Suzuki to Obama admin: Don’t trust Harper, he’s like Bush

Luiza Ch. Savage on the latest Keystone XL criticisms


Former White House spokesman Bill Burton, David Suzuki, artist Artist Franke James

A group of Canadian opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline have been meeting in Washington, DC this week with senators, members of Congress, and officials at the U.S. State Department to attack the credibility of the Harper government. The critics have been pressing the message that the Harper government cannot be trusted to live up to its climate emissions commitments, and accusing the government of muzzling scientists and silencing critics.

“They’ve learned very well from the Bush-Cheney administration and are following many of their policies,” scientist and broadcaster, David Suzuki told journalists at a press conference this morning at the National Press Club. “They have been systematically suppressing the ability of our scientists to speak out–either by intimidation, because they control potential grants, but also deliberately firing them or muzzling them.” (A similar Bush/Cheney comparison was made last month in the pages of the New York Times.)

A former Obama White House deputy press secretary, Bill Burton, who moderated the press conference, described as “shocking” the “lengths to which the Harper government is going to suppress this information.” Burton has left the White House and works for a public affairs firm and consults for environmental groups.

Obama said this summer that he will decide whether or not to permit the pipeline based on its impact on climate emissions. Burton said that Canada should “take him at his word” that emissions will be the key criteria, and emphasized that the State Department’s draft environmental impact statement that said the pipeline would not significantly exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions–because the same oil could be moved by rail–was merely a draft and subject to change.

The Canadian activists described their trip as an attempt to counter the message frequently delivered in Washington by the governments of Canada and Alberta, which have emphasized the fact that Canada has committed to the same greenhouse gas emissions targets as the United States: a 17 per cent reduction by the year 2020.

They said the pipeline was a critical enabler over future expansion of the oil sands, and therefore incompatible with those goals.

“It’s like saying you’re going to lose weight by eating more,” said Danny Harvey, a geography professor at the University of Toronto, and an author of IPCC reports on climate change. “If you look at what the government wants in expansion [of the oil sands], we’d have to reduce emissions by 22 per cent in six years. That just can’t be done. There is no plausible way we could come close.”


“Canada has no credibility in its stated desire to properly manage this project,” said Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence Canada, referring to the oil sands.

Activist Tzeporah Berman said that occasional claims that Canada is doing more than the U.S. on climate emissions is “absurd.”

The group also included Franke James, a Canadian artist, who says her climate-themed art show was cancelled in Europe after objections from the Canadian government. She has created a series of large posters criticizing the Canadian government and the pipeline project that are being displayed around downtown Washington, DC. James said the project is being financed by a combination of crowd-sourcing, her personal funds, and money from U.S. environmental groups including NRDC and the Sierra Club.

Asked whether Americans would care about accusations by the activists about events inside Canada, Burton, the former press secretary, replied: “Americans would be very surprised that this very un-Canadian activity is happening just to the north of us. There is a debate about something that will have a great impact on both of our countries that is being silenced by a government that is so worried about the public finding out about it. Just the act of trying to silence people in a debate is an important things for Americans to know–because it speaks to how grave a danger this is that the government doesn’t want it to be discussed at all.”

The activists’ trip came just as the Canadian government prepares a 2-year $24-million international advertising campaign aimed at shoring up the image of the oil sands in the United States and elsewhere.

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Suzuki to Obama admin: Don’t trust Harper, he’s like Bush

  1. Why are you still pretending Suzuki is credible?

    • Well, when you make a devastating case like that…

    • Why r u pretending Harper is credible? Has he got back that 90k cheque yet? No place for such running cdn. He must go.

      • We will not accept No for an answer…..

    • Why are we still pretending Harper is credible?

  2. The little fruit fly has gone into a frenzy by the sound of it.

  3. These same activists are the very first to muzzle and attempt to discredit anybody who doesn’t sing their song. They have zero credibility, and anybody with a half a brain can see it. David Suzuki telling us all we need to do with less, while owning 4 homes and personally emitting more carbon into the atmosphere than 10 average Canadians, couldn’t possibly be a bigger hypocrite. How did he get to DC, did he bike there?

    • 4 homes??? Well you got the half a brain nailed down there Ricky.

    • Pure rubbish rick

      • Suzuki’s property on Quadra Island uses more nonrenewable energy than most low rise apartment blocks

    • Marvelous logic Tricky Ricky

      Limit the choice of powering modes of transportation to pretty much only one, then complain when those who suggest there might be an alternative have no option but to use those modes of transportation in order to make their point in a timely manner.
      That’s what is known as disingenuous and Redford dropped hugely in my estimation when she played that card. All it displayed is that she, and now you, have no argument or can’t think of a coherent one.

