U.S. right-wing radio toasts Harper government over Mideast

But host Mark Levin blast Obama


WASHINGTON — A highly popular conservative radio talk show in the United States has heaped praise on Canada’s Harper government, while simultaneously blasting U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration.

Its host delivered a gushing review of Canada’s foreign policy to millions of listeners this week during a segment with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, where they discussed the Harper government’s position on the Gaza conflict.

The Canadian minister received that hero’s welcome on the Mark Levin show, whose audience size has been reported at somewhere between just under seven million and just over eight million people.

Baird reiterated the government’s views, saying: Israel has a duty to defend itself; Hamas is a terrorist organization; the conflict is with Hamas, not the Palestinian people; and there can be no moral equivalency in the face of terrorism, the great struggle of our generation.

The host asked whether Baird also has to deal with media that treat both sides in the conflict equally, like they do in the U.S. The minister said that, indeed, the phenomenon also exists in Canada.

“There’s a significant left-wing media bias, an anti-Israel bias, in a lot of the Canadian media,” Baird said in the interview, which aired Thursday night.

“And you know what? We don’t care.”

In the segments before and after Baird’s appearance, the host engaged in his more customary pastime: unloading on Obama. Levin briefly toned down his presidential criticism while Baird was on the air, saying he didn’t want to make his Canadian guest too uncomfortable.

“I must tell you, sir… how refreshing you are for your bluntness and your rationality. Because I don’t feel that way about some of the things that are happening in my own government here, and some of the things they’re saying,” Levin told Baird.

“I don’t want to put you on the hot seat, and I’m not, but the message (in the U.S.) is a little confusing, it’s a little mushy, and yet your government and your prime minister are unequivocal.”

Once Baird was gone, Levin put things a little more bluntly.

The host spent a few minutes comparing Baird favourably to Obama, to Secretary of State John Kerry, and even to moderate Republicans like Jeb Bush, who is a popular punching bag of the tea party right.

Levin explained that he’d invited Baird onto his show so that America’s youth might draw some inspiration.

In the process, he managed a few more colourful digs at the U.S. president.

“I was thinking, ‘Wow, what would we do for a secretary of state like (Baird)?”‘ Levin said. “And his boss Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, same way. You know folks, the country, our country, we’re really in the dumps right now, aren’t we?…

“We have many, many young people in the audience. And I want you to know what it’s like to hear a solid, conservative thoughtful public official — because you so rarely do.

“Imagine somebody of this mindset, these principles, this kind of vision, this belief system, being in our Oval Office — not some lightweight cheap-shot artist.”

Unfortunately, he said, Americans are stuck with a president who — according to Levin — worships communist thinkers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and community activist Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals.”

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U.S. right-wing radio toasts Harper government over Mideast

  1. So Baird has been outted as a teapartier as well….

      • Yeah, and Kenney and Anders and the rest etc….

        Doesn’t matter to any other party….but to the SoCons…?

    • Not so subtle homophobia. Tell me again how the Liberals are “progressives”?

  2. Ah, my heart fairly bursts with pride, don’t it.

  3. Covering both sides of the story = left-wing bias.

    Mark Levin complaining about a “lightweight cheap short artist.”

    Cognitive dissonance never seems to be a problem for those on the right…

    • TJ,

      covering both sides of the story isn’t left wing bias. Covering only ONE side of the story, and pretending you are covering both….is left wing bias.

      It is pretty clear, and Baird and Harper are just stating the obvious. HAMAS is 100% to blame for every single Palestinian death. If you don’t want dead Palestinians…..then HAMAS has to stop trying to make dead Israeli’s.

      Stop hitting….and no one hits back.

      the Palestinians elected a death cult…..and they are getting death in return. Reap meet Sow.

      • The land belongs to the Palestinians. They aren’t going to stop fighting.

        • Emily,

          Everyone who reads this site knows you are not concerned about Palestinian land; your beef is with the Jewish nature of the free people who live beside them.

          Every time you post you reveal yourself.

  4. oh ugh, I thought by now I’d heard all the arrogance this government is capable of.

    ‘We don’t care”-pretty much sums up their policy on a lot of things, doesn’t it.

    Not really the comment of a “thoughtful public official”. More like the words of a spoiled brat.

    • Laurentian…..

      You and Emily should get together and compare notes.

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