Were Kosovo patients slain for organs?

Forty inmates disappeared from the Stimlje mental asylum in 2001


Were Kosovo patients slain for organs?

Shortly after the Kosovo War ended in June 1999, harrowing reports began to surface about atrocities committed by both the ethnic-Albanian-led Kosovo Liberation Army and Yugoslav-Serbian forces. Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic’s trial later confirmed that crimes against humanity took place during the conflict, while reports of revenge attacks carried out by ethnic Albanian rebels against the Serb minority in Kosovo, then an autonomous part of what was left of Yugoslavia, highlighted the level of brutality that unfolded in the war’s aftermath. Now comes another sordid accusation to open up an old wound between the bitter rivals.

Last week, Serbian prosecutors announced that a number of mental patients who disappeared after the Kosovo War may have been victims of an organ-trafficking network set up in neighbouring Albania. Bruno Vekaric, Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor, told the Associated Press that the mysterious disappearance of 40 people in 2001 from a mental hospital in the southern Kosovo town of Stimlje may have been linked to the alleged organ-trafficking ring. Vekaric added that Serbian authorities have “reliable evidence [that] fits the picture that something gruesome was going on in Albania.”

To back up their claim, Serbian authorities are also pointing to a report released earlier this year entitled “The Hunt: War Criminals and Me.” In the report, former chief UN war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte wrote that more than 300 people who were kidnapped and transported to Albania have never been seen since, and that reports suggest they were victims of an organ harvesting operation. She stopped short, however, of identifying the source of those reports. The government of now-independent Kosovo refutes the claim, calling it “mere speculation from Belgrade.”


Were Kosovo patients slain for organs?

  1. Thats completa opinion scam.
    It was impossible in that time to have such a medical system in Albania to do any transplantation.

    The Serbs and Russian propaganda is well known to made things to earn political points

  2. These are remarkable allegations against the KLA who are the current Kosovo leadership of Thaci, Sejdu and Haradinaj. I would definately tend to agree with De Ponte’s allegations of Organ harvesting and trafficing. The more I read about what had happened over their the more I see that the kosovo albanians are the agressors. Thaci and Haradinaj are WAR CRIMANALS who have been protected by the us governement. It seems to me that Delponte’s claims to the UN and EU went to def ears until her resignation. Then she was able to talk. There is definately much more to this story and the truth is coming out everday. I hope the UN and EU seriously investigate this further!

    • U better come and see what serbs did in Kosovo…Would's u fight if smb comes into ur home and massacres your child?
      The same did serbs …so be open minded buddy…read more, research more than JUDGE!!

  3. DelPonte would do well to cool her heels in Argentina, or wherever her government exiled her for being a complete disaster of public servant. As there are ZERO facts to substantiate her claim, only the Albanian side gets smeared because they are damned either way.

    Rather disgusting!

  4. @Qeti: You don’t need fancy equipment for that job. Only knowledge where the kidney is, how to remove without damaging it (not the patient for they don’t care) and some medical tools. And yes Albania is too poor to afford proper medical equipment as you pointed out, but they are killing the patients anyways so why sould the KLA care. This has happened!

  5. this particular “harrowing report” were among the literally thousands of propaganda pieces put out by Milosovics state run media at the time… Carla del ponte simply needed something…anything it seems to fill out her book. yet another book on serb war crimes would hardly sell well at all. As such she did not have any real substantiated story to speak of regarding the kla, and instead had to speak of the Claims made by serb media, and not any real facts. The only fact was that she had a responsibility to investigate the claims regardless of the source, she did, and it was a dead-end.

    What is interesting is the serbian side, how is it that aside from the original rumors put forth by milosovic era media… we have not heard word one from serbia itself on the matter, for nearly a decade mind you… particularly odd since the “reputable” journalistic sources were in fact serb. why did not a peep come forth on those allegations apppear until carla del ponte’s book came out? wich again, ARE NOT carla del pontes allegations, but a reiteration of serb media claims….

    That is a point that always seem to be lost, including in this very Article. and that is the basis for all the flack she received over her book. She did not write of a war crime, she wrote of an allegation of a war crime that would make for a heck of a good read if it were true.

    Carla Del Ponte has NEVER made the accusation herself, nor emphatically stated “that more than 300 people who were kidnapped and transported to Albania have never been seen since..” she wrote of the claims made by serb media that she investigated in her capacity as the UN war crimes prosecutor, that led to a dead end.

    a new draft of the same old fiction does not make for evidence.

    This is NOT the first story about the mental hospital nor those missing patients… it was the “evil” western media that first reported on the fact that when NATO peacekeepers entered Kosovo, the mental hospitals serbian staff including doctors, fled leaving patients behind and the hospital abandoned with all the mentally ill left to fend for themselves… thats a fact. It was the returning Albanian Staff that had long been driven out by serbian forces prior to nato intervention that reported the missing.

