B.C. parents to get cash if teachers’ strike continues

Parents will be able to register online for the subsidy, says B.C. finance minister


VICTORIA – The B.C. government is making plans to give parents $40 a day for every child under 13 if a teachers’ strike continues into the start of the school year.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong says parents will be able to register online for the subsidy, which could be used to get tutoring for their children, to explore other educational opportunities or to for pay for day care.

He says the money would be funded from the government’s savings of $12 million each day that teachers are on strike and for as long as the labour dispute continues.

De Jong says cheques would likely not be issued until October and that the program would not be retroactive to cover days when teachers were off the job in June.

Little progress has been made in ending the conflict that put half a million students out of school for almost two weeks before the usual start of the summer break.

The province has repeatedly said wage demands by the teachers’ union are outside its “affordability zone” and far beyond what other public-sector workers have received.

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B.C. parents to get cash if teachers’ strike continues

  1. i think it is great parents have some remedy against the blackmail of their children by the teachers union and some way to stand up against the big bully tactics of the teachers union.

    parents are also starting to see the teachers are more concerned about propping up a failing union system than actually caring for the children. parents don’t want more rhetoric ‘about the children’, but actual answers to real questions like:

    1. does this entrenched union system really work when just a few weeks ago a teacher was given a slap on the wrist and a short term suspension for calling a minority student a racial slur and sexualizing his young female students by telling those young girls to wear short pink shorts to better attract boys?

    2. is this teacher union so obsessed with more money and more entitlements that they jeopardized grade 12 students chances to university and college by choosing to strike precisely before grade 12 student exams all the while leveraging bizarre demands like $3,000 a year in massage, $5,000 signing bonuses and in vitro fertilization?

    3. are union fat cats like Jim Iker and his teacher wife – who make over $220,000 a year – really just more concerned about preserving this entrenched union system and their extravagant lifestyle than they are for the welfare of the children?

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