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Election 2015: Evan Solomon on the week ahead

A Conservative reboot, greater scrutiny for Mulcair and Trudeau, and the Bruce Carson trial. Three things to watch for on the campaign trail


It’s been a terrible first half of the campaign for the Conservatives, lurching from Duffy to recession to the refugee crisis, and further undermined by infighting among the inner campaign circle. And yes, they’ve often polled in third place. But with a new advisor, Australian Lynton Crosby, it would be a huge mistake to count out Stephen Harper. Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, will come under closer scrutiny in the days ahead—Mulcair has been the frontrunner for weeks, and frontrunners feel the toughest headwinds. And amid all the campaigning, the Bruce Carson trial is set to get underway: Carson, a former senior advisor to Stephen Harper, faces charges of influence peddling.

Here are your Three to Things Watch as we pass the election campaign’s half-way point:


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Election 2015: Evan Solomon on the week ahead

  1. Sometimes I question columnists vision/perceptiveness, especially when I read something like this and Mr. Wherry’s comments. Where are you guys getting your info. EKOS’s (no friend of the Conservatives) Graves, has already said that the refugee situation has not hurt the Tories, as the majority of Canadians support a policy that demands national security above all. NANOS has shown them gaining daily the past few days. Today (Sunday) Nik says they are at 32% and leading. I would say, paraphrasing one of Trudeau Sr’s favourite readings, that Mr. Harper’s universe is unfolding just as he wishes to date. BTW is bringing in Mr. Crosby any different than other parties importing Obama advisers or union strategists from the US. Just askin’.

    • Yes I was wondering why they have not profiled Mr. Trudeau’s close adviser. his brother,who has showed such devotion to the Middle East.
      I had thought that Evan might show more intellect after leaving CBC but alas it has not come about. The media is mostly very biased but many do belong to a Union and therefore supporting(openly) the left.