Harper only loves Israel

The PM’s relationship with everyone else in the Middle East? Complicated.


Sean Kilpatrick/CP

“In standing up for the truth, your voice, Stephen, has been an indispensable one.” —Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister 

Stephen Harper loves Israel. That’s the easiest thing to understand about the Prime Minister’s first adventure in the Middle East. Everything else is complicated. Everyone else is less loved.

Harper received a hero’s welcome when he landed in Jerusalem. He arrived with an entourage of more than 200 people, and earned words of endearment from Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a gracious friend who lauded Harper’s devotion to the Israeli cause. “This world is often cynical and hypocritical, and you have shown great moral leadership. In standing up for the truth, your voice, Stephen, has been an indispensable one.” Harper’s arrival landed above the fold on the Jerusalem Post. That’s the easy part.

Now, the hard part. This morning, the PM travelled to Ramallah for a meeting with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. The PM pledged $66 million in aid to institution-building projects in Palestinian territories. The people who will benefit from the money appreciate the gesture. And, at the same time, some Palestinians don’t even mind the affection Harper has for Israelis.

“We are not questioning Canada’s relations with Israel. It’s a sovereign decision of Canada to take any position it likes,” Abdullah Abdullah, the deputy commissioner for international relations in Abbas’s Fatah movement, told the Toronto Star. “But we question really Canada’s policies towards the Palestinians. We see that this is unfair and does not fit Canada’s image or Canada’s international standing.”

Abdullah’s boss, Nabeel Shaath, wrote in a Globe and Mail op-ed that millions in aid for institution-building is only effective to a point. “We do need institutions, and we are grateful for the support we get, but these projects cannot be sustainable unless the Israeli occupation is brought to an end,” he wrote. “Mr. Harper and his colleagues are always welcome to our country, but I wish I could be more optimistic about this visit.”

Shaath repeated the Palestinian claim that Harper’s team supports Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Last June, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird visited East Jerusalem, a territory controlled by Israel—occupied, to anyone who’s opposed to the presence—since 1967. Baird’s sojourn at least implied support for Israel’s claim. And Harper’s friendship with Netanyahu, a man who’s not pulling any settlements out of Palestinian lands, seems to solidify support for Israel’s current policy.

Except that the official Canadian position, criticized last week by former Israeli ambassador Alan Baker, comes nowhere near support for Israeli occupation—yes, an official document uses that word—of Palestinian lands. “Canada does not recognize permanent Israeli control over territories occupied in 1967,” reads the policy statement. “Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The settlements also constitute a serious obstacle to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

Does that statement, or pledged aid, or kind words about a two-state solution mean anything to Palestinians, or other nearby Arab nations? Shimon Fogel, the CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, thinks so. “[Conservatives] have a degree of comfort and confidence that support expressed for legitimate Palestinian aspirations and challenges facing Jordan don’t come at the expense of the support expressed for Israel,” he told The Globe. Abdullah and Shaath are, of course, skeptical. Michael Bell, a former Canadian ambassador to Israel and Jordan, asks a pertinent question: “Are we going to change the policy document? Is Israel going to ask for that?”

Harper certainly drew a line last month, when he spoke at a tribute dinner held in his honour by the Jewish community. That evening, Israel was a “light of freedom and democracy.” Everything surrounding it was a “region of darkness.”

Harper loves Israel. Everything else is complicated.


Globe: Stephen Harper arrived to a gracious welcome in Israel.

Post: Harper’s friendship with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu takes the world stage.

Star: Palestinians are wary of Harper’s perceived favouritism of Israelis over Palestinians.

Citizen: The bodies of two Canadian accountants killed in an Afghan terrorist attack arrived in Canada.

CBC: Harper pledged $66 million in aid to Palestinians on Monday morning.

CTV: Harper met with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.

NNW: A law prof called a parliamentary confidentiality agreement “unenforceable.”


Near: A Canadian soldier who worked just outside of Ottawa died of suicide, the eighth case in two months.

Far: Twenty-eight people were injured after two explosions hit anti-government protests in Bangkok.


Harper only loves Israel

  1. Harper’s Conservatives seem to be asbestos-peddling, science book-burning fascists who are probably just learning that The Fiddler on the Roof isn’t a performer at barn-raising square dances.

    • Worse yet because they are fully educated and choose this path for the CPC party power as well as their own , all for money

    • Alberta’s unemployment rate is 39% lower than Ontario’s.
      Workers in Alberta generate 21% more per week in earnings than their Ontario counterparts.
      In 2012 Ontario ran a whopping trade DEFICIT of $99 billion while Alberta ran a trade SURPLUS of $68 billion.
      Ontario’s population is approximately 12.8 million vs Alberta’s 3.6 million. Alberta workers are more productive; generate more tax revenue per worker; are less likely to be unemployed and thus on the government doll, and create a massive trade surplus.

