Conservatives, Liberals and NDP use running donation tallies in year-end pitches

Parties send out weekly donor letters pleading for more money


OTTAWA – The federal Conservative and Liberal parties are both boasting to supporters that they are on the cusp of raking in $2 million in donations this month as a self-imposed midnight deadline looms.

The very public running tallies of donations are just the latest twist in a furious fundraising battle that has seen the Liberals under Justin Trudeau start to chip away at the Conservatives’ long-running fundraising supremacy.

The New Democrats have also joined the fray, telling supporters in emailed pitches this week that they’ve raised more than $525,000 in December in an effort to reach a target of $750,000 by midnight.

Donors wishing to cash in on fat tax rebates for political donations on their 2013 tax return must make a contribution before the New Year, a fact all the political parties emphasize in their pitches for donations.

The three major parties have all been sending out almost daily pleas over the past three weeks.

But the year-end effort to stampede partisans into contributions belies the fact a federal election is not expected until the fall of 2015 — and that those 75 per cent tax rebates on political donations aren’t going away.

“Dec. 31 is an important fundraising deadline — and we need your help,” Conservative party president John Walsh stated in an email Tuesday.

That followed a more pointed pitch on Monday, when Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney wrote that “if we lose the next election, you can bet our opponents will repeal every single tough-on-crime law we’ve passed.”

The latest Liberal pitch came under the signature of Trudeau, who warned what the Conservatives are “capable of when they’re able to outraise and outspend us month after month. That ends today.”

The NDP, meanwhile, is telling supporters that “if we reach our goal of $750,000, we’ll show Stephen Harper just how strong we are — and we’ll have the resources we need to compete with him.”

Figures released by Elections Canada show the Conservatives remain a fundraising Goliath, raking in $12.8 million through the first three quarters of 2013. That compares to $6.9 million for the Liberals (a total boosted by last spring’s leadership race) and $4.5 million by the New Democrats.

The Liberals boasted more individual donors than the Conservative party in the second and third quarters of 2013, a significant achievement given the dominance of the governing party over the past decade.

As Walsh told Conservative supporters in an email when the December fundraising drive kicked into high gear earlier this month: “The success of our party over the last 10 years has been a result of our ability to consistently raise more money than our opposition.”


Conservatives, Liberals and NDP use running donation tallies in year-end pitches

  1. Seems like Trudeau is finally tapping into the old Bay Street corporate donors and his Trust Fund buddies. At least we know who will be pulling his strings come the next campaign.

    • Evidence, Stupie?
      Just kidding! You can’t cite your imagination.

      • You will note Cons have gone berserk in the last couple of weeks as they sink in popularity. Combined with Xmas drinking…..LOL

        • How do you figure “Cons” have gone “berserk” in the last couple of weeks?

          • Tons of wild, and often vicious, posts on here and other chatsites.

            I mean…more than normal. LOL

          • I’m sure you have empirical evidence to back that up, don’t you? You wouldn’t just be making crap up again, would you?

          • LOL listen I’ve cut two people from my inbox in just a day because of the nonsense….there are lots of others, but these two were extreme. When they start to spam I block the door.

          • LOL!

            You run away when you bet BUSTED for the BS you post.

          • And you say that with a straight face. Or are you laughing your ass off while typing?

          • Well Emilechka I’d have to say that in terms of “wild and vicious” you’re pretty much up to holding your own.

          • If people are civil to me, I’m civil to them.

            If they take shots…..I return fire.

          • Ah Emily, your modesty is charming.
            Nevertheless, have a Happy and Prosperous 2014.

          • Heh….you too, John

          • If someone engages you in a battle of wits, you lose.

          • If that was the case, then the Libs went ‘berserk’, since you seem to post nonstop dreck.

          • She would know from wild and vicious, wouldn’t she.

          • I was getting the impression, she’s more the ‘dazed and confused’ type…

        • Speaking of going berserk, you’re the expert at that.

      • Evidence? His chief fundraiser is a fellow trust fund baby who manages one of the largest corporations in Canada. You think he hired him because of his connections to grass roots, working class folk?

        How about you provide me some evidence that says otherwise, Stupie.

        • Harper’s bagman is what – a small town grocery store owner?

          • You don’t understand the difference between a self-made businessman and a guy who was handed the key’s to his father’s empire, just because he was the eldest son? One requires years of hard work, the other requires nothing more than existing.

            I will give Bronfman credit for at least managing his own trust fund though, which was more than Trudeau was ever capable of.

          • Bronfman was brought on board to raise money – he’s doing it – suck it up.

          • I didn’t argue that he wasn’t brought on board to raise money. I simply pointed out that he’s a Bay Street Trust Fund baby. You can’t say that I’m wrong.

        • I know it’s hard for you to distinguish reality from your imagination, but evidence would be records of these corporate donations or even the testimony of those making them.
          The only corporate donations I’m aware of were to a Conservative, and laundered through the company’s employees.

          • Let’s see them.

    • Sorta’ like how Harper recruited one of his own Bay Street buddies to donate his time as PMO Chief of Staff. How’d that work out, anyway?

      • Again, Nigel was the son of an engineer. He didn’t get his money handed to him on a silver platter.

        Why do Liberals always hate people who get rich on their own, but hold all the trust fund babies of the world up on a pedestal?

        • Probably because anyone can MAKE money…..keeping it is the trick.

          Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations.

        • Still a Bay Street boy, regardless of the origins of his wealth. So, your comment smacks of hypocrisy.

          And why do Cons always reflexively interpret any criticism as “hate”? Surely, you can do better than puerile grade school retorts…or can you?

          • OK, why do you have more respect for a trust fund baby than for a self-made man?

          • I don’t…the spurious distinction was yours, not mine.

    • Better them than the NRA.

      • Well in terms of personal honesty, integrity and a benevolent attitude toward one’s fellow man, I’ll take the NRA over some pouffed up flounder from Bay Street any day of the week.

        • You’re funny.

  2. Trudeau is doing what needs to be done. He is rebuilding the party and raising money. The LPC is not dead, despite Harper’s great efforts.

    I think the fundraising is especially important since the spending limits on campaign expenses only kick in once the writ is dropped. This means Harper can delay dropping the writ and spend spend spend on campaigning months before he does. The LPC need to be able to compete with that. Since we have a fixed election date everyone knows when that election will be – unless Harper breaks his own law again I suppose…

    • How many libs have been convicted again? I lost count….

      • Which has what to do with my point? Oh yeah. Nothing. Nothing at all.

        Happy New Year.

        • The point was your lib pals are the worst crooks of the bunch.

          Did you get that point?
          Oh yeah, you didn’t.

          Not at all…..

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You fail to deflect from my question which you STILL have not answered.

            Lead by example.

            Get some help with your reading comprehension disability.

          • Ask a relevant question and maybe I will answer.

            Try again.

          • Answer the question….

            Or, keep squirming….squeal like a pig, while you’re at it.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Squeal like a pig.

    • “despite Harper’s great efforts.” would be much more accurate if worded “despite their own best efforts.”