Leslie says jilted Tories retaliating with attacks over moving bill

Leslie has been under attack over the revelation that he billed taxpayers $72,000 to move across town


MONTREAL – Andrew Leslie says the Conservatives wooed him when he retired from the military and are now retaliating because he chose to join the Liberals instead.

The retired general has been under attack for the past week over the revelation that he billed taxpayers $72,000 to move house.

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson has called the tab “grossly excessive,” especially since Leslie moved only a few blocks away from his old home in Ottawa.

But Leslie says all veterans who’ve served more than 20 years are entitled to have one last move paid for by National Defence under a policy that hasn’t been changed during the Conservatives’ eight years in power.

So, he says, the policy Nicholson has condemned is actually his own.

Leslie is a being showcased as one of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s star recruits at the party’s convention in Montreal.


Leslie says jilted Tories retaliating with attacks over moving bill

  1. Exactly….it’s all been political.

  2. Awfully quiet around here. Where’d all the Leslie detractors go?

    • Waiting for their talking points.

      • No Feschuck put up a picture of Justin without a shirt… they are all fixated.

        • Okay, that was an LLOL: literally laughed out loud! Thanks.

        • Now, don’t be jealous, it’s not nice

    • where prolly working at our jobs… wait till 5pm!

    • They’ve probably been ordered to stand down after the damage Poilievre did to the cause on CPAC today.

      • Thinking of the next attack, on which lib. This time

    • Work…..and waiting for the other shoe to drop……..
      Now the Cons are firing back saying Leslie ‘courted them”. That in fact he approached the Cons about “joining their party before he approached the Liberals.” Leslie did not deny it and the saga continues.

      • Man, you sure are a Coyne fan: you even have a photo of him as your avatar!

        • Better a Coyne fan than an Emily fan, as you’ve attested to being recently.

  3. hmmm i love the libs taking the easy escape route. the fact still remains that a man who made hundreds of thousands a year just billed taxpayers 72k to move down the street. hes pronounced he will run for a seat next election, so yes he is a politician! his daughter was involved in the real estate company that signed off on his move. he dipped into the cookie jar no problem at all and even if he could use that money it shows terrible leadership and judgment to even consider taking the money in the first place

    • If that’s what you think of the man, it’s little wonder Harper was wooing him. I’m surprised he wasn’t offered a Senate job.

      • Prime Minister must have rejected him so he went to the Liberals . Tells me he is not to be trusted.

    • Leslie didn’t bill the taxpayers. The real estate agent did for most of it, and the moving company got most of the rest. Leslie got nothing.

      • The bulk of the fees were real estate and legal. That money went to Leslie.

        • Did it? You know this how?

    • Check your facts before spewing just anything, And don’ waste our time. Go play outside now.

      • LOL that he makes hundreds of thousand a year as a general??? u might wanna check ur facts there ‘jo’
        that hes announced hes running for election in 2015? check thats a fact

        or that his daughter was involved in the real estate deal? check

        go spew your stupidity at some reres on the short bus, thats where ur as s belongs boy

        • His daughter didn’t join the firm until after the deal. Please explain how she was “involved”.

  4. The Tories keep acting like spoiled children.

    • And lying,

  5. So, the truth comes out….Leslie approached the Tories first??? Oh well, the Liberals should be used to playing second fiddle by now….LOL

    • Kevin, they’re THIRD fiddle — you guys don’t have to worry so much about them. Why aren’t you posting on the plethora of NDP articles: they are your enemy, right? What could a pouffy airhead pretty boy do against your manly men in CPC? That Kenney, that Baird. Would take a bigger man than JT to bring them down, so calm down. No momentum here.

  6. If only the gov., would concentrate on what it’ suppose to do, like governing the country, instead of always looking for ways to attack and destroy whomever does not agree with them, our country would be a better place to be.

  7. Attacking veterans is not winning any converts to the Conservative party.