10 reasons Christy Clark could actually win the B.C. election

Is the Liberal leader B.C.’s comeback kid?


Andrew Vaughan/CP

For the past year, the B.C. Liberals, mired in scandals of their own doing, have been polling at least 20 points behind the NDP. Last week, the ground suddenly shifted. A Forum Research Inc. poll put the Liberals just four points behind the NDP. Later that day, Angus Reid released similar results, putting the Liberals seven points behind the NDP. And with that, the provincial election which, for the better part of a year, had been looking like a cakewalk for the NDP’s Adrian Dix, started to resemble a comeback tale for the ages for Clark’s Liberal team.

With just five days remaining before British Columbians head to the polls, it remains hard to imagine that Clark might actually close the gap. Crucially, Angus Reid puts the Liberals 10 points behind the NDP in the vote-rich ridings of B.C.’s Lower Mainland. Still, no one ever imagined the race would get this close, nor that Clark, whose two-year tenure has been marred by controversy and scandal, would perform as well as she has in the last four weeks.

Here are the 10 reasons for the Liberal surge:

1. Clark’s highly effective campaign

The Liberals have managed to frame the conversation on fiscal and economic issues—taxes, government spending and major projects like pipelines, liquefied natural gas and fracking—on which they are strong. That makes the NDP, who promise to increase taxes and government spending, show little to no interest in balancing the budget, and oppose resource mega-projects look like a risky choice. The NDP can’t seem to play their advantage, and turn the conversation to health care and education.

2. The NDP’s decision to come out against Kinder Morgan

Dix, worried about bleeding votes to the B.C. Greens, came out against the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion two weeks ago. It was a disastrous choice.
Green Party support remains unmoved. And it’s given Clark room to claim that resource development will come to a standstill under Dix—who also opposes Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline plan—killing jobs and wrecking B.C.’s shaky economy.

Dix’s stunning flip-flop has also alienated centrists, and is forcing those considering parking their vote with the Conservatives to think again.

3. The disastrous Conservative campaign

After last week’s debate, the tweet, “Cummins went full Gran Torino” was trending on Twitter—a reference to the 71-year-old B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins’ cranky incoherence during the April 29 leader’s debate. Again and again, Cummins, the only leader to rely on notes, repeated that the Liberals and NDP would “tax British Columbians to oblivion,” whatever that means. (“It’s possible,” said one observer, “that the only thing written on those notes was ‘Taxes = Bad.’ ”)

Cummins has had to fire four candidates since the campaign began; and the party, who saw support hit record levels ahead of the campaign, is looking more and more like a hopeless bunch of cranks. Potential Conservative voters have been running home to the Liberals ever since the writ was dropped.

4. Debate performance

Ahead of the debate, the media narrative said that Dix just had to show up, and not embarrass himself. He did both those things, and media commentators gave him the edge coming out of the debate. But the B.C. media are used to Clark’s slick communications skills. Regular British Columbians are not. They saw something very different on April 29. Dix, who began the debate with a shaking voice, often looked terrified, even when leaning stiffly against the podium, an apparent attempt to appear relaxed. (Some in the Liberal war room were playing a drinking game, knocking back every time Dix rested against his lectern.) By contrast, Clark, a former radio show host, looked polished, at ease and was quick to pounce.

Dix may not have fumbled; but only one leader looked electable that night. Polls released later that week confirmed that the televised debate had changed a lot of minds.

5. Personality

The bookish NDP leader has what one analyst has dubbed a “charisma deficit.” Clark’s best assets, meanwhile, are “her personality, her optimism, her attitude,” says the University of the Fraser Valley’s Hamish Telford.

The Clark campaign has been regularly tweeting photos of the premier in hard hats, hands dirty, all smiles. It’s cheesy stuff, but it works. Dix, who was recently photographed in a goofy bowler hat in historic Barkerille, has been running a cautious, defensive campaign, limiting scrums to one a day, and restricting media access.

It took his campaign almost four weeks to finally grant Maclean’s a 10-minute interview—after near-daily rescheduling and endless dickering over when and where the interview would be conducted and how the article would be framed.

The Clark campaign had the premier on the phone within days. They had no questions nor qualms about the tone of the interview or the article itself.

6. Attack ads

Voters may claim to hate attack ads. But research shows they have their desired impact on voting behaviour. From the start, Clark’s team has been running brutal attack ads against Dix. Yesterday came the release of yet another—a clip from the televised leader’s debate where Dix was asked a question about “memogate.” (Thirteen years ago, when he was B.C. premier Glen Clark’s chief of staff, Dix backdated a memo in an attempt to protect the premier from conflict-of-interest charges. Clark, it was alleged, had traded a renovation to his East Vancouver home from an applicant for a successful casino license.)