      With regards to you that just makes you a joke on some comment boards, but for Redford that just shows how poorly Albertans chose last time around, but given the options the least worst option did win.

  4. As a follow up to these meetings in Washington Suzuki and Canadian environmentalists have invited Bill Burton and American enviros to come to Ottawa this fall to shame the Obama government for allowing North Dakota oil to be shipped through Canada which resulted in the massive explosion and loss of life in Lac Megantic.

    After this meeting Suzuki and Burton and even more enviros will magically travel to Sweden for even more meetings where they will also compare Harper to Bush. No fossil fuels will be used in these travels. Each enviro bottles his own emissions which are then used to generate his methane booster travel machine.

  5. I see Suzuki has dropped the gloves.

    Perhaps Cons shouldn’t have attacked him. He has nothing to lose. They do.

    • Suzuki was recently interviewed in Australia, seems he actually knows very little about the earths climate.

      • Be serious.

        • If he has to go off-script, he is lost without his handlers.
          His $8 million home & other properties should help ease the pain, tho…

          • Like I said before….be serious.

          • Denial has many forms, I see.
            Good day.

          • There is nothing to deny hon. The man is well qualified and successful.


          • So, many hypocrites are.

          • There’s nothing hypcritical about being qualified and successful.

            In fact success is something Cons used to promote

  6. The airline industry, the auto industry and the power industries are constantly developing more efficient, less polluting sources of power. The pressure from environmentalist
    makes this happen.

    • The bottom line makes it happen.

    • Bottom line is a price on carbon.

    • I invite you to come to a small auto repair shop and see for yourself what emissions testing is all about, you would be surprised, and not the pleasant way either, been there, seen it. It’ a challenge, I challenge you to go and see for yourself

      • What ever happens in your shop is immaterial.
        Producing cars with low emissions put pressure on car manufacturers to produce cleaner vehicles. And they did.
        Fuel prices made mpg important and companies responded.
        These trends made the idea of electric cars and the popularity of that concept led to their development.
        None of this would have occurred without the pioneering emissions standards work carried out in California. So regardless of what the reality is with commercial vehicles, emissions standards work.

        • “Pressure from the environmentalists” : has created a cash cow for govt’s

          • Not really, but I see you need to believe that

          • Please….. If you don’t what to say, then say nothing,

          • If I don’t…… ?
            Even if you think I don’t know what to say, I can say it coherently

      • ” pressure from enviro….” Has created a cash cow for the gov’s!

    • I would rather think the price of fuel did

  7. There do seem to be a lot of people here who value wealth over our land. That is a shame.
    One item I take offense with is if we export the oil then why is it our emissions that go up? Should it not be the end user. After all if you really want your policies to work you must go after the end user. They are the most capable of saying no.
    If there is no market then there is no emmissions.

    • Please inform yourself thoroughly before talking. Just take the time and spend time at automotive repairs shops and you may Change you tune, if you are ready to do so. Emissions testing absolutely do not work , when we are told it does

    • I don’t think so. Harper is the one which in ignoring global warming is totally untrustworthy and letting Canadians down. The 90k Duffy cheque incident just tops it off.

      • Yeah, that 90k cheque is hugely relevant in any discussion about environmental issues. Thanks for keeping us all focused on what’s really important here.

      • no problem. Corrupt politics through and through right from the back room politics, tar sands down to action on climate.

        Harper has let canada down and for that matter future generations of the entire planet.

        Not fit to govern and he needs to go – people should not accept No for an answer.

        • Global Warming is a hoax, and future generations will wonder why people like you were so willing to kneel at the alter of charlatans like Doc Davie Suzuki. Other countries would kill to have the Tar Sands, it is a blessing to Canada, and I’m going to assume that you do not drive a wind powered vehicle which makes you almost as hypocritical as Saint Suzuki.

          • And if its not Inarguably where does that leave us.

            Must we take what people like you say for granted of what professional who have dedicated their life to the science on it?

            Is obvious that you lose out mate. I have kids and I want a future for them.

            I am not against using energy. It is obvious that we have to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy. Or else whats the point?

          • You cant argue though that that 90k cheque points to a corrupt gov. And if you want the let them get away with this corruption which is perverse in the whole party, look at what they are doing to gov science just so they can sell tar sands, then your selling your soul too.

