Looming battle: China vs. Japan

Tensions have ratcheted up and things could get much worse


When U.S. Vice President Joe Biden travelled to Asia in early December, his message to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was simple: start talking. While tensions have ratcheted up in the fight over a cluster of islands in the East China Sea, experts worry things could get far worse. In fact, the most optimistic outcome for the year ahead is that the two old foes settle into an uncomfortable Cold War.

Efforts to maintain peace will be difficult because of the intense hostility and risk of incidental conflict, says Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China. Since China declared an air-defence zone over a large expanse of the East China Sea, Japan, the U.S. and South Korea have all defiantly sent in military aircraft. China retaliated with its own warplanes. One pilot with an itchy trigger finger could spark a war.

Biden’s two-hour visit with Xi was amiable—Xi called Biden an “old friend”—but settled nothing. China is unlikely to back down, as such a move would be a domestic embarrassment. Building up its military has been a priority lately. Its defence budget has grown and it recently sent its only aircraft carrier into the South China Sea, where it is waging similar battles over island groups with the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Japan’s conservative Abe, who has been in office for about a year, brings his own brand of nationalism to the fight. He’s eager to loosen the bonds of post-war pacifism and be more assertive toward China, while Japan’s brutal invasion of China in the 1930s still haunts relations.

The rise of nationalism in both China and Japan and displays of military muscle make for a potent mix. “The maintenance of a cold peace between China and Japan is still much achievable” in 2014, says Shi. But it’s far from a sure thing.

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Looming battle: China vs. Japan

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    • China has been a civilization for over 5000 years. Canada is a baby in comparison. We won’t be teaching them anything.

      • After 5,000 years of civilization, one would think they would have it right. Consequently, that is far from the truth.

        • LOL China was running civil service exams when your ancestors were running around in bear skins.

          Civilizations over thousands of years rise and fall and sometimes rise again. Often, many times.

          Until 1500 CE China had the largest GDP on the planet….then they hit a couple of bad emperors and went downhill for awhile.

          Since about 1989 they’ve been rising again….they now have a vehicle on the moon.

          Us in the west with our puny 500 years can’t begin to compare ourselves to the Chinese. We rose during a down time for them….they are rising now, so we may fall.

          Your arrogance is misplaced.

          • EmilyOne that would be “We” in the west…..time for more Crazy English. Ignorance comes to mind too….that would also be a “Puny” 200+ years. Is it my arrogance or your ignorance? Ummm, your ignorance and pompous comes to mind too. May I point out that all dynasties have one thing in common….they fall.
            To have the same standard of living for all Chinese citizens, your economy would have to be 5 times larger than the US….GDP…lol….maybe in the next dynasty.

          • From 1500 to 2000 is 500 years dude, and this is a chatsite not a dissertation so stop worrying about my English.

            China is not a dynasty, it’s a civilization…actually the only one on the planet. And it has nothing to do with 1.2 B population.

            Again ….western arrogance….and it will kill us in the end.

          • Oh come on dudette, I am not worried about your English. I am just correcting you so you won’t make the same mistake twice. Please feel obliged.

            Ummm…this is a news site with a section for comments which is easily confused with Weibo for many Chinese nationalist. Question is, how do they get access to censored news articles to post so prolifically. Hmmm, must be government sponsored.

            Wow EmilyOne, what a prolific poster you are with 11,000+ post. Where do you find the time? It’s almost like a full time job to correct, lmao, historically misinformed Westerners.

            So, are you Chinese?

          • You are just tossing in red herrings so people won’t notice you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          • You are tossing BS around, oh the irony!

            When will you ever post a link or credible fact to back up the garbage you post?

            Or as I suspect, you just like to babble?

          • Wikipedia may be offline today.

          • That explains it.

          • Nope….EmilyOne is not a chinese……..EmilyOne is a Vietnamese suddenly when the USN announced its pivot to Asia……in other posting in Global Times…..EmilyOne is an Australian responding to an Australian poster…..Sometimes he is a Latino……sometimes masquerading as an American…….the bottom line is EmilyOne is a bonafide member of the 50 Cent Party.

            What is 50 Cent Party?

            The 50 Cent Party is a group of internet commentators (wǎnglù pínglùn yuán) hired by the government of the People’s Republic of China (particularly Unit 61398 of the PLA) or the Communist Party (both local and central) to post comments favorable towards party policies in an attempt to shape and sway public opinion on various Internet message boards. The commentators are said to be paid fifty cent of Renminbi for every post that either steers a discussion away from anti-party or sensitive content on domestic websites, bulletin board systems, and chatrooms, or that advances the Communist party line.

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            You must be picking up a few trolling bucks from the FN too, by the looks of it. I hope they can find a replacement for you.

            So way to go Emilechka, your mother would have been proud of you.

          • If you want to stay that way, then quit posting.

          • So are you.

          • No….its not going to happen……not in your lifetime……that “it will kill us in the end”…….a defeatist attitude is one of the traits being spewed by a 50 Cent Party member to Canadians……and believe me, it won’t work.

          • The power shift to the east has been documented globally for years now.

            If the west can’t step up and compete we’ll lose out.

            Bragging and arrogance makes it worse, not better.

          • Who documented it? the chinese?

          • Since you don’t read, and apparently don’t watch the news….

