Redford says she will pay back $45K

Alberta’s Premier and an assistant went to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral


EDMONTON – Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she will pay back the $45,000 it cost for her and an assistant to fly to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Redford says the controversy around the expense has become a distraction and she wants to put it behind her.

The premier has already apologized for the high price tag.

Redford has been criticized for not keeping a closer eye on the costs of the trip.

The premier and her aide took a provincial government plane to Ottawa to catch a free flight with Harper to South Africa.

She and the aide flew home early on a commercial flight at a cost of $10,000 each to attend the swearing-in of her new cabinet.

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Redford says she will pay back $45K

  1. This $45K is just the tip of the iceberg. The Alberta PC government MLA’s have apparently been spending millions yearly to lease jets so they can take flights (sometimes separate ones to the same destination within minutes of one another) at a whim with no thought to the financial cost. It would seem that the premier and her caucus have only been concerned with ensuring they don’t inconvenience themselves. Well…that is not completely fair. The premier is concerned about not inconveniencing her child and her child’s friend, both of whom she took on the jet with her on a few occasions.

  2. Didn’t she say she had “already” paid it back?

    • No. She is saying she will be pay back the $45K. What she said before is that she would pay around $3K for her daughter’s friend who also flew on the government plane which was against policy.

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