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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not equal. Period.

Anne Kingston on the false equivalencies in the U.S. election

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks as Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton listens during their presidential town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 9, 2016. (Jim Young/Reuters)

‘What about you?’ Alleged rapist vs. alleged misuser of email. (Jim Young/Reuters)

Last month, in a BBC interview, humourist David Sedaris provided a brilliant analogy to express his incredulity that any American could be undecided about for whom to vote. He likened the decision to a flight attendant coming down the aisle to ask, “Would you like the chicken or would you like the human feces with broken glass in it?”—only to have someone ask: “Well, how is the chicken cooked?” It’s a mark of the irrational tenor of the U.S. campaign that it needs to be said Sedaris considers Hillary Clinton the poultry option.

“How is the chicken cooked?” could be the epitaph for this election, an uncivil war in which false equivalencies between the candidates are so mind-numbing that minds have been, well, numbed. Oh, for the tame days when Matt Lauer interrupted Clinton while allowing Trump to ramble on incoherently during a televised forum. Now the FBI is reviewing newly discovered emails that may have gone through Clinton’s server, offering zero details, while not investigating ties between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government for fear of muddying the electoral process.

Groupthink has come to govern Clinton coverage across the spectrum: she’s reflexively described as “flawed” or “deeply flawed” (unlike other humans or candidates), as well as “corrupt,” taking a cue from Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” meme. (During the debates, Clinton made 13 false claims; Trump made 104. But Clinton made 13! ) Even worse for a girl, she’s “unlikeable.” And we know how dangerous unpopular girls can be—from Carrie to Misery.

The upshot: the first U.S. election to potentially elect a female president has been strip-mined of any joy or the sort of inspiration that surrounded Barack Obama’s first win. The very idea that voters could support Clinton enthusiastically, that they could like her, is breaking news, seen this weekend in the Toronto Star’s story with the headline: “A Hillary Clinton secret: lots of voters really like her.” Yet anyone who has attended a Clinton rally where generations of women and men stand in staunch support know otherwise. This week, even Salman Rushdie took to Twitter to try to right the inequitable comparisons: “So to recap. Trump will go on trial in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape. He is a sexual predator, hasn’t released his tax returns, and has used his foundation’s money to pay his legal fees. He has abused the family of a war hero . . . oh, but let’s talk about some emails Hillary didn’t send from someone else’s computer, that weren’t a crime anyway because that’s how to choose a president. Come on, America. Focus.” Slate doubled down with “Making the choice: How should voters weigh the sins of these uniquely corrupt candidates?” Under Trump, 239 points are listed, including, “Refused to rule out using nuclear weapons against ISIS,” and, “Said about women, ‘You have to treat ’em like s–t.’ ” Under Clinton, one: “Poor email server management.”

Given that fewer than five points now separate the two, with Trump leading in one poll, millions of Americans must disagree. One is Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who expressed outrage when a CNBC interviewer interrupted a discussion about the investigation into Clinton’s email to mention Trump’s hearing for allegedly raping a 13-year-old. “Oh, come on,” she said. “That you would analogize the two? Give me a break.”

And that’s where bogus equivalencies have gotten us: allegations of email impropriety are more villainous than those of raping a child. It’s an upside-down world where, were this a novel, Trump would be the buffoonish villain. Yet half of America see him as a “boss,” or a man who plays one on TV. They see a candidate with contempt for democratic and judicial process, whose lack of experience is his winning qualification, a businessman who has filed for bankruptcy six times. They see a hero promising a nostalgic return to the Neverland of American greatness, a time when men earned the bacon and women ran for the PTA. It’s like the real-life version of the Simpsons’ episode in which Springfield residents buy a faulty monorail from a con man.

According to the Star, Clinton’s greatest strength rests with voters over 50 who “identify” with her, which, given current events, is downright depressing. The demonic imagery—the “Trump the bitch” T-shirts, the chants of “Lock her up”—has morphed to a witch hunt, with calls for the stock ending. Republican Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, joked gun owners might want to put “a bull’s eye” on Clinton’s face. Trump wondered what would happen to Clinton if her Secret Service detail was disarmed. This weekend, at a rally, Trump surrogate Wayne Allyn Root, author of Angry White Male, wished death on Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin: “And the ending, if we all get our wish, is like Thelma and Louise!” he said.

Meanwhile, Clinton, like Rushdie, is begging America to focus: “In these last days, let’s not get distracted from the real choices in this election and the consequences for your future,” she said this week. Problem is, for many Americans, the monorail has left the station—with only one dinner choice. And it’s definitely not the chicken.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not equal. Period.

  1. Thank you. An excellent column.

    Finally someone has pointed out that Hillary is the only possible choice here.

    I find it interesting that it was easier electing a black man than it is a white female….even given the the poor opposing candidate she has.

    • “Would you like the chicken or would you like the human feces with broken glass in it?”

      Problem is, for many Americans, the monorail has left the station—with only one dinner choice. And it’s definitely not the chicken.

      So the only possible choice is the human feces with broken glass?

      • Are you trying to talk about advance polls?

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  2. Canadians shouldn’t be shocked or smug given the fact that a Canadian Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant has actively promoted Donald Trump and many Harper voters also adore him. The same imbeciles who supported and still do support the Ford brothers.

    • We’ve also never elected a female PM.

      • We don’t elect our PMs. Kim Campbell was chosen the way all PMs are; by her party.

        But no, we haven’t elected a party that was headed by a woman at the time the election was held.

        However, Campbell didn’t lose the election campaign she led because she was a woman; she lost it because she was dragged under by the weight of the baggage from the Mulroney years.

        Judging by the number of female premiers we’ve had over the past few years, I think Canada would be quite willing to elect a federal party headed by a woman (assuming they were electable to begin with) – if the parties themselves are willing to be so led. Depending on who the CPC and NDP choose in the upcoming leadership races, we may just get that chance by the next election cycle.

