The marijuana machine -

The marijuana machine

Activists test laws in Auckland, where a new vending machine dispenses one-gram bags of cannabis


It’s the kind of plan that might only be hatched by somebody actually in the midst of smoking a great big fatty: if you buy your weed from a commercial vending machine, that means no one’s selling, therefore no one’s dealing, so the police have no one to collar.

That logic is currently being tested at the Daktory, a club lodged in warehouse space in Auckland, New Zealand, where a group of activists permits members to flout the country’s drug laws and consume marijuana. Inside, a vending machine now dispenses one-gram bags of the drug for $20 in New Zealand currency (about $16 Canadian). Reports say leaders of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) argue that because a machine is making the marijuana available, no individual can be charged with selling it, a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

The dispenser has proven very popular. At the same time, it has also attracted some unwanted attention. The Daktory’s website warns that police recently said they planned to set up a checkpoint outside the club. “They will be speaking to customers when they leave and possibly arresting anyone with weed,” the caution reads. “However, you will be able to still consume cannabis in the Daktory before leaving.”


The marijuana machine

  1. Now booking a flight to Auckland…..

  2. it will never ever end.
    Prohibitionists realized long ago that fact and science and court rulings and “rights” and all that dogshit means nothing. They realized long ago that they can just keep making up stupid new laws based on debunked science, and keep busting people and keep making money doing it. Not only will pot still be illegal 10 years from now, many many other plants will also be criminalized along with it.