Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson says party must stop attacking unions

Jim Wilson elected as interim Ontario PC leader


TORONTO — The interim leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives says the party has to stop attacking people if it ever hopes to form government again.

Former cabinet minister Jim Wilson was elected as interim Tory leader today by the PC caucus, replacing Tim Hudak who led the party to defeat in the last two elections.

Wilson believes Hudak got some bad advice in the election campaign when he vowed to cut 100,000 public sector jobs, an idea the interim leader says “was unfairly thrust” on Tory MPPs and candidates without consultation.

He says the policy effectively had the Tories shooting themselves in the foot, which he points out they didn’t need to do.

Wilson says the Conservatives spent the past decade in opposition attacking various groups, especially unions, and insists in their hearts they’re not that kind of people.

He says they have to earn voters trust again, but says it will be up to the new leader to set policy while he’ll provide a caretaker role until a convention can be held.

The PC executive will meet Saturday and could decide then on a date for a leadership convention, which Wilson says he’d like to see sooner rather than later.

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Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson says party must stop attacking unions

  1. Like I said before the campaign even began, you can’t be anti-union in a province of unions.

    That’s like being anti-oil in Alberta, and expecting to get elected.

  2. Attacking is what Conservatives are all about. They cannot logically justify many of their positions so they must destroy the opposition. Unfortunately for them, they are out-numbered. So they take solace in being seen as victims for their “principled” positions and viewing their political martyrdom as a consequence of the “rightness” of their beliefs. Rinse, lather and repeat.

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