Democracy in Ukraine -

Democracy in Ukraine

Paul Wells on the Harper government’s decision to exclude opposition members from its delegation

Ukraine's new leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. (Andrew Kravchenko/Pool/Reuters)

Ukraine’s new leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. (Andrew Kravchenko/Pool/Reuters)

Ukraine government. It probably won’t last long: If presidential elections are held as scheduled on May 25, the results might influence the composition of the government. If elections aren’t held on May 25, it’ll probably be because some kind of bigger trouble has reared its head. But meanwhile, it’s the government members of Canada’s Conservative party will be meeting tomorrow.

I like what Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the new PM, has been saying since he got the job yesterday. He calls membership in his cabinet “political suicide” and has announced that he has no intention of running for the presidency. This is the tough talk of somebody intent on pushing through the kind of democratic and pro-market reforms that have made Poland’s GDP growth far more robust than Ukraine’s. But he’s young and prickly, his country is badly divided, Russia will be making mischief, and his government is very far from ideal. Another opposition party has declined to participate in the government while its leader, Vitali Klitschko, runs for president. Some cabinet ministers are members of far-right nationalist parties. The agriculture minister made close to $2 million in agriculture in 2012, which, in Eastern Europe, is not an encouraging portent for corruption-free government.

Still, it shows many of the signs of serious people engaged in serious business. Heroes of the Maidan demonstrations are elevated to cabinet rank despite limited political backgrounds. And, of course, the government is multi-partisan, because now is not a time for faction. This is why the Harper government’s thuggish and pouty explanation for excluding opposition MPs from this weekend’s Ukraine trip by foreign minister John Baird is so galling. 

Justin Trudeau made a joke, and suddenly no Liberal deserves to dirty a proper Conservative airplane, says the PM’s latest spokesman, Jason MacDonald. “This is not a laughing matter. Mr. Trudeau’s comments about Russia and Ukraine were neither helpful nor did they contribute positively to Canada’s efforts to assist the Ukrainian people, and as a result there’s no role for the Liberals in this government mission.”

As for the NDP, Paul Dewar made some inept comments about John Baird choosing European over pro-Russian sentiment, back in December, so Jason MacDonald won’t let them into the champagne room either. “The NDP wouldn’t pick a side, unlike our government, which has been steadfast in the support for the Ukrainian people. Until they decide on what they stand for, they, like the Liberals, shouldn’t be part of this government delegation.”

The least offensive thing here is the phrase “on what they stand for,” which is already enough to have English grammar pleading for mercy. It’s also worth noting that if MacDonald’s test is “deciding on what they stand for,” the NDP would pass that test by asking to join the delegation. So if the PMO’s message meant anything more than “Stick it in your ear,” then its own logic, to the extent any can be discerned, would defeat it.

The insult here is not to the opposition parties, as such. The government is not obliged to take Chrystia Freeland and Paul Dewar anywhere, and could simply have said, “We’re taking government MPs for this trip, because that’s easier logistically, but we welcome every Canadian’s interest in ensuring democracy and freedom spread as far as they can go on this Earth.” And the Conservatives are not the only players here who should be judged harshly if they cannot keep their eye on the ball. Ukraine has most of the infrastructure of a modern European country. If any New Democrat or Liberal wants to see it more than they want to complain about being left behind, they can be there by Monday.

But MacDonald’s stated rationale — the prime minister’s stated rationale, because of course he’s the one for whom MacDonald was speaking — is a depressing and all too characteristic stew of resentment, false piety, guilt by association and jumped-up, arrogant gatekeeping on behalf of people who actually weren’t asking for Stephen Harper’s help as their doorman. Ukraine’s opposition politicians and ordinary citizens, thrown together by fate and an extraordinary run of good luck that could end any minute, are doing the best they can. They are reaching across boundaries of ideology and clan, putting stale fights behind them, bracing for hard times in hope of better. Success will mean a country larger than France with a population larger than Poland’s will one day take its rightful place among Europe’s most prosperous and powerful nations. Failure will mean blood and poverty in a land that has already seen far too much of both. Ukrainians have no time to waste on asinine grudges, and Stephen Harper insulted them this week by exporting his own.

