exception to this Old Pawn of the Cold War and the CIA.

  67. The details of the state department documents highlighted in

    In 1974, the Dalai Lama claimed: ‘The accusation of CIA aid has no truth behind it.' But gradually as more and more US State Department documents have been declassified he has been forced to admit the truth.

    In 1999, discussing the early CIA operations involving his people, he said: ‘They gave the impression that once I arrived in India, great support would come from the United States.' The CIA provided $1.7 million dollars annually to train and support guerrillas, including setting up training camps in the US (Camp Hale, Colorado) and elsewhere, flying the guerrillas there and parachutting them back into Tibet, and providing weapons, equipment and intelligence. The Dalai Lama himself received $180,000 annually to maintain himself in India, a grant for which he did not have to account.

    The Dalai Lama says ‘Violence and telling lies these I believe basically against human nature.'

    The Dalai Lama inspecting troops at Chakrata. He authorized the Tibetan units of the Indian Special Frontier Force to fight the war in East Pakistan in 1971.

  68. Apostate,
    This is the same lame blame game of the Three Monkeys or his version of the Three Poisons Personified Within His Holiness's Emmanation Is Polluted With Power.
    If he is a politcian, he says anything and lies across the world to different audiences. If he is the Dalal Lama, he giggles and call himself mundane and inconsequential. Never his fault. He is duplicitious to say the least and a out and out liar most of the time,
    He is the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and by the time we are done with his digital reincarnation his legacy will look as good as Saddam Hussein turned out to be.
    The archives are open and we will rewrite the history to display the horrors that are enshrined in the Serf's Emmancipation Musuem in Beijing. Where his pictures with SS Officers during WWll and the Brigade of Tibetans the Nazis were training on the Potala Courtyard to attack the Allies in India with his total approval.

  69. After the Sixteenth Karmapa passed away, the Dalai Lama took the unprecedented step of using his own power to force the selection of the Karmapa's reincarnation. This was entirely unwarranted because historically the selection has always been an intenal matter solely under the jurisdiction of the Kagyu spiritual tradition itself. There were two candidates: one born in Chinese-occupied Tibet, the candidate officially recognized by the Chinese authorities; and the other born in India and recognized by the great Kagyu spiritual master Shamar Rinpoche. Shamar Rinpoche's lineage has been closely connected with the Karmapa lineage since the 13th century, and he has been considered second only to the Karmapa himself within the Kagyu tradition. The Dalai Lama sided with the Chinese and ‘officially' recognized their candidate, a decision that caused chaos within the Kagyu tradition, producing a deep schism between those who follow the Dalai Lama and those who follow Shamar Rinpoche. This schism has divided this spiritual tradition against itself, and at times has led to violence.

    This is just one paragraph from the section entitled The Karmapa Affair in A Great Deception.

    • It is this kind of action that has caused me to not align with HHDL. I have been aware of this ‘incident’ for some time. He has caused ‘divisiveness,’ a downfall. How can someone in his position do this? The Kyagus had to literally divide.. each being forced to decide which Karmapa to follow. There was no historic foundation for this interference. That was the end for me.

  70. Our Scientist tell us that all,but three species of mammals, display bisexual and homosexuality exchanges between their sex. Science tells us that the factor of race is so neglible as to be nonexistent within humanity's shared DNA chain.
    The Geonome tells us that all humans alive on the face of the planet today spawn from One Genetic Father, they called Adam.
    So I ask, why does this Dalai Lama echo Patricarchal Desert People's God law against something prevalent within his own Monastic Communities or chastise as the Mormons and deny others their choice to choose how they exchange their love is completely between the individuals, not him? He is not the Pope of Anything!
    Why did he incite Racism between the Tibetans and Hans? Billed as distinctly different races,even with the proof of DNA .
    That was until we elected Obama. What could he say?

