Indigenous fight against pipelines grows

More indigenous leaders sign pledge to fight oilsands and pipelines


WINNIPEG – Some indigenous leaders say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a fight on his hands with new pipeline projects connected to the oilsands in Alberta.

The federal government has approved the Line 3 pipeline expansion from Alberta to Wisconsin, as well as Kinder Morgan’s proposal to triple the capacity of its Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, B.C.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, of the Union of British Columbia Chiefs, says the Kinder Morgan project is unacceptable because of the environmental risk from a higher number of tanker ships.

Phillip said a few hours before the federal decision that the battle against the project will ramp up in the courts and elsewhere.

Phillip was in Winnipeg where many Manitoba chiefs signed on to a declaration that they will not allow pipelines, rail cars or other projects connected to the oilsands through their territory.

Derek Nepinak, head of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, said governments and businesses must realize they cannot undertake projects in indigenous territory without full consent.

Phillip called Trudeau a “serial liar” and accused him of breaking a promise to respect indigenous concerns.

“He’s been absolutely consistent in reneging and breaking the promises he made to us,” Phillip said.

“The struggle will simply intensify. It will become more litigious. It will become more political and the battle will continue.”


Indigenous fight against pipelines grows

  1. Nepinak!!!!!!! Need I say more? And what makes him and the Indigenous are more special than other Canadians in being “consulted”!! Guess we can expect troubled times ahead concerning the discrimination against those who are NOT Indigenous/Aboriginal!!! Time to stop this crap!!!!!

  2. As a country we are heading into an era of fiefdoms. If every First Nation, city, and province holds veto over national projects nothing will ever happen. While I appreciate and support the rights of indigenous people Canada cannot have hundreds of sovereign countries within our borders. The sovereignty of First Nations can only go so far if we are to function as a country. Grave injustice has been done to indigenous people (and it needs to be rectified) but allowing reserves complete sovereignty is not workable. Climate change or not, as a country we will be requiring the use of fossil fuels into the foreseeable future. If the flow of fossil fuels was immediately stopped we in Canada (including First Nations) would all starve and freeze in the dark. Of course we should continue investing in renewable energy to lessen our carbon footprint but in the meantime pipelines are likely the best way to transport oil and gas. When I turn up my thermostat to heat my home it does not magically produce heat. The natural gas I depend on finds its way to my furnace through multiple pipelines big and small. Blocking all pipelines would fall into the category of “cutting of our nose to spite our face”.