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Democracy in Ukraine

  1. If you’ve ever played Risk, you’ll know that Ukraine’s geo-political position is its curse. It’s neighbours can’t leave it be and its internal history smoulders ready to flare up at a moments notice. If only more people like Arseniy Yatsenyuk would stand up at these times. If he’s being honest, he has no political ambition except to see others run his country effectively and fairly for all. The blue touch paper has been lit again – let’s hope the CPC delegation doesn’t fan it with their fiery rhetoric.

    BTW, partisan politics is something we live with in North America. It’s not something to be proud of and is certainly not something to be exported beyond our shores.

    • And what we’re seeing coming from the Canadians in Kiev today is neither fiery nor rhetoric. Canada is in contact with many European foreign ministers as we together work to help Ukraine.

      • I hate to use the old cliché but, George Orwell 1984 all over again ! Harper is destroying what little is left to Canadas stellar reputation around the world of how a democracy should work, how partisan can you get, it dosnt stoop much lower than this. There will be a price to pay for this sooky baby attitude by the Harper government, and I apologize to the sooky babies of Canada for having to refer to harper as a sooky baby, I hope I don’t offend you.

        • another little nugget about the Sook(harper), he still never took the time to congratulate Trudeau for winning the liberal leadership party, and its a sign harper is way in over his head. he(harper)is an ignorant man, unless you vote for him

          • Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper had even hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

            Neo-Na*is donated to Harper’s Alliance
            July 18/2002
            http://www.stormfront .org

            People should be very careful, of what they wish for.

          • What a load of bunk.
            Warren Kinsella has outed quite a few kooks who made the same comments on his website.
            Keep trying though…I’m sure you’ll grow into your tinfoil hat.

          • There was a book on this subject, by Trevor Harrison. I just so happen to remember Harper, in his Northern Foundations days.

            However? You keep your head where you have it. You may as well for, all the good it does you.

    • They(the harper cons) wouldn’t even allow any of the opposition parties to attend the live event with the Aga Khan today. These(cons) are ruthless people with a partisan hidden agenda. From what I hear about the Aga Khan, he is a man for non partisanship. I thought he would’ve at least had the gonads to speak up in defense of democracy for the other parties.

    • Justin jokes about Russia invading Ukriane and guess what just happened? A full force of Russsians just took the Crimean. Yes it was a “joke”. But that’s precisely the point. Justin isn’t hanging around the ski slopes with his cadre of rich pals anymore. He is supposedly Canada’s statesman in waiting. Invasions aren’t just cool things that happen on a Risk board when you are toking and enjoying munchies, but are the stuff of real geopolitics of life and death.

      Paul Wells belittling this latest display of the annointed one’s air-headedness as just “a joke” is simply sad and pathetic. The media’s out of touch giddyness over this empty left leaning political savior is rather stunning.

      • And Justin didn’t hang around a mail room to become PM either, he was out getting an education around the world and understanding how the world works and people that live in it(sign of a good PM, is to know your enemies, and Trudeau new the Russians next move, and don’t let the truth get in the way of facts), he didn’t learn by being a mailroom gopher, he got out and experienced life, and he never played in a band with a sex offender. So if you wanna talk about judgement, it dosnt get any worse than having a child sex offender in your band when you hold the highest office in our country. Oh yes, what about all that corruption that’s going on in your guys office, is that normal, because I never seen so much corruption in Canadian Democracy in my life. You Cons got to get over this hard on you have for Trudeau, he is here to stay.

  2. Really pathetic behavior for a Federal gov’t.
    Yet another reason why they have gone past their best before date.

    Petty, vindictive school children…

  3. What contributions could folks like Trudeau, Freeland, or Paul Dewar actually make?
    Trudeau – would bring Harper’s Hockey Book…..and say it’s all Steve’s fault. And given his grasp of anything outside the capabilities of a part time substitute teacher…he’d probably actually believe it.
    Freeland – She’d screech like a Harpie and blame rich people.
    Paul Dewar – he’d try to get Ukranians to form a union.
    Sorry…..The Government should do this alone…as these other three ass-Hats would just be a distraction.

    • Great advice :( I am sure the Ukrainian people are begging to be lectured to by a single political party (of any stripe) to help them resolve their enormous internal turmoil. A political party that has already chosen sides and has admonished the NDP for not doing so. This powder keg does not need the injection of more single-minded, patronizing tunnel vision. And it’s a bit rich for the party that is pushing for suppression of electoral freedoms in this country (the oxymoronic Fair Elections Act) to think it represents a model of democratic pluralism in a country as complicated as Ukraine.

