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Pits Stops Map

  1. Thanks for that. My family and i will definitely keep a couple of those in mind.

    A couple of our fav pit stops.

    The Home restaurant in Hope BC. It’s a small chain.[ there’s a couple more in Sicamous and possibly Salmon Arm]. Just mom’s comfort food well done, diner style, and in old fashioned portions[huge] and wonderful homemade pies.

    The Atlas Cafe in down town Courtenay. Family run/owned with a loyal clientele and more importantly some of the best food on the Island. Interesting place. You can have a half order during the day for under $10 or come back with your credit card for the evening entrees. In any case the quality never flags. Great breakfast spot.

    Try something different – Oleo’s. Usually anchored somewhere up Frederck arm [ north of Campbell River] Have to radio in your order[ only two choices] and book overnight moorage if you wish by VHF. Old Oleo passed away, but i think his son still runs the place…need a boat though.

    • Oh man! These are great suggestions. Thanks so much for adding them.

      • You’re welcome. I haven’t been by Oleo’s for some time. But i did hear the son is still running it. Can’t swear it is still in Frederick Arm either, but it should be

  2. Hey there. Looks like you have the stop from Manitoulin Island up near Thunder Bay.

    • We are fixing this ASAP! Thanks so much for pointing it out.

  3. Please pull the “Big Apple”. Awful. Ordered apple pie. Couldn’t figure out what it tasted of. Suggested they gave us the wrong pie. The replaced it. Still not sure what it was. Bit it wasn’t apple pie. Threw it in the garbage. Continued on our journey, hungry ’till the next stop.

    • I agree 100%. The Big Apple was great years ago. I’d buy a half-dozen pies at a time and bring them home. But at some point they changed the recipe. Barely tastes like apple pie. The restaurant is also terrible—extremely unaccommodating and rigid with measly sandwiches. How this place survives is beyond me.

  4. i never go to Winnipeg without stopping at :
    Kelekis Restaurant | 1100 Main St. Winnipeg MB | 582-1786
    It’s been around forever and the shoe string fries are great as well as everything else
    also the Salisbury House -especially the one on the bridge 50 Provencher BoulevardWinnipeg, MB (204) 784-7461

  5. just outside of thunder bay is a little town called kakabeca falls….during the summer there is a little shack that dooes ice cream fries and burgers, awesome amount of ice cream, good fries and a not bad burger….plus a good stop to look at the falls

  6. Beautiful map, but there are quite a few East Coast classics missing — Frosty Treat in Kensington, PE; Cow’s Ice Cream shops in Charlottetown; Le Detour Fromagerie in Notre-Dame-du-Lac; and above all, The Dancing Goat in Margaree, Cape Breton, a culinary diamond in the rough for Cabot Trail travellers!

  7. How is Weber’s Burgers not on here!?

  8. As others have suggested, this listing just doesn’t cut it…Weber’s is a definite oversight on the burger front as is Kawatha Dairy in Bobcaygeon and Minden, MacBeths in Sauble Beach, the Grand River Chop House in Grand Valley and the finally, the Range Dinner west of Meaford (where else can you get buffalo and ostrich in one place?).

  9. Isn’t Saskatoon part of Canada?

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