“It was my mistake, I take responsibility,” Dix said. “I was 35 years old.” It was a cringe-worthy line—at 35, he was neither young nor inexperienced, and the Liberals pounced, including the clip in a new online attack ad.

7. Being forthright

Where does Dix stand on the labour code? On fracking? On liquefied natural gas? On balancing the budget? Who knows? Details, Dix says, will be revealed after the vote, raising suspicion, and providing further ammo for the Liberals.

Clark’s obsessive faith in liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the province’s salvation may seem tiresome. But at least voters know where she stands on the issue.

Dix, despite insisting he wouldn’t run negative campaign ads, began doing just that three days ago, attacking the Liberals for “years of scandals,” and of “mismanagement and misleading voters.” All fair game—though after months of making hay of his “positive” campaign, it seems a little disingenuous to suddenly reverse that promise. With less than a week to go, look for the NDP to get even more aggressive.

8. The economic climate

Dix may have won endorsements from noted environmentalists like Tzeporah Berman by opposing both proposed pipelines through B.C., pledging to maintain moratoriums on tanker traffic, promising environmental reviews on fracking and calling into question LNG—one of the few bright spots in B.C., beyond the condo market. But it’s a hard sell to regular British Columbians in this economic climate, particularly when Dix is also promising major spending increases. Even support for the Keystone XL pipeline is growing in the U.S., amid polls showing that people’s desperation for jobs outweighs their concerns for the climate.

9. The Canucks early playoff exit

Two years ago, Christy Clark’s government held a referendum on the HST in the middle of the Canucks’ Stanley Cup run. Campaigners had to struggle to be heard through the din. Few tuned in, spoiling door-knocking plans and derailing pro-HST messaging. The harmonized tax, of course, failed on the June 30, 2011, vote.

This week, the city’s beloved Canucks became the first team to exit the playoffs, unceremoniously swept in four straight game by San Jose. All of a sudden, British Columbians are tuning into an election campaign that had, until now, been seen as the second-most important race in town.

10. Polls don’t tell a complete story

Pollsters in recent elections have looked red-faced, notably in Alberta, where they predicted a Wildrose majority in October 2011, only to see the Conservatives returned to power with a comfortable majority. Pollsters similarly didn’t have a clue that the NDP would wipe out the Bloc in Quebec in the 2011 federal election; and the Conservative minority they predicted was actually a comfortable majority for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Liberals are desperately hoping the Alberta scenario repeats in B.C., where pollsters are still predicting an NDP majority.


10 reasons Christy Clark could actually win the B.C. election

  1. I think you just have to live in BC to really feel the sentiment here
    I work with 6 people, all who say she is a disaster! I have never seen such disdain for a politician in my life. A government for that matter.

      • Hey Billy Bob, you seem to have a lot to say. Why didn’t you respond to my erlier post. The Liberals knowingly put lives at risk by opening the P M Bridge before dealing with the ice problem, Mary Polack admittted it on Global News this morning. Just think if a 100 pound chunk of ice went through someones sunroof and killed them, I guess thats OK because there was a clause in the contract to let the government off the hook. This is the attitude of Christy Clark that everyone hates.

        Hugh Jampton • 8 hours ago

        Mary Polack (Minister of Transportation) admitted on the morning news that the government knew there was a problem with the design of the new Port Mann Bridge. They covered their asses by including a clause in the contract to indemnify them from litigation. Knowing the danger they still opened the bridge before this matter had been dealt with putting the general public at risk. How typical of the B.C. Liberals.

        • My car go hit by ice on the Pattulo that day…There has apparently never been an issue on that bridge before. It was a freak storm and the new ice scrappers will never be used.

          • The Port Mann Bridge had just opened, of course there never was an issue before. There was 2 inches of snow, I wouldn’t call that a “freak storm”

          • BTW, Michael, you spelled your name wrong.

  2. You missed one reason. The media spin on everything tends to favour Clark. For example yesterday there were to ads released and the one which was not an attack ad was labled as such by CBC while the liberal one was clearly an attack ad was not even mentioned as such. The liberals have been attacking since Jan yet no critisims. One slightly negative ad and Dix is painted as a man with no principles.

    • Didn’t this article say he promised to not go negative? That could be a reason? Haven’t followed this election that closely myself. But has seemed to me that just about anyone the ndp put up should have been able to clobber Clark. If they lose, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

      • He did indeed promise to run a positive campaign but the liberals have been extremely negative and the NDP has one ad that I would argue is not negative but factual and people are condemning them. Have you seen the attack ad the Liberals just released. It is way over the top in its attack.

