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Would-be Canadian citizens fight oath to Queen today as discriminatory

Feds say the oath has been around since Confederation


TORONTO – Three permanent residents are in court in Toronto today arguing they should not be forced to take an oath to the Queen as a condition of citizenship.

They say the requirement is discriminatory and violates their constitutional rights.

The three oppose the oath on religious or conscientious grounds, saying pledging allegiance to Canada should be enough.

They also note that those who are citizens because they were born in Canada don’t need to take any oaths.

For its part, the federal government argues the oath to the Queen has been around since Confederation.

It also says the three are in Canada voluntarily and are free to follow their political or religious dictates as permanent residents —and that not having the benefits of citizenship is a reasonable cost of their personal beliefs.

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Would-be Canadian citizens fight oath to Queen today as discriminatory

  1. Don’t take the oath, don’t become a Canadian citizen. There’s no shortage of people willing to take their place.

  2. are these 3 paying their own legal fees? If they don’t like our rules they are free to pack their bags and go back to whatever hell-hole they came from.

  3. My, my, my testy people abound, not the permanent residents but the comments.

  4. Being new to Canada, they should first know that our country is part of the British Commonwealth and it is a democracy. Until we ever take the next step to a republic, by a referendum, they must follow the rules in place!

    • If its a democracy, then why does a Monarch appoint our Head of State?

  5. If these three permanent residents don’t like the price of admission to Canadian Citizenship, then fine, don’t become Canadian Citizens. They can decide for themselves if they wish to pledge allegiance to the Queen or not – they should not be forcing the country to change it’s ways. Like us they was we are or leave us and return to your own country. Obviously their own country(s) were not suitable for them – perhaps they should return and try to effect the changes there that would make it a place they won’t want to leave.

    • very good point

    • You do realize that we fought Civil Wars over not having to pledge allegiance to the Queen right? Do you also know that more East Indian people served in the British Army against the Nazi’s than the UK, US and Canada combined? The first regiment to defend against the Japanese invasion of Australia was the 1sy Punjab regiment of the Royal British Army from India. Get your head out of your ass you closet racist.

  6. They can hit the road.

  7. Please deport these people back to there homeland! Canada has better things to do than change it’s policies on constitutional(monarchy) democracy for immigrants.

  8. Perhaps if Canada’s head of state was not a foreigner, these folks would feel better about taking the oath.

    And cue the down votes ….

    • Thank You!