  71. My query as an Indian is: how come the Indian government has been so unwise as to give the Dalai Lama permanent asylum in India? This has brought upon India the bitter hostility of China.

    This is the last thing a poor country like India with such a long border with powerful China can afford. China is allied to Pakistan, moreover, also having very tense relations with India.

    I hope the Indian government will now ask the Lama to move to Canada, which has given him honorary citizenship. It is time for some other country to share the burden with India. The Canadians say they love Tibet. Will they accept the 100,000 Tibetans in India? Let us see.

  72. Daulat Ram does not seem to understand that China's hostility towards India has very little to do with the Dalai Lama or the 100,000 Tibetans living in India…but more to do with another rising power in the same hemisphere.
    As for the 100,000 Tibetans in India …there are more Indians in Canada than Tibetans in India….Should we deport all the Indians living in Canada as some were also involved in the terrorist bombings of Canadian planes…and has caused much pain to Canadians.

  73. When Indians see that quarreling with China is a vast economic folly, they will lose patience with the Dalai Lama. They will not want to see India's relations with China messed up by his presence in India. They will understand that three million Tibetans, soon a small minority in Tibet, cannot break away from 1400 million Chinese.

    India will ask the Dalai Lama to move. He can go to Canada, which has given him honorary citizenship. Let us see how happy the Westerners are to host the Dalai Lama and his 100,000 followers now in India. The West claims to love Tibet. This is a cost-free game for them, because India bears the whole burden of hosting the Lama and his followers and incurring Chinese hostility.

    So I think in the future India will dump the Tibetan cause.

    • Absolutely sound argument. I have been surprised it has not already happened.

  74. Pg. 1

    Complete Updated Statement on:

  75. India will Protect her Constitution from all whom break the law and the Dalai Lama broke the laws of India and persecuted the Dorje Shugden Practioners.

  76. The Hindu

    The Dalai Lama on Friday hinted that the judiciary was not free from corruption, making the remark in the presence of Supreme Court and Delhi High Court judges.

    “Maybe in the judiciary, some pocket money is working,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said in response to a question at the 15th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture.

    When it was pointed out that senior judges were in the audience, the Dalai Lama said, “I apologise… I was too blunt.”

    Asked about the Dalai Lama's comments, Delhi High Court Chief Justice A.P. Shah said, “No, no… I don't think he meant it.”

  77. ——————————————————————————–
    All Old People naturally wish to return home before they die.
    Take the Lama home and let him spin his mala in the Potala as part of the show. It is the best thing for him and all his adoring cult members might just leave this old man alone. All the adoration has made him quite ill and he needs a rest. As all Old People get confused and say things they would never have said, if you just leave this Old Man alone and find out for yourselves where your salvation lies.

  78. Tides and Current runs swift and deep
    RipTides run rampant,gashing and tear the shallows still murmurs of discontent.
    Our Hearts flow Strong and Bright Red,
    Pulsing as One, In a Rip Tide of Love,
    We will carry the kindneses of Loving Words that Bring Us a Glorious Tomorrow.
    Only if All of Us Stand to Create Our Glorious Tomorrow,
    no fear, no blackness,no hateful stares………
    Only Lord Buddha's radiating Love that Unites Us to know ourselves
    We Greet Our Actions with Certitude and Solace.
    Based Upon Rightful Eight Fold Path,
    What else can we do?
    But remain True and Steadfast in the Presence of Our Enemies

    The Protector warned you, Mr.Norbu!
    Now it is too late.
    We will Offer you Prayers.
    Poor Man!
    When did you throw away your integrity?
    Want it back?

  79. We are Western Gulgs!
    Descended from Celts and People who do not take it lying down
    It is you, who has met your match.

    We will Stand The Ground that you descrate with your mockery of Our Democracies with your kashag henchmen,
    you call the TGIE are nothing more than a Medieval Band Of Bandits professing principles they cannot even pronounce, let alone envision as a concept that could ever be work in a Serfs Institution. A Bunch of Thieves raking in Billions every year and for what?
    The Crescent Moon Revival or just gettig rich and making fools of sincere seekers.
    Your sham is an insult to our Democracies and Bill Of Rights.

