Instant analysis: The Maclean’s team on the Ontario debate

A play-by-play of Tuesday night’s debate


Kathleen Wynne, Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath

Premier Kathleen Wynne faced off against PC Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Tuesday night in an election debate moderated by journalist Steve Paikin. For the record, here’s our running analysis of 90 minutes of partisan fury. Our team included Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells, senior editor Jason Kirby, Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes, associate editor Tamsin McMahon, and Economwatch bloggers Kevin Milligan and Mike Moffatt.

Check out this instant analysis from our bloggers, and scroll below for the full liveblog.







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Instant analysis: The Maclean’s team on the Ontario debate

  1. How can Hudak keep advertising his Plan? How can he keep talking about it with that faked sincerity? It’s meaningless. A deceit. Incompetent.

    But he keeps a straight face. The talking points regurgitated endlessly.

    Are the reporters laughing out loud? How can they report this over and over again as if it were true and real?

    • The same way they can look at Wynne and the Liberals……and not notice the incompetence, corruption, and just plain dishonesty.

      • You left out Hudak’s charge that Wynne headed up a criminal conspiracy. So is she a dishonest corrupt criminal?

        Get it out there on the record if you are sure.

  2. The debate was [and the election is] between 2 who express their hopes and plans. They may not work out in the real world, since all history from democracies show that the actual situation is not what was planned. But the third part is one who has been part of the party and team that has run this province into a “have not” province, that has shown incompetence, corruption and waste. To me it is not a hard choice…