      So let’s not kid ourselves, “venting”, the only thing Liberals are good at is spending other people’s money. If it wasn’t for Conservatives, Liberal Canada would be a third world country.

      • Ontario contributes 40% of Canada’s GDP

        Alberta only 16%.

        When Harper got in…..there was a multi-billion dollar surplus…..which he promptly frittered away. Harper then gave us the biggest deficit in our history.

        Think before you post.

        • So, the 10% of the country that is Alberta contributes 16% of our GDP should genuflect in the general direction of the 40% of the country that contributes 40% of the GDP……?
          BTW, if you paid occasional attention, you would have noticed the Lib/NDP screaming at the top of their lungs for the feds to spend even more money they didn’t have in 2008-2009. They were not interested in merely frittering away the surplus. They were hell bent on eradicating it from existence and memory, never to return.

          • Alberta needs to stop believing it is single-handedly
            supporting this country. It is not.

            Myths are killing Alberta.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • The Alberta taxpayer pays a federal tax premium because they are Albertan?

          • Greater than $3000 for every man, woman, and child in Alberta annually leaves this province in the form of federal taxation that is subsequently spent elsewhere. Factor in the number of children and non-taxpaying government workers, etc, and the hard reality is that the average household in the province of Alberta has a 15-20K annual millstone around it’s neck called “federal equalization formula.”.
            If my federal, per capita outflow were to be capped at 120% of federal per capita spending in Alberta, I could retire as early and as well-off as a federal employee that makes 2/3 what I make.
            Sound fair? Sounds fair to me. If not, what would be fair?

          • LOL lots of Albertans on here have said just that….you go on to say it yourself.

            You are a tiny place with tiny minds and a primary economy….and until you figure out how to behave in the world you’ll be ridiculed.

            In fact many of us wish you’d separate

          • And how would Quebec and PEI and Nova Scotia pay their bills if we were to separate? Remember, people in those places don’t pay taxes anywhere else. Shoot, they don’t even pay their own taxes. Meanwhile, I pay taxes in Alberta, Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.
            Without my money, where would they get the money to pay the tab that I’m currently picking up? And if they could do so, why aren’t they now?

          • No, you just talk rubbish.

          • You thrown so much money around maybe I could tap you for a loan.. So how come you guys had to get a bigger share of the Federal Health Budget at the expense of Ontario. Its called GREED and Payola to get you to all vote for Harper

          • Progressives like you are killing western civilization.

          • Progress is killing civilization?

            Do you understand English?

          • Probably not since he’s a proud regressive.

        • Take your own advice.

      • If Alberta wasn’t sitting on an ocean of sludge where would they be? More importantly, what have they done with the windfall?

        • It’s been given to Quebec you tard! Ontario had the manufacturing sector all to themselves for a looooong time, where did it all go?

          • China

          • Flaherty used to be finance minister under Mike Harris, He worked those books over too

      • And eastern Canadian money and people built Alberta. You’re like the clown who says “I started with a lousy ten million and look at me now.”

      • At the rate Mr Harper and his bobbleheads are going we will be a third world country. They might balance the budget but they will have closed down the country..

    • Nick Taylor-Varsay thanks you for your comment. He must be proud of posters like you.

  2. This comment was deleted.

    • if it’s not Mr. Coyne, it’s Mr. Taylor-Vasiey. What’s with trying to cut opinion writers down? New arrow in the Conservative quiver to discredit discourse and debate?

      Any quibble with the actual content?

      • This comment was deleted.

        • I hope you mean you in a more general sense, because it’s an unfounded accusation if directed at me. enjoy your afternoon.

        • No. We do that because you’re a frik’en loon and when we’re not laughing at you we’re wondering where all your hate comes from.

          • It’s a little rich that you would defend Palestinian suicide bombers and then lecture somebody else about hate.

          • How do people like you fail to see the atrocities committed by the Israeli military yet still maintain the ability to see the youngest children throwing rocks at Israeli tanks? The Pal Mach and Irgun initiated such tactics in Palestine against Palestinians and British soldiers. Now they have a large military supplied by America, France and Germany they no longer need suicide bombers. Didn’t some US government flunky say You fight with the weapons you have not the weapons you want? I’m sure if we supplied the Palestinians with such weapons and support the small time suicide bombings would stop overnight.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • oh yes, it’s plain! everyone has an axe to grind. It’s plain to see Harper is a raging megalomaniac! It’s plain to see Trudeau is a namby-pamby! It’s plain to see. Can’t you see?! Can’t you!

