Women’s marches from across the world, in photos

In more than 30 countries, from Ghana and Australia to Canada and Israel, people marched for women’s and human rights


Barcelona, Spain


Women’s marches from across the world, in photos

  1. Women’s rights? Why don’t they protest the United Nation’s chair of Human Rights, Saudi Arabia? Why don’t they protest against the brutal oppression of women in the Islamic world? How come they didn’t protest after NYE 2016 in Cologne, Germany where over 1000 women were sexually assaulted by refugees and the government and media tried to cover it up? Seems like this isn’t really about women’s rights at all, but media manipulation.

    All those girls got kidnapped into sexual slavery by Boko Haram, and you shared a hashtag. Trump gets elected and you take to the streets. Because that’s what the media told you to do. It’s pathetic if you think about it.

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