Unrest in Ukraine

Parliament voted out president Viktor Yanukovych, and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was freed



Unrest in Ukraine

  1. Ukraine is a whole different league; this is a direct challenge to Russia and I am afraid that this might lead to greater conflicts and proxy wars. The opportunist did leverage the Winter Olympics in Russia to create mayhem in Russia’s backyard and to threaten the strategic partnership of Russia with Ukraine. They have managed to organize on a very “short notice” and introduced sanctions on the government officials of Ukraine; but this calculation will backfire and the imperialists impregnation by Zionist (neocons) will suffer great defeat that might prove consequential for decades to come.

    This conflict will engage Russia openly and things will heat up and the situation will have a ripple effect in different regions of the world; as tension will mount and the adversarial international political power play will mobilize and deepen alliances; the Ukraine situation will unite China and Russia and their proxy instruments around the world.

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