          “It’s plain to see” when attached to anything that’s opinion is plain to see through.

          Glad to see you reassert your original opinion. Having read your posts before, I probably shouldn’t have engaged, as getting a response to the things with question marks was a long shot.

          • And I am pleased that you didn’t delete my post for a second time.

        • You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  3. ‘An attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada.’

    When did we vote for that?

    • When we decided that we are a decent people.

      • ‘Decent people’ don’t steal land and murder Palestinians.

        • I totally agree… which is why the 700,000 Jews liquidated and expropriated from Arab countries like Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Libya and elsewhere should be afforded the exact same rights of return or reparations as will be eventually given the Palestinians that can prove their claims against Israel.

          Jews were in Iraq and Egypt for a full 1000 years before Islam was even invented. So if the argument is “we were here first” Jews were in Bagdhad in the 6th century BC long before the Baathists in Iraq took their land and marched them to the border in the 1950s and 60s.

          • Every Jew in the world is automatically an Israeli citizen.

            Palestine was around long before Israel.

          • Once again E1 your grasp of the facts is very entertaining, but wrong.

            Jews can obtain Israeli citizen but are not automatically Israeli citizens. Furthermore, just because you were a Jew of Iraqi heritage shouldn’t have entitled your government to take your land, job, assets and history and decamp you without due process of law.

            Palestine as the title for a region of land in that area of the world has been around for a long time. Anyone living in that region then at the time would have been called a Palestinian… including Jews. The Jerusalem Post – the largest circulation english language Jewish paper in the world – was called the Palestine Post up until the 1960s.

            But before the Palestinians were Palestinians as we now understand them, they were actually Egyptians (Gaza) and Jordanians (West Bank). Both of those countries which failed to give their “brother Arabs” the nation that everyone says they now so desperately want the Palestinians to have.

          • No dear, there were no Jews in early Palestine. They weren’t Egyptians either. They were Caananites. It’s in your Bible.

          • So is the direction from GOD to kill all the Caananites….which the Jews did…and claimed the land for themselves as God directed.
            Problem today, is that arab’s now want to do the same thing with the Jews, but Israel is a little too strong for them, and that is the fact which ticks off folks who don’t really like our Hebrew brothers and sisters…..no matter where they live.
            Seems there is a desire for everyone to have their own country…..except Jews.

          • No they aren’t. They can obtain Israeli citizen but they aren’t automatically Israelis.

            Yes it was as a geographic title but that is irrelevant to the question of what to do with the Egyptians and Jordanians living in Gaza and the West Bank.

          • Yes dear, they were.

            I TOLD you that you didn’t read enough.

          • Yep….but according to folks like Emily,
            The Dome of the Rock (third holiest shrine in Islam) was there first, thus proving the existence of Palestinians long before the Jews arrived. In fact, it was a bunch of sneaky Jewish masons who snuck into Israel over a period of weeks…and built the Wailing wall UNDERNEATH the Dome of the Rock.
            If that was NOT the case, then it would have been obvious that the Jewish temple was there first. Long before any palestinians arrived.

      • I wonder what the natives would think of your comment?

        • I agree that we should honour our treaties the same as Israel should honour its treaties.
          Harper does not support the honouring of either treaties.

          • You just hit the nail on the head

    • That’s a recipe for WW 3.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Another speech like that and he may get his wish

    • In case you didn’t notice, Emily…..
      The folks who like to kill Jews…..also spend a lot of time killing non-Jews.

      • If they like killing non-Jews then they have a lot in common with Israeli Jews don’t they?

        • Israelis like to kill non-Jews? Let’s look at the numbers. In the last full-out war with Lebanon, Israel killed between 1,000 to 2,000 people on the opposing side. In the current Syrian civil war, the Syrians have killed 130,000 of their own. Fact is, Arabs are responsible for orders of magnitude more Arab deaths than Israel is. But don’t let facts stand in the way of your anti-Semitism.

        • The Israeli Jews don’t spend time targeting innocent people, whereas the folks who like to kill Jews…..aim to do exactly that.
          you’re moral equivalency is showing.
          Now go back to NDP headquarters and try and contain the rage of Libby Davies.

      • Our PM just stirring the pot does not help the situation

        • Since when does taking a moral and ethical stand constitute sitrring the pot?
          “To hell with what the anti-semites think”…..is the appropriate response.
          Harper clearly pointed out that failure to state the obvious is simple cowardice. (hello Liberal Party of Canada)

          • Mixing religion and politics does not help the matter either..There are more problems over there to start with and no need for our PM to stoke the fire

    • I really do not have a problem with that. If they are your allies you should support them in time of need. I would hope that they would support us if we needed help.
      The question is should we support a government that imprisons whole populations?

