Maclean’s on the Hill: Mulcair’s week and the Ontario campaign

Plus an interview with the wife of Mohamed Harkat



Each week, the Maclean’s politics team and Cormac MacSweeney sit down to hash out the week’s news in Ottawa. Expect incisive analysis and commentary, as well as interviews with the biggest newsmakers of the last seven days. This week: we talk to NDP House leader Peter Julian about the controversy over the NDP’s satellite offices and consider Thomas Mulcair’s week in the spotlight, the wife of terror suspect Mohamed Harkat talks about her husband’s case and John Duffy, author of Fights of Our Lives, joins us to put the Ontario election campaign in context.


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Maclean’s on the Hill: Mulcair’s week and the Ontario campaign

  1. First of all, this is just your average inside the bubble chat, like talking about their favorite hockey stars, and its definitely an announcement from Macleans that they have officially endorsed Tom Mulcair and the NDP party going in to the 2015 election. Tom Mulcair is the face of the NDP party because he wanted to suck all the oxygen away from his MPs( I don’t know very many MPs in his caucus) and put it all on him, he will be no different than Steve Harper, because Harper runs the show in his world and Toms MO is looking very similar to Harpers(wants to control his habitat), I never see his MPs taking questions in the HOC, its all Tom. Tom will become tainted with this scandal, he is no longer scandal free. I know that Macleans were never a fan of Trudeau, but remember every one counted Trudeau out many times, but he still came back and got that last punch. So never underestimate Justin Trudeau Macleans.

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