Maclean’s View from the Hill: Carney, Kent and the Greens

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Questions of the week

  1. Has the fight against omnibus legislation lost momentum?
  2. How have Canada and Israel handled this week’s UN vote to upgrade the status of the Palestinians at the UN?
  3. What sort of week has the federal Green party had?
  4. Why did Mark Carney make such a big impression during his Ottawa years?
  5. What did we learn this week from Environment Minister Peter Kent?



Maclean’s View from the Hill: Carney, Kent and the Greens

  1. A different reason for Wells to laugh: the existing ~1,200 natural gas wells in the CFB Suffield National Wildlife Area pre-date the National Wildlife Area. In other words, after those wells were installed, the habitat was in sufficient condition to designate it a National Wildlife Area, recognizing that natural gas operations would continue given the methods in place. And the proposal to add more wells obviously took into account the sensitivity of the habitat. The Joint Review Panel’s report validated the mechanisms proposed to protect with the habitat. The Report recommended delay, however, to allow for delineation of critical habitat and revised site assessments. Wells might want to check the price of gas to understand better what’s going on.

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