How old are our MPs?

MAP: Commons full of boomers, Gen Xers and boomers’ kids


Many of us are generally familiar with what our Member of Parliament looks like. We might see them around town at this or that event, or at least see their mugshots beside stories in the local paper. Based on those impressions, we know if our MP is young or old, or somewhere in between. But do you know when your MP was born, and how that compares to their colleagues in the House of Commons? The range of ages is quite varied across Canada: plenty of MPs are in their 50s and 60s, but many are under the age of 40, and there’s a cadre of MPs under 30 years old. This map gives you a sense of that patchwork.


Ridings are coded by their MP’s age. Click on them, and the info bubbles that pop up tell you where MPs were born, when they were born, and their occupations before they took office. (We haven’t tracked down the birth dates or years of a small group of MPs. We know only the birth year of a few MPs, who are marked with an asterisk.)

The graph to the right illustrates how much baby boomers still dominate the House of Commons, but note the sizeable portion of MPs born in the 1970s and afterwards.

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How old are our MPs?

  1. Chronological age is irrelevant….it’s their mental age that matters.

    Most Cons seem to be about 15.

    • You’re feeling generous today ;)

      • Heh…holidays, good cheer, you know…..

      • That particular goofy troll never feels generous.
        He’s too busy trying to make a subsistance living by posting idiocy at 4 bucks an hour.

    • At 47 years of age Pierre “Scum Ball” Trudeau was still living at home with his mother.
      Whether or not he was living in her basement I don’t know, but I”ll bet you do.
      So, what would you figure his mental age was at the moment he struck in 1968?

      When he pirouetted the Queen – 3 years of age?
      When he fingered the taxpayers from the train – 12 years of age?
      When he tried rowing to Fidel’s birthday party – 10 years of age?
      Or when he wore a magician’s cape and a gondolier’s hat to the Grey Cup – ????

      And Trudeau was no “Con” – he was a grown up Marxist like Rub House Jack Layton.

      • I don’t think you know what “fingered” means….

        • Well you seem to know what it means, and that’s really all that matters. Isn’t it?

  2. There seem to be some computation and gender errors.

    Murray Rankin, Victoria (NDP) born 1950 – it says he is 106 years old?
    Elizabeth May, Saanich – Gulf Islands – he is 57 years old?

    • I noticed some basic math errors too. For example, Dube was born in spring, 1988, but it says he’s 25.

  3. Neat. I’m surprised that so many of the Conservative MPs from the 905 region are in their 40s while so many of the Toronto-area Liberals are in their 60s. I’m used to thinking of the Tories as generally the same age or older than Liberals. I guess they aren’t anymore.

  4. This is terribly researched. Kelly Block is a woman. Saskatoon is (partially) in the riding of Blackstrap. I can’t believe Maclean’s would publish something with such glaring errors.