          • Don’t sacrifice your kids’ future, then, on the barren altar of panic-stricken carbon strangulation.

            The past decade and more of temperature stagnation in the face of ever increasing CO2 concentrations makes it clear that even the serious climatologists have been in error, much less the rabid fear-mongering alarmists like Suzuki or Gore.


          • No my friend you are being played a fool. The temp keeps on rising. Even with the small slow down being currently observed it is still racing to heights not seen for 1000s of years.

            That makes it ever clear that we have created already a deadly future for our kids and if we keep recklessly emitting GHG it is going to be even worse.

            You are some how ignoring the big picture I think you are being willfully blind…


            Then there is the ocean acidification, just as bad, which you people just love to ignore as you have no recourse…


          • That first link is the “old” hockey stick, the one that was so thoroughly discredited it no longer even appears in the IPCC Reports.

            The second one is amusing, since there is no possible way that the volume of the oceans is going to have its pH changed appreciably.

            That’s why all of the alarming pH movements are just projection, predictions, imaginary boogeymen to scare people.

          • There you go again ignoring science.
            The First link is the latest IPCC graph of the over all picture.
            You are being willfully blind.

            Are you refuting this? I see you have now morphed into a troll. Well I knew all along that you where one but….

            Here we have someone who refuses to accept science, and not only that he is trying to convince everyone else that there is no danger. Pathetic and sad.

    • Anyone whom you declare has no credibility immediately goes up in my estimation.

      • nice I can see how you form your opinions… by not basing it on reality.

        • Oh contrare, I’m basing it on the reality of knowing SCF.
          Clearly you haven’t encountered the individual and are basing you opinion on anything other than the reality I have experienced first hand.

  8. Keystone would be permitted by now if the Cons hadn’t started a war on the environment. It’s like hunting expeditions with Dick Cheney — shot by friendly fire!

  9. Here’s some reality to inject into the discussion:

    As more and more years pass without any sign of the temperature increases typical of the end of the 20th century, more and more people of the 21st century are turning away from the fear mongery of the CAGW movement.

    The IPCC predicted that continued CO2 increases would result in dangerously rapid atmospheric temperature increases:

    And sure enough CO2 has increased unabated:

    Yet those global atmospheric temperatures have instead shown trivial, if any, increases for more than a decade now:

    There’s no reason to believe the current alarmist warnings given how badly their existing alarmism has fared.

      • “Amateur who thinks he isn’t one” would probably describe just about everyone who posts here.

        • Some more than others. I wouldn’t know where to start critiquing the IPCC myself. At least DS has a trained mind scientifically speaking. You’re perfectly free to pay attention to the likes of GM of course.0

    • While at the same time since 1960 evaporation rates have slowed, Mother Nature calls that equilibrium.

    • Yeah, it makes total sense we can keep pumping billions of years of trapped carbon into the atmosphere with no consequences… look at the data on polar ice cover over the last 10 years if you want proof that global warming is happening and accelerating. Hint: it is.

    • U obviously are not a climate scientist cause u can even interpret temp graphs.
      There is every reason to be alarmed by the current situation. As have warned 100s of scientist across all nations in many different subjects. U my friend are willfully blind.

    • Down, down, downit goes!

      So, if you experience temperatures at the end of october the are no warmer than those at the beginning of the month, do you conclude that daylength has no effect on temperature, and there is no reason to believe January will be any cooler?

      • And what happened before 1970 you asshat? That’s when all the Global Cooling hype was making the rounds. Any graph starting at that point would show exactly what they want the sheep to see! Figures lie and liars figure!

        • Ah, no.

          But, yes if you look at the years before 1970 you’ll see periods where temperatures didn’t rise, thus proving that, err…temperatures wouldn’t be higher 40 years later.

    • As more and more days pass without any sign of temperature decreases, more and more people are turning away from the fear mongery of the Winter is Coming movement.
      Sure enough day length has continued to decrease unabated, yet temperature decreases are minimal.
      There’s no reason to believe there will be winter.

  10. Obama and Bush are cousins both are the bastard children of the Military Industrial Complex and to top it off Suzuki runs with the dogs of hell himself when need be.

    Remember endorsing a certain Neo-Con called Campbell over the Green or NDP Party David. Still enamored over Campbells carbon tax Dave, do you like how the Corporations get a pass on paying or is it still the bee’s knee’s because the middle class is paying and paying and paying.