    • OTOH, Irwin Cotler is probably better than any three CPC MPs. Aside from the fact they are currently in control of the levers of government so in a position to give $, there’s not much the clowns in office can offer, either.

    • Freeland…well at least she would be screeching in Ukrainian as she is fluent.
      Are you sure you are talking about the same Freeland that Chris Alexander was praising a few short weeks ago because she has the following qualifications?:
      Freeland, a Ukrainian-Canadian, has a bachelor’s degree in Russian history and literature from Harvard and master’s degree in Slavonic studies from Oxford. Her mother helped draft Ukraine’s Constitution.

      • Ssssh

        All those things just go to show that she has no place being there as she’d just show how pathetic the Cons on the trip are. All those degrees and actual knowledge of the people and situation are elitist and as such frighten the knuckle draggers who get scared when reality isn’t what they say it should be.

    • You do realize this comment says much more about you than it does about those you gleefully slag!

    • Your puerile, snotty-nosed remarks only serve to confirm that the Con base is as petty and petulant as the government they unconditionally support.

      Well done. Thanks for that..

    • Perhaps you ought to read Paul’s article. It replies to you directly.

  4. So the story is not about the Ukraine. It is about the poor opposition parties not being invited to participate in the delegation. Our democracy is truly falling apart. Not! It sounds like the opposition are disappointed that they can’t use the trip for partisan purposes just as the Conservatives are doing.

    • The Conservatives aren’t using it for partisan purposes. That’s the partisan spin from the NDP and Liberals who are showing there isn’t a statesman among them. (With the possible exception of Stephane Dion who joined 2 Conservative MPs as election observers in mid-December; the NDP chose not to participate in that.)

      This is a country undergoing revolution whose defected President made off with $70 billion. They need friends. Canada is there when needed, a friend indeed. Unsure of the situation? Read the many Ukraine links at premier aggregator: — especially those from today.

      • Sorry, who needs friends? The 50% of Ukrainians who support closer ties to the EU or the 50% of Ukrainians who support closer ties with Russia? We naturally align with the wishes of the westward looking 50% but lets be clear that this is not the clear majority.

        Might also help that Chrystia Freeland’s mother helped draft the Ukrainian constitution? Nah, irrelevant.

        A little ironic that you defend the Conservatives “unpartisan mission” by using your own partisan rhetoric. True blue.

      • Pingston is on of those Canadians,that the Cons see as
        a dummy who thinks highly of them.It’s all about partisanship
        for HOME POLICIES for the Ukrainian Canadian community’s
        Vote.That’s the same reason for the Israel trip earlier.They are
        campaigning overseas for the next election.from now on,until
        2015 or perhaps sooner They will continue to do so in
        any conflict overseas,with large communities in Canada.
        Restoring DEMOCRACY in foreign,and promoting DICTATORSHIP
        at home.They are such liars and thieves.Imagine! overseeing
        fair elections in Ukraine,and at home our electoral system is
        RIGGED with many advatages in their favour.How much of
        we taxpayers money,all these,and soon to be more HYPO-
        CRITICAL AND PROPAGANDIZE TRIPS will cost? with their
        lack of transparency,we will never know.

        • Harper is also bringing thousands of Chinese over for his, Northern BC mining plan. Vancouver is bursting at the seams with Chinese. China owns BC. The Chinese will also vote for Harper.

          Chinese are demanding, their history and culture to be taught in our schools. I’m not sure what the other races in Canada will think of this? Hopefully there will be a room where, our children can be? We don’t want our kids to be exposed to Communist teachings.

    • A majority government that was self-assured and sincere in its own effort to contribute to a positive outcome for Ukraine would, presumably, take a delegation that includes those with the best credentials and expertise to apply to the mission, regardless of party affiliation..

      They clearly did not. ‘Nuff said.

      • Nuff said? I don’t think so. The opposition are not the government and have no power. It is the government who speaks for Canada not a couple of socialist/leftist opposition leaders.

        • The point of the mission is to bring expertise on democratic reform and to assist in facilitating fair elections, not to “speak for Canada”.

          “Power” has nothing to do with it. Expertise and skill set do. The Cons blew it – again.

        • No, that is wrong. Each MP represents the Canadians in his region. And they are all Parliamentarians. No worries: I don’t imagine anyone any longer expects to see harper act as a statesman. Not gonna happen.