      • Starting WWIII for Harper’s religious convictions is not an option.

      • The “prison” you refer to, offers more protections, more freedoms, and a much better quality of life than any of the “free” nations surrounding Israel.
        In fact, most Israeli arabs would rather be governed by the current Government of Israel, than the Governments of any Israeli neighbour.

    • If this clown gets us into a war on Israel’s side I know what side I’ll be working for and I’ll help the Palestinians any way I can.

      • your views on Jews and Israel is already well known….such proclamations are not at all surprising.
        If you want to help the Palestiniians….just keep voting NDP. They are not pro-palestinian as much as they are anit-Israel, but hey, we need to stay in polite company right?

    • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

      I wouldn’t have voted for MLK nor do i think this reasoning is fool-proof but this is the respect-worthy sentiment Harper was expressing. Because of course the day Harper spoke to the Knesset was also MLK Day in the states. So he included this kind of idea as a nod to MLK.

      • Then concern yourself with injustice to the Palestinians….because they were forced to pay for the Holocaust and the Germans got off scot-free.

        • Actually the Palestinians are due justice… from the Egyptian and Jordanian governments that didn’t help them declare their statehood and achieve their dreams when they had the chance between 1949 and 1967.

          And to be clear… Jews had the right to return to Israel in 1922 to found “a national home”, long before the Holocaust and what the Nazi’s did to them.

          • Like I said jr….you need to read more.

        • The very fact you think the Palestinians were the victims of the Holocaust, says all we need to know about your mindset, Emily.
          Clearly, that copy of Mein Kampf you keep in your Library, is dog eared and worn through repeated referencing. Though, you did post that you only read it for information purposes.
          you aren’t fooling anyone.

    • I am wondering that also. We always had an even hand.Now we just look like a bunch of blind fools

      • No,
        Harper exposed the fact we were blind fools with regards to Israel before he was the Prime Minister. Only now, are we showing the world what true moral character looks like.

        • We disagree on this point

    • Most sensible thing you have posted.

      • Yet it’s still more relevant than anything you’ve posted.

  4. Nothing like a Harper editorial to bring out the Harper haters, left wing socialists suffering from an acute care of arrested mental development!!!

    • This is a democracy. Harper is a passing politician, not a god. It is quite legal to be in opposition to him.

      • Opposition is one thing, demonizing quite another.

        • Harper created his own persona….live with it.

      • Thankfully the same is true in Israel but not in:

        The West Bank
        Turkey (leads world in imprisoned journalists)
        Saudi Arabia

        • Well other than the fact you know little about the world….Harp only needs to worry about one country.

      • Don’t worry folks…..
        If Harper hated Israel, or was an anti-semite, Emily would be his number one fan.
        It’s a strange thing to behold….when you actually talk to people who can’t stand Harper…..his stance on Israel, and the Jewish people alwasy seems to be their main problem with him.

  5. Well this about does it for Harper. I’d vote liberal over this goy again.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • And I’m sure all the Palestinian haters won’t. I do have a question for you. Are you a Nazi hater? If so, do you hate them for being German or for what they did?

      • Just because somebody does not agree with the stand of the State does not automatically make them a hater of any one..

  6. Headline is incorrect. It should read “Israeli Prime Minister returns after a long stay in Canada”

    • LOL

  7. What he (Netanyahu ) says.

    Canada’s official policy on what it takes for there to be a two state solution remains intact…we just can’t talk about it. Especially not within earshot of Netanyahu or a Likud party member.

    There are times when I think this PM has a problem with the very concept of a rational universe. Perhaps he thinks God isn’t rational? Certainly he imagines the creator has a Conservative Party membership card lying around somewhere.

  8. There are 208 official guests on this junket, paid for by taxpayers. Included are 21 rabbis and Ezra Levant’s father.

    Is there a rabbi shortage in Israel? Maybe they have a Temporary Foreign Rabbi program?

    • The rabbi thing seems to be a bit patronizing – of course the whole things is patronizing. I wonder if he took a bunch of bagels too?

  9. I suppose the people who are ranting against Harper and the Conservatives really don’t spend much time pondering history and the values this country has stood for through 2 World Wars, the Korean Conflict and beyond.

    When I look at the Israel vs Palestinian situation, there is no solution from the perspective of hardliners on the Palestinian side. They want Israel destroyed or otherwise moved off of “their” land, which includes all of the state of Israel.