        • Nothing the BC liberals do would surprise me, in terms of how low they might go in order to hang on to power.

        • Dix flipflopped…..nuff said. He could be the new Mr Dithers

          • Clark has been running a very dirty campaign and Dix has run a clean one. The comments and one ad that could be considered very slightly negative and you want to criticize? I get Clark wants to pretend she has not been in charge or part of government these past years, but everything Dix said is true of the Liberals. They are even so desperate they are taking out ads to encourage vote splitting. They have nothing to redeem themselves and nobody believes their platform. After the way they have acted, the Liberals think they have a right to call this a flip flop? Either you have no moral compass or you are just too partisan for me to bother with.

    • Anyone who lives in BC knows that this is total BS. The media absolutely HATE Christy Clark, and are doing everything in their power to take her down. The only people who give her a fair shake are the reporters that are outside the Victoria bubble.

      It is preposterous to suggest that the media is in any way favoring Clark.

      Dix has a run a horrible campaign. Full stop.

      • I guess you are not aware, for example, hat CBCsSteven Smart’s wife works for Clark. Often headlines make the NDP look bad and when you look at the story, the NDP did not do what the headline suggests. For example a headline yesterday talks about the NDP attack ads when in fact all the ads do is to highlight the Liberal failings. Perhaps a negative ad, but nothing like the personal attacks the liberals have been broadcasting for months. They have taken a leaf from Harpers play book.
        I could go on but I do not have time
        Oh yeah….I am from BC.

        • From CKNW;

          The unemployment rate dropped to 6.4% in April from 7% in March.

          Vincent Ferrao –an analyst with Stats Canada– says that translates into about 10,000 more people finding work.

          says, “the increase was mostly in full-time work. a lot of that was in
          services –finance, insurance and leasing. Also, health care and social
          assistance and there were smaller increases elsewhere.”

          He says there wasn’t much change in natural resource-based jobs.. with about 48-thousand people working in those industries.

          B-C now has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in Canada… behind Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

          • Liberals like to focus on the unemployment rate while ignoring the more significant employment rate. Under the NDP, BC led the country for our rate of employment. The Liberals have steadily driven that rate downward until now we are near the bottom. In particular, Christy Clark’s “jobs” plan has been a total disaster, driving 34.800 private sector jobs out of the province.

            Is it any wonder that the Liberals don’t want to campaign on their record? Instead they believe that lying to the voters and unscrupulous attack ads will keep them in government. Shame on all of us if that were to happen.

            BC needs change for the better, not more of the same.

          • Thats because out migration from BC was at record highs. If you don’t work, you can’t afford to live in BC, so many skilled tradesmen left for Alberta, and the US. Plus, the DIps are really good at creating BCGEU only jobs for gubmint. SO while you say that “employment rate” is technically true, the way the Dips went about it was wrecking the economy.
            If you’re going to tell a story, tell the WHOLE story. The 90s were the Reign of Error of the NDP. That’s why they were DECIMATED to 2 seats in 2001.

      • I agree. The media take every opportunity to make Clark look bad and Dix look good. I still can’t get over the fact that he got on the skytrain withour paying his fare. Do we want another premier (like Campbell) who doesn’t think the law applies to him. (In case you have forgotten, Campbell was charged with driving while intoxicated in Hawaii).

        • Hmmmm, running red lights is certainly the behavior of someone who thinks the law doesn’t apply to them. But CC won’t get past the big red light sent by BC voters on Tuesday. And good riddance!

    • Tricks by Dix;

      One has to
      remember the forgery and fare evasion, but what needs mention is the
      underhanded way Dix and his union buddy henchmen stole the NDP
      leadership race by showing up at the last minute with boxes of new
      memberships, stapling ten dollar bills to the forms after the clock
      had run out, many of the forms were not signed, yet the NDP executive
      in the end allowed all of this malfeasance to stand.

      the NDP party president has been up to his eyeballs in some sort of
      legal wranglings yet again.

      Trust these clowns?

      No way.

      • Dix leadership cheat? Pot, meet kettle.

        Money would arrive at Clark central headquarters (or designated outposts) and be sorted and converted into pay-as-you go credit cards down the line. According to BC Liberal Party rules, each card could purchase no more than five memberships (a family). The conversion was done through certain Clark-friendly supporters, whose businesses were big enough to sustain the volume of money–a large sum of it, in revolving cash.
        Eyewitnesses to what took place–some still employed by the BC government and appalled at the mistreatment of long-time loyalists and a few that have left for greener pastures confirm that the BC Liberal Party apparatus permitted “dozens and dozens of memberships per card. It was just unbelievable. Here we were taking shots at Adrian Dix months later and we were more guilty than any NDPer.”

