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Wanted: good-looking cops

Female law enforcement officers must be young and pretty

Wanted: good-looking cops

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Authorities in China’s Sichuan province want to increase the number of female law enforcement officers, but with a catch: they must be young and pretty. Authorities in the city of Chengdu said they created the women-only team to “present the soft side” of China’s urban law enforcement officers, known as chengguan, whose alleged abuses of power and excessive force have earned them a bad reputation.

The Xindu district government’s advertisement states that candidates must be female, 18 to 23, over five foot two, attractive, and with a good temperament. Their contracts will end when they turn 26, a clause a human resources director of the law enforcement bureau says is for the women’s own sake: “When they get older, they will get married and have children so it will not be convenient for them to do such work.” He insists the women aren’t “flower vases” (idiom for women who are decorative but of little use), but widespread backlash at previous looks-based policies suggests many in China won’t tolerate discrimination. In 2004, the Hunan provincial government scrapped a policy that required female civil servants to have “symmetrical breasts” after wide ridicule.


Wanted: good-looking cops

  1. Let's not let another set of prejudices get in the way of understanding the situation here. Just because you are young, good looking and female doesn't mean that you can't kick some butt too.

    Confucius says: Girl in the mind more trouble than girl putting you in handcuffs.

  2. Do they really have to add pretty there? By whose standard? But then, who knows, they might succeed where the others fail.

  3. I'll never forget the female cops when I was in Mexico City a few years ago. Almost all traffic/pedestrian officers in Mexico City are female, as the government found they were far less prone to either extortion or bribery. Anyhow, Glamazon Cops! Full uniforms, but high-heels, manicured nails, dangley earings, eyeshadow & lipstick etc. It seemed weird but fun, like a movie or something.

  4. What a backwards country. It reminds me of when they had a lipsyncing little girl at the Olympic opening ceremonies in Bejing. Aren't all little girls cute? I personally would love to see our canadian cops as handsome, fit and muscular young men in spandex, butt fitting tights from 18-23. Kidding, but you see how ridiculous this sounds when you pose it that way?