Kate’s fashion hits and misses in New York City

The royal swept into New York with a lot of luggage


The spotlight is intense. The analysis unceasing. While Prince William gets away with a series of blue suits, Kate’s fashion on their first visit to New York is ogled and critiqued. Even her preference for gloves by Cornelia James, who also supplies the Queen, is noticed and dissected. Kate isn’t one to wear daring designs or crazy patterns. “She is not a fashion risk-taker like her mother-in-law [the late Diana],” says Kelly Mathews, of All Things Regal. Indeed, her Big Apple choices perfectly illustrated her muted style and colour palette, which runs to the safe, even boring choices.

Some thoughts on the seven outfits she wore in New York:


Kate’s fashion hits and misses in New York City

  1. Here’s a thought – maybe she is not a flashy as her mother-in-law because she has just a little more substance than Diana. Diana was all flash and not much else – she would not have aged well and would not have given the limelight to the next generation of royals. Diana may have been nice and kind and no doubt a loving mother, but she was a 100% flake. Clothes were the only way that she could define herself.

    • Amazing. You can make a medical diagnoses at a distance of 5000 miles and 20 years….on someone you never met.

      What a colonial social climber you are.

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