        So, when Falcon and Abbott were thinking that Clark was too far behind in her memberships, she dumped thousands, in huge lots, to eke out a win over Falcon, who I’m told outgunned her by several thousand individual, legitimate memberships.


        That’s the BC liaRs for you — they only cheat when they can’t win.

      • Yes he does, Marxist principles…..

    • I think that the media favours Dix.

  3. Stuff like this:


    Ought to be enough really to confirm opinions that Clark is in fact clueless. But never discount the other possibility, that the other guy is even more clueless. It has been Dix’s election to lose from the beginning. God knows Christy gave him enough ammo to sink a battleship…and yet all he has been able to say is no to everything; and permit himself to be so branded. It’s like the ndp thought all they had to do was show up and pick up the winning ticket.
    He should still win, but a combo of Cummin’s idiocy, Clark’s experience with the the media, and Dix’s media and policy inexperince might yet sink the NDP.

    Honestly, how can anyone lose to someone as utterly clueless and incompetent as Clark; unless you’re even more so? Poor BC in either case.

    • Actually, you can lose to someone as utterly clueless and incompetent if they spend vastly more on advertising and campaigning (including pre-election taxpayer funded ads) so that even untruths get some acceptance by the public because of the sheer number of times they are bombarded with them (for example that the Liberals are “strong on economic issues” as stated in this article…). Here’s hoping money won’t buy this election!

      • The NDP are losing the election themselves

        So Gordon Wilson strikes the
        duplicitous NDP with a torpedo to midships, the NDP have been secretly
        negotiating with Kinder Morgan to reroute their planned pipeline
        expansion terminus from Vancouver Harbour to Delta Port. What about it Mr. Dix,
        trying to pull another fraud on the voters of BC?

        Environmentally minded voters who have considered the NDP should vote Green.

        • Billy give me a break, anyone who thinks Gordon Wilson did the liberals a favor, believe Jim Baker did not go to jail and was not married to Tammy Faye! Just look at Wilson can you say Jim’s twin!

          • Are you that obtuse, missed the interview on Global BC News?

      • Doesn’t really account for Dix’s blunders. He had to know the liberals would bring the garbage. Looks like the NDP have been too complacent and passive.
        I think the NDP are probably the best bet to keep tankers off the coast and fix some of the liberals mistakes. But no doubt it’ll be necessary to call the liberals back in 5 to fix the NDP mess.. That’s how BC rolls eh. I’m a federal lib, but even I’m sick to death of the Campbell/Clark garbage. Time to be screwed…er, governed by someone else for a change.

  4. Clark IS useless. Agreed. My issue is that most politicians wait until AFTER they are elected to be useless CROOKS. Adrian Dix is ALREADY a confirmed crook AND his tax and spend approach killed the economy last time around. (remember 54% taxes?) Insanity.

  5. It’s so refreshing to see a media report that takes stock of things without the usual baggage, bias, bilge and boneheadedness that we are used to on the west coast. I don’t understand point 9.

  6. The idea that opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline kills jobs is nonsense. Very few permanent jobs will come out of the pipeline, but a single spill on the coast will destroy the livelihoods of thousands in the fishing and tourism industries.

    Enbridge has nothing of value to offer British Columbia and the Liberals have less than nothing.

    • David, perhaps the Liberals are talking about all the jobs they will create when the oil spill happens!

      • You are as sharp as a bowling ball Terry

    • I don’t think you’re working on complete information. You may need to do some follow-up on Prince William Sound and the Gulf Coast since their major oil spills. The immediate spill was a disaster, but once cleaned up it’s not apparent that there are serious long term consequences. If this is the case, perhaps the solution is to mandate a standing, highly-capable spill response capability (BC jobs!) and require the pipeline operators to post large (several billion dollar) bonds to cover immediate economic losses and the subsequent clean-up.

    • The oil will move to the coast one way or another. The funny thing is, the oil will move by rail instead, a far more dangerous, risky mode of transporting bitumen oil than pipelines. The envirotards, if they had done their homework, would realize this, but, as low information types, scratching the surface is too much work.

      Guranteed the oil will be moved, sold, and exported.

  7. I may not be a Christy Clark fan, but there is no way I can vote for NDP. Everytime I see Dix on TV, I have to switch channel.

    • Dix should have been charged and prosecuted for his forgery, he admitted his guilt.