    Decades of conflict have resulted in countless hijackings and bombings of passenger aircraft, machine gun and grenade attacks on airports, all manner of bombings within Israel targeting civilians, and periodic volleys of rockets fired at Israeli cities, towns and farms. One the eve of the Olympics, we are also reminded of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich by Black September and their allies.

    Israel and Palestine are also a contrast in industriousness and prosperity of their citizens. The Israelis have built a modern state, with a high standard of living and are world leaders in areas such technology and medicine. Instead of negotiating a peaceful settlement and improving the lives of its people the Palestinians have chosen a path that leads to constant conflict with their more powerful neighbor; condemning their people to living in a state of “near war” and suffering the consequences of retaliation for
    attacks launched from with their territory. Part of this is due Hezbollah waging a proxy war on behalf of Iran, who supplies the group with weapons and money.

    Canada rightfully stands for a resolution that is fair to both parties and is achievable within the historical realities that created the state of Israel, and opposes the use of terrorist methods to achieve political ends.

    • @AccuracyCheck:disqus – 1972 Olympics? Were you even born yet?

      We are also marking the 5th anniversary of the Gaza Massacre where 1400 Palestinians were killed, 30% of them children.

      Don’t bother talking about rockets from Hamas. The odds have always been much higher that an Israeli will be killed in a car accident or by another angry Israeli (homocide) that by a rocket from Hamas.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Nothing Israel does prevents the Palestinian people from going about their lives peaceably. Nothing Israel does prevents the Palestinians from engaging in civil society and pursuing lawful commerce and trading amongst themselves and with the rest of the world.

          That is a such a profoundly stupid and absurd statement that it is obvious there is no point in explaining why you might be wrong. The facts will only get in the way, right?

          • Name one thing- one simple thing- that Israel does that prevents the Palestinians from living peaceable lives devoted to faith, family, and commerce. One thing.

          • Uh, the embargo on Gaza? The expansion of illegal settlements even during the peace talks? How about that huge wall? Or the Israeli only roads? Or evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

            I could go on but there is no point. Please read the previous comment Bill Greenwood, if that is your real name.

          • Unlike you, I have the guts to post using my real name.

          • So you say.

          • Ummm,(checking drivers license, credit cards) Yup! That’s me. Bill Greenwood. Pic on the license even looks like me, so I’m pretty sure i’m Bill Greenwood. Aaaand, I’m pretty sure your real name ain’t Nite Owl.

          • Actually it is. It’s legal in Canada to call yourself anything as long as you don’t use your nom de plume to commit fraud.

          • Coward.

          • How about bulldozing your house, taking your land and building settlements. Or how about building a wall in between your house and your work, setting up a checkpoint and not allowing you to go through. Of course the wall was built taking 10% of the west bank illegally.

          • Israel won’t let them leave their open air prison, even to go to school or get medical care. There’s that.

          • Thousands of Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals every year… including Syrian, Qatari, Saudi, Turkish “soldiers” currently fighting both for and against Syria.

            And in terms of leaving for school… how do you think the Muslim Arabs of Fatah have succeeded in emptying Bethelhem of its historic Christian population? The young and bright have left to go to school abroad and never returned home because their own people reject them because they aren’t Muslim.

        • Then explain this:
          “the Hamas government had agreed to accept a Palestinian state that
          followed the 1967 borders and to offer Israel a long-term hudna, or
          truce, if Israel recognized the Palestinians’ national rights.”

          Also the Palestinian Papers revealed that when Abbas agreed to every Israeli condition for a peace deal, Israel still refused to sign:

          For those who are unaware, most of the bold faced war mongering lies and hate propaganda like the above are posted by people paid by Israel:

          • Why would Israel be expected to cede territory that came under Israeli control by way of a war that was started and subsequently lost by Egypt and Syria?

          • I thought that was Israel defending itself. Correct me if I am wrong.

          • Eh… I’m not the first to defend Israel in anything, but all the arguments as to why Israel should move back to the 1967 borders have the racist whiff of “The Arabs don’t know any better and the Jews should be better than that”.

            After all, why shouldn’t the Arab states lose territory when they launched the war? 1967 is also a very long time ago. When is it permissible to declare your territory your territory? It isn’t like Canadians were going to give back all the land we displaced natives from to form the western provinces in the 1980’s.

          • It’s called a war crime. Look it up. Israeli Jews are usually very happy to talk about war crimes. Well just one war crime but never their own of course. Can you guess which one?

          • Exactly… Egypt and Jordan ruled the West Bank and Gaza for 18 years from 1949 to 1967 and yet they didn’t give their “Palestinian brothers” their long sought for statehood.