        • Campbell was the most popular PM in our history until she called the election……then she lost….badly

          It was sexism

          • One wonders how Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne stands in the debate about male versus female political party leaders, when one considers her open lesbian sexual orientation? Perhaps she cannot be fairly compared to heterosexual leaders because of her special (hybrid) status.

          • A brain is a brain.

          • Another profound statement from Maclean’s resident scholar, Emilyone.
            Your brain is a terrible thing to waste, Emily!

          • Maybe YOU think with your bum Eleanor, but most people don’t.

          • If you have nothing of substance to add to the discussion, Emily, why waste everyone’s time with your infantile comments?

          • LOL says Eleanor….a very conflicted woman/man

    • So, Clinton’s criminal corruption is immaterial? That, according to today’s Washington Post, she sold access to the State Department for personal financial gain is not germane to any discussion as to her fitness for office? It’s wholly immaterial that the Clinton’s- especially Hillary- have continually acted as though there are laws for other people that don’t apply to them? That they would likely continue the weaponization of the American state apparatus against the American people, and especially against people who choose not to be Democrats, that is the singular hallmark of the Obama adminstration isn’t worthy of consideration? Interesting.
      More interesting, Kingston, is the media’s role in this election. If we examine the level of Clinton-worship within the Canadian media in the cold hard light of how tirelessly the American media has worked for the Clinton campaign, it begs the question as to how much behind the scenes work was done for the Liberal campaign by Canadian media. How is it that the media has so profoundly lost it’s way that it feels it must abandon any semblance of ethics in order to ensure that the public elects the candidates and parties approved by our moral and intellectual superiors, that the media have come to believe themselves to be?
      It’s not the media’s role to choose for us. They have a duty to inform, and that is all. yes, we know all of Trump’s foibles. And that’s all they are- foibles. Clinton, on the other hand, makes Nixon (Remember Richard Nixon? He’s that president that the left loves to hate. His worst crime was to erase 18 minutes of tape. Let’s compare Nixon at his worst to Hillary at her best, and she still comes up short. Nixon tried but failed to use the IRS in the same fashion as the Obama administration has been successful at. Nixon never took a dime in dirty money. Hillary’s entire personal fortune is dirty money. And slobs like you hate Nixon, so please explain.) look like a choirboy.
      Give your head a shake. Washington is a cesspool of waste and corruption, as is Ottawa, and both are in desperate need of an outsider’s touch; someone willing to take a torch to to the entrenched and incestuous power structures within. God knows you mindless scribblers wont’ facilitate it, though.

      • Oh no. No no no. Not FOIBLES! As copied from the NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/03/opinion/campaign-stops/trump-is-an-existential-threat.html?_r=0) :

        “You have got to be kidding.
        There is no way to make this make sense. Believe me, I’ve tried.
        Donald Trump is a bigot. (my note – NOT a foible)
        Donald Trump is a demagogue. (again – NOT a ‘foible’)
        Donald Trump is a sexist, misogynist, chauvinist pig. (TOTALLY not a ‘foible’ unless you are too, in which case you need an attitude adjustment)
        Donald Trump is a bully. (NOT a foible)
        Donald Trump is a cheat. (again, not a ‘foible’)
        Donald Trump is a pathological liar. (TOTALLY not a ‘foible’)
        Donald Trump is a nativist. (I think you’re getting my drift here)

        Donald Trump’s campaign has proved too attractive to anti-Semites, Nazis and white nationalists, and on some level the campaign seems to be tacitly courting that constituency. (That’d be racism right there)

        Donald Trump — judging by his own words on that disgusting tape and if you believe the dozen-plus women who have come forward to accuse him of some form of sexual assault or unwanted sexual advance — is an unrepentant predator. (again, the whole sexist things rears it’s head – and it’s NOT a ‘foible’).

        To put it more succinctly, Donald Trump is a lowlife degenerate with the temperament of a 10-year-old and the moral compass of a severely wayward teen.”

        Hillary is a career politician who has done more good in 30 years of public service than DT has done in 40 years of private practice.

        These are not ‘foibles’. These are character faults, and while politics can be taught, character can’t. I wouldn’t trust this man to lead a two-man rush on a one-hole outhouse. He couldn’t lead three blind mice to cheese never mind lead a country with nuclear weapons!

        Saying, ‘well Hillary’s corrupt!” as if it’s even on the same level playing field with this man’s total sh*tshow of a life is laughable. Of COURSE she’s ‘corrupt’, EVERY politician is, no matter the country. SHE’S HUMAN… but she’s NEVER raped anyone (and it’s HER who is running for pres, not her husband, so don’t go there), SHE’S never been bankrupt, never mind done so 4 times (or more). SHE’S never tweeted obscenities at others, called women or men ‘fat pigs’, offered money to anyone who would f*ck a celebrity because she didn’t like his looks, and SHE’S never not paid people who work for her.

        Don’t tell me she has ‘dirty money’ – you can’t prove it. And even if she does – it’s still cleaner than DT’s, who takes money from his ‘charitable’ foundation and commissions a portrait for his club with it?! SRSLY? The Clinton Foundation has saved MILLIONS of children from diseases around the world. What has the Trump Foundation done? We don’t know… you know why? Because he refuses to release his tax info.

        Give YOUR head a shake. Yes, of course political centres needs a good cleansing – but taking the Mongol approach of scorched earth and razing not just the village but the whole country is NOT the way to do it. And voting in DT will create the biggest clusterf*ck the western world has ever seen.