          • I guess it doesn’t count that he invited former PM’s to join him to fly to Mandela’s funeral. He acts as a statesman when its important. Inviting a pile of leftists opposition leaders is not one of those times I guess.

          • To be sure, I can think of a couple of times Harper has been statesmanlike: the state funeral for Layton; Mandela’s funeral, yes. hollinm: I am a Liberal but I am honest when I post here. Be honest yourself: opposition representatives would have strengthened our image as leaders of democracy. I said we no longer expect this of harper because, since the Duffy/PMO scandal, he’s kind of lost his mind. He’s not been statesmanlike for some time now, and it was rare when it did happen.

        • Wrong. The opposition ARE part of the elected government of Canada. They are paid to honorably oppose, as intended by our system. If Harper doesn’t think so, why does he show up in qp every day to debate them? You’ve been drinking the koolaid.

  5. I don’t even think people from our government should be going to Ukraine, never mind oppo MPs. Ukrainians are experiencing a revolution in their country, their future is being decided, and here come a pack of Canadians trying to score points with their constituents back home. What exactly are the Canadians doing in Ukraine, other than distracting their leaders from much more important business?

    • What are they doing? Bringing very important western support in the face of Russian aggression (Kerry is there this week, too). And that support includes the 200K Baird delivered today for the medical care of the 500 wounded in Independence Square. Ukraine needs money from IMF to avoid meltdown, and Canada’s voice will matter there, too. By having a non-European country’s support, while in full consultation with European countries (follow Baird’s twitter feed to see how Poland and other countries have welcomed Canada’s role), at this critical moment is very meaningful in a country facing distinct, and very risky cleavages and a government taking its first steps.

      This isn’t about support back home. Baird visited the government of the day and the patriots in Independeance Square in December. That’s what Foreign Affairs Ministers do. They meet with our allies, friends and even enemies and express where Canada stands. The NDP’s Dewar turned the December visit into a partisan event it wasn’t. He said Baird should have ignored the people in the streets, many of whom were Canadian. The Canadian flag was prominent in the Square, even during last week’s massacre. It was a place for Canada to be. Then Trudeau’s ugly insult. If the Liberals wanted to send someone, they have someone in their caucus who actually owns a condo on Independence Square. But Chrystia Freeland has stayed away, when she could have gone and given Liberals — and the House of Commons — additional insight into one of the most important revolutions since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Instead, she whined that Trudeau’s stupidity had kept her off the government plane which included 3 Parliamentarians and 4 members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Want to follow what they’re doing? They’re tweeting.

      • Michael Petrou tweet – “Canadian Foreign Min John Baird admires giant Samovar.”

        I believe in nation building, I have no problem with Canada sending money and aid to Ukraine to help but I do question the wisdom of sending Baird and others to check out giant kettles when Ukrainians have much more important things to worry about.

      • Baird could have done as much with a statement. Or are you suggesting these chicken hawks are going to put on some boots?

  6. Your analysis was interesting until it turned the corner into Liberal apologism. Trudeau’s stupidity is self-evident, certainly to those of use up late for the Olympics who instead watched the live massacre of 82 people in Kiev’s Independence Square on a CBC feed. That later that same day Trudeau should joke about it, rather than include it in his Montreal Convention speech is unreal. That you should belittle his gaffe shows how little we can depend on clear heads in Ottawa. Then Paul Dewar you excuse. Dewar had a chance to be a statesman in December. He could have congratulated baird for having met with Yanukovych’s government and also with the patriots in Independence Square and then asked an honest question: ‘How does the Minister see Canada’s role in the coming weeks and months?’ But that is not what Dewar did. he went for the partisan jugular. Betraying his naivete (being generous) he said Canada had insulted Ukraine’s government by going to Independence Square and this was bad. But did Dewar fully take a side? No. Not unlike Trudeau when faced with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Dewar said the situation required more research. Had he asked what the experts at Foreign Affairs thought, he might have learned rather than show his ignorance. Everyone knows the problems with the 2012 election (Canada sent observers) and everyone should know the position of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. But Dewar attacked the government for meeting both sides. Ironic now that Paul Wells wants a balanced delegation. Where was Wells in December when Dewar said the opposite?