            So why should the Israelis be expected to give it to them?

      • I do agree… Israelis are VERY bad drivers.

        But rockets aren’t meant to kill… they are meant to terrorize. To keep Israelis from living the life that Hamas and Fatah have failed to give the Palestinians they rule. A life filled with the mundane things we all want… a job, a school within walking distance, a hospital to take our aging parents to and a government that doesn’t gas, disappear, torture or arrest me for no apparent reason.

    • I think you are right but that is not what our PM said. His words were clear in the fact Canada would stand at the side of Israel. To help mediate one cannot take one side over the other. There has to be give and take on both sides.

  10. I hope while he is there that PM Harper brings up forcefully the issue of Canadian Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener who was killed in 2006 along with three other soldiers (not Canadians) in a UN peacekeeping role, by sustained IDF bombardment of a well marked and well established monitoring post.


    Certainly I would fully expect PM Harper, as a man who has stated his support for the military and who has a high regard for those who serve, to do as much as he can in this case

  11. Surely the good citizens of Weston-Super-Mare are rapt and
    seized by the whole situation … The World indeed …

  12. Harper (and Canada as a consequence) are on the wrong side of history. Canada should base its foreign policy on respect for human rights and international law. Israels record in both areas are abysmal.


    If you want to know how bad Israel treats their non-citizens, watch these videos of an Israeli pogrom ( Israeli PM Ehud Olmert’s words not mine) against Arabs in the West Bank for yourself:

    Olmert calls settler violence a ‘pogrom’

    • How many Jews serve in Hamas’ government of Gaza? There are 19 Arab muslims in the Israeli Knesset. Any gays or lesbians in Hamas?

      When is the next free election in Gaza, anyway?

      The Israeli government’s “Settler” policies are counter-productive but they are elected in an open democracy, whereas Hamas is seeking to remove Israel from the face of the earth.

      • Actually it was the last free and fair election in Gaza that elected Hamas.

        As for the question about how many Jews serve in the Hamas gov’t, I think it might be a little tough to find any Jews who would choose to live in Gaza. These are people who have a choice, unlike the Palestinians held captive in Gaza.

        • Tough to find Jews in Gaza because they would be rounded up and hacked and stoned to death in public squares.

          Didn’t the Palestinian Authority win that first election, then get overthrown by Hamas. And when is that next free election scheduled?

          • That isn’t true. there have been many stories of tolerance and friendship between Arabs and Jews, but the haters will do anything to perpetuate the violence.

          • Lets hope tolerance grows.

            The Israeli Knesset is open and democratic and has Muslim members freely elected. Hamas has public stated it wants to wipe Israel off of the map.

            Where does the tolerance truly lie? Which group should Canada side with? I wish the Israel-haters would consider this point.

          • Jewish reporters from Haaretz go there all the time but they tell the truth so they’re perfectly safe but if a resident of Gaza or the West Bank is found in Israel without Israeli permission they’re beaten and imprisoned, often for years.

          • Reporters. Fine. How about average Israeli Jews? Do Jewish families routinely vacation on the beach in Gaza? Or shop in Gaza City? Or go to University in Gaza?
            Many Palestinians work in Israel every day.

          • Plenty of average Jews go there all the time. They just wear their military uniforms, carry guns and murder the local men, women and children. Or they just fly over and drop bombs and white phosphorus to burn the children alive.

          • Some average Palestinians fire rockets at Israeli schools and restaurants, or strap explosives to their bodies and blow up Israeli buses.

          • They learned those techniques the hard way. Jewish terrorists used them against Arab citizens when they were driving them out of their homes and the British out of the country. Google the King David Hotel bombing.

          • We started out this conversation with a comment complaining about so-called Israeli human rights abuses and we end with a comment supporting Hamas suicide bombings and rocket attacks against civilians.

            That’s the problem. No one wants to stop the violence, and everyone thinks they have morality and truth on their side.

            Arafat had a chance to say YES to peace but instead started the Infatada.
            Netanyahu had, and still has, the opportunity try for peace yet he just builds new settlements everywhere.

            No signs of peace anywhere, just each side justifying their tactics.

            I end my contribution tonight saying I tend to side with the democratic, relatively open society of Israel, who have many freedoms that their neighbours do not, who have a federal Knesset of freely elected Jews and Muslims and Gays/Lesbians, and others. I choose not to side with Hamas, who wish to wipe a race of people from the Earth.
            Good Night.

        • Hamas = A terrorist organization!
          Some democracy!!!!

