Maclean’s on the Hill: Political ads, a new memorial

Also: our panel on Dean Del Mastro’s sentencing



Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down with Cormac MacSweeney to discuss the headlines of the week. This week, Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland comments on the latest Conservative attack ad—and whether or not it breaks the government’s own anti-terror law. Former chief electoral officer Jean Pierre Kingsley muses about Canada’s third-party advertising in the leadup to the next federal vote. Ottawa MP Paul Dewar chats about the controversy surrounding the proposed memorial to victims of communism. And the Maclean’s politics panel talks about former MP Dean Del Mastro’s sentencing.

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Maclean’s on the Hill: Political ads, a new memorial

  1. “NDP now favoured in new polls and seat projection

    In the first update since the site went on hiatus two weeks ago, the New Democrats are now leading in both the vote and seat projections for the first time since 2012.

    It was quite a two weeks to be away, as it featured some of the most dramatic swings in voting intentions we’ve seen since the immediate aftermath of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal leadership victory. Coupled with the NDP’s surge into first place in every poll conducted by a gaggle of pollsters using every methodology under the sun was the return of Gilles Duceppe as leader of the Bloc Québécois, jarring the race in Quebec as well.

    The NDP now leads in the poll average with 32.4%, an increase of over three points since the pre-hiatus projection update. The” neocons “have dropped a little more than one point to 28.9%, while the Liberals are down a little less than one point to 27.4%. The Bloc has moved ahead of the Greens with 5.2% to 4.9%.”

    308 . com 29 June 2015 https://tinyurl.com/cxc4ecb

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