    Milosovic is gone, but the same old disgusting use of the tragic for political purposes is alive and well in serbia.

  6. Albanians can deny this all they want but the truth is slowly coming out.
    Let’s just wait and see what exactly Hague has given to Serbia on this. Seems that they too have evidence which they sat on for political purposes.

    This is starting to make news all over the world. I seriously doubt that this many people would be reporting it if there was nothing in it. You know the old saying, where there is smoke there is fire.

    • and…did they found the FIRE ?!!

  7. Why does this news not surprise me? It needs to be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators hanged.

    Just disgusting to hear that people would do this.

    I always felt the whole Kosovo as a country thing is wrong and should never have been allowed to happen. It will bring dark times for Europe yet.

  8. The first casualty of war is truth. Sadly, truth about Kosovo is casualty in peace as well. Prior to Kosovo war Governments of NATO countries have successfully spread wild claims to justify aggression, illegal by international law. German tv aptly called it “It started with a lie”. Lie about alleged Horseshoe plan, lie about staged Racak incident being a massacre, lie about 100 000 Albanian males being presumably dead, lie about Trepca smelter being crematorium, lie about Albanian men being mass raped, lie about blood being forcibly drawn from Albanian insurgents.

    The whole conflict was presented as another Holocaust. Holocaust revisionists were jubilant.

    The sick imagination of NATO talking heads had no boundaries. When NATO jets destroyed two columns of Albanian refugees kiling over 200, NATO explanation was that “Serbian jet flew underneath NATO jet and dropped bomb”. Too bad fragments of NATO bombs were recovered. When NATO
    bombed passenger train two times in a row, it was called a mistake. When NATO bombed TV station, journalists were called military target.

    After the war, all wild NATO claims about genocide and tens of thousands of killed Albanians were exposed as fabrications. Never happened.

    And what really happened after NATO entered Kosovo is kept under the wraps, with the
    full support of the media who failed to report it.

    Allegedly, NATO waged war to prevent ethnic cleansing. In reality, NATO facilitated ethnic cleansing, driving 70% of non-Albanian population out of Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing of Serbs was NATO objective.

    Allegedly, NATO entered Kosovo to prevent human rights violations. In reality, NATO allowed human right violations of unprecedented proportions. Over 150 Christian churches and cloisters, many of them medieval world heritage were destroyed. NATO allowed wholesale destruction of private property and wholesale theft of what remained. What happened to the Serbs in Kosovo after NATO occupied the province can be read in the light of The Hague Convention on Warfare on Land (NATO treatment of civilians) and UN Genocide Convention. Both of them are ratified by Canada.

    Accessories after the fact call these crimes “revenge attacks”. However, they were silent when Albanian KLA terrorists started spiral of violence by murdering Serbs and Albanians alike to provoke Serbian security forces.

    Last but not least, NATO entered Kosovo to protect Albanian citizens. In reality, more than 1000 Albanians were murdered by Albanian KLA ( NATO allies) after NATO entered Kosovo. Albanian politician Adem Demaqi called this great Albanian shame.

    Canada was a party in illegal aggression on Serbia . As reported in McLeans RCAF flew 10% of NATO missions. It makes Canada responsible for 10% of all civilian deaths and 10% of destroyed infrastructure (around $10 billion). Breaching of international law did not stop there, Canada violated UN Charter and recognized part of Serbia as independent country. It shows what NATO objective was from the very beginning.

    Everything else was a smokescreen. We were duped, and this article attempts to hide this fact. Afghanistan and Iraq came as a consequence of successful Kosovo hoax.

    Now, the truth about Kosovo criminal enterprise starts to come out of the fog. The moral bankruptcy of proponents of Kosovo folly is getting visible. Their high ground was fuselage of jets killing civilians on behalf of terrorists.

    • First, KLA were not terrorists
      Second, Whose is Kosova, Serbia or Albania?…even a fool knows this…It's Ilyrian -Albania-s
      Third, since u are serbian…obvious that u will make up 'facts'…but u did not mentioned the number of dead and lost people
      that were killed by serbs.

  9. Seems to me there should be some way of tracking where and when organ transplants are done, and whether they are authorized or not. It takes considerable resources, in terms of equipment and skill to perform the transplants. After the operation the recipents need to take regular doses of anti-rejection drugs. Certainly one can track where these drugs are being used. They have to prescribed, and not obtained over the counter. But ultimately if you have enough money, anything can be obtained.

    Still, the problem of organ harvesting seems quite widespread, and it may warrant the founding of some kind of global registry.

    Anyways, just a few thoughts.

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