          • The Jewish Defence League is a terrorist organization. Hamas is an elected political party fighting an occupying force. I know that if Canada were attacked and occupied people like you would immediately kowtow to the occupiers but not everyone is a Quisling. Some people believe in fighting occupation.

        • Actually there were a lot of Israelis that lived in Gaza but they were unilaterally removed by Ariel Sharon in hopes that the PA would give democracy to their people when the Israeli’s moved out.

          But alas Hamas and Fatah are not interested in delivering democracy, freedom and human rights to their people. They are interested in digging smuggling tunnels and launching rockets.

          Hamas and Fatah have had 8 years “free reign” in Gaza and the West Bank… are their people any better off? any richer? any healthier? Of course not.

          Because they don’t “care” about their own citizens and because of course if their people did actually start to normalize relations with Israel and develop their economy the free $$$$ would stop flowing from a guilt-ridden West and the bent-on-bringing-the-Mahdi Saudis and Qataris.

  13. I can just imagine the heads exploding at the Toronto Star, the CBC, and the Libby Davies section of the NDP upon reading about the reception Harper has received in Israel.
    So worth it……

    • Come on. It was quite predictable well in advance.
      Obsequious behaviour is often rewarded by lavish praise by the receiver. But the fawning sycophant is probably not respected certainly not feared. He brings no reason to pay any attention to his views.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper paid all the costs – like he did with his meeting of “business leaders” in the States. Everything is a smoke and mirrors show for Harper and all of that is at our expense.

  14. harper dose not have any integrity left,from his denial of climate change his views of science he is an embarrassment !And now this as if the matters of the middle east are so black and white .

    • Yes, not like the nuanced, balanced views of Hamas, George Galloway et al. And our own Nite Owl, that paragon of tolerance and balance.

      • Thank you for your kind sentiment. The same to you of course.

  15. In Harper’s world, sometimes you do bad things to achieve what you want, but as long as it is you (or your side) that commits the crimes, it is ok. We’ve seen this time and again from the huge hypocrite who pledged to be open and accountable. From the allegations coming from his very own office of his staff bribing senators, to the contempt of parliament finding, to the robocalls scandal and his wild and uncontrolled spending in Clements riding, Harper classifies these as all ok as long as his purpose is served.

    The line between right and wrong is crystal clear for Harper, *unless* it is is him, or one of his friends involved. Then it becomes sort of wavy, or flexible, or invisible.

    If Harper wants to help his friend in that tough neighbourhood, Harper should tell him to start making friends with the neighbours instead of threatening anyone who has an opinion on right vs. wrong.

    • So Israel should “make friends” with the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade? What should they do, invite them to tea?

      • You don’t make peace with your friends so yes. If they want peace they have to talk to their enemies.

  16. That is pretty two faced actions of our PM.
    I bet none of the Palestinians will ever receive any of this money. The Palestinians will do something that Harper or Baird do not like and the foreign aid will be withheld.
    Besides that it makes no difference to build a building that will get destroyed the next time Israel decides to flex its muscles.

    • I know. He’s always talking about spending commitments in Canada yet he rarely if ever actually spends the money. He just likes announcing it.

  17. What an inaccurate title. Macleans left wing bias at it’s best!

    • Why. Do you support apartheid? Is it a left wing bias to support equality and human rights? Is it a left wing bias to honour treaties?

      • Well, quite easily, as the Prime Minister of Canada, he would obviously love Canada first!!!
        I have been to Israel numerously. There is no apartheid! They even have Arab MPs !! Read the article.
        Also, if you watch the news, it is the Palestinians shooting rockets first always… Israel has to defend itself thereafter.

      • Israeli Apartheid eh?

        That’s an insult to all that nation of South Africa went through and conquered.

        The richest, healthiest, free-est, best employed, least-oppressed Arabs in the Middle East are Israeli Arabs. And they know it. 2 of them even exercised that freedom of speech today and marched out of Harper’s speech. What happens when you express dissent in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and the rest of the MENA region? Beatings at best… imprisonment and being “disappeared” at worst.

        How do the Islamic regimes around Israel treat their Christians, Jews, Druze, Alawites and Kurds? Do they let them share power or get elected or hold government jobs? No, no they don’t. In fact the last Christian PM in Pakistan was assassinated in 2011.

        Who is standing up and asking for the “right of return” for the 700,000 Jews that were ethnically cleaned and expropriated out of Iraq, Syria, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East in the 50s? If Palestinians can go back to their lands or be paid reparations why can’t Jews claim the same? Jews who were in Mesopotamia a full 1000 years BEFORE Islam was even a gleam in Muhammed’s eye.

