The Queen's fashion rules -

The Queen’s fashion rules

Her Majesty’s wardrobe is unexpectedly stylish during her Canadian tour


This is what 84 looks like! Queen Elizabeth II emerged with an unexpected fashion plate during her Canadian tour. Her playful colour sense—bubblegum pink and citron, lilac and apple green—telegraphs a joyful attitude and suggests inspiration from her American BFF, Michelle Obama. Clearly Her Maj is having a blast.

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Monday, June 28
Day 1, Arrival, Halifax
Ready for rain, the Queen’s colour coordination extends to her rain gear

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Tuesday, June 29
Day 2, International Fleet Review, Halifax
Nautically appropriate in white and blue, the Queen takes her bows to the limit

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Tuesday, June 29
Day 2, Celebration of Nova Scotia, Halifax
Glowing in gold, Canada’s sovereign pairs a glistening brocade jacket—adorned with a new maple-leaf brooch—and a flirty skirt

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Wednesday, June 30
Day 3, Leaving Halifax
A celery-hued hat and jacket, topping a floral skirt, brings a fresh approach to the traditional garden walkabout

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Wednesday, June 30
Day 3, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
The monarch masters the art of standing out without appearing garish

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Thursday, July 1
Day 4, Canada Day, Ottawa
Her designer apparently Panatone-matched her outfit to the flag. A blingy maple-leaf brooch completes the nationalist display.

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Friday, July 2
Day 5, Ottawa, with Michael Ignatieff
For a tête-à-tête with the Liberal leader, the Queen exuded a queen-mumsy vibe in a floral frock

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Saturday, July 3
Day 6, Leaving Ottawa for Winnipeg
Again riffing on a garden theme, this outfit combines lilac with apple green accents and what seems to be a spray of chives on the hat

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Saturday, July 3
Day 6, Arrival in Winnipeg
A mid-air costume change ups the lilac wattage

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Saturday, July 3
Day 6, Winnipeg
Never shrinking in the face of steamy temperatures, Elizabeth II dazzles in a hot pink-and-chrome yellow cabbage-flower dress, equaled by a spectacular two-tone chapeau

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Sunday, July 4
Day 7, Toronto
Cool and fresh in aquatic colours at the start of a humid day

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Sunday, July 4
Day 7, Queen’s Plate, Toronto
The flashes of colour on the hat and embroidered skirt, add a little heat to the cool turquoise silk outfit

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Monday, July 5
Day 8, Research In Motion, Waterloo
The Queen wears a dramatically festooned hat to avoid being “just another suit” during a tour of RIM’s factory

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Monday, July 5, 2010
Day 8, Official dinner, Toronto
Who else can get away with mixing a crystal maple-leaf encrusted gown with priceless family gems, dating back a century? Only Elizabeth II, a.k.a. the “ice queen.”

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Day 9, Farewell in Toronto


The Queen’s fashion rules

  1. Our Queen looks absolutely wonderful ! You know after daily seeing her on our money in a sort of 2-D way it is
    great to take in Her Majesty appearing so vibrant and stylish. Long live our Queen. ps: Prince Philip also is dashing and
    ever so fit in his attire.

  2. It will be a sad day for milliners everywhere when she passes on to that palace in the sky.

  3. Fantastic outfits! However, proper fashion reporting would be giving credit to the designers – especially the milliners! – for each outfit. Matchy-matchy at its best! Sigh.

    • Agreed!

  4. Who does her fashion these days? A fresh influence, certainly. I especially like the maple leaf theme to the jewellry and decorations. Will she ever wear any of it somewhere else?

    • The queen recycles all her clothes and you will find these have all been worn before. She attends hundreds of functions every year so it is not a big problem.

  5. I say she's spectacular and Long Live the Queen…. there will never be another Monarch like her… smart, on the ball, witty, clever with investments… and now her clothes look great. She's beautiful and Canada's Queen!

  6. The photo for page 9 is not correct

  7. She looked FABULOUS, especially for 84 years of age. I couldn't take my eyes off some of the pleasing colours, especially in the hats, while I watched the broadcasts. She also seems to be bringing a fresh assortment of jewellery into play. She has kept her facial prettiness and charming smile as she has aged. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be that pretty when we get to be grandmothers of such advanced age?

  8. What wonderful photos of a wonderful lady! For those who don't think she is special, all I can say is you are apparently blind. HRH is stylish to the 't' and apparently she doesn't need an overabundance of 'tweeking' from a plastic standpoint. She is maintaining her grace as she ages. How refreshing! I really think we should bring hats back. They're so fabulous!

  9. The Queen looks younger and more relaxed than she has for a long time. And her smile made her every appearance a pleasing event.__

  10. An absolutely marvellous visit from Queen Elizabeth II – and her sense of fashion is impeccable . It seems that she may have chosen a new designer because the colour choices were stunning – her hats exciting .

  11. Shame on Macleans… for allowing Anne Kingston
    and Patricia Treble to report their cynical and
    flippant opinion of a MARVELOUS human being!
    Kingston and Treble have demonstrated the
    "low-life" attitude…. often shown by the press.

    • I agree, these media persons show their immaturity in depth of knowledge of human dignity.

  12. Frump way back then, frump now.

    • Emily, I'd love to see a picture of you. I wonder if you are as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside??

  13. Seh always takes particular care when she comes here but have noticed her clothes were particularly beautiful this tour. That wonderful red outfit on Canada Day and they beautiful pink and yellow summer outfit in Winnipeg wer lovely.

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