Young girl left inside car during record Edmonton heat dies -

Young girl left inside car during record Edmonton heat dies


EDMONTON – Police say a little girl left inside a parked car as outside temperatures soared into the 30s C died in hospital despite the best efforts of first responders.

The three-year-old child was found near death Tuesday evening outside an Edmonton townhouse complex.

Paramedics performed CPR and provided hydration before the youngster was taken by ambulance to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

“EMS and (Edmonton Fire Department) did what they could to resuscitate the child. Despite their best efforts, the child was taken to hospital and subsequently died,” Det. Scott Jones said Wednesday.

It’s not known who rescued the girl or how long she had been in the vehicle.

Police said it was still early in the investigation and they were not releasing any details.

“It’s a horrible tragedy obviously for the family,” said Jones. “It’s just another tragic reminder … when it’s sweltering hot outside, we need to make sure kids are not anywhere near a vehicle.”

The temperature in Edmonton hit 33 C on Tuesday and humidity levels made it feel more like 43 C.

A funeral was being held Wednesday for a two-year-old Ontario boy, who died last week after being left alone in a sweltering car outside a home in Milton, west of Toronto.

Investigators said Maximus Huyskens died after “being exposed to high-level temperatures for an extended period of time” in a sedan.

They said the child was in the care of his maternal grandmother, while his father was at work and his mother was at an appointment.

No charges have been laid. Police are waiting for the results of toxicology tests.

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Young girl left inside car during record Edmonton heat dies

  1. In a country where children have rights and protections that are rarely enforced, too many die.

    How many children would be saved this summer alone from heat, improper car seats or being unsupervised near water if police drew a line in the sand and said: ZERO TOLERANCE? 100? 200? 300? per year. It’s time to draw that line before more children die.