Maclean’s on the Hill: The state of the environment and politics

Plus the sorry state of our access to information system


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Each week, the Maclean’s politics team and Cormac MacSweeney sit down to hash out the week’s news in Ottawa. Expect incisive analysis and commentary, as well as interviews with the biggest newsmakers of the last seven days. This week, we tackle the environment debate, the state of the House of Commons and our failing access to information system and we get a look inside the Library of Parliament’s efforts to preserve Parliament’s earliest debates.


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Maclean’s on the Hill: The state of the environment and politics

  1. It seems reporters and talking heads are not hearing the liberal message clearly enough, insisting the grits only want the KP and an eastern route, they(libs)never said they wouldn’t approve of any pipe line going out west through B.C., just not the NGP., the dippers are half anti oil sands anyway. Im sure there are plenty of other routes to put pipelines through to the west, using a balanced approach instead of using a heavy handed approach by forcing this issue on the people of B.C., but that’s not the Harper Con Way, the Harper Con Way, is to get out of my Way.

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