What kind of Canada do you want in 2020?

Maclean’s joins #Can2020 to debate and discuss


#Can2020: Oct. 2 and 3 in Ottawa.

On Oct. 2 and 3 in Ottawa, Maclean’s will join Canada 2020 in timely and wide-ranging conversation and debate around the issues that will define Canada’s future.

Guests and speakers at the two-day event will include politicians (Monte Solberg, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, John Manley — to name just some), academics (Fen Hampson, Paul Boothe, Matthew Mendelsohn, Robert Asselin), strategists (Kathleen Monk, Jaime Watt and David Herle), business leaders (Robert Prichard, Joe Natale) and more.

Maclean’s is proud to serve as media sponsor of #Can2020 and will provide full coverage of events. For registration details, follow this link. 

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What kind of Canada do you want in 2020?

  1. One that is finally out of both the Middle Ages and the 1950s and well into the Knowledge Age instead.

  2. A Canada that embraces its roots, including immigration and the aboriginals of our country, a Canada that puts the environment ahead of the almighty buck. Best of all, a Canada that is leading the world in renewable resource use, one where we embrace wind and solar power and lead the world in its designs and applications. That is my “pipe dream” for this once grand country!

  3. Okay. How about a Canada out from under the wave of
    Black/Asper legacy media chock-a-block with Posties,
    ex-Posties, Postie-wanna-bes and assorted associated
    misanthropes. How about that, eh?

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