          • nahh…..I don’t read Global Times or Xinhua news or ChinaUSANewsDaily or even the RT News…..they are all controlled by the Politburo.

          • Yeah…..like the WSJ too.

            Go away, you’re just being silly.

          • no…I am here to give my opinion as guaranteed by democratic governments and not controlled by some in the pol itburo

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          • Do you really have the energy to fuel the race for 1.3 Billion? You think we leafs are going to give it up without a fight!!!? You think that 7 Billion soon to be 9 Billion on a exponential scale by 2030 will have a dominant force? You think that theirs a huge difference between all Asian continents? You think that when the 9 Billion are impoverished and upset that the nations of old will reign with the new? Run the Numbers Ladies and Gentlemen, we don’t have the source. Were consuming mother earth at 7 to 10 times her regenerative capability; that’s with the 1.3 Enslaved Chinese! Tell me what you envision after answering my questions!

          • It’s not the number of physical bodies that makes the difference…..it’s the quality of the minds.

          • That’s Bound to the only ship we have in this infinite blanket of space; Mother Earth. Remember the old Chinese proverb….. one’s not free until he no longer fears those who lead them… China will never be free!

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          • That’s what half of the partecipants in this discussion are asking her, she is just writing a lot of effect sentences without giving any proof.
            Useless to argue with brain washed and trolls mate.
            If you get some eveidence from her, please, let me know too!

          • Exactly.

            It’s sad to see.

            She supposedly ‘blocked me from her inbox’.

            I bet she’s blocked a lot from her ‘in box’….

            It’s mildly amusing to yank her chain and make her flee, though.

          • If you think China is so great, then move there.

            Enjoy the fresh air and clean tasty river water.


          • USA and Canadian dynasties are failing too. As you correctly point out, and I will expand, __ALL people, organizations and things have a life cycle.

            Chinese don’t pay $500k for a 400 sq/ft Toronto or Vancouver apartment. Their cost of living is far less than ours as it isn’t tax and debt inflated like ours.

            No Chinese dentist charges triple as more than have goes to government in income/employment/property/license/spend side taxes you never heard of.

            They even pay less for electricity as instead of waste bailing our Government Motors and Air Canada, they built the Yanze Dam and Maglev trains and are even more efficient. While we saddle our kids and grand kids for governemtn bloat and debt.

          • Have you heard of a place called Hong Kong?

          • Max, it’s my undocumented observation that a somewhat dumber, less articulate, Emily quite often takes over on the week end.

          • Any country (Japan, EU, India, South Korea, e.t.c) can put a robot on the moon. Why wasted the money?

          • No, actually they can’t. And it’s that sort of short-sighted thinking that keeps countries poor.

          • The European Space Agency has sent plenty of artificial satellites in around the Earth Planet, half of the ISS have been made by single nations like France, Germany and Italy, if you are not documented, I would suggest you to study more about the last century of history, as well as the fact that your claming of importance to be part of chinese culture, 5000 years of history (Never been confirmed and never been officially published as a evidence) is not right.
            The communist party has deleted what was your history in favor of the new great china.
            You use it as excuse only when you have to prove your greatness. The Chinese Republic (Taiwan) has the rights, not the communist party.
            Wake up girl, you and your arrogant speeches are not welcome in here!

          • You are babbling nonsense.

          • Nice one girl, this is exactly the kind of answer that leave the sweet taste of the victory in everybody’s mouth!
            Please, if it is so nonsense, bring me some evidence to confute my thought.
            Ah, please, articles of the world community, not some communist press voice that you only can read without vomiting for the propaganda.

          • ”Not to enlighten one who can be enlightened is to waste a man.

            To endeavor to enlighten one who cannot be enlightened is to waste words.

            A wise man wastes neither men nor words.”


          • Which means?
            Did you use google translator?
            However, if you don’t bring some evidence to confute what I previously written, means that poor chinese people, without their government’s support, cannot do anything and are jut filled of wind and bullshits.

          • Which means you aren’t Chinese if you don’t recognize Confucius.

          • In fact I am not Chinese, but I did study Confucius, I know who he was and what he did.
            But if you use google translator to translate ancient chinese in english, do you think would be easy for foreigner to grasp the concept?
            Come on, use your brain once in a while, your party won’t kill you.

          • I did not use a Google translator….your ‘grasp’ is your problem.

            I’m not Chinese, and I have no party….not even a Canadian one.

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            You certainly talk like one.

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            It’s sad, yet not surprising, that you don’t have a clue.

            Go back to your home planet.

          • Lost and confused, you are.

          • Stereotype much?

          • Here’s one you should have learned from years ago:

            “It’s better to let people think you’re a fool, than to open your mouth (or post comments) and remove all doubts.”

          • Aww….poor emily is confused and flustered by all the big words.

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          • How’d that work out for the US and Russia?

          • Can’t we car pool?

          • not only that…..the money spent can feed the 70 million impoverished peasants in china.

          • So, china gets to count all of its old dynasties but the west can only count back to Columbus. What a crock! Western civilization is as old as the Chinese civilization. So tired of the ego problems the Chinese have!

          • Is it a big thing with American kids to play on foreign comment sites on the weekend?

          • Ok,you got me I have been a kid playing on the internet for more than 20 years. You are the first person to see through the ruse!

