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‘Lock her up’ chant is heard during Chris Alexander’s speech

The Conservative leadership hopeful says he didn’t approve, but didn’t try to stop the crowd from referring to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley in this way

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander speaks to the media about Canada's plan to provide faster help for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees wishing to come to Canada during a press conference in Toronto on Saturday, September 19, 2015. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP)

Former immigration minister Chris Alexander at a press conference in Toronto Sept. 19, 2015. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP)

Federal Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander says he didn’t stop a crowd calling for Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to be locked up because politicians need to listen to constituents.

The former immigration minister was speaking at a rally against the provincial NDPs’ planned carbon tax Saturday when protesters began the “Lock her up” chant popularized during president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

“I totally disapprove of that particular chant. I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think it’s the right thing to say at a rally or elsewhere, and that’s why I didn’t join it,” Alexander said Sunday.

The Edmonton rally was organized by Rebel Media, an online news and right-wing opinion outlet, and video of the incident was posted on Twitter by the website’s Alberta bureau chief Sheila Gunn Reid.

The video shows the ralliers start by chanting “Vote her out,” but as they grow louder, the message changes.

As they chant “Lock her up,” Alexander smiles and appears to gesture in time with the chant, nodding along.

Someone can be heard shouting, “That’s enough! That’s enough!” in the background, and as Alexander smiles and nods, the camera turns to face the crowd.

At no point in the video does Alexander stop the protesters or say anything about their chant.

“You don’t pick it up in the video, but I started to say the words in time with them, ‘Vote her out,’ and then the next point I made was about the ballot box,” he said. “I expressed my disapproval by talking about something completely different: voting. I think that was pretty clear.”

He said he thinks the chants came from a place of pain.

“Alberta’s hurting. Unemployment there is at nine per cent; that’s the highest in 22 years,” he said, adding that many of the people in the crowd had lost their jobs.

The province is introducing a broad-based carbon tax on gasoline at the pumps and home and business heating bills, starting on Jan. 1, which Alexander says will just make things harder for people who are already struggling, though the NDP say it’s an important part of lowering carbon emissions.

Representatives for Notley declined to comment on the incident.


‘Lock her up’ chant is heard during Chris Alexander’s speech

  1. Okay……enough stupidity.

    We can’t ask people to serve their country and then act like fools

    Are we going for mob rule now?

  2. Told ya so.

    They who squawk the loudest win and how they love to squawk. Thumped with Trumpisms. Doesn’t matter the NDP government will be issuing cheques to offset the negative impacts. Can’t argue with those who have been kicked in the head. They’re right, they’re always right even when it’s harmful to Alberta’s future interests.

  3. Interesting looking gathering there.

    Seems unfair to pin it all on Alexander, they were primed and ready to go anyway though he should have put the brakes on for sure.

    I find this crowd and the fact that the Conservative candidates both federal and provincial are pandering to them to be pretty scary.
    Check it our for yourself.


  4. It’s Ezra Levant’s crowd…..a group that should be deported for ‘not having Canadian values’

    • Ezra Levant’s crowd right wing, so you must be the left wing, now fly off to cry in your liberal corner and whine, with Jihadi Justin who just gave 15 million of our dollars to UNRAW who is affiliated with Hamas a terrorist group.

      • Drink much?

  5. Disappointed that he seemed to pander to this nonsense. It debases us all and we’re better than this. I may not agree with former Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain’s politics, but I respected the fact that he had the common decency and courage to stop a woman from calling Obama an “Arab” at one of his rally’s and said Obama was a decent man and a patriot. Perhaps, Alexander should take a page out of his book. Shameful.

    • Agreed. His lack of leadership skills were on full display in this incident. And of course after the fact he’s back pedalling as fast as he can. Not a leader!

  6. Relax people – do we really need to be this politically correct that we cannot even roar out a chant to demonstrate our displeasure ??? Personally, Scott Gilmore’s verbal attack on Ezra Levant today has convinced me to make a donation to Ezra and the Rebel !!
    Now – if the crowd had been talking about Kathleen Wynne – I’m sure that the crowd would actually MEAN what they were chanting – because I would be in that crowd and meaning ever bit of it !!!

    • You elect someone….and then want them to be jailed?

      Another poster on here who’s drinking

      • and you are saying that Kathleen Wynne does not deserve jail ?!?!?! What planet are you on ???

      • She’s at 13% approval rating – and I guess you must be one of her ‘deplorables’

        • SHEAK You are right her approval rating has dropped significantly and I pray she is out by 2018. The Liberals have destroyed Ontario and the blame has to be shared by the morons that voted this government in. If she had self respect she would step down now, but she lacks self respect so it is likely that won’t happen.

          • Are you people crazy??

            Yes, she’s currently unpopular but there is no reason for jail…..not even close.

            Pull yourselves together.

          • Jail is EXACTLY where she belongs !

          • Sheak….on what charge?