      • There’s the difference ol’ Billy Bob, Dix admitted his guilt, Christy will have a lot of free time to admit all her misdemeanours once the election is over. CKNW won’t even hire her back, she’s done. She will probably have to get a job working for Ujjal Dosanjh. BTW, everyone knows you are really Mike de Jong.

        • What Dix did is not a misdemeanor, it’s a criminal offense.

          I’m not MdJ………I’m not anyone any NDP’er would know or know of.

          • The RCMP investigated and did not charge Dix, are you saying the RCMP is complicit in this matter?

          • It’s up to the crown prosecutor to lay charges, do you not understand this?

          • Yes, I understand they didn’t lay charges. What’s your point, I know you don’t have one, you’re just an old opinionated busy body. I’ll bet you’re that old tater in the new Liberal tv ad, hanging over a fence saying “ask the premier of Alberta if Christy is tough or not” How sad you are.

      • “I was 35 years old.” -Dix
        Is being 35 years old some form of
        adult puberty that can be forgiven?

        • I’m sympathetic to the idea that somebody might undergo a serious reappraisal of their actions after leaving the hotbox of politics for a while. Where I need further persuasion is that A) he actually learned something, and demonstrated application of it somehow (i.e. Glen Clark becoming a successful manager for Jim Pattison), and B) that the political pressure of government won’t cause a relapse.

  8. Oh yeah, we have someone from Toronto telling us how it is. Christy Clark should step down now and save herself the embarrassment of losing her own seat. People tolerated her when she ran in the by-election and she barely squeaked in. They absolutely hate her now! Even her own party members, the knives are already out, look up 801. Maybe you could do some research before you write an article about B.C. politics.

    • 801, probably funded by the BC Fed and led by “unnamed sources”

      • No, sorry there ol’Billy Bob, (Mike de Jong) 801 is made up of pissed off Liberal members just like me. That fool you are supporting has ruined any chance of the Liberals forming government. There will have to be a total rebuilding of the party, quite likely with a name change.

        • The name change and re-tooling will all happen in good time, but it won’t be dictated by Dix heads.

  9. We love Christy in BC and we want to keep her!

    • Sarah, we know you are really Pamela Martin so get off the public forum.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • You must be really old, you used the term “commie”

          • You must be incredibly gullible to support Dix, the NDP and the public sector unions.

          • You are obviously delusional, nowhere did I say I’m an NDP supporter. I hate the NDP but I despise Christy Clark

          • If you’re not NDP then I suggest you vote Green.

          • You sure like telling people how to think, too bad you didn’t have something constructive to say.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion as I am.

    • In a jail cell!

  10. This is a hate everyone election with a very cranky electorate. The economy is sluggish and the government has done stupid things. The HST debacle hurt the core Liberal support, small business, and most will sit on their hands. A client who has always contributed to the Liberals said to the local candidate that the wages he spent on the paid stat holiday this spring was his contribution.

    The NDP could win this in a walk, but third way left they aren’t. This is the red underwear NDP. Dix was in the Glen Clark government which ended with the NDP at two seats or so, almost obliterated. An interesting story about pipelines. During the Glen Clark years there was a natural gas pipeline built that ran parallel to the US border through the southern interior. When it came to crossing the Columbia River south of Trail, the government passed legislation removing a provincial park that is on the river bank. The pipeline was laid, then another piece of legislation was passed putting the park back into existence.

    I suspect the greens will do pretty well. The NDP has won here when the center-right coalition has collapsed, and that hasn’t happened this time around. It will be close, maybe minority. It would be interesting to see a minority with Greens having the needed seats.

  11. You just have no idea about Christy Clark. She’s fooled you completely. She has no policy, just pure politics to serve her blind ambition. Check your reasearch

    • And Dix has policy…..after the vote of course.

  12. Ms. MacDonald’s delusions aside, anyone who has lived in BC for even a part of this current government’s tenure, knows full well how important it is to rid this province of such a pernicious band of corporate controlled miscreants.
    What the people of BC will do on May 14 will be a beacon for the rest of Canada to send a message to all governments that have been infiltrated and usurped by the harper led corporate feeding frenzy, that we have had enough of their bullshit, we’re mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore.

      • He’s here all week, people. Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

    • OK, so now explain to me why Adrian Dix and the NDP are going to be better. Elections are a relative ranking.

      • Yes, it’s an interesting, but deluded experiment to see how increasing taxes, and borrowing even more money, to give to the unproductive, makes for a better economy. Voodoo economics….

  13. Dream on, Maclean’s…

    • 23 seats, that’s being optimistic, the experts predict 15.

      • You’ll both be crying in your corn flakes the morning of May 15th.

        • Yeah, those post-celebration hangovers can be murder.

