Mike Duffy in Trial of the Century

Cartoon playhouse: Mike Duffy in Trial of the Century

‘Leave it with me, doll. Donahue’ll pay.’


Mike Duffy on trial: Week 2

Week 1: These used to be his people
Week 2: Barbara Bush! Makeup! A spending spree that just won’t quit!
Week 3: A court reporter, a cartoonist and Yoda
Week 5: Human drama and ho-hum testimony
Week 6: ‘Don’t worry, we’re on lawyer time here’

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Cartoon playhouse: Mike Duffy in Trial of the Century

  1. The USA in imposing post FDR term limits made a mistake. It appears their big three broadcasters are completely lost post Cold War and they never focused on making the USA a better country to live in. Perhaps the atheism of communist made them turn to a bunch of stupid Bible authors as their model? Harpers 8 yr Senate term limit is also a mistake. An easy fix appears to be to allow a PM to appoint one non-senile Senator an extended term. Once such appointment every 22 months in office seems about right. When the news media makes politicians reticent about engaging with Canadians, I believe that media outlet should be shunned. CTV and Quebecor employees are trying to find self worth by promoting memes which get them power. Quebecor wants prestige by promoting Quebec corruption (and the resultant poverty) and an AB/SK economic model that is hostile to R+D and education. CTV has always wanted to limit income mobility. When it comes to measuring quality of life in cities, this metric must have primacy. Canadians become great by overcoming adversity, not by golfing with CEOs for patronage. Perhaps a portion of the CBC should be privatized and somehow funded to greater degree, to give our media the goal of quality of life, and not replay the discredited aims of the big three America media fossils?

  2. I wonder if it is simple as restoring their old biz school curriculums, or adopting ours? Ours is a little more healthy idiocy, when you combine Quebec regional interests, along with AB/SK, maybe a few hundred kms of bordering provinces, all of a sudden your Libertarian ideology in gvmt becomes a healthy if prolonged representation of Canada.
    Conversation over the past weeks:
    If physical contact, no further responsibilities than don’t make AI, but cordial relations would be a nice ancillary benefit after having travelled all that way. There could be malevolent aliens; be careful, if they don’t make AI, Away won’t (necessarily?) destroy them. Seem concerned about existing gvmt AI projects I can’t see (I can see DARPA paragraph descriptions and employee names); probably are a threat if such projects continue in the future age of computers.