    Just for you David (..!.)

  11. He is not now and never has been a scientist. To not correct those who call him one makes him a fake. By his own admission with Peter Mansbridge he is an activist / journalist and as of late, an elder also to add an element of wisdom.

    • He was a working geneticist. What’s so difficult to grasp about that fact?

      • And being a geneticist qualifies him as an environmental expert. Cool.

        • Well that never seems to hold the denial crowd permission to claim expertise does it? Lets at least concede he has a grounding in science.

          • Yeah. Like when I’m having an irregular heartbeat, the first person I consult is an orthopedic specialist. Because hey, he’s a doctor, and he has a grounding in science.

        • No need for qualification as an expert – he’s quite explicit that he’s not an expert and climate scientists are the experts on climate.

          • Yeah, I notice that those are the first words out of Suzuki’s mouth whenever he has a microphone in front of him: “I am NOT an expert in climate science.” He’s very ethical and forthright that way.
            He is, however, eminently qualified to call for the arrest of politicians as criminals on account of climate crimes. Because he’s a geneticist. Or something like that.

      • Still hard aground on that lee shore I see………hahaha

    • He is the David Attenborough of cdn my friend. Show some respect.

      • Yeah, totally senile.

      • Soon to be revealed as more of an Andy Rooney.

  12. Well, I work in the automotive industry in ontario, and, I am involved in “emissions tests” and, I believe it is the biggest environmental scam, vehicles that the engines burn oil, so evidently they make a lot emissions, well they pass the test!!!! It is just awful to. See people taken for a ride like that. City buses emit a lot of emissions, as well as garbage trucks, and most of commercial vehicles, but this to be seems acceptable, It is just another tax grab. It is always the consumers that bear the responsibility of disposing what large co. Have made tons of profits with in the first place. My only wish is, somebody that cares, and protects the citizens more than that

    • ‘Emissions’ is an umbrella term. Ideally, cars’ engines emit CO2 and water. But there are also nitrous oxides, unburnt fuel and particulates, which is what emissions regulations seek to reduce. Visit a country where these regulations are non-existent, and tell me that they are a bad idea, Diesel particulates, for example, are now confirmed carcinogens, and commercial Diesel engines now have far lower particulate emissions, due to legislative pressures. Sorry, but the industry whines too much.

      • Get out of your bubble, have you ever been out of this country?
        Except Disneyland or, la-la land for that matter

  13. In Science (real Science of the Scientific Method variety) theories and hypotheses make predictions, which are tested against observations.

    CAGW predictions call for continued temperature increases:

    While the actual observations show stagnation for well over a decade:

    An hypothesis that fails this most basic test has disproven itself.

    The persistent failures of the CAGW assumptions and theorizing mean that the underlying paradigm needs to be thoroughly re-examined and reworked.

    What is keeping it going must be politics, because the science support for AGW is collapsing.

  14. Leaving all the rest of the arguments aside, Suzuki is supposed to be a Canadian. If he wants to be an American, then he should move there. If he wishes to remain a Canadian, then he should shut the hell up and stop trying to make Canada look criminal. It’s a bit like a family, right? Canadians can run down other Canadians in Canada, but never to another country. How DARE he??

    • You really think eminent domain is a bad idea?

      Without the concept of the greater good, there’d be no highways, no power lines, no railways, no internet cables, no cell phone towers, no water lines, no sewer lines, indeed none of the infrastructure we enjoy if any single individual could simply refuse to permit passage.

      • But the tyranny of the majority should be only entertained after careful and serious consideration as should any attempts to define the term “greater good.”
        If the aquifer in Nebraska is polluted due to a leak… will that be for the greater good? If the unstoppable hydrocarbon leaks in Alberta continue unabated and poison the entire watershed there, will that be included in your utilitarian calculus? The trouble with the “greater good” is that it invariably means what is good for those who are powerful or rich.

        Eminent domain is important but so are property rights, unless you are advocating that the state should have all the deeds to all the land in the country that is.

        • Eminent domain IS only applied after due consideration and due process.

          • okay if you say so

          • Eminent domain/expropriation is generally only applied after appropriate authorities’ palms are greased, usually with campaign donations. Captive governments include Redford’s PCs and Harper’s neo-Mulroneyist Tories. TransCanada are pigs, and deserve to lose approval of this project.