            Actually, I am the captain of the Ice breaker that is being sent to Antarctica to save the day because the Chinese ice breaker could not actually break ice! This should be no surprise because it was made in China.


          • Oh I think most people over the years have seen your juvie brain for what it is.

          • So what about that lame ice breaker, is that a metaphor for china or what?

          • No, it’s a metaphor for you and your ilk.

          • How is China’s Ice breaker failure a metaphor for anything besides China itself?

          • The Chinese ship was sent to help another ship…we are at the moment rescuing people from a ship off Nfld….ships from all nations have problems every day.

            Only you and your crowd would see that a metaphor for anything.

          • I see it as a non-arctic nation getting into trouble because they have no operational expertise in actaul ice breaking. Just like they have no actual experience at naval warfare. it is indeed a metaphor for china.

          • Sigh….China has a base in the Antarctic. And China has a naval history thousands of years old.

            It is not my fault you have no education….and it’s not my job to supply it either.

          • I am educated enough to know that the stories of Zheng He are fairy tales. Also when china tried to invade Japan during the Yuan dynasty they used flat bottom river boats instead of real sea going vessels. They were destroyed twice because their boats and crews were not able to function in bad weather. So much for a glorious Chinese Naval history!

          • That’s nice dear.

            Google is your friend.

          • I know! All that information at your finger tips with no censors or repercussions about looking at anything I want to look at. Can Chinese say the same in the PRC? No they can’t. Try looking up time travel in Beijing and see what happens to you.

          • You know their is no historical evidence for Zheng He’s “treasure fleet,” you know that right? China just does not have a comparable Naval history to the Western powers and Japan. A lot of the stuff on the wiki page you posted has been highly polished by the 50 cent party but is still not comparable to the Naval history of the west or Japan.

          • I know you can’t read……so off you go. ‘Nite.

          • BUSTED, yet again.

            Don’t run away mad, just run away.

          • Wikipedia is simply disinformation and your reliance on it is absolute proof that you know nothing.

          • Boot to the kilt John….and off you go too.

          • You’ve been BUSTED. Run along now.

          • LMAO!!!

            Wrong-i-pedia is your source of knowledge?

            Do humanity a favour and don’t procreate.

          • “Google is your friend.”?


            That explains you perfectly.

            You rely on Google and the internet, supposedly, but I have yet to see you post any sort of credible link to back up your blather.

            In fact, intelligent people use books and other means of research such as peer reviewed papers, etc. to learn the facts about a subject to come up with an informed opinion.

          • “And China has a naval history thousands of years old.”?

            Not really.

            Better luck, next time.

            Try backing up your post with some facts some day.

          • That one went right over your head.


          • You could only hope to rise to the level of a juvenile.

          • Absolutely!!! Plus, it keeps you employed too….lmao

          • You’re here.

          • Actually true. Europe was in bear skins when the first Chinese dynasties, factories, and large cities evolved. They sailed to North America many centuries before Norse did.

            But we in the west are brainwashed. Our schools teach China as a nothing relevant, preferring the glorified ra-ra pseudo ruse democracy we have. Always about brainwashing people to be good government tax slaves.

            Maybe someday Canada will have a revolution and catch up to China in political development. But we hang onto the feudal Magna Carta and par-lame-mentry nonsense.

          • @ “Emily” 500 years? Marcus Aurelius sent Emissaries that were recorded in Chinese sources. The Greeks got to Xinjiang before the Han did. The Austronesians got all the way to Madagascar 1500-2000 years ago and got all the way to Easter Island. Leif Ericson got to North America 1,000 years ago. The Chinese dynasties produced the worst explorers ever. People wrote on Parchment, cloth, tablets, papyrus and all kinds of things. Paper and compass did exactly what to change history??? Maybe if China could have figured out something worthwhile like a sextant, decent time piece, antikythera, or solar compass…they would have gotten somewhere.

          • LOL very cute.

          • 那? 当然宝贝.

          • LOL

          • Your lame replies always show when you’ve been BUSTED.

          • not only that…..EmilyOne will also claim that internet and stealth technology are chinese inventions.

          • I don’t know about Lacquer, but they can keep it and I’ll keep calculus and Euclidian geometry.

          • not so fast…..chinese also claim that geometry and calculus are theirs….and Euclid was once a butler of Admiral Zheng…..believe me, chinese own everything…..the wind, the sky, the moon, and the first one to develop the insulin, Enigma machine, test tube baby, laplace transform, magnetism, carnot cycle, shear and moment diagram, etc…etc….etc…

          • If you are talking about “Us in the west” then don’t you mean that your ancestors, as you are a “Westerner, “were running around in Bear skins? Confucius himself lived after Hesiod and Homer….

          • >Until 1500 CE China had the largest GDP on the planet

            Not true. During much of recorded history before 1500 AD, India had a higher GDP than China.

          • Dude, “India”, a thousand or two years ago, was the name they called China…check it out.

          • Nope. Not at all.

          • Source please.

          • Source that China was not called India? You gotta be kidding me. As Carl Sagan put it (in a different context): “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” You should be the one providing sources.

            As far as my source that throughout much of history, the Indian economy was larger than China’s, there are plenty, including Wikipedia.

          • So you have no source for this statement:

            ‘During much of recorded history before 1500 AD, India had a higher GDP than China.’

            Thank you for admitting that.

