Maclean’s Live: QP livestream and Twitter commentary

Your front-row seat to the House with rolling commentary from the press and peanut galleries


This livestream and Twitter commentary is a work in progress. The livestream will appear from 2:15 p.m. until approximately 3 p.m. Chime in with #QP.

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Maclean’s Live: QP livestream and Twitter commentary

  1. “Crazy question: Does anyone have any data to
    suggest that this carbon tax campaign is helping the
    Conservatives/hurting the NDP? #QP
    by kady via twitter 12:15 PM”

    No, but it’s a good hands on training ground for aspiring conbots, those who want to catch the PMO’s jaundiced eye…sorta like potty training for election time.
    On the bright side it is causing people who know better [ like Stephen Gordon] to dig deeper: and for the rest o us to actually get the real goods on pricing carbon. Wish i could say the same for the PMO, the tory back bench or even the public?