    • Your right Dix was just thirty five when he learned how to lie and now is a professional Speaking of Ferries Dix and Clark half billion on fast ferries sold for 18 million

  14. Libs in bc provincials aren’t fed libs, they conservatives. Names change but business interests don’t. thank god the libs are done ruining bc. its not close, ndp will win by a landslide.

    • I vote lib fed. its time they distance themselves here provincially

  15. If you are interested in quantifying the uncertainty due to polls and the electoral system (so point 10 here, at least partially), my model and simulations do exactly that. Not sure if I can post the link, but if not, just search for “too close to call”.

  16. Mary Polack (Minister of Transportation) admitted on the morning news that the government knew there was a problem with the design of the new Port Mann Bridge. They covered their asses by including a clause in the contract to indemnify them from litigation. Knowing the danger they still opened the bridge before this matter had been dealt with putting the general public at risk. How typical of the B.C. Liberals.

  17. Clark will win .The job figures are out and good. The NDP claim this is because a lot of people have given up looking for work. Look around your area see the building cranes look in your newspaper and see the “Help Wanted”then tell me if the NDP are right.

  18. Look at these Blogs another reason the NDP are so damn scared they know that when push comes to shove people are looking at their pocket book and remember how under the NDP it was empty. You can almost feel the panic that there will not be enough bums to vote and the older people never will trust their promises.My friend loves it when they provide a ride to the polls and count his vote as he marks it Liberal.

  19. The young liberals that are here blogging are fooling no one. Your silliness is haughable.

  20. interesting, people complain about NDP and already forgot about neolibs lying about Taxes, nit following the court order regarding the class size, public money spent on pro libs advertising, corruption etc

  21. She’s a disaster. Her own party wants her gone. There’s 100 reasons she will lose.

  22. Clark can’t even fill out a ballot correctly. Idiiot.

    • Now now, Mr. Falcon… where’s your camaraderie?

  23. Adrian Dix (Glen Clark incognito) is hiding portions of his agenda. He is placating the public until he actually gets in. He will then spin his words so they similar to what he has been preaching. Sales manager of the snake oil salesmen. See Adrian go, see him spend spend spend.

    • and TAX TAX TAX.
      What will be his excuse when unemployment goes north of 10%?
      Climate change?

  24. The BC Liberals have done nothing other than lie, deceive, thieve, are corrupt, and have been way back, since Gordon Campbell’s reign of terror. Besides which, Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Christy also permitted Harper’s Chinese miners, to take 2000 mine jobs, from our own BC miners. No-way. Anyone even remotely connected to Harper, turns me right off.

    Christy also lies far too much. Thieving our tax dollars for her lying TV ads, was not cool.

    We are sick to death with big businesses, lining up at the trough and squealing for more money. They threatened to leave BC, if they didn’t get their own way. I say good riddance to those, bottomless pits of greed.

  25. This was copied directly from the
    constitution of the BC NDP.


    The New Democratic Party believes that social, economic and political progress in Canada can only be
    assured by the application of democratic socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.

    The principles of democratic socialism can be defined briefly as follows: a) the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people and not for profit, b) the modification and control of the operations of monopolistic productive and distributive organizations through economic and social planning, towards these ends, and c) where necessary, the extension of the principle of social ownership.

    Regardless of what Adrian Dix says publicly, they are bound by their party constitution

    . ARTICLE XVI — Appeal

    16.01 Each member of the Party, including candidates for, and holders of, public office has covenanted that:

    “I accept and will abide by the Constitution, principles and policies of the
    New Democratic Party.”

    Breach of this covenant is a violation of the Constitution.

    Do your own homework, This is the link to the BC NDP Party.

    The socialist polies of the NDP killed industry in the north last time they had power. If you want to see business flee to Alberta and see your taxes go up, then I guess Adrian is your guy.

  26. The NDP needs to start their own 801 movement. The minute
    they lose this election they should dump Dix and can the clique that ran this
    disaster of a campaign. Dix is a man who does not know his own limitations. He
    is a backroom type, not a behind the lectern inspiring and leading the people
    type. After they clean house of these pathetic, politically correct latte
    slurpers, they need to rebrand the party. The letters NDP reflect a party of
    stumblebums and eternal screw-ups. They need to reform as a free enterprise
    party with a social conscience, and stop eternally prostituting themselves to
    the despicably arrogant tree hugger crowd. Crawling around the likes of
    Tzeporah Berman to get her endorsement was the nadir of
    Dix’s 15 minutes of fame.

  27. Poor Bily Bob is going to lose his mind when the Liberals loose on Tuesday. Maybe then you can go count the billions in debt and contractual obligations over the past 12 years. Educate yourself with the truth. Reality is an itch.