          • Looks like your jingoism is affecting your reading comprehension.

            GDP (in millions of 1990 $)
            AD 1
            India: $33,750
            China: $26,820
            Europe: $14,433

            AD 1000
            India: $33,750
            China: $26,550
            Europe: $10,925

            AD 1500
            India: $60,500
            China: $61,800
            Europe: $44,183

            Source: Angus Maddison: Contours of the World Economy, 1–2030 AD, 2007.

            So it is really for a short period of time in world history, between 1500 AD – ~1800 AD that China ever was the leading economy in the world.

          • LOL That is not a source….that’s your crap again.

            Go drink elsewhere eh?

          • No, it is a perfectly valid and reliable source…unless you consider your nether region to be the fount of all economic data.

          • You would know all about crap, since that’s all you spew.

          • You NEVER post a source, troll.

            Lead by example.

            BTW, Wrong-i-pedia is NOT a source.


          • You first.

          • Forget it Emily, these clowns were all still cave men until we started buying British designed can openers from them.

            The only thing they’re good for is rote learning and stealing technology

            That’s you isn’t it 2nd from the “left”.

          • very snappy chinese female soldiers loaded with opium…..i mean…roids……err..”motivation to defend the motherland”…..sorry sometimes I stammer when I speak and write.

          • Nice, but China actually still held the world’s higest GDP as late as 1870!
            -Contours of the World Economy, 1–2030 AD, Angus Maddison

            The only way for the West to stop the hemmoraging of silver to China was through the smuggling of opium. Essentially, the rise of the West in the last 200 years was fueled by the brutal colonial pillaging and exploitation of North American, Indian, and African natural and human resources, and simultanouesly crippling the most powerful nation on Earth with government sponsored drug trade.

            When Admiral Zheng He set sail with a fleet of 317 ships (the largest of which could contain Columbus’ entire flagship in it’s hold) and over 27,000 men, about 50 years before European sailors ventured from their shores, he could have erased any nation off the face off the Earth, but all he brought to the 30+ nations he visited were silk and knowledge, and all he sailed back with were curios like zebras and giraffes.

            Truly, the Chinese should “civilize” themselves – afterall, what’s the point of power if you can’t use it inflict pain, right?

          • But Admiral Zheng couldn’t inflict pain that time because he was still and Ensign back then…..and rose to become a chinese junks Squadron commander…..and eventually became a “Commodore” of the entire chinese junks fleet.

          • LOL! I wonder if any navy around the world, present, past or future, would let an ensign command a fleet! Methinks you’ve taken more than just one too many happy pills! Keep ’em coming!

          • methinks you have taken too many prozac nowadays…….”Admiral” Zheng?…….”Admiral” my a zz

          • Not sure about that…..but the numerous “Admiral” Zhengs are in the Arctic Region though china is not an Arctic nation. Why? because the chinese government wants to preserve the clean environment in the Arctic region and their presence in the region maintains it.

          • I hear the Chinese are SO advanced that they do sex selective abortions, too…

            Your ignorance is well established.

        • You are a bit dense if you think that China wouldn’t do such a thing. It is a nation of 1.4 billion people, its only natural it wants to assert its rights and build up its military which is currently quite weak.

          • I resemble that remark. I am often over opinionated which leads some to think I am dense. Which post are you referring?

          • Weak?

            The PLA is huge, and was geared towards defence.
            It’ only in the last couple of decades that they’ve been developing their offensive capabilities.

          • It has huge manpower but its weak in the sense that an american tank would be able to destroy a chinese tank before it even knew it was there. A chinese tank shell might not even be able to penetrate a US tank shell. In addition, the US has stealth bombers and fighters that would be able to take out Chinese air defenses before they even see them. Manpower used to be important, but its becoming less and less important every day. Even with conventional weapons, a thousand men with simple assault rifles can be killed by one man with the right military equipment.

      • China has been victimized for over 5000 years. It was never a heaven on earth for it’s own kind.

        • No one said it was a victim….it’s never been heaven on earth either…..anymore than any other country.

      • 5,000 years of civilization? you mean 5,000 years of invented nothing but wars and destructions through asia. I am sure the Vietnamese do not want any part of your so-called 5,000 year cultures if you asked any of them.

        • But nobody IS asking them.

          • I asked.

          • LOL you asked all the Vietnamese eh?

          • They coordinate well. They can figure out how to do PISA scores for an entire country instead of picking one city and not including the migrant workers kids. They are also a lot better at English than the Chinese.

          • That’s nice dear.

            Bored tonight are you?

          • Sorry, no lameis were at the tub.

          • Probably not. Now go find something else to do because I’m busy.

          • 郁闷死了 TT-TT

          • Yes, I can see you are….however I’m not an entertainment committee.

            I’m dealing with someone in Taipei right now, and don’t have time to cheer you up.

          • What a hassle that is. If the Chinese didn’t flood out into native Taiwanese land you wouldn’t have to deal with that.

          • Taiwan is part of China…..now goodnight.

          • Which China?

          • The one smogging itself to death?

          • How so?

          • “…however I’m not an entertainment committee.”

            That’s true.

            You’d be quite the buzz-kill at a party.

        • Dude the number of things Chinese people invented is humongous. The truth is many European inventions were actually invented in China thousands of years prior. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_inventions Just look at this list.