            This is NOT a ‘public good’–this is a privately-owned pipeline, carrying privately-owned bitumen to privately-owned upgraders and refineries, to be sold for private profit. If you want to make it a ‘public good,’ then nationalize it. TransCanada and all of their paid shills in the media and government subscribe to the Donald Trump school of property rights: only large business concerns have property rights. Rather than trusting in the magical market, they use the state as hired thug, in order to steal other people’s property–they are as vile as the communists they like to whine about.

          • “Nationalizing” industries takes them even farther away from the category of “public good” and puts them into the hands of the venal and corrupt politicians.

            Venezuela is the most recent example of how well that works out. The country can’t even wipe its own ass now.

          • Thanks to the US.

          • Somehow, the petroleum industry and their paid government agents (Redford, Harper) are fine with CHINESE and MALAYSIAN nationalized corporations owning Canadian resource enterprises. Utter hypocrisy from this sector.

            When Petro-Can was set up in Calgary, the oilmen referred to the red granite edifice downtown as ‘Red Square’; somebody should spraypaint ‘Tienanmen Square’ on the Nexen building, since the Chinese communists own it.

    • I’m just wondering, Duckworks: could you possibly have posted a more biased source in your link? Just askin’.

      • Landowners in Alberta have been screwed by the Wicked Witch of the West’s PCs and their overly cozy relationship with TransAlta, so they are naturally sympathetic to people in the U.S. who are being shafted by the sleazeballs at TransCanada.

        TansCanada is not only using eminent domain to steal private property for PRIVATE PROFIT (only an oil lobby-brainwashed person believes that this 100% private-for-profit project is a ‘public good’), they picked the worst possible route–basically a direct line–to save a few million on construction costs. This runs right over the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the Midwest’s water supply. After numerous pipeline leaks on the continent and the BP Gulf debacle, nobody is drinking the industry’s Kool Aid anymore, with respect to assurances of risk management and disaster mitigation. And then there are the escalating costs of this grossly mismanaged project. Keystone is dead, and the bleating of Steve and Allison can’t save it.

        • The Keystone pipeline design was changed and re-routed specifically to address the concerns about running “right through” that aquifer. So what you are posting is false, or, put most charitably, outdated.

        • Uh, nobody in Alberta has ever been screwed worse, than by Shiny pony Justin’s daddy with his marxist National Energy Program. I understand that you’re blinded by eco-leftist dogma, never use petroleum products in any form, and maybe Saint Suzuki introduces you to some of the young college gals that he likes to collect around himself. In any case, keystone makes sense…you do not.

    • Sun News really has run some sharp and insightful commentary on issues from time to time, like the High River RCMP B&E spree. It is a partisan news outlet, as all are, and that isn’t a bad thing. But the ad hominem attacks on Dr David Suzuki are where this bias is pretty naked. Take Suzuki’s comments about immigration, for example. Did Jason Kenney go on a Twiiter tirade to denounce Ezra Levant as ‘xenophobic,’ after the Sun commentator’s shockingly racist antiziganic tirade?

      Of course not. But Kenney attacked Suzuki for daring to question Canada’s unsustainably high immigration rate, which is Mulroney/Chretien-Martin/Harper’s gift to the real estate-financial lobby. And Sun Media, the Conservatives’ version of the Toronto Star, pounced on Suzuki with language one would expect from a ‘left’ media source, on the taboo topic of immigration. Whatever one thinks of Suzuki, remember that a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day–more climatologists than not believe anthropogenic climate change is a reality, the energy sector has a terrible environmental and safety record, and there are serious economic and sociopolitical issues with Keystone and Northern Gateway.

      • Suzuki is not a climate scientist. He is a geneticist.

      • It’s not about climatologitsts believing in Global Warming…it’s about the funding. Follow the money and you’ll soon realize that being honest doesn’t pay when it comes to the Global Warming cult. Saying that the energy sector has a terrible environmental and safety record is BS, but it plays well expecially when you don’t have to back it up with facts, other than having fossilized Bobby Redford and a parade of lesser known Hollywood nitwits with bigger carbon footprints than King Kong preach down to us mere plebes. Just once, I would like to see Gore, Saint Suzuki and the left coast entertainment crowd protest in the Middle East where there are REAL safety and environmental concerns, but that wouldn’t play into the progressive Canadian energy is bad narrative, would it?

      • Suzuki is on the public payroll. Levant isn’t. Kenney was within his rights attacking Suzuki.