        • Mary,
          I have never read such a bunch of biased hog wash. Trump is indeed narcissistic and crass. But, trust me, WikiLeaks will bring Clinton down. For the head of the FBI to do what he did, he must have been very aware of some pretty bad stuff in the Weiner/Huma e-mails. I suspect that the big issue will not be the exposure of classified material via a private server but rather the “personal” e-mails associated with The Clinton Foundation and what favor a donor would promised for their donation. Here are some FACTS that have been published-the head of Qatar gave Bill Clinton a $1 million “birthday present”; the head of Ethiopia, and the head of Saudi Arabia donated $6 million and $25 million respectively to The Clinton Foundation. Now, if you think that was done out of the goodness of the donors’ hearts, I have some nice swampland to sell you. I am more and more convinced that if Clinton gets elected, she will subsequently get impeached. And she will deserve it without any doubt.

          • Jerome, I’ve lost any respect I have had for your positions. The comparison in the article is right on: do you want a plate of s**t or a chicken dinner that might have been cooked better. There is no comparison. Although I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal and while I admired Harper’s policies, if not his style, any decision by an American elector if they choose a gross ass like Trump, notwithstanding what are patently questionable accusations about Clinton. Look, the FBI, a notorious Republican oriented organization has thrown in crap to cloud the issues.

            I am proud and glad to be a Canadian (see the latest Economist on that) and I am so glad that I am not eligible to vote downstairs. But if I had to it would be Hillary all the way as the only sane alternative to Trump.

      • Define “criminal corruption.” The woman has never been convicted of anything – or even found to be at fault by Congress despite numerous investigations trying to prove her guilt. Lots of accusations and declarations – but not one actual finding of fault.

        Meanwhile, the other choice is Trump. It would take pages to list all his faults – but as a starter, he’s going on trial after the election for fraud and child rape. Forget corruption; let’s just go with “criminal” – since you’re accepting unproven allegations as fact.

        As for duty to inform: the press (and the FBI) are all over Clinton’s emails. No proof of wrongdoing (yet) but still used to smear the candidate. Meanwhile, not a peep about all the emails and other documents Trump has shredded over the years in defiance of court orders while in the middle of (countless) lawsuits.

        Hardly a sound either about the Trump server that connects almost exclusively with a bank in Russia; communications which seem to spike at times that correspond to certain campaign statements by Trump. Not proof, but certainly much more worrying than the Clinton server. I don’t know about you, but if I were worried about corruption, the idea that a candidate may have direct ties to – and may even be a puppet of – a foreign regime would definitely have my radar going off “bigly.”

        • Moreover, the news today is that the FBI will not charge Hillary with anything after reviewing the new mails. Their conclusion is the same as it was before, there is insufficient evidence of intentional wrongdoing. It’s time to realize what a poor choice that Trump guy is – poor for the US, poor for Canada and potentially disastrous for the world at large. .

  3. I don’t think you guys grasp what’s really going on. The FBI has been investigating Hillary and the Clinton Foundation for a while, and they have wanted to indict her and others connected to it. The DOJ has been blocking them, and FBI agents almost had a mutiny! Agents were handing in their resignation left and right. Now, are they all just sexists? They must have seen something here guys. This isn’t just about Hillary. There is a corrupt power clique in Washington that has been selling the country out to foreign interests for personal gain. Bill did it when he was POTUS, Hillary did it when she was SOS, and they’re looking to really cash in with her in the White House.

    It’s time to drop the talking points from a couple months ago. Surely you see now what’s happening: government corruption on a massive scale is being exposed. Bring them all to justice, Hillary, Bill, all their associates, and go after the Bush family and their fellow criminals.

    But why did it have to be Trump running against them? He’s so terrible, and while I agree that Trump and Hillary aren’t equal just as the author of this says, it’s for a different reason. He’s not equal because for all of his scams and terrible character flaws, he hasn’t sold out political office to foreign nations for personal gain. But….that’s only because he’s never had the chance. He will be just as corrupt if not more, given the chance. Hopefully Hillary wins but then gets impeached and indicted. I wish a person of integrity was running against her, someone who is actually for the people, but the system is obviously set up to keep people like that far away from the higher levels of power.

    • One question….where has Hillary stashed all this money that she has made “selling” out US interests?

      • They didn’t amass $250 million selling lemonade!!

    • The FBI has been investigating her for years and has found nothing worthy of arresting her. YUP, nothing, but then the FBI has been doing that kind of smear campaign against people since its inception, hasn’t it? Just look at the McCarthy era where thousands of people were targeted simply for questioning who the FBI was targeting. The whole e-mail thing is simply smoke and mirrors because they simply want another republican, warmonger in office after Obama. After all, you can’t let anyone think your services are really not necessary, that the job you do is done just as well by other government agencies. less corrupt ones.
      Clinton has done nothing criminal, despite what Trump has been allowed to insist. HE should be in prison for some of his actions and statements, not her. The whole campaign is about where women belong, many think its not as a world leader simply because the bible says so(well, the interpreters of the bible say so). Its the old “there must be something wrong with a woman who wants to be treated as equal to a man” and Trump plays on that daily.
      The latest e-mails are just accusing her of guilt by association, something the FBI is also known for. She has a friend who stupidly married a man who has proven himself to be a pervert therefore she must have something to do with his actions. Yet trump who has done those same actions has ben declared fine??? he was just being a man???

      • You haven’t looked into this stuff at all. ” She has a friend who stupidly married a man who has proven himself to be a pervert therefore she must have something to do with his actions” Lol, that’s not what the problem is. The problem is, how do State Department emails – including possible classified information – end up on Huma’s private laptop? How does Weiner have access to that? Right there, that is something that should be seriously troubling for anyone who wants her to be president. But there are so many other things. The millions of dollars poured into her foundation from places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, not to mention the million dollar birthday gift to Bill from Qatar. Is it just out of the goodness of their hearts that they do this?