          • The Chinese never invented anything substantial. Nor did they excel in theory.

            On the other hand, the Greeks did excel in precision engineering – the Antikythera device being a shining example of that.

          • So do you lacquer or Calculus, Euclidean Geometry etc. better?

      • Well said. But I am sure it went over his head. Chinese history and pilitics goes back to the days of Egyptian pharaohs. But lots of Candians have bliss in their ignorance.

        • “politics?” “Candians?” “Dave”

          • lol

        • No, it did not. Of the four major ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, India & China, China was the last one to civilize.

        • You must be quite happy.

          Too bad the Chinese didn’t invent a good ESL class….

      • Taiwan was the beautiful powerful ancient China of 5000 years.
        Mainland China is communist, it is just a shadow of the past.

        • China was never number 1. It was always number 2 at best.

      • really? but Mesopotamia that is the “cradle of civilization” is older than the chinese civilization for over….wait…..let me read it…….”5000 years”……..Mesopotamia is now reduced to being a stone age society harboring terrorists……because according to Saddam Hussein, Iraqi’s are the superior race than the Kuwaitis hence the invasion of Kuwait and the first gulf war……..The present day Mesopotamia aka IRAQ is a failed state……..china is the same, a pariah state that caters to the whims and tantrums of its fat buddy, Kim Jung Un…..or that lonely terrorist in IRAN…….or from the disgruntled Pakistanis……..china civilization is not a civilization…….you confused kung-fu and chop-suey from civilization……its not……trust me.

        • No one would trust someone as confused as you are.

          • Is that what you’ve got?…..I got you….didn’t I?

          • She doesn’t have much.

            Getting her is easy.
            In more ways than one, I can see.

          • EmilyOne is one chinese masquerading as Canadian. And we all know that some chinese like EmilyOne are loquacious at best. Nothing more to offer. All noise.

          • Look who’s talking! LMAO!

          • Actually, embryos from North Korea is considered “high grade Angus beef” reserved for the Politburo members. They are served in the banquet halls during plenary session in the Halls of Beijing.

      • is your name Emily One or Military Intelligence Officer Wan(MI Wan)?

      • I’m younger than you, yet you know nothing about the military or international politics, and I know more.



          • Typical fool’s reply.

    • Learn something about history, man.

      • Oh I am a historian…..teaching chinese history at UBC……but nobody enrolls in the class except the chinese

      • Like what, specifically?

    • You mean it is time to vaporize the chinese!

      • Nobody will be ‘vaporizing’ anybody.

        • but….but ……a good chinese is a dead chinese…..right?

        • Oh right!

          You’re the “disband all the militaries” twit.

    • They are far more advanced than we are. They actually jail corrupt CEOs, politicians and civil servants on the take. We can’t even fire them.

      While we taxed our people like slaves for Governemtn Motors bailouts and Air Canada and other bailout and corporate welfare types like CBC and others China built the Yangtze dam for cheap renewable power to make them more competitive.

      You should read and study China, they don’t have a single omni potent corrupt PM like we do, they run by elected committees. They even have a former leader in jail tonight for his crimes. And its your average Canadian ignorance of Chinese history and civics that holds you back from seeing the truth….

      China is just a better run country beating Canadians because we are lazy, stupid, over taxed, high wages to pay too much tax to live….we are our own enemies.

      They have a working and growing civilization, they have a growing middle class larger than Mexico, USA and Canada combined.

      • You mean former PM Wen Jiabao will be hauled to “court of law” because of his ill gotten wealth of US$3.2 BILLION? Or will there be a “watergate” scandal like against the current president Xi Jinping whose ill gotten wealth amounts to US$300,000,000 already and still counting?

        Oh…maybe the dear leader and ever glorious former president Hu Jintao whose Tibetan blood are spread on his hands. Hu Jintao is indicted in Spain’s court of law for “crime against humanity” because of murder and torture of innocent Tibetans as well as innocent Falun-Gongs members.

        It is time for the US Navy Seals Team 6 to hunt Hu Jintao and smoke him out from his cave.

      • By the way, you said something like …..”…they have a growing middle class larger than Mexico, USA and Canada combined…..” The chinese have no monopoly of hard work and growing economy. The Japanese are also hardworking…..The Koreans are also hard working……its just that during the Clinton Administration, USA opened up China and made it the second (2nd)….I repeat…..the second (2nd) leading economy in the planet today……because of the MFN trade status given to china by the USA……Most Favoured Nation trade status……….After the cold war, USA wanted to make this planet peaceful for the next 100 years…..the Russians are the old relic of USSR…….however, USA must enrich china and bring it out from being a peasant, pariah, and failed nation that would surely proliferate its “made in china” nukes around the world and join the terrorist groups…….China’s riches have the blessing of the USA…….have you heard about a communist country like Cuba and North Korea being rich nations? Have you heard overly left leaning nations like Venezuela (chavez bailiwick) and Bolivia (evo morales’ turf) in the top ten economies of the world?……nope, but the USA can make these communist satellite states and vassal states of China as rich nations in one snap of a finger……I cannot fathom your motivation why you keep on distorting facts based on some “50 Cent Party” member’s way of thinking…..but hey…..I am amused, too amused, about the fallacies you have given to this comment board…….nice try…..keep it up…..