  28. This reporter is biased towards the Libs obviously. She underplayed and misrepresented the NDP economic policies which are strong and accountable unlike the lies Christie Clark has been touting. Although Adrien Dix didn’t come across strong enough to counteract Ms. Clarks empti-headed fixed smile and brain-dead cheeriness, the NDP at least have some sensible, intelligent, well thought out, long term sustainable and beneficial programs. This kind of shallow, biased reporting is one reason I have not renewed my subscription to Macleans.

    • Dix haven’t laid out his platform. He’s only said he will essentially shut down resource developement in the province….period.

  29. This reporter is biased towards
    the Libs obviously. She underplayed and misrepresented the NDP economic
    policies which are strong and accountable unlike the lies Christie
    Clark has been touting. Although Adrien Dix didn’t come across strong
    enough to counteract Ms. Clarks empti-headed fixed smile and brain-dead
    cheeriness, the NDP at least have some sensible, intelligent, well
    thought out, long term sustainable and beneficial programs. This kind
    of shallow, biased reporting is one reason I have not renewed my
    subscription to Macleans.

  30. This reporter is biased towards
    the Libs obviously. She underplayed and misrepresented the NDP economic
    policies which are strong and accountable unlike the lies Christie
    Clark has been touting. Although Adrien Dix didn’t come across strong
    enough to counteract Ms. Clarks empti-headed fixed smile and brain-dead
    cheeriness, the NDP at least have some sensible, intelligent, well
    thought out, long term sustainable and beneficial programs. This kind
    of shallow, biased reporting is one reason I have not renewed my
    subscription to Macleans.

    • There is nothing accountable about the NDPs plans. They always understate their spending plans, and understate their taxation schemes too.
      it never ends wel with the NDP, look at 2001.

  31. You folks out there in BC don’t have much of a chance. Neither one of your leading parties are worth the powder to blow them to hell but thats what they will do to you if elected. I lived there under both and neither one where any good.

    • Some of us out here in BC are quite content with how things are looking. Does that bother you?
      If it does, that is unfortunate, besides what does it matter to you, your not a resident of BC.

  32. Maybe the people will wake up to reality. The NDP are like Chickenpox – we have some vague memory that they were unpleasant when we had them in our youth, but if they come back as an adult they`re going to be as painful as Shingles.

    Notwithstanding the fact that we`re pulling out of the worst recession since the Second World War, the provincial debt is right now 7% lower – in terms of percentage of GPD – than it was after the last NDP budget in 2001. And that last NDP budget followed eight years of economic growth. These are numbers that cannot be manipulated away by those trying to obfuscate past NDP financial mismanagement. Dix has now gone on a rampage of campaign promises with a huge cost attached – and he plans to borrow to fund them. Now he won`t even talk about trying to attain a balanced budget! Just because the NDP took the “Socialist” out of their party constitution (finally!) doesn`t mean that they`ve magically become economically or financially competent.

    Dix is an unpunished criminal who lacks an ethical centre of gravity. At the very least he should have returned the taxpayer funded severance pay he took (stole) when he was fired for forgery and criminally misleading a police investigation. I want the Shingles vaccination!

    • Well, when those shingles arrive maybe we can use ’em to fix that BC Place roof.

      • Seems the shingles vaccination worked

    • Tricky will carry out Jim Sinclair’s agenda, which is to once again, give enormous increases in pay to public sector unions, bankrupt blue collar employers by one-way unionized contracts (extortion), and to hire more teachers despite declining school enrollments.
      Common sense need not apply to the NDPs plans, its just about returning the graft to the union bosses….at the taxpayers expense.

      • Seems the shingles vaccination worked – no Chicken Pox and no NDP government.

  33. I was going to park my vote with the Conservatives, but I’ll be voting for the Liberals come Tuesday. It’ll be the first time I’ve voted in a provincial election since 1996, and I hope to bring two to four other occasional voters with me.

    I still have grim memories of 1992, when Mike Harcourt immediately broke his campaign promises and began raising taxes wherever he could, lavishing the proceeds on his base.

  34. Interesting to see how many people Clark has brainwashed. The evidence is in how many callers on Bill Good`s program on CKNW 980 this morning recited her talking points.

    Think about her campaign lies.

    Claim: Budget is balanced.
    Fact: Budget is not balanced.

    Claim: Debt is under control.

    Fact: Debt is rising faster than under predecessor.