    You Mr. Dalai Lama have lost your sense of boundaries.

    We made you and will unmake you.
    We are creating a new digital incarnation.
    Reserved just for you.
    Alas, Yertle The Turtle!
    Your view,will soon be on the ground.

  80. Firstly Buddhists are not known to be vegetarians. It is the Jains who promoted the idea of vegetarianism which was later picked up by the Hindu's and Buddhists. Buddha is known to have died from eating pork.

    Secondly, how do you fight a 2 million strong Chinese Army which does not believe in Buddhist ideals. 1.2 million Tibetans died during the Khampa rebellion in the 1960's. How many Tibetans does that leave? If Tibetans hope to survive as a race then confrontation is out of the question. By and large, the Dalai Lama has done a good job in providing visibility to the Tibetan cause. Unfortunately Tibet is not Iraq and does not have substantial energy resources.

  81. One point two million you say, died at the hands of the PRC!
    I've heard that number before. If it is true, then the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of your lama. It was he that was enlisted by the CIA for only $180,000.00 per year to break his vows as a monk and sent how many to their futile death. I.2 puts him up there with Himmler of the SS.
    So the Chinese say they lost 40,000 soldiers in Tibet. That would be quite an upset for the Tibetan insurgents to lose over half the estimated population and now it is over 2.5 million Tibetans living in China. What a recovery of population in less than 50 years doubling the war torn Tibetans population and now they live to be 67 instead of the 34 years under the Serf Institution. What can I say, but your numbers are incorrect and how would you know anyway? Who was keeping count, the lama himself.
    Well this Clown as lied long enough and divided the Nations and their Peoples with his shennaningans!
    The Chinese have rebuilt 2,000 monasteries and the Potala. The people have many more benefits now, whereas before they had none whatsoever

  82. Thomas David GET A JOB!
    if this is your job, then tell your employer that Dalai lama is a friend not foe. I know your real name probably starts with; Xing Ming or Peng..

  83. Cannot spell Pilgrim. Here is a new word that you will understand. Go home where you belong. What kind of cowards hide behind a lama's skirt. No wonder you lost your land, only cowards run away…………………….
    Come on down and we'll check your skin or better yet, We'll just deport you back to China

  84. Well go ahead and commit suicide and attack China. See where it will get you, except dead.
    Dalia is a liar and you have no idea what schemes he's been pulling on you for years.
    Why not sue him for enslaving and entire people for hundreds of years as serfs and slaves. He can afford to pay you descendants Billions in compensation for being such fools and letting him ruin you home, but never paid you a buck for being his slaves.

  85. Besides thokme, I am retired and can spend all day exposing this Trickster, this Charlatan.

    We printed a book , "The Great Deception" high lama policyby the Western Shugden Society.

    Get a copy and get back to me if you like it. We all are disappointed when our heroe fall off the pedestal. In this case we have to drag him through the mud, just to get him off his trip of alienating Buddhist is a first and will be the last.
    This book, like it or not, is heartbreaking and sad that such a man has fooled and entire world with his charade of actually being a Holy Lama is the crulest joke of all,
    It is only seven bucks and several hundred pages of riveting facts and his many farces.

    • That is just a terrible book. Comes to faulty conclusions based on information presented. It is not that I don’t agree with certain stances, it is that the book is very poorly written.

  86. Larger Power than any of us, also are working in the background and we'll see what he meant, when he accused the Indian Judicials of lining their pockets with bribes.