      • Chinas so great that they are missing 30 million females because they preferred males. China is so great that during the great leap forward they killed 80 million Chinese citizens. Chinas so great that cities are so polluted they cant see 5 feet in front of them. China is so great that they are building ghost cities that no one lives in so they boost there GDP. China is great that they have to cook the books, and when that bubble pops it will make the 2008 crisis look like a picnic. Chinas so great that Japan beat them, with 1/10th there population quite frankly the next time they give the Chinese a spanking we should stand back and laugh.

      • Sure they are.

        That free speech repression, sex selective abortion, air quality and water pollution are SUCH advanced qualities to have…..

  2. Japan should learn to mind their own dirty business

    • What about China meddling with the Spratly Islands and making arbitrary expansions to their ADIZ?

  3. The history of this Shinto Shrine with over 1000 Japanese war criminals interred is as a steady hand in Japan’s denial of their atrocities and wars of aggression.

    Shintoism believes the Emperor of Japan as a God. As such the Emperors war and atrocities committed in his name cannot be crimes. Those buried there have their crimes erased by being interred there.

    The history museum at the Shrine has exhibits that make the USA as an aggressor to Japan and that Japan was just defending themselves in attacks like that at Pearl Harbor.

    Just like their denial of forced prostitution, forced slavery, cannibalism and human experimentation on their prisoners.

    • However, On Guam we have a museum that sets the record straight! Its called the Pacific War Museum. A local Marine veteran named John Gerber put the whole thing together himself. the purpose of the museum was to teach history. It tells the real story of WWII. Thousands of Japanese visit Guam and the museum each year and are shocked by the real story.


      However, that does not mean that we will not help the Japanese kick the crap out of China if they actually try and take on our allies in the pacific. I realize China has a population problem but do they really want to lose that many people in a war. Don’t bring up Korea because the real story is that almost a million Chinese soldiers died because the U.S. bombed them while they were in the open.

      • No one believes American fairy tales…and stop threatening people. It’s why you get blowback.

        • Threatening? I am giving you fair warning. Blow back is OK if you can handle it, and we can. China, I think is a glass tiger that will shatter with to much pressure. Have a great day Emily, just remember getting justice for the past through military adventures is the last resort of a failing governemnt and we all know China’s communist party if falling apart!

          • The US won’t be doing anything about China, so save the blowhard boasting for your fellow American gullibles.

          • It seems you are nervous….trembling……and petrified with fear…….relax……you’re still roaming around chinatown and not yet being rounded up and put you, your family, and the entire clan in interment camps somewhere in nunavut.

          • You must be from the weekend drinking party.

          • no….came from chinatown and had the best chop-suey served by a Zhang ZiYi look alike waitress.

          • Everyone wants to trade with China….but there are lots of other deals out there.

          • Oh, emmy you silly wabbit its a trade organization that excludes china! Everyone knows the world will need a back up trading partner just like they need a back up ice breaker.

            Will the ice breaker crew get their organs harvested because of their failure?

          • China already has trade deals…did you think the TPP was the only one in the world? And if China offered to join the TPP there would be dancing in the streets by the other members.

            You can whine all you like….but that doesn’t change reality Pete.

            The Chinese are eating our lunch.

          • The Chinese Communist party is making a fortune off of its slave population for the time being. This coming year you will see a war waged on China’s state owned businesses. Reduced energy prices in the U.S. and American automation will negate china’s labor advantage. They will be eating our lunch because we will be giving it to them as charity.

          • Yawn…..

          • I win!

          • If you were in a contest to bore people to death with ignorance….yeah.

          • Don’t worry emily, you’re the reigning, undefeated champ of boredom.

          • “Everyone wants to trade with China” that is not true…everyone wants something for nothing would be a truer statement.

        • No one believes your fairy tales.

          You’d know all about ‘getting blowback’….

      • I am retired. Formerly a USN officer from Annapolis. I had to look up the museum and that made me remember some of our soldiers who fought and received the Medal of Honor from their duty on Guam. Battles we often fought with inferior number and equipment compared to the Japanese there…

        US Medal of Honor recipients in Guam:

        Luther Skaggs Jr – Private 1st Class USMC

        Private First Class Skaggs, a squad leader with a weapon section in the 3rd Marine Division, was critically wounded when a Japanese grenade exploded in his foxholeduring the night of 21-July 22, 1944 on the Asan-Adelup beachhead on Guam. But instead of calling a corpsman and revealing his outfit’s position, he calmly applied atourniquet to his shattered leg and for eight hours continued to return the enemy’s fire with his rifle and hand grenades.

        Louis H Wilson Jr – Capt USMC

        During the assault on Guam, on 25-July 26, 1944, while commanding Company F, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, Wilson earned the nation’s highest honor for heroism in combat when he and his company repelled and destroyed a numerically superior enemy force.

        • HA HA HA HA…….Zephon…….Zephon……Zephon……you are something else……”>Formerly a USN officer from Annapolis…” HA HA HA HA…..bloody hilarious……the same postings you made and claim to be USN in various internet website such as Washington Post, New York Times, Bloomberg…..etc….etc……You never fail to amaze me with your deception…..but wait……as a mainstay of Global Times and I’ve seen your posts there to defend the “motherland” from “imperialist” nation like USA and other western countries to avoid the repeat of that…..wait…….”100 years of humiliation”…….c’mon Zephon…..as a 50 Cent Party member you are very very prolific commenter…..you’re all over……HA HA HA……keep it up……and bring it on, buddy.

