Nick Kouvalis quits Leitch campaign -

Nick Kouvalis quits Leitch campaign

Kouvalis says he had become a ‘distraction’ to Kellie Leitch’s Conservative leadership campaign



OTTAWA – The campaign manager for Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch has resigned after being the centre of some recent controversies.

Nick Kouvalis posted on Facebook that he is quitting because it has become clear he has become a distraction to Leitch’s campaign.

He says a campaign should be about the candidate and not the conduct of the candidate’s staff.

Kouvalis said last month that he posted false information about the governing Liberals in an effort to draw out left-leaning voters.

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Last year Kouvalis tweeted a list of “billions” of dollars Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government had supposedly given to international aid organizations in the last year, including $351 million for the designated terrorist group Hamas.

He later said the information was false, telling Maclean’s magazine that he posted it “to make the left go nuts.”

Kouvalis also attracted media attention after using a slur against a constitutional expert who was critical of Leitch’s policies.

Kouvalis later apologized.

It’s the second time Kouvalis has left the helm of Leitch’s campaign. Last year he quit after being charged with impaired driving. The Toronto Star reported last May that he had pleaded guilty and was fined $1,690.

Leitch herself has also been no stranger to controversy since she launched her campaign, including a promise she would make potential immigrants undergo screening to make sure their beliefs are consistent with Canadian values.

Leitch issued a statement saying the three chairpeople of her campaign will manage the day-to-day activities on an interim basis, adding she has a strong campaign.


Nick Kouvalis quits Leitch campaign

  1. I hear Ezra is looking for a new manager, he likes to swim deep in the barrel too. We don’t need your kind of smut in this country, and Canadians won’t allow you, or Kelly to normalize it either. Conservatives need to be clear with voters in this country, there should be Zero Tolerance for race baiting and using emigrants as pawns to win an election, pitting Canadians against Canadians, by using scotched earth policies on peoples lives, causing hate towards one another. If you can’t get elected because of your skills, you shouldn’t be in this business.

  2. Looks like almost nobody reads or comments on here. Judging by the level of discourse I can see why. I’ll go back to reading my book.

  3. Nick is obviously a talented man. Look what he did for Rob Ford. On a personal note I hope for his sake, that he finds a more positive use of his skills and energy, free from controversy. He may well have quit, rather than be part of a losing team. Possibly because he could see that Kelly just wasn’t able to deliver his racist type message. Hopefully because he could see that the racist/hate/fear nessage just does not resonate up here in Canada. Time for some reflection and redirection.

    • You liberals are working to destroy Canada. Western Europe is a disaster and basket case thanks to liberals. Fortunately enough people is the U.S. elected Trump who will give some pushback to the liberal masses and media.

      • Are you just an angry man? First you lash out at the lack of commentators and the level of discourse. Is it that you just want a fight? And when I present my comment on the article you attack me without a reason and go on to show your support for Trump because “…will give some pushback to the liberal massses and media” I say attack me because to be called “You liberals” is obviously loaded with spital when it comes out of your mouth. This article was about Nick.

        • Alex2, No I am not angry and I am not seeking a fight. I apologize if I came across that way. And I apologize for using the words “working to destroy”. I know you sincerely believe your point of view is for the good of Canada.

          Having said that, I have to admit I am getting a little frustrated with the lie that Kellie Leitch’s policy plank to interview immigration applicants for Canadian values is a racist/hate/fear message. Every country has a right to screen people wishing to immigrate to their country to see whether their admission is going to contribute to the country or be a detrement. The response from some liberal/NDP opponents that it is hate/racist/fear is despicable. They can’t think of a rational reason to oppose it and so must use the lowest level of discourse in personally attacking Leitch and those who agree with her with these caustic words. Canada and the U.S. are sovereign nations and have the legitimate right to determine who gets in. Our country belongs to Canadians, not to the U.N. or the rest of the world.

      • People who hold a different point of view than you are not “working to destroy Canada”. A diversity of opinion is important for a healthy democracy.
        And from the looks of things, it’s Trump who’s going to experience pushback.

        • Kay53, OK, I apologize for saying “working to destroy”. I understand you, others who might be liberal, actually believe is for the good of Canada. I agree diversity of opinion is important.

          As far as Trump is concerned, yes he is receiving a lot of pushback by democrats and protesters. Some of them are thugs and activists who have vandalized property and set vehicles on fire. Of course this is not the great majority. There have been many protesters in Berkley California for example who act as anarchists and thugs. Trump’s campaign promises has choked up a lot people, even in Canada and Europe. I can’t believe all the people protesting the ban on immigration from the seven countries (which have large numbers of terrorists) really are concerned for the people coming from those countries. I think it has more to do with opposition to Trump and other things he is planning. Maybe they don’t like restrictions on abortion, building a wall and deporting criminals, etc.