    90 billion in trade between China and India is no small thing.
    No doubt the physical comfort of Tibetans is far superior than when a lama pretended he could run a country.
    Sooner or later even the descendants of these Serfs wil figure it out and sue the Dalia Lama for enslaving millions as he now has billions. He should compensate them the same as we should compensate the African Americans in America..
    It might be interesting if the Refugees wised up and filed a Class Action lawsuit against him and share the wealth directly.
    Imagine a $100,000.00 per person might enlist major support amongst the refugees. Who never imagined they were worthy and deserving enough to be as an equal instead of an inferior.

  87. Attention Kasag!

    China is supporting the practice and spread of Dorje Shugden's lineage
    within China and Tibet itself. No one can stop that. Not the Dalai Lama, not his exile government, not the various scattered Dharma centers of the four schools of Buddhism throughout the world.Eventually their protests of Dorje Shugden will be tantamount to protesting against one of the policies of the Chinese Government. They will not take lightly to that.

    Ironically the more the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in exile
    suppresses Dorje Shugden, it increases the Chinese government's promotion of the practice. The Dalai Lama and Tibetan government cannot override, overwhelm, outspeak, have more influence in the world or have more influence over than the Chinese government ever. If he can, Tibet would have been free already. He is already in his mid seventies and China is growing stronger and will reduce it Co2 footprint 45% by 2020.
    What does the lama really do to help the environment, really?
    Whatever Nechung oracle has said through the Dalai Lama regarding
    independence has had zero effect. Zero results. NO INDEPENDENCE . NECHUNG HAS BEEN WRONG.

  88. I think there are a few misunderstandings as to what the dalai lama wants and has done.

    1. Dalai lama is only asking for autonomy, not independence.
    2. Dalai lama is willing to become a Chinese citizen, he has said it many times on BBC, CNN etc.
    3. He supported the Beijing olympics to the end, even told his people to restrain from protesting.
    4. He has established hundreds of schools, settlements, libraries, and hospitals in exile.
    5. Always preached non violence, even threatened to resign office if Tibetans became violent.

    As far as i know he is the best ally China has, i don't think when he passes away there will be anyone who could have the moral authority to control the Tibetans from resorting to violence. Till now it has been a passive movement.
    I don't know what more he can do to please the Chinese leadership in Beijing. All concessions are made from the Tibetan side.

  89. US STATE DEPARTMENT ARCHIVES ut_state/history/vol_xxx/337 _343.html

    Find the truth and read the actual archives of the CIA State Department for yourselves.

  90. ‘In 1964, the government-in-exile of the Dalai Lama wanted to introduce social, economic and religious reforms to the recently evicted Tibetans. Gyalo Thondrub, the Dalai Lama's audacious brother, decided that the best answer to Mao's invasion and destruction of their country was to adapt Tibet and Tibetan policy in exile to the new Communist realities. He boldly proposed to abolish the old Buddhist schools, to do away with the rich, religious show, and thus bring the high lamas to the ground. “No more thrones, rituals, or gold brocades,” he was rumoured to have uttered. The spiritual hierarchies of the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and the corollary sub-orders fell victim to slander and reproach. His words struck fear into the lamas' hearts. As more details of the elaborate plan began to emerge, it became clear that a coup against three of the schools was being hatched. The new religious body that would replace the traditional lineages was to be controlled by the Gelugpa hierarchy. The worried lamas rushed to Karmapa for help.'

  91. ‘When in 1976, Gungthang Tsultrim, the political head of the alliance, was murdered and the assassin confessed to operate on orders from the Tibetan cabinet. Hired for the job, he was paid rupees three hundred thousand by the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamsala. The Tibetan government-in-exile had also offered him more money for eliminating the 16th Karmapa, he confessed.'

  92. No point in saying anything else about Mr. Dalia,he has cooked his Goose and Our Court Victory will soon reveal the facts and more facts about this man’s failings as a human and a lama.
    The more he squirms, the more he pulls himself into the Quicksand he chose to choke on his own bad deeds, as with quicksand, you can only breathe so long with the mud in your mouth.