        The FBI wanted to press charges on her, but the DOJ blocked it. The FBI wanted to empanel a grand jury over the Clinton Foundation, but again the DOJ blocked it. You remember how Bill had what was supposed to be a secret meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch, yes? Are you really so naive as to believe they were just talking about golf and grandkids? So the FBI has had a near-mutiny in their ranks since then, with many agents putting in their resignations and forcing Comey’s hand to send that controversial letter to congress. Tell me: what do you think it means when the people investigating someone are so outraged that the government refused to charge them that they are quitting their jobs? Is it just because they’re all sexist? Lol.

        You need to get off this whole left/right crap. Both parties serve their financial masters in the 1%. Hillary is touted as some progressive icon by the compromised media, and all they can really point to is her lack of a penis. Get real. You say “they” simply want another warmonger in office. Well first off, who is “they”? The FBI? But really, look at Hillary, she is the real warmonger here. Look at the role she played in destabilizing Libya, look at how she voted for the Iraq war, look at how she wants a no-fly zone in Syria. I hope that one day there will be a female president, but this corrupt hag isn’t worthy of the honour. Trump doesn’t deserve to be president either of course. Bernie could have been great, but of course he was screwed by the DNC.

  4. The role of the President of the United States is to be the Commander in Chief of the World’s most powerful military. People are minimizing the fact that Hillary Clinton used a private and insecure server to send classified state and military secrets. This is NOT a small or insignificant charge. The media and Clinton are trying to make it sound like a minor oversight but it is NOT. Secrecy and security are absolutely paramount to any high level government official.

    Furthermore, Clinton is accused of pay for play. She took bribes in order to get an appointment to see her as Secretary of State (bribes in the form of “donations” to her fake “charitable foundation”). Any person in any position of power in the government who so blatantly takes bribes is DANGEROUS. This cannot be overstated.

    Even worse, many of the entities that gave bribes to Hillary Clinton were foreign governments in the Middle East who wanted weapons deals. And Russia who wanted to buy the rights to mine Uranium (which is used to make nuclear weapons). This is TREASON.

    Clinton deleted tens of thousands of emails. They were government property. They were also deleted because they held information that would indisputably prove that Clinton was taking bribes and making side deals. That is why they were deleted. If you believe she deleted those emails were expensive cyber-security software and then had the devices physically destroyed to hide emails about “Yoga and her daughter’s wedding” you are as stupid as you are insane. Destroying evidence itself should be a very serious offense.

    Hillary also has committed PERJURY multiple times. It’s a matter of record.

    Finally, Hillary cheated to beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. She used insiders at the DNC and super-delegates to override the will of the people. She will do ANYTHING to win. This is why Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was forced to resign. That is a subversion of democracy.

    Say what you want about Trump. He may of may not be guilty of everything you describe above. However, it is quite convenient that most of the charges materialized AFTER he decided to run for president as a Republican… Many of the allegations are UNPROVEN and people in the United States are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. (*Hillary’s charges involve highly monitored and recorded events that are part of government affairs and a matter of public recover. She does deserve her day in court but proving she is guilty before trial becomes easier when most of the information is readily available.*)

    Trump may be a terrible person in many ways. Worse than Hillary in terms or morality even. My point is that Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she does not respect the rule of law. She feels she is above it. She has held great political power and abused it. In other words, we have evidence that Hillary Clinton will make a TERRIBLE PRESIDENT. I would argue that Hillary is also a terrible person – but the point is she has demonstrated that she is a power hungry, abusive, dishonest, government official who has demonstrably broken the laws that directly pertain to her work.

    I’m not saying pick Trump over Hillary. Just don’t try to pretend that Hillary’s crimes are small and that she is a much better person. The fact is – BOTH CANDIDATE ARE DEPLORABLE.

    • If Clinton had used her personal server to send “military secrets”, she would have been charged. The FBI stated clearly that they found no such evidence.

      The rest of your post is equally nonsensical. First you say she is “accused” of something … but fail to point out that her accusers are not law enforcement or court officials. And then you claim, as a fact, that she did things like take bribes … which no one has been able to prove.

      You go on and on and on about unsubstantiated nonsense, gleaned mostly from ultra-right-wing conspiracy websites, and make a fool of yourself to any rational, informed adult.

      To borrow a frequent quote from Trump: “WRONG!”

      • Did you note the Washington Post this AM? If you consider it to be an ultra-right-wing conspiracy website, I guess I’m guilty as charged. That the FBI earlier found no evidence is a no brainer. Wikileaks has shown us that people within the DOJ were aiding and abetting the Clinton camp so as to ensure that they were able to destroy evidence before the FBI was able to acquire it. It’s worth noting, as well, that several (mainstream) news outlets reported yesterday that Wikileaks source has been a Washington insider all along. The Post article also points to forces within the DOJ trying to block the FBI’s (5) investigations of the Clinton Foundation. This raises a series of hard questions, mostly along the lines of “When did it become the DOJ’s role to protect and enable criminality within one particular political faction?” That’s the exact opposite of the DOJ’s role.
        Ms. Harrison- why is Trump’s demeanor and moral character (or lack thereof) more important than the character of the Clinton’s? Hillary’s well-documented actions towards her Secret Service detail, for example? Is the fact that she routinely swore at them in response to them saying “Good morning”, or called them pigs, Nazi’s, and goons not demonstrative of a lack of character? What about Hillary’s well-documented attacks on the numerous women who accused WJC of sexual impropriety and sexual assault? Are those not vital hallmarks of character? She’s so evil that her State Dept. security detail laughed when she fell and broke her elbow, and her treatment of them was so notably bad that every single one rotated out at the earliest opportunity, and during her tenure as SoS, Hillary detail became synonymous with a demotion or punishment.
        Here’s the bottom line- Take the worst thing Donald Trump has ever done. The worst. As president, he can’t do that any more. Under Clinton, the IRS, the DOJ, the EPA, and a host of other federal agencies will become weapons of mass destruction to be unleashed against any and all political enemies of the Clinton’s, and the Democratic Party.
        Every potential Republican challenger will be targeted by whichever agency can be the most useful. Big Republican donors will be targeted by the EPA if they’re in energy or mining; the DOJ or Treasury if they’re in finance or real estate; the IRS if they’re in finance, manufacturing, or real estate; the EPA if they’re in agriculture. The same will hold true for any Democratic challenger not from outside the favored circle of the Clinton camp.
        Sorry, but the Clinton’s are very, very bad news for the American people, and the decline of America that they will set in motion will have dire consequences for Canada.