    Don`t get me wrong. Things would be equally bad under the NDP as I outline here: http://rameshranjan.com/2013/05/11/christy-dix-provincial-election/

    But Christy Clark is just the gift that keeps on giving: http://rameshranjan.com/2013/05/10/christy-clark-the-gift/

  35. Why don’t we follow the other province elections? Who cares about B.C.?

  36. Sounds like Nancy MacDonald is a Liberal Ringer. CC will stop at nothing to make herself popular….

    Some Food for thought – From and a Rabble.ca article:

    “In May 1989, the student newspaper at Simon Fraser University ran a
    story about embattled student union president-elect Christy Clark under
    the headline ‘Unfit for office?’ Clark was late paying a fine for
    violating election rules, and so she was removed from office.

    Twenty-four years later, Christy Clark is desperately trying to avoid being kicked out of office again…

    Here then, in no particular order, are 10 reasons why Christy Clark
    and the Liberals richly deserve to be booted out of office. This could
    have been a much longer list.

    The B.C. Liberals allowed gaping inequality to grow. Year
    after year, B.C. has had close to the highest rates of income
    inequality and child poverty in Canada. While the rich and corporations
    have received new tax breaks, welfare rates have remained scandalously
    low and social housing has received scant provincial support.

    The B.C. Liberals lied and privatized BC Rail. Of
    the many election promises Gordon Campbell brazenly broke, this was one
    of the biggest. Not only did the Liberals privatize a vital public asset
    after saying they wouldn’t, but the BC Rail scandal and subsequent
    criminal trial exposed the blatant corruption of the Liberals. Two
    senior B.C. Liberals eventually plead guilty, and the B.C. Liberal
    government agreed to pay their legal fees — close to $6 million!

    The B.C. Liberals’ cuts hurt the most vulnerable. While
    allowing social assistance rates to stay at appallingly low levels, the
    Liberals imposed additional cuts against the poor who live with
    disabilities, and reduced access to assistance for those living with

    The B.C. Liberals made it easier to exploit child labour. Bill
    37 changed the rules so that kids as young as 12 could work almost
    anywhere. This has made B.C. one of the worst jurisdictions in North
    America in terms of child labour, and led to an increase of child
    workplace injuries.

    The B.C. Liberals ripped up union agreements. In
    their ideological zeal to attack working people, in 2002 the Liberals
    tore up contracts with health care workers. This was an unprecedented
    attack on the rights of workers. In 2007 the Supreme Court of Canada
    ruled that major parts of the Liberals’ Bill 29 were in fact

    The B.C. Liberals neglected parks and conservation. In
    2012 the B.C. Liberals killed a plan for a new national park in South
    Okanagan. The move was par-for-the-course; the Liberals have
    systematically undermined BC Parks, among other things cutting back on
    park conversation officers and installing parking metres in provincial

    The B.C. Liberals squandered billions on boondoggles. The
    Liberals poured two billion dollars into building a new Port Mann
    bridge, while underfunding public transit; they spent half a billion
    dollars putting a new roof on BC Place, while failing to provide enough
    funding to put roofs over the homeless.

    The B.C. Liberals have been boosters for Big Oil and Gas. Christy
    Clark’s former chief of staff was once a lobbyist for Enbridge. Clark
    avoided taking any stand at all on Enbridge until widespread public
    opposition forced her to address the issue. On the Kinder Morgan
    pipeline, Clark has attacked Dix and the NDP for opposing the pipeline
    while failing to make her own position clear.

    The B.C. Liberals have given a green light to fracking. As
    jurisdictions around the world impose restrictions on this dangerous
    method of extracting gas, Clark and the Liberals won’t even support the
    NDP’s call for a full scientific review of fracking.

    The Liberals have ignored Indigenous people’s inherent rights and opposition to mega-projects,
    including the Indigenous wall of opposition to the tar sands pipelines,
    and the Tsilhqot’in opposition to the Fish Lake copper and gold mine.
    And we should not forget the insulting referendum on Native rights that
    Campbell’s government held. Indigenous peoples deserve respect and

  37. im a new canadian and first time voter.
    i dont have the baggage the others have and think cristy well be fine give her a chance

  38. “There’s a group of people who want the NDP to win the next election. And there is a group of people with personal agendas who are prepared to put their personal agendas ahead of the agenda of British Columbia.” = Christie Clark

    So. Let’s do BC a favour. Let’s leave this here and see what Christie Clark does for the next …. oh … I don’t know …. four years, say?

  39. attacking the Liberals for “years of scandals,” and of “mismanagement and misleading voters.” All fair game – you wrote this? Good. Let’s just make sure how accurate the NDP is by analyzing what exactly Christie Clark is going to do – MEDIA ROCKS!!!!!!!

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