The politicizing of Haiti

Some personalities are putting their own spin on the disaster—others are just clueless



The politicizing of Haiti

  1. I would say this of very few people, very few. Coulter is a sick bitch!

    • Coulter can't be a bitch…look at the Adam's apple…just saying.

  2. Limbaugh is hardly any better.

  3. After reading Chavez i quite…the lunatics are not only running the assylum, we're actually listening [watching] to them.

  4. So is Pat Robertson.

    • I believe there is a Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll now available for purchase on the net.

  5. Rush Limbaugh – many words, little said

    Pat Robertson – just called the U.S. the devil, after all the U.S. wanted Haiti to start importing rice instead of making it and Haiti got real poor, real quick as a result

    Ann Coulter – ummm, yeah, you just go off topic over there where you won't influence anybody but yourself

    Taylor Momsen – let's face it, you should deal with your own stuff first, sure her stuff isn't all the important but ya gotta have priorities

    The Spearhead – because male pigs need a place to congregate and say really, really, really stupid things

    Glenn Beck – I bet he sews and reads women liberation journals while at home

    Rachel Maddow – good try, but you might have wanted a bit more 'bleeding heart' and a little less 'analyst', and lose the smile…it's scaring the children

    Danny Glover – because actors always know what's best, or in this case, don't

    Hugo Chavez – we already knew he was nuts, and he doesn't seem all that much so when compared to Ann Coulter

  6. Ann Coulter will say anything over-the-top – it's what makes her rich. The right wing fall for her stuff and she's laughing all the way to the bank.

    They say what you give out you get back ten fold – can't wait until it happens to them.

  7. I'm not sure how stating factually accurate information and making logical arguments based on said info is "politicizing". I see Maclean's is doing the ol' "quote uncontentious stuff right wing people say and not say anything else as if the words they speak are damning in themselves" schtick; for example, the Spearhead is critical of feminist groups who are, um. politicizing this by gender targeting aid. That's not exactly an outlandish criticism.

    You should be including these feminist groups here as people who are politicizing this, not the men's groups who are, rightly, critical of said politicization. What if, for example, a black aid group (is there such a thing, btw?) targeted blacks over mullatos for aid, or, heaven forbid, a white group were to target their aid for whites? You'd surely be critical of that, yes? Then why the free pass for the misandrous feminist groups?

  8. Coulter= shudder! She always looks like she's in drag

  9. frenchie LOL, so true. Wouldn't it be nice if people actually got some history under their belts?
    Here is a blogpost I read today that is just chock full of great links to help.

    Of course we the people didn't politicize first, nor even the media (who are stupid) it was our very own governments who want the oil and minerals. Yes, sad, it's always about the oil.

  10. There sure a few tools out there aren't there? Politics and psychobabble like this do not mix with the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Haiti.

  11. Catastrophe is political; so, it ought not surprise anyone that a humanitarian crisis such as Haiti brings political perspective to the fore.

    I just read Michael Petrou's report from Port-au-Prince in Maclean's. Was he "politicizing Haiti" with his observations about big aid organizations, the approach they take to disaster, and how slowly help comes through them? Was his ever-so-slight suggestion that these organizations might be wasting millions in resources a political comment?

  12. When I visited Haiti, the staff at my resort were terrible. Dominican Republic was a different story.

  13. You know they could be right about all the retribution stuff…bolts of lightning from the sky…swarms of locusts…the almighty…Zeus…or whomever smacking the sinners around…

    …but if they are right, they better watch their sorry asses.

    …sorry to hear about the poor service at the resort in Haiti…see what happens when you piss off tourists who have no idea what it is like to live on $2 a day. Guess they had it comming.

  14. Funny how the usual suspects come on here with their knee-jerk hatred of Coulter and Limbaugh, thus proving why both are very successful. They're right! Even Pat Robertson. They yell and scream over his remarks, while saying hardly a peep over pea-brain Glover.

  15. Oh, and I just read that comment by Coulter. How is that politicizing the disaster? She made a joke about Clinton. Big whoop. Even Limbaugh. He speaks for three hours a day. Says on thing about Haiti and taxes, and the left-wing jumps all over the guy. Just like they smeared him with false accusations of making racist comments a few weeks back. Man. This is all you guys have? No wonder they're so successful, and why you get so mad at them.

    • can't be mad at low life's, just glad there's less of them.

  16. Zeus is a pagan God, by the way. Christians believe in one true God that created the world and revealed himself through prophets, scripture, and a son. I know some of you don't like it, but try to stick to facts, please.

    • Zeus…intentional…some of these people call themselves Christian????

  17. As much as Pat Robertson has said some dumb things in the past, yes, I consider him a Christian. He and his organization have helped countless millions around the world lift their lives from poverty and other ailments of the human condition. But he's against homosexuality, abortion, and other things that secularists and leftists champion, so why not obsess on his every word and call him every name in the book?

    • Problem is that people will hang on to every word that these wack jobs utter…and then go off an do some very un-Christian things as a consequence. So to suggest that the earthquake is punishment for something is abslolutly beyond comprehension….Hitler invented the VW…a great car and I have owned one…the VW has provided excellent transportation to tens of millions…ergo? Good and Bad do not cancel each other out. A true christian is consistant….those who are not are of questionable character. Haitians are deeply religious and Pat Robertson and others could learn a great deal from their faith and incredible courage.

  18. Oh, so now people stupidly follow Roberston's every single word, but the great people of Haiti are somehow more courageous in their faith? It's funny how you pick and chose whose faith is more valuable. I'll also add that Vodou has an extreme influence on Haitians, even among those who profess to be Christians.

    Again, I think people obsess with Robertson because of his outspoken views on homosexuality, abortion, and other social values – values that, by the way, most Haitians themselves profess to support, given their Roman Catholic background.

  19. Can't really be mad at low life's. Just glad there's less of them.

  20. I knew that our government was politicizing this as soon as they announced we were sending journalists on the first relief flights – There were some on the ships too. I'm guessing CBC had to take the long way down. CTV had first crack at the TV.
    Haiti is not a photo opp!

  21. Is our government any better when they use orphans to get photo ops?

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