    No, Canada wants government representatives representing it who actually speak for the Government. I see by the wire that Baird has pledged 200K to help the medical recovery of the 500 wounded in Independence Square last week. And he has visited the Square and met with various government officials including Tymoshenko. Pierre Trudeau attacked Joe Clark for losing his luggage on a trip to Israel (as though losing luggage is a traveller’s fault), but with regard to Ukraine Trudeau’s son lost his mind. That is his fault. Whether he blames the wine he was drinking or a pre-show toke, Trudeau has forever tainted his voice on any issue of life and death. The apologism from the media corps only makes it more the lamentable.

    • later that same day Trudeau should joke about it, rather than include it in his Montreal Convention speech

      That would require time-travel. The interview was taped on Thursday. The massacre occurred on Saturday/Sunday.

      • When you’re the kind of selective moralist this guy is time is no excuse.

    • Try reading the article. It was written just for this kind of thinking.

  7. I think it was a stupid decision on the part of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to not push to have all parties represented on this and every trip.
    Have they chosen sides in our democracy?
    Should all Canadians who are not Conservatives stop caring about the plight of Ukraine? I don’t think so but. it would look like the UCC is not standing up for our democratic rights. It will be all Canadians aid money they will ask for. Not CPC funds.
    I guess the UCC had better hope the Canadian gov’t doesn’t change in 2015 lest they lose their support?

    • The NDP thinks 50%+1 is good enough to split off a region of a country who holds a referendum. I don’t think it is helpful bringing them along.

      Russia and the ethnic Russian minority in Ukraine, and the ethnic Russian majority are smart enough to take note of that.

      • oops…ethnic Russian majority in the Crimea.

        The NDP as part of the delegation isn’t helpful when they don’t require supermajorities for votes on separation.

        • Your supermajorities is a lot like your super hyperbole, the definition of majority makes it superior to a minority, 50% +1 is a majority. Try again,

      • You mean he believes, as all Canadian party leaders do, that a country can decide its course of action by following its own laws (which, by the way, in the case of Quebec secession are uniquely Canadian and have nothing to do with International law or Ukranian law) without violence or bloodshed? Jeez, what could this ugly situation gather from that?

        I hope you are suitably ashamed of your comment. Next time think before you type.

  8. Stephen Harper is not a statesman. He is just a petty politician.

    • Stephen Harper can be a statesman, but he sure isn’t being one here.
      He is being myopically petty, a quality that is pretty much tainting everything this government says and does.
      But Harper’s time is coming. Canadians are slow to turn, but they do turn.
      But just think how much pettier this would have been without Trudeau’s foolish comment.
      Up your game now Trudeau, so we can send Harper packing once and for all.

  9. Great article, Paul. I often read you first in my paper edition of Macleans. You have zeroed into what bothers us about this example of harper’s righteous ideology and need to control every aspect of anything that will”stick it to his enemies.” And he continued his meanness by not inviting the opposition to the gala for the Aga Khan.

  10. Is the Ukrainian Canadian Congress a donor to the Conservative Party of Canada? Will they be in the future? I sure hope not.

  11. PW, I love it when you drop the gloves and just go at ‘er. Bravo!

  12. “This is not a laughing matter. Mr. Trudeau’s comments about Russia and
    Ukraine were neither helpful nor did they contribute positively to
    Canada’s efforts to assist the Ukrainian people, and as a result there’s
    no role for the Liberals in this government mission.”

    Even if you didn’t like the joke at the beginning (which I thought was kind of funny) the rest of his comments were perfectly reasonable. If you parse even more and limit it to the part about Russia, except for the hockey it’s still a good observation (the West doesn’t want them involved, and they could be agitated).

  13. It was an idiotic response. This kind of crap is what turns me off politics.

  14. “But meanwhile, it’s the government members of Canada’s Conservative party will be meeting tomorrow.”


    SH, small minded to the last drop. The opportunity was there to play statesman and put the larger picture in the frame and our petty domestic squabbles on the back burner for just 5 minutes, instead the guy reverts to type… there are actual domestic Ukrainian votes at play here ya know.
    Any conservative who still holds out hope this guy will one day mature like a good wine, instead of souring like a cheap vinegar, needs to give their heads a shake and at least start to look at the field if they just can’t bring themselves to countenance JT or TM.
    Agree about the opposition. They need to pull on their big boy pants and get on another flight to Kiev. At the very least they’d look like adults among all those CPC short pantsers .

  15. Canada should not send a delegation to the Ukraine until we know the outcome. What has happened here is an Armed Coup that neither Canada or the USA would accept themselves. The elected Government is still valid, and the rebel government is illegal. This is no different for Canada to be taken over by a Coup; the USA would not accept. Complete hypocracy!

