The new anti-Semitism -

The new anti-Semitism

Young German Muslims vs. Israelis



“Gone with the Jews!” yelled a group of youths at Jewish dance performers on the fringes of ?Hanover, Germany. It was International Day, and celebrations were focused on social diversity and cohesion. These hate-filled sentiments, though, broke up the festivities when the young people began stoning the dancers. Unlike traditional sources of anti-Semitic hatred in Germany—white, right-wing radicals—German authorities say this and other such cases mark a new source of anti-Semitic hatred in Germany: young Muslims.

Randall Hansen, a professor at the University of Toronto who studies radicalization among visible minorities in Europe, says this summer’s hate crimes “partly reflect traditional anti-Semitism, but also an incorporation by Arabs and Turks in Germany of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” Turks make up the largest ethnic minority in Germany, and Muslims represent the largest minority religion in the country. Bringing the Middle East conflict into the German context often results in a “massive oversimplification” of geopolitics, says Hansen, and in turn, the promotion of anti-Semitism.

Similar incidents include an alleged anti-Semitic attack on an Israeli by a Palestinian in a Berlin nightclub in late June, as well as a mid-May arson at a synagogue in western Germany. Police found a letter at the scene that allegedly read, “Until you leave Palestinians alone, we won’t leave you alone.” Christoph Meyer, a senior lecturer at King’s College London who specializes in European policy and integration, says that Turkey’s deteriorating relations with Israel in the last year (the May flotilla incident being the low point) may explain these recent anti-Semitic acts. “If Turkish-Israeli relations continue to deteriorate or stay in their current bad state,” he says, “[these hate crimes are] likely to continue.”


The new anti-Semitism

  1. citizens need to learn to leave their conflicts at the border when they enter a new country. Most people living in a non-native country are there to escape conflict, or find opportunity. Aggressive hate crimes like these simply poison other peaceful nations.

    • The problem is that Muslims don't seem to recognize a border. They have an allegiance to their religion but not much to the country they are living in.

      • Could you substitute the word "Zionists" for the word "Muslims" in the previous post? Just asking.

        • No, you cannot.

        • Really? It's not Zionists that are killing or trying to kill non-Zionists all around the globe.

    • I think people should resolve their conflicts in a non-violent manner wherever they are.

  2. Some much space for hate crimes by (stone-throwing) Muslims, so little for war crimes by (nuclear armed) Israel.

    • What does that even mean? haha

  3. In the name of the poor Palestinian's ? What a joke! Look in the mirror. Muslims have dumped on Palestinians for decades treating them like slave dirt. Now they regarded as an even lower life form used as a pawn to push an agenda of hatred against the Israeli's by the Muslim community.
    This faith will stop at nothing to promote violence and hatred. All the while the so called peaceful Muslim communities sit back, watch and proclaim violent Muslims as extremists.
    When Islam is criticized its almost comical to watch racist card get pulled at every corner.
    Canada needs to stand up and be the first to close the doors to immigration from countries who support the annihilation of Israel. Europe needs to do this immediately. Islam does not melt into western society. It attempts to smother it!

    • Well said.

    • "Canada needs to stand up and be the first to close the doors to immigration from countries who support the annihilation of Israel. Europe needs to do this immediately." Little late unfortunately. It appears the west is ready to hold onto its "full blown" multiculturalism. In keeping with the article, maybe Berlin should deal with its Turkish gang problem… Ah well, some things are just too tough for the state /sarcasm.

  4. The more things change, the more they remain the same eh?

  5. “partly reflect traditional anti-Semitism, but also an incorporation by Arabs and Turks in Germany of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

    But that is simply being too clever by half.

    Do you see Africans reliving their conflicts elsewhere? Do you see the Serbian/Kosovo conflict being re-enacted elsewhere? The Tamil- Sri Lankan conflict?

    No. Which means it is no different than any other form of anti-semitism, and it is no different than the aggression you see with Muslims against other groups around the world. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is just an excuse. In reality, Muslim groups persecute other groups all over the world, and in particular they engender a viral form of anti-semitism as well.

  6. Islam, which supposedly is literally translated as "peace" was founded by a "holy man" who united the arabs under the sword. It's even in the Koran. Also, all this talk of al-Qaeda "hujacking" the term "jihad" is a bunch of nonsense considering that one the conditions for declaring jihad is to "defend the honour of the umma (muslim nation." Lastly, the end of the Koran specifies that the end of history will come only when Islam has conquered the world, and that land once occupied by Muslims cannot ever be returned to another people. The Crusades ended hundreds of years ago, get over it. Oh and Islamic extremism was founded on a purely nationalist imperative, not a faith based one, as Egyptian nationalists in the 1920s contemplated the fact that Muslim peoples had been conquered by Western countries after they had been the premier race in the world.. Their solution? To become re-"blessed" by following sharia law and by lacking tolerance for all other faiths. Funny, I always thought what made the Muslim nations more powerful in the Middle Ages than Catholic Europe was the fact that they retained, and expanded on, the scientific body of knowledge of the Greeks and Romans. Its modernity that will save the umma, not sharia.

  7. Israel wants war (again) and the propaganda pimps (like Macleans) snap to attention and do their masters bidding.