Front-page gallery: Thatcher remembered

Newspapers mark the death of a prime minister


Front-page news: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

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Can really tell the political viewpoint of each paper just by the front page they used #thatcher pic.twitter.com/Muj5k8WvvrRyan Briggs
Tuesday’s Morning Star front page – "The woman who tore Britain apart" #tomorrowspaperstoday #Thatcher pic.twitter.com/42B2iO9bzZNick Sutton
Tuesday’s Times front page – "The first lady" #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #Thatcher pic.twitter.com/dJ2CjKZ9ohNick Sutton
First British PM newspaper I’ve seen with a Thatcher front page … twitpic.com/chygsuNick Zaccardi
Margaret Thatcher’s Death, As Told By Newspaper Front Pages buzzfeed.com/lukelewis/marg… pic.twitter.com/vOR1qm6PdNBuzzFeed News
Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph front page: ‘Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013’ #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/tobIklpmL8The Telegraph
French left-wing paper Libération’s #Thatcher front page – "The Grim Reaper." pic.twitter.com/2TuS0fz0no via @AgnesCPoirierJennifer O’Mahony
Tomorrow’s front page in our 11-page special edition on Mrs Thatcher’s S Yorkshire legacy @SheffieldStar pic.twitter.com/LtPFfWajEAJeremy Clifford
London Evening Standard front page: "Thatcher dies" pic.twitter.com/077mpHVfbN – via @suttonnick #BBCPapersBBC News (UK)
Here’s the front page of tomorrow’s edition looking back at the life of Baroness Thatcher and reaction to her death pic.twitter.com/Uv67opxfHeOxford Mail
Vulgar front page from Socialist Worker on Thatcher: Rejoice! pic.twitter.com/0foRpHe7GUGeorge Eaton
BELFAST TELEGRAPH FRONT PAGE: Thatcher – The woman who broke the mould of politics in Northern Ireland #skypapers pic.twitter.com/kY6MSvcCkBSky News
YORKSHIRE POST FRONT PAGE: Baroness Thatcher 1925-2013 #skypapers pic.twitter.com/JUHLHM9LZD: SkyNews: YORKSHIRE P… tinyurl.com/c8xq6r8News
“@jon_roc: RT “@Hariboconomics: Brilliant Guardian front page: pic.twitter.com/ZqO9YQoI4E (via @suttonnick)” #Thatcher”” what a great pageUK JOEL
Tomorrow’s @DailyMirror front page has a different tone #Thatcher: pic.twitter.com/5EmCqr2wElVincent McAviney
Stunning Times front page MT “@BBCNews: Tuesday’s Times: "Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013" pic.twitter.com/F2FcdxyaIx – via @suttonnick #BBCPapers”LucyBickerton
Here’s a sneak peek at the front page of the US Financial Times – Tuesday, April 9 pic.twitter.com/L7805AuejJFinancial Times
Brilliant #thatcher front page via Metro & @suttonnick pic.twitter.com/l34eOibRutJohn Donegan
Front page, A10 and A11 special reports of the South China Morning Post today in Hong Kong about #Thatcher pic.twitter.com/C5rqHh3bBNGeorge Chen

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Front-page gallery: Thatcher remembered

  1. I remember her important support of Pinochet and Suharto. Her role in fostering the first Gulf War and in cheerleading for the 2003 Gulf War. Her railing against the Commonwealth sanctions directed towards the Apartheid government of South Africa, and her declaration that the ANC is/was/will forever be a terrorist organisation that could never lead a country. I’m sure her family will miss her, and I’m also sure that the media hagiography will continue.

  2. Like The Times of London cover best. New York Times used same great photo on iPad edition.

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