          • Born and raised in America. And damn proud of it.

            My family has roots going back many generations. My father is from Colorado and also career USN. WIth a German heritage to be exact.

            So where were you born raised and educated?

            How come you hide your disqus history?

            What do you have to hide and why are you ashamed of it?

            Or are you just another one of those Japanese paid posters here to promote disinformation as your comments here show?

        • Yes, Guam is an inspiring story of bravery!

      • Lol, actually, the real story is that following North Korean defeat from the Inchon landing and
        the Chinese Intervention, peak strength numbers were 1,400,000 communist
        forces (PVA+USSR) vs 1,000,000 UN forces (17 nations). Total casualties were 570,000 UN vs 690,000 to 790,000 Communist forces (including North Korea).

        Operation Hudson Harbor was abandoned precisely because U.S. pilots could not locate PVA troops on the ground to literally save their lives, seeing as how 8th Army was at the time engaged in what is STILL the longest retreat in United States military history, during which General Walker died from crashing his jeep, (probably because he couldn’t mind the road and change his pants at the same time! XD).

        To clarify, the most technological advance nation on Earth and its gang of 16 combattant allies, having complete aerial superiority, fighting against a nation that had just formed a year earlier that was using mules for supplies, was routed and forced into a nearly 1000 mile retreat, with President Turman declaring a state of national emergency, not even being ableto resort to nuclear weapons, because they couldn’t even locate the enemy troop movements. BTW, UN forces retreated largely by vehicles, while PVA chased them down the Korean peninsula essentially on foot, through mountains!

        Oh wait, is that why you don’t want to bring up Korea? Oops, my bad!

        • No not at all!Operation Hudson Harbor was canceled because it was thought for some reason we should not through nukes around anymore after WWII. I brought up Korea because it showed how China wasted the life’s of their soldiers attaining nothing. I mean can you say that North Korea was worth the million plus lives china spent on it? I hope the Chinese see through the Communist parties plan to repeat that in a war with Japan and the U.S. You should not use wikipedia for reference because the 50 cent party has made it worthless for any information about china.

    • But the dear leader Mao Zedong had put 70,000,000 million chinamen into incinerator and roasted them all……How come this atrocities have been denied by the current “princelings” in China?

  4. if china destroys japan, who can blame them?

    • Doubt that China could destroy Japan. Haven’t you guys learned from history not to pick a fight with the Japanese>??? I am just saying…. “can’t we all just get along”.

      • Getting along is the best option though there are too many Brainwashed Ultra Nationalistic Chinese & Japanese already. It’s hard to calm them down now

  5. Chinese expansionism at it’s best

    • China isn’t expanding, it’s reclaiming what it lost.

      • Maybe then China should hire your big buddy Chief Theresa to stage a weight gain hunger strike.

      • That would be called expansionism.

        “China isn’t expanding, it’s reclaiming what it lost.” ….so how did China lose it’s land to so many other countries?

        • Expansionism is moving into and conquering other countries. Other territory. What the US and Israel are currently doing. China is simply reclaiming what it lost.

          China was invaded by the British ….and the Americans were grabby as well. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Opium wars? Or the Taiping Rebellion? The Boxer Rebellion?

          China had what they call a ‘century of humiliation’


          They are determined it won’t happen again.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I’m not interested in your rightwing ignorance….sorry. Ciao.

          • So now that I don’t agree with you, I am rightwing and ignorant? Hey, you never answer my questions…. quitter! This is super cyber trooper in the US, signing off.

          • You are neither agreeing or disagreeing with me….you are simply making shit up. Boring.

            Do us all a favor and sign off for good.

          • Never!!!!! only boring people are bored… :)

          • Here’s a little something for your left wing ignorance. It’s the little something that’s about to close down 112,000 Chinese factories.


            Business Insider says it’s “the next trillion dollar industry.” The
            Economist has gone even further, comparing its history-changing impact to the steam engine and the printing press.

          • My gawd you’re dozy John. Stop drinking.

            That’s 3D printing….around for some years now…and I’ve personally posted about it on here at least a couple of dozen times. Many of our commenters own one.

            What it also means ….forgotten in your rush to hurt the Chinese….is that manufacturing jobs won’t be coming back to NA….something I’ve also posted about many times.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • And you’re drunk…..again.

      • how did it claims before it lost? Through war aggressions from the Qin to Mao?

        • Read the thread before complaining….I’m not posting this stuff 20X.

      • Arrogantly, trash talking about all the nations surround China.
        Trash talking turned into self-reclaiming territories.

      • That’s the thing about clueless beings like you.

        What happened to China then.. let’s see it started claiming bits and pieces of India (Demchok, Chumar, Kaurik, Shipki Pass, Jadh, and Lapthal) then with DPRK and ROK for Jiandao, Kula Kangri and mountainous areas to the west of this peak, plus the western Haa District of Bhutan, Also Macclesfield Bank from Vietnam is claimed by PRC, then even the Paracel Islands. The Scarborough Shoal with Philippines, Senkaku with Japan, South Tibet, The Spratly Islands…

        Whilst Japan has 3 claims, 2 of the belligerents which are unreliable and lack in documentation and do not be wanting to bring the case in the International Court of Justice and rather resort to warfare. I’m ofcourse talking about PRC and ROK from both the Senkaku/Diayu issue and the Takeshima/Dokdo.

