Video: Paul Wells reports from Paris on a day of mourning

Paul Wells: ‘Charlie Hebdo was here’

Video: Our political editor reports from Paris on the evening of a day of mourning


Maclean’s Politics Editor Paul Wells reports from Paris on a national day of mourning. A day earlier, 10 journalists and two police officers were gunned down in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical news weekly. The killers remain at large.

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Paul Wells: ‘Charlie Hebdo was here’

  1. I wish our PM would stop taunting these people who caused this act of violence and tone down the rhetoric and have some common respect for the people who are trying to heal and come to terms with this sorry tragedy. The last thing we need as a country is to be taunting our enemies while families grieve. Their will be lots of time or taunting after it’s all over.