Wynne hints at tolls or taxes to create dedicated fund for roads, bridges


TORONTO – Taxpayers may have to fork out more to pay for badly needed repairs to bridges and roads, even in rural and northern Ontario.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has talked about the need for what she calls new revenue tools _ road tolls or some kind of tax _ to pay for upgrading public transit and easing road congestion in southern Ontario.

But Wynne said today that municipalities in other parts of the province can’t afford to modernize their aging infrastructure, and warns there will also have be some way to help them pay the bills.

She says the government will have to find a way to create “dedicated revenue streams” just for roads and bridges.

Wynne says the Liberals have to be cognizant of the need for more infrastructure revenue right across the province.

She says in the Toronto-Hamilton area that will translate largely into transit funding, but in the rest of Ontario it is about funding for the broader transportation network.

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Wynne hints at tolls or taxes to create dedicated fund for roads, bridges

  1. Back when the 407 opened, then provincial Misister of Transportation Tony Clement said “It’s time motorists paid their own way.” It was nonsense then (and he & I had a long conversation about it a the time); it is nonsense now.
    I’ll ask again what I asked Tony at the time: Where does all the tax money and fees that we pay when we: buy a car; pay insurance; pay our annual licencing fees; buy gas; repair our vehicles – go?
    At around the same time that Tony made his pronouncement, the CAA had released numbers showing that a good portion of tax dollars paid by motorists did NOT go back into road infrastructure and maintenance; I’d love to know if that is still true.
    Unless the government can demonstrate that the cost of maintaining and upgrading our road infrastructure is greater than the combined taxes collected for auto-related purchases and licencing, then I say they need to find a way to adjust their spending or find different ways to bost general revenues. Otherwise, tolls will be double taxation.
    (I will also want proof, once tolls are implemented, that the money collected is set aside specifically for road work only, and not mixed with general revenues.)

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