        Lost? lol liberated*

    • Arrogant China should learn the lesson from Japan, dreaming of an empire, then getting defeated by the sleeping giant called America.
      Japan from that point forever destroyed, its military force was oblilerated, its spirit of Bushido was crushed, American culture transformed Japan into a powerful beautiful democracy and Japan is heavily reliant on US for military force.

      • yeah man, It’s a nice and strategic alliance the one of US-Japan indeed.

  6. Lets get it onnnnn!!!!!


  8. China stopped supporting the value of the Yen….


    Japan like USA and Canada prints money to buy government debt that legitimate lenders no longer buy. As in essence, Japan’s government is bankrupt and prints money to operate.

    And without China buying up excessive glut of low value Yen, the Yen value has tanked giving Japan hyper-stagflation.

    China has won, as the J CU PIIIGGGS currency/debt pyramid ponzi fraud is failing. Debtor nations have failed, just that the reality catches up. Fact is China is a highly efficient and not tax inflated. A growing economy as less goes to waste, less bailouts, less corruption…

    Asia/Yuan is now the largest trading block in the world, USA no longer has that distinction.

    China’s claim is legitimate, be like Cuba (Japan) claiming the Florida Keys (China)…. These islands are far closer to China, and were taken by Imperial Japan, time to give the Japan’s invalid claims up. I would not blame China in just talking them.

    Probably too why the USD is at record lows to the Chinese Yuan too, China no longer buys added positions to USD currency debt.


    Debt is never cheap or free, it just depends how its paid for. In this case our corrupt governments have chosen to devalue pensions, savings and wages to preserve governemtn bloat, bailouts and waste, so we as a collective society are going to, like Japan see a lower standard of living going forward.

  9. This comment was deleted.

      • That’s all?

    • Another Joker in the making (:-

    • You mean similar to how the US “stole” technology from Europe last couple hundred years. And where did the European themselves get gunpowder and paper to be able to spread the gospel far and wide in ancient times??

      • Paper came from Egyptian papyrus.

        Gunpowder was accidentally “invented” by a bunch of idiots in China who wanted to create an elixir for eternal life.

        China never was a very inventive civilization. It stole so much from the West and from India.

  10. This comment was deleted.

  11. China should learn its lesson from Japan in World War 2, arrogance is the greatest weakness for an asian. Japan lost to US because of its arrogance and stupidity, Germany warned not to awaken the giant sleeping eagle but Japan did awakened it.
    Unlike Chinese ancestors, they were really cautious people and very careful in the ways of talking and doing things (fearful of exposing weaknesses). The modern China today is just the shadow of the past, the ancient China’s legacy was ruined by Mao Zedong and the failed communist arrogant ideology. If you want to see what China should have been, if it never felt under Communism, look at TAIWAN (Perfect China whose inherited the legacy of 5000 years Ancient China).
    While China acts aggressive lately and trash talking on the international community, US has been making alliances surrounding China. Even the entire South East Asia, including Vietnam, Phillipines, Thailand,… willing to aid US if a war happened. Because everynation surrounds China hated China’s hegemony ideology as well as its Chinese people.

  12. The Chinese should stop killing elephants for ivory trinkets. They seem as animals, this is why they need to be imperialists now?

    • Your talk is incoherent. High on something?

  13. It sure makes less of a conversation when a bunch of you are sitting around posting jabs at one another. I apologize on behalf of anyone outside of Canada reading this… we’re actually an intelligent society – please ignore what you see here. As for the rest of you… give your keyboard a break and go for a walk.

  14. China is destroying itself w/the massive pollution it has. People wear masks all over the place & ask anyone how hard it is to breath over there….why would anyone want to live there???

    • don’t worry…..they are all migrating now in Vancouver area.

  15. Mesopotamia that is the “cradle of civilization” is older than the chinese civilization for over….wait…..let me read it…….”5000 years”……..Mesopotamia is now reduced to being a stone age society harboring terrorists……because according to Saddam Hussein, Iraqi’s are the superior race than the Kuwaitis hence the invasion of Kuwait and the first gulf war……..The present day Mesopotamia aka IRAQ is a failed state……..china is the same pariah state that caters to the whims and tantrums of its fat buddy, Kim Jung Un…..or to that lonely terrorist governing IRAN…….or from the disgruntled Pakistanis……..china civilization is not a civilization……a 50 Cent Party member will confuse kung-fu, opium, and chop-suey from “civilization”

  16. I can see a lot of china bots in the comment section. You can learn alot from the bots because they represent the Chinese government. We should support the Japanese 100%

  17. China and Japan may be old civilizations but human nature is very slow to change. Our proclivities to violence; materialism and every other negative emotion are all too alive and well in the 21st century. Hatreds that began hundreds or even thousands of years ago are still manifesting in some venue or another.
    Besides, when you cut down all your forests; wantonly pollute every aspect of your environment I really don’t care whether you are 5,000 years old or 500 years. We only have one planet and we are not going to get another one that is inhabitable any time soon. Yes Emily, China may be ascending once more but a lot of that technology was stolen from the West. Then again, that’s just business. LOL