        • I can’t be bothered to wade through your drivel again. I will only say that Trump will single-handedly create financial chaos, global security chaos and contribute to the destruction of the unified ideals that have kept the USA together for more than two centuries. There is no greater threat to the planet than that ridiculous clown.

          I will also say that if you reflect the dismal, uninformed attitudes of many Canadians, then those Americans seeing Canada as a safe haven should look elsewhere.

          • How dare call what Bill Greenwood wrote drivel? When presented with facts, low information people such as yourself go on a tangent. You’re the clown, Tangler.

          • Because it IS drivel..in fact it’s the same drivel he always spouts

            Years of it

            He, and you, have yet to present ‘facts’

        • A lot of conspiracy theories you have there, yet little to no evidence – opinions aren’t facts.

    • And Trump is (allegedly) a child rapist. And a raving lunatic who openly talks about using nuclear weapons.

      It really doesn’t matter how poor a choice Clinton is; the very idea of electing Trump is insane.

      • Trump is facing a number of formal court charges, ranging from child molestation to fraud.

        How many is Clinton facing? None.

        But people like Greenwood and Fleury would have us believe that Trump is no worse than Clinton. They would have us believe that Clinton controls the FBI, Department of Justice, the US Congress and probably the Vatican. She is Satan, so evil that we must not speak her name.

        lol :-}

        • The federal agency that we know is investigating the Clinton’s (with at least five separate and active investigations) is the FBI. We know this because it’s a fact reported and undisputed by multiple mainstream media outlets.
          Which agency is investigating Trump for child molestation, and what news outlets are verifying this?

          • Google is a wonderful thing, Bill. It will bring up all kinds of coverage of the pending molestation trial.

            You’re right about one thing though: If any Federal agency is looking into any of the charges against Trump, they are keeping incredibly quiet about it – unlike the Hillary email thing. Comey is in breach of the Hatch Act; he should definitely be charged.

    • Quoting John Cleese:
      “They’re both liars and crooks, but one of them is comparatively sane, and has a good attention span.”

  5. I doubt Trump can even read.

    Americans would elect THAT to be their head-of-country?

    • The only thing that Trump can read is the 20-foot sign on a building he allegedly owns – the one that says “Trump”, in a nauseating tribute to his staggering narcissism.

      Fortunately, many of the real building owners are hiding or removing those signs these days. The hotels would rather be called the “Bedbug Hilton”.

      • So let’s see. The Obama administration is running the DOJ and FBI and they are going easy on republican and hard on a democrat?
        Trump is an embarrassment but let’s not forget the only qualification Hillary has is her gender.

        • A rather odd reply to a humourous video about Trump’s inability to read. However, to answer your comments:
          1) FBI chief Comey, currently officially independent, has deep ties to the Republican party. He has gone rogue here, and has very likely broken the Hatch Act which forbids political interference in elections by public servants – but Obama’s hands re tied because charging him would just add fuel to the fire of Republican conspiracy theories.
          2) “…the only qualification Hillary has is her gender.” That’s so laughably ridiculous and sexist that I won’t dignify it with a serious response. I’ll just publicly mock you for saying something so patently ridiculous.

          • Keithbram. Please up date and expand your repertoire of insults. Sexist is so tired. Of course you won’t dignify it with an intelligent response when an insult is so easy.
            It is not sexist to say she is only their candidate because she is a woman. There are millions of women who would make a better president than these two terrible people.

          • Decades of public service, including eight years as First Lady; eight years as a Senator; and four years as Secretary of State – and you think she was chosen simply because she’s a woman? So, yes – saying her only qualification is that she’s a woman, is clearly sexist.

            Yeah, perhaps there are other candidates who would have been better. But the only one who stood up to challenge her was Bernie Sanders (who, BTW, I would have preferred).

            But Hillary has plenty of qualifications for the top job, whether you like her or not. (And I’ll admit, she’s not that charismatic; she’s rather hard to warm to, if you’re basing your vote on emotional appeal.) Has for Trump’s qualifications to be president, he has has none. Zip. Zero. Not a day of public service – even avoided military service. And to list his other shortcomings would take me half a day and several screens’ worth of data.

  6. I just read on another site that both candidates are still trying to appeal to the Undecided voters. Who are these people? How can you still be undecided when this whole election circus has been going on for the better part of two years now! You’ve got one candidate that has a resume a mile long. Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State who has been advocating for 30 years. And a reality star, who doesn’t pay taxes, went bankrupt several times, has upcoming court cases involving fraud and rape and has the temper and demeanor of a 12 year old. Oh and he probably couldn’t find Canada on a map. Yea, I’d have a hard time deciding!!!

    • If you got all of your misinformation from Fox News, Breitbart and Facebook “friends” who believe that open-carry of automatic weapons in McDonald’s is a right granted by God (via Moses), you might still be confused too.

      For me, the most disappointing/scary thing about this election is not Trump himself. It’s the apparent number of Americans who seem ready to embrace that ignorant, lunatic. If the polls are to be believed, as many as half of all Americans are both ignorant (uninformed) and stupid (unable to think rationally). And there are 10 of them for every one of us. God help us.

      • Tangler, if this comment board allowed thumbs up, you’d have 100 from me. Agree with you on all counts. I try and read balanced reporting generally to see both sides of this election as best I can however, I just can’t bring myself to find that Trump is anywhere near the better option overall.

