Paul Wells in Conversation: Brad Wall

Wall talks trade with Asia, Canada’s food and energy resources and his political future



Conservatives from across the country flocked to Ottawa this weekend for the Manning Networking Conference, and Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall was one of the star attractions. Politics editor Paul Wells sat down for a chat with Wall on Justin Trudeau, the importance of trade with Asia and whether or not Wall has his eye on national political leadership.

“I don’t have any interest in federal politics, and I don’t have the language requirements anyway,” said Wall, who noted he has enough French to take in a hockey game, but isn’t taking language classes. Not to be “glib,” said Wall, but premier of Saskatchewan is the best political job in the country.

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Paul Wells in Conversation: Brad Wall

  1. It depends on what the meaning of is “is”?

    Did you ask him whether he has a private French tutor?

    • I cannot say he still has one, but assuredly, he did have one: a retired RCMP fella from Montreal, as far back as 2007. I like Brad Wall; he’s a likable guy. Bright, witty … but perhaps not bright enough for the national stage.

      He seems a little ingenuous when he decries any national aspirations: he LOVES national cameras. He’s gonna go for it; he won’t be able to do it. Good thing: he’d be smalltown-deadly for Canada.

      • Oh ya?…a Premier of Saskatchewan for many years is “not bright enough” to be PM, but Justin with foot permanently stuck in his mouth is just right?

        • Yeah. He’s a smart guy, but he knows precious little about this country as a country. And just what the hell has this conversation got to do with Justin Trudeau? I would love to see Brad Wall as Con leader against Trudeau.

          • Agree that JTrudeau knows little about this country as a country.

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