  93. "His exoticism marks him as authentic, and subjecting his teachings to critical scrutiny is beside the point, as there is never any chance we are going to engage his teachings seriously enough to be challenged by them."

    The author is not challenged by the Dalai Lama because he is from a peace-loving, diversity-embracing country like Canada, so the message seems normal. But the doctrine of universal compassion is very needed in the world as there are countries like the United States, North Korea, Iraq and Pakistan that embrace international aggression, encourage violence, and where narrow-minded, fanatically conservative, religious citizens that can choose only one, or at most, two very similar right-wing political parties are the norm.

    Please keep spreading the word, Tibet. Canada joins you in your efforts to shake the foundations of militant tyranny with open non-violent conversation.

  94. Pardon me! I rather imagine that if people look behind the myth of a peaceful old lama sitting on the hill to the facts that this Old Man is anything but a peace loving lama, they would find a brigade of facts that indicate he has not only ran a theocratic nightmare for the Tibetans to perform as Serfs and Slaves for hundreds of years, He sent untold thousands to their deaths as insurgents against the Chinese unto this day.
    He is a troll and awaits you under the bridge to steal your gold and your souls with his mockery of Lord Buddha's actual Teachings.
    He is not the Pope, nor is he a holy lama. Buddhas do not exclude others for their beliefs, nor do they incite racism and violence.
    This man has been conviceted of Religious Persecution by the High Courts of New Delhi. Read the book," The Great Deception" The High Lama Policy,and then tell me what you think of your lama.

  95. "Buddha's Not Smiling": Uncovering Corruption at the Heart of Tibetan Buddhism Today, by Erik D. Curren. The review was written by Lama Karma Wangchuk.

    History belies the Shangri-La image of Tibetan lamas and their followers living together in mutual tolerance and non-violent goodwill. Indeed, the situation was quite different. Old Tibet was much more like Europe during the religious wars of the Counter-reformation than a neighborhood in Berkeley, California where synagogue, mosque, church and dharma center make cozy neighbors….For hundreds of years in Tibet, lay followers of each religious school clashed with each other for control of the government of central Tibet or rule over provincial areas. Lamas had to defend their monasteries and landholdings from supporters of the other schools as well as from the central government …

  96. One of this book's most valuable achievements is to show, for perhaps the first time in English, how the complex sectarian conflicts of Old Tibet followed the lamas when they fled into exile in 1959. At first, faced with the Chinese invasion in the fifties and early sixties, Tibetans experienced a period of unity and the Karmapa and Dalai Lama enjoyed a close friendship. But in exile, things changed. “Hundreds of years of habit would not die so easily,” Curren writes, “and after a few months in India, competition between the administrations of the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa resurfaced. The Dalai Lama and his ministers had just lost their country. In exile, they wanted to create a unified Tibetan community. To achieve this new unity, exile leaders in their new headquarters in the Indian hill-town of Dharamsala began making plans to extend their control over the five religious schools of Tibet .”

  97. Curren's account of the United Party initiative will be shocking to many readers. The United Party was a plan run by the Dalai Lama's brother Gyalo Thondup to unite all Tibetans, regardless of their region or religious affiliation, into a coherent group able to stand together against the Chinese. The most controversial part of the plan was a scheme to combine the four Buddhist schools and the Bon religion—governed separately for more than five hundred years back in Tibet —under a single administration led by the Dalai Lama. “When word of the United Party's religious reform got out in 1964, the exiled government was unprepared for the angry opposition that leaders of the religious schools expressed. To them, this unification plan appeared as a thinly disguised scheme for the exile government to confiscate the monasteries that dozens of lamas had begun to re-establish in exile with funds they had raised themselves.”