        • The absence of a Thumbs Up/Down function on this website is both its greatest weakness – and a good example of how the media has failed in this US election.

          Without that function, all comments “appear” to have equal value. Therefore, certain people can spout the most ridiculous, unsubstantiated nonsense and those comments will seem like they’re equally supported by others. Horse Puckey.

          The media often claims that it is trying to be fair. Nonsense. They’re being lazy, and they’re trying not to offend anybody ($$$). But the reality is that Trump is a baldfaced liar, and most of those who support him are the same.

          (PS – But there are few Trump supporters online. The vast majority include in their comments “I don’t like Trump, but …”. That’s how his supporters hide and try to protect themselves.)

          • If you’re looking for someone to “drain the swamp” (which is certainly an accurate description of Washington D.C. today) you don’t hire a Little Lord Fauntleroy. You hire someone with the manners and morals of a teamster. Someone who is a take-charge guy, rough around the edges, dedicated, ambitious, with a successful past record of leadership. Someone who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get some mud on his hands.
            Donald Trump appears to have the job qualifications and should be given the opportunity to prove himself.
            He certainly could not perform worse than the current lame-duck occupant of the White House.

          • Donald won’t drain the swamp; he’ll just add more gators.

            Face facts – the man is in this for one person: The Donald. He will say anything to get the presidency. And the fact that he is certifiable doesn’t help.

            As for Obama’s performance: You need a reality check. He’s done much better than his predecessor, who nearly destroyed the country economically – and he would have done far better still were it not for the obstructionist, do-nothing Republican-dominated Senate and House.

          • How can you say all comments have apparent equal value – if you read them all you will see that many of them ARE drivel as someone above has posted.

  7. I am a Jill Stein fan. And I am not an American. But I managed to vote for Donald J Trump, right here:
    — I even managed to push my home nation, the tiny African state of Swaziland, into the red column. And I’m really delighted to have done so and be able in some small way to be a member of the Deplorables.

    Hillary Clinton promised to “totally obliterate” Iran with nuclear weapons if she judged they were a WMD threat. The same way, presumably, she voted to obliterate Iran because she judged it posed a WMD threat. Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya, then (according to the best journalist in the USA, Sy Hersh, sourced from secret passages in official reports) funnelled tons of arms from Libya to Syria to inflame the war there and fuel what became ISIS, who are now strong in Libya itself. Hersh was even told by one source that Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer of sarin gas to Libya, which was used in the “false flag” WMD attack that the USA used to try start a war in Syria. Check it out.

    Allegations: Trump grabbed a girl’s butt. Hillary sent sarin gas to Syria to try inflame a war with Russia. Debate the possible consequences of these allegations being true. Donald Trump was a billionaire playboy who hosted beauty pageants. He is not pretending to be anything he ain’t.

    Hillary Clinton blew up the Ukraine with her meddling and put the world on a course for WW3. She gave billions in arms to Saudi Arabia after they donated millions to her “charity”. The Saudis then go and bomb Yemen flat, killing civilians, causing chaos.

    Everything Hillary Clinton touches turns to fire and blood. And sheer shambles. The most important task of any secretary of any office is to *leave a clean desk* — to leave the correspondence in good shape. The clue is in the name: a Secretary is there to keep *secrets*. To maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the communications of the office. The very first thing Hillary Clinton did as Secretary — and what impresses me most, is that she says she did this “without thinking” — was to privatise the communications of the office, and set up her own parallel office, feeding into the Clinton charities. She is literally not a real secretary’s backside. Forget about the 10 Blackberries she lost (she was sourcing old ones off eBay because she couldn’t use the new ones — how easy to slip her a bugged one, if you know the Secretary of State is sourcing old phones off eBay). Forget the laptops she lost, the thumb drives she lost, the boxes of documents she lost. She can’t enter a password by herself, she cannot use a fax, she cannot use a PC to read email. She cannot drive.

    Forget the covering up and harassment by Hillary Clinton of the women who alleged Bill Clinton raped or assaulted them. Forget the drone killings, the promotion of fracking around the world, the nod and a wink to a coup in Honduras, followed by sending child refugees back to lives of violence and horror that she condoned.

    Forget about the corruption in Haiti, forget about the fraudulent Aids drugs that they distributed in Africa (right here in Swaziland to thousands of people) — check out the Ranbaxy scandal, and how Bill Clinton praised these Indian pharmaceutical fraudsters just days before they paid the biggest fine in history for fake generics. All inspired by Bill Clinton’s nod and wink to them, saying, go ahead and break the patent laws. The great Clinton charity fraud.

    Forget about all of this. Forget Anthony Weiner and the fact that this completely out of control internet maniac seems to have had backups of all the Clinton server emails on his laptop. (You do not want to be Weiner’s laptop.)

    Forget all these things. Just focus on one: Hillary Clinton is absolutely clearly lying about the state of her health and her fitness to walk up three stairs at a time, if she hasn’t had a few days to rest and prep for the exercise. She is *not fit* for office and she is hiding it even from her top staff. Podesta describes her health as “hyper sensitive”. Why all the secrecy?

    No, I believe Jill Stein is actually the only true candidate standing. Hillary Clinton is a pastiche of policies cobbled together by her staff desperately trying to find some convincing role or stance for her that she won’t stuff up the moment she opens her mouth and cackles. Her jokes are scripted, her every line is prepared. She is doing everything she can to close down the debate, hide especially from Jill Stein (whom she has never even mentioned once, to my knowledge, so terrified is she) — run out the clock, just get elected, say whatever it takes, tell any lie, make any promise. Donald Trump was (we now know) deliberately built up as a “Pied Piper” candidate, a cynical media creation, who they then intended to take down.

    One of Podesta’s buddies said he was “petrified” that Clinton’s only strategy would be Trump. Well, that reality has come to pass, but there is an even worse one: that the emails where you say you’re petrified that Trump is her only strategy, get *leaked*. So we can see how empty the entire election is, what a fraud the whole process is.

