Kevin O’Leary accused of avoiding French leadership debate

Andrew Scheer calls on Kevin O’Leary to make a decision before the French-language debate


OTTAWA — Conservative leadership hopeful Andrew Scheer is accusing possible candidate Kevin O’Leary of trying to avoid an all-French debate in two weeks.

Scheer released a statement Tuesday urging the Montreal-born businessman to formalize his candidacy and participate in the Quebec City event Jan.17.

“If Kevin wants to run, it’s time to fish or cut bait,” Scheer said. “It is not acceptable to stall or delay in order to avoid the French-language debate.”

He says it’s obvious O’Leary wants to join the race and that he has an obligation to all French-speaking Conservatives to take part in the debate.

Some Conservatives believe it is essential that Stephen Harper’s replacement has the ability to speak French.

O’Leary doesn’t speak the language and has stated he doesn’t need to in order to communicate with Quebecers.

The celebrity businessman and reality TV host announced before Christmas he has a group of advisers exploring a possible leadership run and is seeking public input through a website.

Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, in Ottawa February 26, 2016. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

Kevin O’Leary in Ottawa on February 26, 2016. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

O’Leary didn’t respond directly to Scheer’s challenge but used his Twitter account to thank “Andrew” for his “support” and invite him to vote.

The exploratory committee is due to report back to O’Leary early this year.

The deadline to register for the leadership race is Feb. 24, with the winner chosen May 27.

There are now 13 candidates in the running for the job with the withdrawal of Daniel Lindsay, a Manitoba radiologist with no political experience.


Kevin O’Leary accused of avoiding French leadership debate

  1. If you elect Sheer, you get another Harper government, if you elect O’Leary, you will get a ‘Bilingual Racist’. We don’t need another Harper(Sheer), and we don’t need a another divisive ‘Bilingual racist’ leader(O’Leary). Remember folks this is the same party(conservative), that gave our country the structural deficit it has today by dropping the GST by 2% points. The cons complain about Trudeau’s(the same system the cons created), fund raising tactics, when Harper used the biggest fundraising gimmick in the history of the country, paying for his election at the cost of 2% of the GST, the amount of money lost in revenue due to Harper’s most expensive election ever in history. I wouldn’t want to try and figure out how much our country lost in revenues, i bet it would be staggering.

    • One only has to look at the slate of conservative candidates to imagine how they will fare in the next election.
      Now Kellie Leitch’s campaign manager has sent out a completely false tweet about money sent to foreign countries . When caught- he admitted it was all a lie- copied from some Republican trash.
      And this is a serious candidate? Really?

    • What you are saying, Carpet Bomber, is just not so. The federal government issues the dollar and doesn’t need to raise tax revenue to do its spending. It spends by crediting bank accounts which is operationally the same as changing numbers in a computer. Reducing the GST did not affect in any way its capacity to spend which is, in the limit, anything for sale in Canadian dollars.

  2. Who cares if he doesn’t speak French, Harper proved you don’t Need Quebeeece to WIN..

    • How did Harper do in the last election?

  3. The only people compromise are the libtards.
    In Alberta we don’t give fuck about French because we speak English. O’leary will win hands down. But I’m hoping for an Alberta annexation by Trump. Canada is full of moslems. Until it is ok to kill them all. every man woman and child then it is rather moot.

    But yeah he will win the next election. Thus next election will be whites and Chinese vs niggers

    • Why do Albertans appear to be so nasty- and why refer to people by scurrilous names?
      Are you all that way- or just people who post on comment boards?

      If you are representative , then perhaps you should leave- why wait until the next election? Why not just hop across the border ?