  98. The sixteenth Karmapa led the opposition to the United Party, serving as spiritual advisor to a group of refugees from thirteen resettlement camps in India and one in Nepal—the “Fourteen Settlements” group—thus earning the enmity of the Dalai Lama's ministers in Dharamsala. Under the Karmapa's leadership, the opposition group succeeded in stopping the religious consolidation plan, and in the mid-seventies, the United Party closed up shop. But apparently ministers in Dharamsala were looking to avenge their political defeat. In 1977, an assassin claiming to be working for the Tibetan exile administration shot and killed the political head of the Fourteen Settlements, Gungthang Tsultrim. As Curren writes, “When apprehended in Kathmandu, the murderer, Amdo Rekhang Tenzin, told the Royal Nepalese Police that the Tibetan exile government had paid him three hundred thousand rupees (about thirty-five thousand dollars) to assassinate Gungthang. Even more shocking, the hit man claimed that Dharamsala offered him a larger bounty to kill the sixteenth Karmapa.”

  99. I find it sad that one can be so judgmental and ignorant. When one writes an article, perhaps at least a little research should be done. In this article, several contradictions are made about His Holiness. Most notably about how the Dalai Lama is too dogmatic, then suddenly he is not dogmatic enough. Secondly, as far as his leadership is concerned, as DJ Clawson said, he is no longer the leader of Tibet. He relinquished that title some time ago. DJ Clawson also clears up the vegetarian issue. The beauty of Buddhism is that it can be tailored to what you believe. Buddhist precepts are not commandments, they are guidelines for living. It has been said by His Holiness to take what is useful to you and discard what is not. I commend the Dalai Lama for what he has done to keep things non-violent when he was still the leader of Tibet. Granted he hasn't removed China's tyranny over Tibet, but he has held true to his beliefs and to Buddhist teachings. What would you have him do? Should he march his Tibetan “army” to their certain deaths by starting a conflict he and everyone knows his cannot win? No leader worth their weight in salt would order such a foolish and suicidal act.

  100. Are you feeble or unable to read the facts?
    His myth has been shattered and he has no army except for his 145,000 former serfs parading their former Master around as a God King is disgusting and unpatriotic.
    Two books are now available to read and educate youself.

  101. Thank you for the refreshing article, next time mention the feudal system the Lama enjoyed under his absolute rule prior to being ousted by the Chinese. And don't forget to mention the fact that the Dalai Lama is only fighting for his own return to absolute temporal power as head of the Tibet Lamas theocracy.

  102. Democracy is not a spectator activity, together we rise and divided we fail.

    Together! Our Accumulated Merit Will Become The Field.

    Imagine? If you dare!

    The Dalia Lama lies and perverts even in the place where Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment.

    How desperate can one be? He disgraces not only himself, but all of Buddhism,in just one speech.

    Profanity incarnate!

    He actually declares that his two teachers gave him persmission to Ban Shugden and attempt to outcast millions of practioners, worldwide on sacred ground.

  103. Why would a Muslim by birth do such a thing?

    You know they say, not all Muslims are Terrorist, but all Terrorist are Muslims. He cannot be a Buddhist.

    So what is he?

    Why not ask the Teachers what they say?

    Even if one has already stated by his rightful actions to disrobe.

    Rather than condone this wayward lost soul.

    Lost in the luster of Hollywood and fame, his narcissism obtains a new level of the profane.

    He will recant and his wax figure in the Madam's Wax Museum will be melted down for the imposter that he is, and recast into another form.

    One he can not obtain, a figure of truth and love, constantly alludes him, does it not, your holiness?

    You know what I think? I think we are getting his goat and that why he gloats like a banshee raving from one end of the Indian Sub Continent to the other side of China.

    He screams and moans like a Hungry Ghost.

    Don't you think ?

  104. Thankyou, Interesting critical perspective. The comments too show a great range of positions and perspectives. To quote from the only fully enlightened person mentioned in the article (bigger than Jesus and all)…
    “keep on playing those mind games together
    Doing the ritual dance in the sun
    Millions of mind guerrillas
    Putting their soul power to the karmic wheel”