Trump wishes ‘enemies’ a Happy New Year

Donald Trump tweets out unusual New Year message

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. (Dominick Reuter/Reuters)

(Dominick Reuter/Reuters)

PALM BEACH, Fla. – President-elect Donald Trump has an unusual New Year’s message for his Twitter followers.

He is wishing a “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly.”

Trump adds, “they just don’t know what to do,” ending his message with the word, “Love!”

The president-elect will be spending his New Year’s Eve at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

He’ll be throwing a private party that is expected to draw hundreds of guests, including action star Sylvester Stallone.

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Trump wishes ‘enemies’ a Happy New Year

  1. Mr President-elect Trump. I have to hand it to you!!! You really are one in a million – and that is going to be great for the U.S.!!! I am truly looking forward to seeing what is up in the coming years – especially in regard to Israel.
    If I would be a U.S. Citizen, I would absolutely been on your team and worked for you!!
    I only wish you could have an influence on Fluffy T(My name for Justin Trudeau) – our Prime Minister here in Canada. He needs a reality check – badly. He is NOT working for Canadians.
    I wish you and Melania and Barron and your whole Family a Happy New Year!! May it bring you all the Joy and success you deserve – you worked hard for it!!!

    • Well Lynne, I’d say your post makes you a special kind of stupid.

      You must have gotten your IQ at a Bargain Basement.

    • I agree with your overall assessment that Trump is one in a million. Unfortunately I disagree with your belief that he will be good for the US and even Isreal. In fact I am quite worried about the damage he can cause to the whole world order. The man is clearly mentally ill. He has to win always. Even if it means blatant lies. Look at the tone of his tweets. I can only hope he implodes before too much damage is done.

    • Well, I happen to think PM Trudeau is working for me, and doing a lot better than I expected to be honest. As for democracy down south… they seem to be in a world of trouble.

      I’m no expert in parliamentary democracies but my understanding of the British system is that each party publishes a manifesto. Before the election is even complete, the bureaucrats are working on writing up the laws that will be required to implement the major points. In Canada, we at least expect the winning party to attempt to implement some of their major platform item. In the States, they’ve elected a known liar that actually made no policy statements, at least any that are either possible or he didn’t immediately contradict. Mostly, he just said “I’m really smart and I’m going to make things great, just watch.”

      The voters there must have some kind of weird selective hearing… just hearing all the promises that they want and then ignoring the obvious contradictions or contrary facts. Now, they expect him to fulfil all those promises. Guess what? He can’t He can’t because they conflict with other promises, they are illegal, or they simply won’t work. So, he’s just going to do stuff. Is he going to do what you want? Maybe, maybe not. You don’t know. Maybe he’s going to make the other guy happy and leave you out in the cold. Nobody knows. I doubt Trump knows. The only thing for sure is that he’s going to do what’s good for him.

      I really don’t get it… the “Beacon of Democracy” just spent a year running an election that degenerated into a race between a professional clown and an incompetent bureaucrat. They’re in trouble. Let’s hope we don’t have Trump Jr. instated as Dear Leader 9 years from now.

      Oh, and get over it. It won’t happen in Canada, not for a long time anyway. Harper was 1/10th as scary as Trump and voters on the left, despite being split between 2 parties, managed to vote strategically enough to make absolutely sure a reasonable person got in. To bad you don’t like him, but considering both left-leaning parties, you were massively outvoted.

  2. What a POS! So much for uniting the country…

    Let’s hope the impeachment process starts Jan 21. Not a fan of the VP-elect’s politics, but President Pence would still be magnitudes of order better than President Trump.

    • I’ve wondered whether Pence would be an improvement, but now that I’ve concluded Trump’s campaign persona is the real him, I have to agree.

      Having said that, what may happen instead of actual impeachment is the Republicans decide to make Trump their b**ch by quietly threatening him with impeachment via the emoluments clause. This would get Trump to toe the (Republican) line and allow him to continue on as president (i.e, not be a loser). OTOH, Trump is such a wild card that Republicans may decide that would be too much of a risk. However, the problem with the Republicans impeaching Trump is that this would anger his supporters to no end and cause electoral headaches in 2018. If only there was a way to make the Democrats the fall guy for Trump’s impeachment.

  3. Stay classy, Trump.

  4. Let’s keep it succinct: Trump is a dolt. That’s all.

  5. He sings you dance.

    Literally or seriously? I just don’t know anymore.