    Nonetheless: I will be absolutely delighted if Donald Trump wins the election. I sincerely hope Dr Jill Stein makes a good showing, and if she contributes to fouling up the coronation of Empress Hillary, then so much the better. This may finally teach people to start taking the Green Party of the USA seriously.

    No, no, if there is a piece of dog shit with glass in it in this election, that candidate’s name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. And take a look at that world map and see global score: Trump 56%, Clinton 44%. Really sorry my candidate is not in this poll. But take a good look and see: the world is not fooled by Hillary Clinton.

    • Bald-faced liar. Just like all Trump supporters, and Trump himself.

  8. I remember why I didn’t renew my subscription after 20 years – it was because of dimwitted articles such as this. Kingston’s only reasoning is that Hillary is a woman, its a woman’s turn to be president (hint – we are not on the school playground where everyone gets a turn), and Trump is a mean man.

    Let’s recap some of Hillary’s accomplishments shall we:
    1. She somehow, with NO experience, turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 return – something that even experienced investors in the sector were shocked at.
    2. Her involvement as a criminal defense lawyer where she destroyed the life of a 12 year old rape victim in order to get her client off – a client that she sought in spite of what she later claimed – she was not a public defender, she was looking for some street creds as a criminal defense lawyer. I know criminal defense lawyers and while they are committed to providing their client with the best defense, they don’t do it at the cost of a 12 year old girl and then cackle about it later in an interview.
    3. Hillary’s business experience consisted of Whitewater, which was a scam and then went bankrupt leaving small investers on the hook for millions while she, hubby and friends walzed off with millions in ‘fees’
    4. While First Lady she fired all of the travel staff that arranged travel for White House staff and give an untendered ‘contract’ to her buddies – worth millions.
    5. As First Lady she directed FBI to ‘investigate’ individuals who, shocking, were all GOP/conservatives; the FBI balked and told her their jobs were only to do background checks on individuals visiting the white house of security purposes.
    6. Her husband is a proven serial harasser and rapist and she made sure she ‘talked’ with the women to convey her special message that if they pursued anything she would ensure that they would be ‘taken care of’
    7. When she left the White House she ‘mistakenly’ took hundreds of thousands of dollars of furniture, pictures etc – she was forced to pay for them or return them.
    8. She donated various of the President’s items – including his underwear for overinflated donations.
    9. As senator she accomplished nothing other than co-sponsoring bills that renamed buildings and bridges – but then Obama was no firestarter as State or US Senator so I guess she gets a pass on that since she is following a fine tradition
    10. As S of S, she decided to have a private, unsecured mail server that hide all of her official emails and then she destroyed ones that she was court ordered to turn over. The MSM had given her a pass on everything derived from those actions blaming others, when in fact they should have been asking the first hard question – ‘why did you have a private server instead of using official government servers?” Any problems from her emails are down to her and her alone and the MSM should be ashamed of how they have conspired with her to blame others.
    11. Her role in the Clinton Foundation is finally coming to life and it is not pretty – clearly there was a play of pay aspect to the foundation that is disgusting. Hill and Bill are in it up to their necks.
    12 Her conspiracy with the DNC to create violent situations at Trump rallies, to undermine voting, and to discredit Sanders is finally being revealed through wikileaks – and the role of the MSM is once again protecting her by supporting her ‘story’ that the emails have been hacked by the Russians (depending on the day of the week, the hackers can change) – nothing on the actual content of the emails – move along, nothing to see here.

    The sad part of this whole story is that the DNC could have nominated some really qualified women if they really thought that it was important to have the FIRST female president (BTW its not important) – instead they went with a corrupt, liar in questionable health as their star candidate. Why? Because like Hill and Bill, the DNC and their minions in the establishment want to plunder the benefits they get by having a Dem President in the White House and at the levers of government – and if is Hillary, they are guaranteed unfettered streams of benefits.

    So Anne – you are a disgrace to your profession, but then your profession is pretty much a disgrace so it probably doesn’t matter.

    • I also forgot the obvious in her tenure as S of S – four Americans killed at Benghazi because she was too lazy to ensure security (but now that we know about the unsecured server it was probably hacked by ISIS and they knew exactly where Ambassador Stevens was when he was attacked and killed. And then she thought she should lie about it and blame it on someone else. The attacked went on for an extended period, and there were military within striking distance if they had been ordered – she didn’t – people died.

      Her whole tenure as State was a disaster.

      • This U.S. election campaign proves that truth can be stranger than fiction.
        Who could imagine that the leading Presidential candidate is currently under at least two active FBI criminal investigations? One investigation concerns her misuse of an illegal e-mail server dealing with national Government secret information. The other with the Clinton Foundation policy of pay-for-play with foreign governments and political and business cronies while Hillary was Secretary of State.
        Should she become President she will be under a cloud of likely criminal indictment as well as impeachment.
        Her Presidency and the Nation will be paralyzed from day one.
        Who needs this? Unbelievable!

        • Bald-faced liar, just like Trump.

          • Your right-I assume you mean Clinton.

          • @ Jerome — You’re as bad as a 5-year-old. Your idea of a rational response amounts to “so’s your Mother!”

            Go back to the six-pack of Blue and funny videos.

    • Bald-faced liar, just like Trump.

      • I think a good many American posters have crept on this page as I can’t imagine any Canadian (or Brit) being as worked up as some are. We should only be concerned about how the winner’s policies would affect use, like blowing up the world, seriously damaging Canadian and world economy, and irreparably spoiling what has been a great country to the south of us. So next Tuesday, cross your fingers, Canadians, as American choose a plate of s**t or a stringy chicken dinner.

  9. When did the fad begin of putting the word “period” at the end of a sentence to enforce its truth? Why not also add a faddish “full stop” to this headline to make it unimpeachable?

