Ontario votes

Our formerly live blog on Ontario’s electoral landscape


Kathleen Wynne, Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath

As Ontario votes, Maclean’s livebloggers take a deeper look at Ontario’s electoral landscape. We’re less concerned with the blow-by-blow election returns and will take a broader view of what concerns voters in ridings all over the province—the much-vaunted “battlegrounds” around Toronto, sure, but elsewhere, too.

Adrian Lee is at PC Party headquarters in Grimsby. Rachel Browne joins the New Democrats in Stoney Creek. Nick Taylor-Vaisey keeps an eye on Liberal headquarters in Toronto. Political editor Paul Wells, senior editor Jason Kirby, Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes, and national correspondent Charlie Gillis chime in as results roll in.

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Ontario votes

  1. Tim Hudak wont blow the Wynned out of the liberals sails tonight.

  2. This election will show a very close resemblance of the Quebec election. Voters will vote for the brand of progression(grits), not the ideology(PCs).

  3. PCs wont go into another election after this unless Tim Hudak resigns.

  4. So much for Harpers tri-fecta.

  5. My final message tonight to Tim Hudak, ‘ hope is on the way ‘, a member of the federal cons will only be too happy to take your place in the very near future.

  6. Hudak is officially a bum, he will resign from the PC’s.
    Hats off to Mrs. Orville Reddenbacher. The Libs willl have a Majority. ;)
    Sheesh, even the NDP voters in Ontario are going to surpass PC’s in Ontario

  7. This is not a good night for the Harper Conservatives. As I said, the federal election is going to be about trust, integrity and authenticity, and not ideology. Good night Ontario.

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