        • And Jason Kenney isn’t on the public payroll? Where do you think MPs salaries come from? Sun Media is basically the arms-length media arm of the CPC, in the same way the Toronto Star is for the Liberal Party, Suzuki was right to criticize Canada’s immigration policy on environmental grounds, but Kenney should have condemned Levant’s grossly racist anti-Roma immigration tirade, which went into Criminal Code (incitement of hatred) territory.

          At any rate, the regulatory capture of the Federal and Alberta Tories is embarrassingly obvious. With corporate donations being illegal, the Conservatives should not be acting like paid agents of the energy lobby, The reality is that the majority of climatologists support the anthropogenic climate change model, as well, the industry has an appallingly bad safety and environmental record, and no amount of whining from the industry or their paid shills changes this.

          • That was my point which you obviously did not get. Kenney is on the public payroll of the senior branch. Suzuki is on the public payroll of an arms length agency (the CBC). Kenney was well within his rights to criticize as the CBC is funded from the Federal government. Ezra Levant works for a private news media. As for the rest of the garbage that you are spewing, it has nothing to do with the article. There is no majority of climatologists as there are very few of them. The vast majority of scientists propping up the failed dogma of AGW are not climatologists but scientists of various persuasions working for academia.

  15. Like a dung beetle to the manure pile, old hypocrite fruit fly expert Doc Davie Suzuki just can’t resist spewing his nonsense to a magazine scribe or before a tv camera. This former CBC talking head Global Warming Hoax cheerleader appears more buffonish with every non-fact that he spews. His cultish BS may win over young College girls, but most see through his leftist dogma. The new green, is the old red, and Davie boy is milking it for all its worth enabled by the kool aid drinking mainstream media.

    • The LA Times allows ONLY rubbish on the topic.

  16. I’m surprised those Americans that Suzuki talked to didn’t roll on the floor laughing. The evil Bush and Cheney was a Democrat construct that had very little reality to it. As far as I’m concerned people like Suzuki should be charged with treason.

  17. Did the good Dr. Suzuki use his frequent flier miles to get to Washington or did he just phone in his comments from one of his luxury homes? Like Al Gore, he’s done very well for himself in the “green” racket. Google Ezra Levant’s columns that blow the lid off the real Suzuki.

  18. The tar sands are an environmental holocaust, the dirtiest source of oil in the world located in an area the size of Florida. Alberta tar sands are a blackened treeless moonscape that can be seen by satellite, in what used to be pristine and old growth boreal forest and wetlands. Spewing lakes of toxic sludge which routinely kills thousands of wildlife, by 2020 they are expected to emit more than 141 million tons of greenhouse gases – more than double that currently produced by all the cars and trucks in Canada. Alberta has the world’s largest dam built to hold the toxic waste and sludge from just one tar sands operation. 350 million cubic metres is the volume of water currently allocated to the tar sands, the equivalent to the water required by a city of two million people. Alberta is now the industrial air pollution capital of Canada, with over one billion kilograms of emissions. Alberta wildlife and fish is being devastated and First Nation communities downstream of tar sands operation have been experiencing unprecedented rates of bile and colon cancer, lupus and other diseases from tar sands. This is what that renegade Harper is extorting and bribing other countries to accept. Environmental renegade doesn’t begin to describe the Harper tyrant, he’s sabotaged climate talks, massively polluted air and water, clearcut Canada, and engaged in horrific bloodbath massacres of wildlife. The pipeline would only make a few corporate billionaires in Canada and the US rich, create a total of 35 permanent jobs, people are being kicked off their properties because of it from Canadian companies using eminent domain on Americans, they can slide by with hundreds of thousands of gallons of unreported “spillage” into American lakes, streams and aquifers and the oil from that pipeline would be shipped off to China after being refined by Texas refineries..aside from the Harper government’s continuing destruction of Canada there is virtually no benefit to the American public from that insane pipeline, only massive harm.

  19. If Suzuki has lost credibility, unfortunately it’s his own fault. His motives have always been beyond reproach, but his tactics have not. Over the years, he has overstated alarmist claims, cherry-picked evidence, cast aspersions on the character of his opponents and told any half-truth calculated to further the “cause.” The cause is just; few would disagree, but when any tactic is acceptable an a means to justify an end, the end itself comes into question.

    Since the seventies, when Suzuki began his crusade, the world has made impressive gains in environmental protection, but the public approval rating of environmental activists has constantly plummeted. The trust is gone, and for that, Suzuki blames everyone but himself. The only thing that can save him now is a commitment to integrity, and the realization that positive change can come about only through the work of good honest science which sticks to the facts and tells the whole truth.