Alberta premier stayed at a hotel that cost almost $900 a night -

Alberta premier stayed at a hotel that cost almost $900 a night

Alison Redford tops a taxpayer group’s ‘naughty’ list


EDMONTON – The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has put Alberta Premier Alison Redford at the top of its provincial government “naughty” list for staying in a Washington, D.C. hotel that charged $876 a night.

The federation says Redford’s posted expense claims also show she charged taxpayers for $22 coffees and a $31 hamburger while in the U.S. capital.

Other Redford expenses in 2013 included an almost $8,000 airfare to New Brunswick and a $6,000 flight to Chicago.

The taxpayers group also singled out Thomas Lukaszuk, who was deputy premier and advanced education minister until a recent cabinet shuffle.

It points out he spent more than $9,000 on a trip to Europe and claimed 17 flights between Edmonton and Calgary.

Justice Minister Jonathan Denis heads the “nice” list for “having the most boring expense claim two years’ running.”

Alberta has an expense disclosure policy which directs senior government officials to post their expenses online.


Alberta premier stayed at a hotel that cost almost $900 a night

  1. Life’s so sweet when you’re not paying with your own money, ain’t it?

    • Its not even a taxable benefit nor deducted as vacation time/pay.

      Thats for tax slaves of state, the taxpayers who produce real stuff that makes society work despite government.

  2. Is there no end to the media bullying of our elected right wing politicians?

    • Nope, just too many naive voters well conditioned to vote for the statism well funded Redford line. Ottawa/CBC well conditioned the voters against all alternatives so the federalist Redford would rule and bow to Ottawa and back room deals.

      We only have the illusion we are a democracy as we are too easy to deceive. Back room money and back room power buy elections, and media will sell it. As we are too busy working like tax slaves to see what is really going on.

      Alberta BTW is now a net debtor province like the rest. As Redford runs down Alberta, it should diminish our transfer payments to colonial Ottawa.

    • Are you defending $22 tax payer funded coffees? If anyone is being bullied it’s the taxpayer…

  3. Incredibly, Alison Redford outdoes Bev Oda!

    • Yep. CBC supported too. CBC would never run this story as Redford is a federalist-statism back room friend and would not be against CBC corporate welfare.

      CBC even behaves like government, while many at Macleans are working, CBC has goofed off until January with only a skeleton crew. Just like government.

  4. We also paid for an Olympic vacation and a vacation to South Africa and China.

    After all, our egalitarians love the tax free all expense paid vacations. You should see their lucrative fully indexed pensions, benefits and expenses we pick up.

    And they want our respect? Hahahaha…the arrogance and narcissism shines bright with corrupt Canadian politicians.

  5. Oink Oink Squeeeeee Oink Oink Oink……

  6. Iy is far from me to defend this expense, but there are expensive places in this world. And what bugs me is that this is the core of Canadian political debate. Never mind a debate on the deficit, on post secondary education, on health care, on proper sentencing and other worthy topics. No, but if we can find someone who spends this kind of money then we have the debate going, in some cases in overdrive…

  7. oooohhhh!!!! grt hotel.