    • How many of the government died, again?

  16. small minded… The opporunity was there to play stateman..

  17. “Ukrainians have no time to waste on asinine grudges, and Stephen Harper insulted them this week by exporting his own.”

    This. We need better leadership then that shown from this Government.

  18. The Liberal Party sat on the joke, without pre-emptive comment, for three days (the show was taped on Thursday) and then spent a whole day defending it, before apologizing.

    So Justin had 4 days to make an apology, in one of two speeches he made on the weekend pre-emptively and did not. Marc Garneau held a scrum saying all was fine.

    Does Freeland want to be answering questions in Ukraine about why her party thinks a Russian invasion is a joking matter?

    The NDP would support a 50%+1 vote in the Crimea for Crimean independence in a referendum.

    Should the Canadian delegation have to deal with the distractions?

  19. Ahh yes. That’s what the Ukrainians must surely be concerned about right now: The petty “us too” demands from opposition politicians in Canada.
    The political narcissism on display in this comment thread is rather shocking. A note to the hyperpartisan liberals here: people sitting around the dinner table in Richmond B.C. couldn’t give a whiff whether baby boy Justin’s party members are going to Ukraine, let alone people engulfed in a life and death struggle half a world away.

  20. Justin jokes about Russia invading Ukriane and guess what just happened? A full force of Russsians just took the Crimean. Yes it was a “joke”. But that’s precisely the point. Justin isn’t hanging around the ski slopes with his cadre of rich pals anymore. He is supposedly Canada’s statesman in waiting. Invasions aren’t just cool things that happen on a Risk board when you are toking and enjoying munchies, but are the stuff of real geopolitics of life and death.

    Paul Wells belittling this latest display of the annointed one’s air-headedness as just “a joke” is simply sad and pathetic. The media’s out of touch giddyness over this empty left leaning political savior is rather stunning.

    • Tom Mulcair says 50% plus 1 in partition vote is good enough for partition. I’m pretty sure the ethnic Russian minority in the Crimea can get 50%+1 for an independent Crimea. Yes, Harper should associate Canada with that NDP message by making the NDP part of Canada’s official delegation.

    • And Harper is an arrogant thug. Hard to say what is worse, someone who tells a joke every now and then or someone who’s obsessed with destroying his enemies.

  21. As I understand this situation, the cobbled-together government in Kiev is the result of over-throwing a (pretty much) democratically-elected prime minister with whom some of the people disagreed. Given those conditions, I guess we can expect Stephen Harper to welcome us with open arms when we storm Parliament Hill, eh?

  22. Actually, Parliament Hill was stormed by Canadian citizens in civil disobedience as was every major city in North America during the Occupy Movement. They camped out, chanted, were treated with respect and without harm, in effect with open arms. In contrast, the former Ukrainian government and its paramilitary irregular forces physically abused and ultimately killed many citizens. The Euromaidan occupiers had widespread popular support as well as the support of all denominations of the Ukrainian Church. Currently there are Russian troops holding fortified positions in Crimea, uninvited on Ukrainian soil contrary to the explicit wishes of the duly elected Ukrainian government. The Russian Black Sea Fleet has been mobilized. Russia is not merely poised to invade, but is in the process of invading Ukraine. Wake up Canada: we are adjacent to Russia across our northern border.

    • First of all, the Occupy was forcibly removed in most cities in the US and some in Canada. I hope you don’t get your news from Macleans!
      Secondly, the US army was poised to invade Canada (to help!) during the FLQ crisis– it is what empires do with civil unrest on their borders.

      • Oh yeah, and then there was Quebec City, and then there was the G8 in Toronto…..Open arms and respect hey? R-i-g-h-t.

      • The Occupy movement camped out for months in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa. It became a public sanitary nuisance and they were moved along. Nobody was beaten or killed; there were no armed irregulars both of which have happened in Euromaidan. The US army may or may not have been on alert to respond with aid for Canada’s duly elected government over thirty years ago. Today in Ukraine, Russian regular soldiers are armed and holding positions on Ukrainian soil against the express request of the duly elected government of Ukraine. Yanukovich has left- everyone else who has remained was elected. It’s not the same game, it’s not the same ballpark. I have many sources for news of which Macleans is only one, thanks. If you fail to see the parallels between modern Russia and Nazi Germany, I suggest that you do some reading and thinking on your own.

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