    • Why are you so offended by a word in a title? So fearful? If you disagree, why not express your opinion? Or is that too hard for a Trumpist?

  10. Kingston hits the nail on the head with this article, and the “Monorail salesman” is an excellent analogy that the Dems should have used.

    Trump shows all of the traits of a psychopath, and can be easily baited whenever someone makes a personal remark he doesn’t like. He just can’t help himself, we witnessed him take “da bait” many times during the three televised “debates”.

    So ask yourself this: People want to psychopath without any political experience in charge of the most powerful country on earth. What could possibly go wrong?

  11. Gee’s Kingston….you should get a job at Clinton News Network. You’d fit right in.
    Try some research before you start spouting….I mean typing.

    • Gee, Jim Tyas. Haven’t you learned anything from Boss Trump? The correct response is:


      Prattling on with nonsense that you don’t understand makes you look as dimwitted as you are.

      Try thinking before you start posting … I mean typing.

  12. Many commentators lose sight of the reality of the options offered up for election.
    1. Elections and politics ARE moved and affected by money and donors. Most elected representatives (especially in the U.S.A.) spend huge amounts of time after they are elected drumming up funds.
    2. Large corporations influence directly and through high-paid lobbyists.
    3. Many worthwhile and capable candidates are disillusioned and dissuaded from running for office because of #1 and #2.
    4. Media isn’t inherently biased by either mainstream party, but rather serve a public that is often more interested in spectacle than substance. If the public ignored innuendo, mud-slinging and spin and demanded actual policy from candidates, Trump probably wouldn’t have made it through the primary voting – as would have many others.
    5. Popularity isn’t equivalent to capability. Unfortunately, this election has become more about the first and less about the second, despite all-time lows for either candidate.
    6. In Washington, a President’s power to affect meaningful change is severely limited by who controls Congress. That’s equally important to who gets to be POTUS.
    7. Until the two main parties act in the interest of the voting public instead of merely defending partisan lines, NOTHING productive will occur. This will require involvement and activism and most voters are just not invested enough. They barely get out on election day.
    8. The devil you know is always better than the one you don’t. The ESSENTIAL choice is stability and experience over instability and inexperience.

    • As a continual student of public administration (with an advanced degree in same) I have always been interested and intrigued by the formation of the US constitution after the revolution and the cycles of political thought in the US over that long period – always different shades of liberal; if one interprets individual and states rights as a form of liberalism. But I have been appalled ever since the divisions caused by the Republicans in taking control of Congress and the spiteful blocking of the sensible and progressive legislation. I attribute this to several factors (examples only) including misreading of the constitution.

      First of all, gun control;. It was obviously the intent of the drafters of the constitution that the states should have the right to have militias (later classed as the National Guard), not that every citizen can carry iron at will.

      Secondly the balance of powers which was intended to avoid the domination of a monarch has proven lately as not constructive but used as a form of political aggression which can and has crippled sensible government. Perhaps it is time to think of multi party systems rather than two great political groups that divide the country like the Grand Canyon. The ideals of government have varied from minimal government protecting individual and states rights to aggressive advances in social rights as exemplified by both the FDR period of the New Deal and the later Civil Rights program of Kennedy and Johnson. But anyone who has spent any time in the south cannot help be aware that the question of slavery and its consequences, including a reconstruction intent on damaging those who lost have left what appear to be permanent mindsets and divisions which are bubbling up in Trumpism.

      Thirdly. the inability to realize the benefits of operating globally with the accompanying treaties: while the total value of trade rises, individual areas can be depressed by their own hands. The devastation of the industrial areas is not so much a result of these treaties but the failure of companies to make a better product in the USA and greed of American companies themselves of moving their production units to areas of cheaper labor. An outstanding example is the textile industry. The decline of the auto industry is really the result of US auto companies producing flashy junk. Asian firms were blamed but even those who opened production in Canada and the US made a better product which attracted the buyer. These are only samples.

      By contrast, the objective in the legislation that founded Canada, as a somewhat dependent dominion and eventually to a totally independent country has been “peace, order and good government`. The parliamentary system inherited from the mother of parliaments has resulted in a system where by the leader is not elected as such but chosen as a party leader and consequently as prime minister. If he or she is intolerable they can either be dumped by their own party, or as with Harper, as the polls.

      My conclusion after all these thoughts is that the US system can be fatally defective when the candidates for the highest offices are themselves lacking in statesmanship, or at times, common sense and motives are no higher than self ambition. In an attempt to avoid the monarchy of George III they created a system which works well with educated and dedicated persons such as Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and that master of commonsense, Truman.

      It is sad, and I look to next Tuesday with sorrow with what was a great country mired in its own fecal mess. Perhaps the American public will demand more. They should.

      • I should add the tremendous increase in the use of production robots in American industry, installed by American entrepreneurs to save lab or costs is by far the biggest cause in the loss of jobs – bigger than sending jobs offshore.

  13. I compared the executive functions of Trump and a 13 year old. Whether it was impulse control, ability to focus, the ability to avoid letting emotions flavour decisions, working memory, self monitoring (it continued) … In each, Trump didn’t even come close to the kid’s skills.

    So, is that what some people want. An adult, with nuclear codes, who lacks the emotional control of a 13 year old?

  14. I’ve noticed that the anti-Hillary crowd create multiple-paragraph posts which tend to be almost completely fact-free – or the “facts” sited often originate with a media source that most people have never heard of. Seems to me that if they have to go on & on & on to make their point, they have no real point to make, it’s mainly an attempt to justify their opinion to themselves.

    • Exactly. Trump supporters can’t and don’t think for themselves. They are parrots. If Trump or Breitbart or Fox News makes a sound, they copy it … endlessly.

  15. Wow. What a one sided bias article. This doesn’t surprise me with media these days. Even the media has no moral and ethical standards.