        • Nelson Mandela called it an apartheid state and if you don’t mind I trust his opinion over yours on this matter.

  18. Well it’s obvious he doesn’t love Canada. Hopefully he’ll move to his beloved Israel after he loses the 2015 election due to his corruption while in power.

    • He probably doesn’t like kittens or cute little puppies either. He just lies about it. He actually tortures an animal every night just before he goes to bed. I’m not making this up.

  19. The Jews were the real culprits behind the Robo Calls and the biggest Election Fraud in Canadian history that propelled this Israeli sock puppet into power.

    • Typical liebral reaction #2… Anti-semitism.

      • Who cares what you fifth columnist think, how do you breath with your head so far up harpers butt, do you have to wait till he farts to take a breath.

        • Back to Liebral Tactic #1 i see. You can spell so why do you put that very expensive public school education to use and actually do some thinking about the issues instead of just name calling.

          • So Liebral is a term of endearment is it tard?

          • No liebral is an accurate description.

          • Don;’t you have to fly back up harpers butt to your roost when the sun rises butt monkey?

  20. So nice to have a PM I can be proud of for once and not another socialist douche.

    • You got some brown stuff on the end of your nose goober, and wipe that spooge off your chin.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • My moms dead, so that makes you a liar, then we all know that about the Election Fraudsters supporters.

          • Could have been your sister then…all I know is that you commies are the same ….better to receive than give….

          • You have a point, try covering it up with a toque.

            Nope don’t have a sister, don’t know who it was you had sex with, but I’m pretty sure you removed your condom after you finished by farting. Smells like one of your gerbils crawled up your arse and died gooober.

      • Typical liebral reaction… don’t address the substance of the post, just demean, degrade and derogate.

        Tell your Golden Boy Le Daupin to get used to being in Opposition, even with his silken locks and his “new car” smell, he can’t out raise the Conservatives in the 4th quarter of 2013.

        • Never voted liberal in my life goober.

  21. Yeah maybe the reason Harper “only loves Israel” in the Middle East, because everyone else in the Middle East is bent on the destruction of our values and democracy.

    And only the Palestinians – who have managed to avoid founding their own state for 60+ years when EVERYONE else in the world wants them to have a state (including the Israelis) – could with the one hand accept $66,000,000 in Canadian tax-payers money and with the other slap us in the face saying we don’t support them enough.

    And yeah… i mean those subdivisions on the hills around the 3500 year old captial of Judaism … yeah those are the “real obstacles to peace” in a region where Sunnis and Shia routinely gas each other, massacre each other’s children and assassinate each other’s moderates.

    Yeah… subdivisions are the REAL problem.

  22. Article in JPost stated that 32% of first graders in Israel are Haredi. Add the 20% who are arab, and you will soon see a majority made up of orthodox jews and muslims. At the same time moderate zionists are moving….one place is Berlin…
    15 years is it, if not sooner. The other threat is 1 of 3 people wouldnt have to serve in the IDF
    Good luck with that.

  23. I am Canadian, and I am ashamed of the current biased foreign policy by Stephen Harper. He is a bad omen to Canada. Besides, who is paying for this expensive four days visit to the region with so many Canadian officials accompanying Mr. Harper? wouldn’t this money be better invested in helping Canadians in Toronto after they got hit badly by the snow storm just a month ago? Also, Mr. Harper is so wrong by not rightly addressing the wrong settlement policy of the Israelis? and How come he is advocating for non-Canadian Israelis by declaring a new tag for a new target group such that when he said in his speech that the term “Israeli Apartheid” and “antisemitism” being equal? This is not right.

    • Yes, we should cancel all foreign visits by our Prime Minister forever. That way, Harper-haters can criticize Harper for snubbing various allies by not visiting their countries.

      • its funny you come and visit and trade with Turtle Island citizens then claim its all yours and never return home…. by walking all over us with your muddy boots on… as we are being lockup in your prison compounds as wards of your bran new cunt-in-tree scams how respectful is that


        • whats with all this anti-turtle-ism…. clearly we are seeing more mutations at hand…

  24. Harper hates natives/aboriginals and senior citizens.
    Yet he loves Israel.
    Go figure.

    • Yeah that is why it is a Harper-led Conservative government that has developed the diamond mines in the NWT with 40% native worker quotas and the 1st ever Canadian deep-water arctic port at Nunavut with a similiar mandated percentage of native/aboriginal worker quotas and why his Finance minister has upped the contributions that young people make to the CPP plan so he can maintain the CPP payments to the current generation of seniors and on and on and on it goes.

      But hey… why let the facts get in the way of your ignorance eh hunky69?