This just in: American's don't trust each other anymore -

This just in: American’s don’t trust each other anymore

  1. Okay, so I see it’s an AP story, but can’t MacLean’s take out that WRONG apostrophe in Americans before putting up the header? Is there an editor in this house? Or even a proofer?

  2. Humans are finally breaking away from the tribe to become individuals. It has so far had good and bad results.

    • I think a lot of that individualism comes from isolation. The more isolated people become through technology, the less trusting they are of other people. My take anyway.

      • Yes, technology allows us more space and privacy to grow and develop.

        • I work in a job field where isolation is a big part of the job, giving the employees nothing but space and privacy. Growth and development aren’t exactly how I would describe some the personality traits that develop.

          • LOL well there has to be something there to work with …..hermits were often called ‘mad’ for a reason.

          • My wife is from Cuba. She finds Canada very depressing because
            people are so isolated here. In Cuba, You can’t help but hear
            life everywhere. People talking, calling out, farm animals, music.
            People knock on your door if they want to talk to you. It is nice
            to have some privacy but when you are alone I think you are more
            prone to depression as your problems (real or imagined) seem
            to be bigger than they really are. In Canada, all distractions like music and barking dogs have been outlawed. We had to stay home last New Years Eve. The only thing we heard at midnite was fireworks and that was illegal.

          • I’m from a small town where no one even locked their doors. Why bother. Everyone knows each other. Here in Ontario, I know the name of two neighbors and the only reason I know them is because we all have motorcycles, so something in common. There are no community BBQ’s, no street dances, nothing. Everyone goes to work, comes home, closes their door and that’s that.
            It always amazes me that people can be so isolated with so many others around them. I can’t even imagine the culture shock your wife goes through. She must think we are an unfriendly country.

          • Not unfriendly, just insular.

  3. Leadership at the top gives license to trust. When you have leaders that are divisive then you get a mistrusting population.

  4. Most cities in North America have, at the street level, become as lawless as any third world country.

    Sure, if someone steals or murders the perpetrator might get caught.
    But, if you are faced with been robbed, shot or hacked up that doesn’t help get you out of the situation.

    At least Americans are permitted to defend themselves.
    In Canada self defense is a crime.
    And because those charged with a crime involving self defense are easy to catch and prosecute (permanent address, job, stable position in community) they get the full attention of the law.

    No wonder we don’t trust anyone.

    • Except for the fact that an American armed with a gun is 8 times as likely to shoot a member of his/her family as they are to shoot a criminal.

    • move then, we dont want gun nuts here, thanks

  5. In Canada, we’re slightly more trusting, but we make up for it by having a prime minister who doesn’t trust anyone.