REPLAY: The Governor General pays the Senate chamber a visit

The Speech from the Throne launches the second session of the 41st Parliament


Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Summer is long over. Parliament has been prorogued for a month. Now, weeks into the ritual speculation that always precedes an important moment in Ottawa, here’s the next important moment in Ottawa. Today, Governor General David Johnston opens the second session of the 41st Parliament with a Speech from the Throne.

Our liveblog commenced at 4:30 p.m. ET, when the ceremony officially got underway. John Geddes offered his brand of analysis, and Nick Taylor-Vaisey made sure you knew everything that needed knowing as Parliament officially returns.

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REPLAY: The Governor General pays the Senate chamber a visit

  1. Just abolish the senate. Its a whole scale waste of money. Like an appendix, when it cause trouble, remove it.

    Ottawa needs to focus on waste reduction as tax and debt isn’t going to work forever. Part of the economic problems today is consumption jobs get too much and productive jobs get too little. And the senate is pure consumption without any tangible benefits, just a place for fat salaries for old politician hacks for a part time job of pomp and ceremony of no lasting value to we who pay for it.

  2. I have to admit, its great to have commentary to take away from how boring this Canadian institution has morphed into an American style institution, from the speech to the pompous ceremony.

  3. Of course absolutely nothing mentioned about empowering Elections Canada to compel certain people to co-operate and without a CPC lawyer present.

    Election fraud? Robocalls? Whadda ya talkin’ about. Fugget about it, eh!